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Code: Ten years of lies.

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“Hey…Binnie!”. Jisung whispered aloud, nudging the other. The male was jumping up and down and pulling his friend’s arms. Changbin already prepared himself to waste his precious time by listening to his best friend’s bullshit.

‘Such a great friend I am, of course’.

“What is it, Jisung?”. Changbin could’ve even fooled himself by sounding so disgustingly enthusiastic.

With a smile that could even outdo the sun, he took a seat next to Changbin. It was quite an understatement to say that Jisung didn’t have one ridiculous mischievous grin plastered on his squirrel-like face. “I got a mail from the principal, saying that you got appointed as president. Before you say anything, I’m the vice president and had to notify you, since you never check your inbox”. He clattered on.

Changbin’s mouth flew open and whatever he was holding, fell on the floor. President? Himself? Million questions floated through the male’s mind as he was trying to find a logic reason for this surprising, yet not invited announcement. In university?! What the fuck.

“What?! Why me!?”

Jisung shrugged, casually ignoring the outburst. “I may or may not have signed you up for this”

Changbin felt his blood boil with anger. He gritted his teeth and shook his head in disbelief. “And they allowed this?”. He wondered aloud, a few steps away from demolishing his friend’s face. Changing a squirrel to a pig sounded very endearing now.

“Of course! Your grades are the best in the whole school” He chuckled, hands steady in front of him in case his friend tried to be violent. “Besides, you are perfect for this position. Just give it a try. I’ll help you lots too!”. He tried to reassure his friend, patting his shoulder as the other hand still served as protection against the smaller male.

Changbin was a second year in JYP university. With his perfect grades and full attendance, he even overtopped the 3rd years. Last year he got asked for the exact same position he got thrown in now but was able to decline it. He is the precise definition of a perfect, well-mannered and structured student. However, it was still a mystery why a University would have a student council.

Despite the spam of attention and the enormous amounts of demands for home teaching, that parents tried to get through the teachers, he had quite the free time in his hands. He liked doing thing at his own pace and preferably liked to stay hidden in the background. He always politely declined all the extra offers and wanted to put the focus on studying.

In the past few years he worked hard to prove himself. Since he seems to be well off, people always assumed that he got fed with a silver spoon and thus was able to pass the entrance exams of JYP with the help of money. However, he proved the opposite when he failed one of the exams on purpose and had to retake it.

It wasn’t much of a risk since he knew he was going to pass it anyways. That much of a story from a boy who wanted to reach the top without having to resort to money. Hence why he rejected the offer last year, since all his efforts would go to waste, and the ‘money’ cycle would start all over again.

But then again, who cares about what others think?

Changbin sighed, not even bothering himself to resort to violence. Jisung had given him something he always wanted to try out but couldn’t.

“I can’t believe you..” He still shook his head in disbelief. This was still far beyond ridiculous.

Being the president meant a lot of extra work. Truthfully, Changbin had always wanted to try and become the president. He found it too much for him to handle, resulting into giving up.

“Jisung…you know that there is a risk of my grades dropping…” He lied as he turned around to face the other. His grades were his least worry.

“As if your grades can drop you idiot, but we’re in this together y’know”. Giving the other a soft push in the back, a bit too hard to call it ‘soft’. “Besides, Chan is gonna help us”. He grinned.

Chan is just like Jisung and Changbin a very dear childhood friend. The three males grew up together and even came up with a ridiculous squad name called “3racha” back in elementary school. Jisung named it after a sauce and Chan loved him for that.

Changbin desperately wanted to hit his friend for keeping that tiny bit of information out until now. “You didn’t tell me he would help us out on purpose, didn’t you?”

Jisung gave him a cheeky grin and Changbin knew he was right. “Of course! Why would I ruin my own entertainment!? Seeing you all stressed out because of this was worth it” He mused, enjoying this to his fullest.

Changbin stuck out his tongue childishly but then averted his attention back to Jisung fully. “Alright, so what should we do?” Changbin sighed in defeat. There was no way he was going to try and put up a fight, knowing he would lose it anyways.

