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Swimming with the Ground Below

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   Hoseok always loved the water. The small creatures that swam along the shore warmed his wilted heart. He hoped that becoming an idol would make him see all the pretty beaches around the world. Unfortunately, all he saw were caged fishes displayed in fancy restaurants and meeting rooms.

   He stared at the fish tank in Bang Si-Hyuk office. One fished floated above the rest. It didn't move, not a bit. It looked almost stale. The dirtied water moved the dead fish back and forth while the other yellow and blue creatures mourned. They picked at its dead fin hurriedly, trying to get their mom to move. Hoseok didn't even pay attention to what his boss was speaking about as he was entranced. 


   "Hoseok," Si-Hyuk called out. That's when he snapped out of it and noticed his members had already left.


   "Yes sir?" Hoseok questioned. His face was pale, to pale for him not to be cold. Si-Hyuk sighed and rubbed his temples. 


   "I need you to get your shit together Hoseok," he was angry, "I can't have you moping around. It's affecting the whole dynamic of the group." He wasn't yelling but Hoseok could just hear the urge Si-Hyuk had to smack him against his right cheek.  


   "I understand," Hoseok bowed a full ninety degrees before walking out the office. He walked out the place like it was a routine. He placed his black mask over his face and strutted out towards the van parked outside. He could hear them before he even opened the door. 


   "He's going to get us in trouble!" Hoseok automatically knew it was Jungkook. The little shit always had something against Hoseok.


   "Just be quiet Jeon," Namjoon sighed, "your not helping my headache." 


   "You want me to be quiet!?" Jungkook went off. His voice echoed outside and Hoseok was slightly impressed. "You want me to be quiet when that rat is trying to fuck up our careers!" With that Hoseok opened the van door. Jungkook sat right in front of him. They were now all aware that Hoseok, indeed heard everything. 

   The ride home was nice, soothing even. Hoseok sat in the back row with Taehyung. The younger threw looks of sympathy and pity but Hoseok didn't look at him once. He just bathed in the past. 


  'I wanna go home," Jimin whined. He laid stomach down on the practice room floor. Hoseok chuckled and nudged Jimin with his foot.


   'We still have a few more things to do Jim," Jimin felt like dying.


   'Exactly! Namjoon hyung only did one thing right the whole time,'  Jungkook teased. His hung just flipped him off and shrunk into the corner of the room.


   'Help me Hoseokie,'Yoongi demanded. Hoseok just rolled his eyes and completely readjusted his member's body. 'Danm, I was that off.' The rest of the boys laugh and Hoseok smiled brightly watching his best friends. 


  He smiled into the van window. But no kind of happiness last forever. 


  Hoseok was the first one to get out the van. He basically ran inside the apartment to get to his room. The members watched him run away, like he had many times before. He slammed his door harshly and covered his ears frantically. He shivered and gripped his hair tightly. The small patched on the back of his head get a bit bigger when he pulls. 


   "I-I," he couldn't even form a full sentence. Everything hitting him all at once. He choked on his own breath and struggled to walk towards his bed. 'I-I just need a nap' he thought before he shuffled under his covers. He dreamed of better days and soon-to-be plans. 

   Hoseok grinned as he skipped down to the kitchen. His shoulders were light as he placed six envelopes on the island granite. Each one was labeled with names and dates.

   It was dawn when Hoseok walked out the luxury apartment. He was going to see the fishes today and he jumped around excitedly. He couldn't keep still when he turned his car on. He hummed a tune while he drove. Nobody was out, it was nice. Being able to have a blank mind. 

   "Woah," Hoseok looked in awe at the Han River cliff. This part was sectioned off but he found his way around. He could see water for miles and miles and almost squealed. He felt a bit dizzy but people are starting to gather around now. He couldn't go to sleep now. His members weren't here yet!


"Isn't that J-Hope from BTS?"


"Someone call the police!"


"Get down you idiot!"


"Is he gonna jump?"


"Don't jump! Stay there!" 


   Hoseok smiled and lazily waved at the scared citizens below him. 'That quite a high jump' he thought. He's eyes started to close gently and he finally saw them. The fabulous group of six. Hoseok pulled out his phone and opened his twitter. He took his final picture with the caption, 'Swimming with the fishes'  

   Hoseok stood up and threw his phone across the ocean floor. He could see a bright yellow starfish at the bottom. Everything happened so fast in the last few seconds. 


Hoseok smiles down at the open sea. He can feel his eyes closing as he moves forward. He can hear the flashing of camera lights his way down. He can see police rushing over in a hurry, worry plastered on their faces. He can smell the fresh ocean breeze clouding his nose as he gets closer to the blue tide. He can taste the sweet tears of relief washing over him as he licks his lips.


"Hi fishy"