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Undertale-True Soul

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"Mommy, tell me a story."
"Hmm? All right. Which one would you like? Cinderella? Little Red?"
"No, tell me a new one. That you haven't told me before."
"All right. I have a one for you. It's not like any story that you have heard before. One that is not
told by anyone because of what is in the story."
"What? What is in the story?"
"Huh? But there's monsters in the other stories too."
"Not like this one, my darling. This one is very much different. This one is about the monsters."
There was a frightened whimper. "But not like the monsters you know about, darling. You see,
these monsters.....there are so many monsters but most of them are good monsters. Here is the
"Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth: Humans and Monsters. One day, a war broke out
between the two races and after a long series of battle, the humans were victorious. The greatest of
their magicians sealed the monsters to the Underground with a magic barrier. However, this
barrier is not a perfect barrier.
Many years after the war, a human child climbs Mount Ebott for their own mysterious reason. It is
said that those who climb the mountain never return. The child discovers an enormous hole in the
mountain and falls in while trying to get a closer look. The child fell into the Underground.
"The child met a flower who pretended to be a friend but in truth, was not. The flower tricked the
child into believing that they would not hurt them and then offered some kind of seeds, stating that
they were friendly pellets. But when the child tried to catch the seeds that the flower gave to them,
it hurt the child badly. And then flower turned evil. While it did look nice, it was not. It was trying
to hurt the child and take their soul."
"But why? What did the child ever to it?"
"Let me get to that, dear. Hold on. Be still, love. The flower was going to kill the child and take
their soul because he wanted to go to the human world. And stories said that it had to be a human
soul that would break the barrier between the Underground and the Surface.
"That was why the flower wanted to kill the child and steal their soul. He wanted to go to the
Surface so he could become a God and take over the human world, bringing death and destruction
all across the land. However, before the flower could further hurt the child, a goat like monster
showed up and saved the child, using powerful magic to protect the child and to chase the vile
flower. The monster, whose name was Toriel, healed the child and then took them to her home.
She wanted the child to stay safe and even baked pies for the child. She wanted to adopted the
"But the child wanted to go home and even after pleading Toriel to let them go home, sadly, she
let the child go but not before making sure that the child could protect their self because the King
of the Monsters also wanted the soul of the child so that the monsters could return to the human
world and wage a war against humanity."
"Thats.....scary, mommy! Was he mean to the child?"
"Not exactly, dear. The King was actually a very kind monster and full of love and fatherly. He
didn't want to hurt children. He regretted taking any souls of children that Fallen into the
Underground. He didn't even want to hurt the child. But, because of the banishment of monsters
by humans, his monsters were trapped in the Underground world. He wanted to free them and
allow them to be apart of the Human world. He even lost his own son to humans because they
saw him and feared him. They killed him when all he was doing was bringing a child back that
had fallen.
"Anyway, the child left Toriel to go see King Asgore and along the way, they met a lot of new
friends. A pair of skeleton brothers, whom the child did claim as their best friends, Papyrus and
Sans. They were very funny creatures. Papyrus wanted to become a Royal Guard and Sans just
wanted to tell jokes and bad puns and be lazy.
While Papyrus did see the child and did plan on capturing them to take them to the King, he also
challenged the child a series of puzzles. But all the same, he became friends with them in the end.
Sans was friends with the child at the beginning.
"And then there was the Captain of the Royal Guard, Undyne. She did try and harm the child in
the beginning but the child never fought back but always smiled at her. And then it was Papyrus
who tricked her into becoming friends with the child. She even tried giving the child cooking
lessons once. That turned out to be a mess. They burnt down Undyne ' s house."
"He, he, he. So they cooked bad, just like you?"
"Heeeeey, my cooking isn't bad!"
"Tee hee hee! Yes it is! You always burn stuff!"
"Anyway, there was also the Royal scientist and her robot creatuon, Alphys and Mettaton. They
were just as funny as the others were. Though Alphys did make a grave mistake in an experiment.
She had tried to create a way to break the barrier between the Underground and the Surface world
without using the souls of humans.
However, she created the evil flower. It was her fault that the flower existed. But no one, not even
the kind and loving child blamed her when she finally told them what she did.
"In the end, the child did finally reach the King, even though all of their friends begged her not to
go. They knew that if she went to see King Asgore. She would die.
"She faced the King, though and he looked onto her with sadness, knowing he must fight her and
kill her and take her soul so the Monsters could be freed. But before he began to fight her, his long
lost Queen returned to the castle and stopped him from trying to hurt the child. It was Toriel."
"Gasp! Really?!"
"Yes. Toriel was the Queen, whom had left him when he began his crusade to gather human souls
of children. She lectured him and told him off for hurting children and then to support her, all of
the child's friends showed up and did the same. They protected the child and promised her a great
life in the Underworld.
"But then.....the evil Flower showed up and hurt all of them in front of the child. He was going to
kill the Child and using the stolen friends' souls to come to the Surface World to become a God.
He even started hurting the child and she fought back to protect her own friends.
"And when things turned bad for her, the Flower, who had become the worse kind of monster,
her friends stood up and protected her. They blocked the Flower from hurting her any more.
"The King did fall protecting the child. He took a vicious attack for her and in the end, used his
own soul and a stolen child's soul to open the barrier so she could run away, leaving the monsters
"But did she.....?"
"Yes. She did. She didn't want to. She wanted to stay and protect her friends. But they begged her
to go while holding off the Flower monster. To honor their sacrifice and wishes, she ran through
the barrier and was never seen again in the Underworld."
"Bu-but....what happened to the monsters? Were they okay?! Did they beat the monster Flower?!"
"I....I actually do not know, sweetheart. But I am sure they did win. Every one of them were
strong and powerful monsters. I am sure they are fine. The child, however, returned to the Human
world, grew up, had a family and is now telling you a story."
", mommy? You were the child?!"
"Yes. I was. And maybe some day, Alphys will find a way to open the barrier again, so that you
can meet my friends. My monster friends who would love you just like they loved me. They
would protect you from evil, my dear Ashlee. Now, it's time for bed, sweetheart. Dream of my
friends. My adopted goat mother Queen, my kooky skeleton best friends, the sea monster Captain
of the Guard, the lizard woman and of the Fallen King. I love you, my child. Good night."
"Good night, mommy."
Knock, knock.
There had been a knock on the door of her closet in her room and all she did was knock back
softly so not to alert her mother and father in the next room.
"Not tonight, Sans. I'm sleepy. Mommy told me your story finally. I hope I get to meet you soon.
But for now, good night."
"Good night." Came the muffled reply from behind the door. "Don't let the monsters bite,