“First of all, wear this!”. Jisung threw him a piece of fabric, the famous red fabric every president wore around his arm. He grabbed the fabric and slicked it through his arm and secured it with the corresponding clip. Then again, it was a mystery why he had to wear this in a freaking university.

“Binnie doesn’t like this color” Changbin pouted, making the other watch him in disgust.

“Don’t you dare to use aegyo on me, Seo Changbin!”. The squirrel faced male warned, holding out his book in front of him, ready to hit the other.

Changbin smirked triumphantly. loving that there was a way to annoy his friend. “Alright, what now?, mister vice of the cutest student council president ever?”

A scowl made its way to Jisung’s face. “You’re getting way too familiar with this already..” He grabbed the tablet that was lying on the table and made his way to Changbin.

“What do you mean?” The shorter male questioned, puffing out his right cheek as he tried to make himself sound disgustingly cute.

“Stop it”


“Don’t start!”

“Jisung oppa-“

“Oh my god Changbin, stop being so disgusting”. He complained, trying to push the other out of his face. The ‘oppa’ got him there and he desperate wanted to sew the other’s mouth shut.

Changbin kept on bothering Jisung a bit more, before his cheeks started to hurt from all the stretching and smiling. He walked over to Jisung and cocked his head.

“Uhm…what exactly are we supposed to do today?” Both males attached their butts on the nearest couch and Jisung turned on the tablet.

“Okay so first, I will quickly introduce you to all the members. I am Han Jisung, the vice president” He introduced himself and Changbin deadpanned said male, wondering what the hell goes through that mind of his.


Jisung was quickly scrolling through the student list on his tablet. He soon found what he was searching for. “This is Kim Seungmin, our secretary. He is really smart by the way.” He bragged, showing his picture to the shorter male.

Changbin nodded in acknowledgement. The male looked reliable and smart. “Who is next?”

“The next one is-“

“Huh, isn’t that Jeongin?!”. Changbin exclaimed aloud, surprised to see a familiar face.

Jisung grinned. “Yes, our cute first year wanted to help when I told him you were going to be the president”

Changbin smiled. It felt nice, knowing that he was surrounded by familiar people. People he felt safe with. “So, what is his job?”

“Our mascot!” Jisung announced happily.

Changbin burst out laughing. Somehow the job description fit Jeongin the best. “That’s cute. I should apply for mascot too”. He started imagining himself in a cute costume, and he looked damn good in it too.

“Don’t start getting any weird thoughts” Jisung interrupted, holding out his hand in front of him. “Chan is our treasurer by the way, I think it’s safe to say that he is most fitted for the job”. Changbin nodded in agreement.

“What else is there?”

“Later today, we’ll have a council meeting. Be on time.”. Jisung glared at the other, knowing that Changbin tends to be late quite often, before continuing. “Also, it’s time for us to go!”

Changbin was confused. “Go where?”

“Well...” Jisung started as a short silence continued after that. The silence made Changbin gulp in curiosity.

“Well what?” Changbin asked, patience running out. He tapped his hand timidly on the couch.

“Some stubborn students. They hated the previous president. They don’t know us, but now they hate us too…for uh…being part of the student council?” Jisung explained, ending his sentence with a hearable question mark.

Changbin quirked an eyebrow. What could the previous president possibly have done to receive so much hate? As far as he knows, the job only required him to keep the school at peace. Seriously, this university was too weird.

Reading Changbin was like an open book as Jisung already figured out what was troubling the other’s mind. “Apparently he hurt those who didn’t listen to him”. Jisung eyed Changbin from top to toe, mocking him in process. “I bet you couldn’t even hurt a fly”

“What do you mean by that!?” Changbin eyed the other, more like glaring daggers. Why was his friend making him out for some weakling? Last time he managed to grab a spoon to push a spider out of his house, very manly.

Jisung rolled his eyes. “Oh please, do you remember that time when you tried to save Jeongin from tho-“. Jisung got cut off as Changbin’s hands covered his mouth. He knew that the other was embarrassed by the sudden reveal.

“I get it, I get it! let’s go!”. Without further ado, he dragged his friend out of the classroom, hoping the other would drop the topic.

As they silently walked through the empty corridors in school, Changbin questioned what the previous council president could have done. The job involved having a lot of responsibilities and Changbin wondered if he was the perfect candidate for this. According to Jisung, dealing with the ‘wangs’ of the school -apparently that’s what they’re called- was the first thing they had to do. Another childish thing this university had.

Changbin was never someone to meddle with other’s lives, which is also his main reason for barely knowing anyone in school. He never had any confrontation with the Wang’s (“What an ugly name” he thought.) either.

“Uhm…Who actually are the Kings by the way?” He asked the squirrel lookalike who matched his pace evenly. The name sounded ridiculous and childish and Changbin was left wondering if he was going to deal with some rebellious brats.

“They’re the most popular bunch of people in the whole school. Apparently, one of them is the son of the principal. Chan is pretty good with them, you should ask him”

Changbin raised an eyebrow. “Chan?”. He wondered how a student council member could befriend those supposedly called kings. Didn’t those fellas hate the members of the student council?

“They don’t know that he’s a member and even if they knew, I’m sure they would still accept him” Jisung explained, as he stopped in front of a classroom, knowing what was occupying his mind again. “Here it is”. He said, pointing at the nearest door.

Changbin nodded. As soon as he entered the classroom, a swarm of girls tried pushing past him in order to enter the certain room. Changbin quirked an eyebrow, confusion clearly displayed on his face. The classroom smelled like old tables and dust was covering the surface.

It was orientation week and there were no classes. The freshmen were allowed to wander around the school in order to get familiar with the place. All the other students were free, until further notice.

However, seeing a group of girls trying to fight their way into the classroom, Changbin wondered what had caught their attention so much. He turned to Jisung for answers but said male didn’t understand what the commotion was about either.

Upon entering the classroom, he noticed a few males sitting together, chatting away and totally ignoring all the girls. Some girls were trying to initiate a conversation, to no avail and some were taking pictures.

“Oh my god! Hyunjin looks so good in this picture!”

“But look at this one! Felix stared right into the camera!”

“Minho’s smile is so cute!”

“Woojin can shoot me with his gaze!”

The girls were screaming, trying to best each other by showing their taken pictures and for some reason it ticked both males off.

“The fact that they pushed me in order to see those guys..” Jisung muttered under his breath.

Changbin deadpanned his best friend. “Are you serious?”. Is that the only thing Jisung was mad about? There was really no point in denying that the four males were handsome. Really handsome as a matter of fact.

“I will fix this” Jisung suddenly declared, rolling up his sleeves as he made his way to the girls. Changbin tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen.

“Alright girls, I’m not sure what you’re all doing in school today, but I’m asking you to leave!”. Jisung shouted through the screams. The girls halted their actions, took a quick uninterested glance in his direction, before reverting their attention back to the four males.

“I said-“. He tried again but got cut off by one of the girls.

“Can you like shut the fuck up?” One of the girls growled in annoyance. “This is actually a rare moment of them sitting together and they’re even allowing us to take pictures” She tried to force her reason onto him.

Jisung frowned. “I’m the vice president and I ask you to leave the classroom right now”. He demanded, a hint of anger bubbling inside of him. Changbin didn’t have the heart to tell Jisung that he sounded like a softy and most likely not threatening at all.


A vein popped in Changbin’s head. “Leave”. He spat out in annoyance. “Or I’ll make sure you will all experience hell this year”. Changbin is not one to threaten others, but seeing his friend’s failed attempts, something inside of him clicked.

The girls gulped, staring at the fabric around Changbin’s arm. They all bowed and hurried themselves out of the classroom. “Have a nice day!” One of the girls yelled.

Changbin’s attention reverted to Jisung and he smiled with a guilty clench in his heart . “I’m sorry” He apologized shyly.

Jisung shook his head. “It’s okay”. He replied and ruffled the other’s hair. He knew that Changbin only tried to help him. It was quite surprising to see Changbin addressing the girls with such a fiery tone. It felt nice.

“Are you guys done flirting?” One of the four males mentioned. Apparently the guy goes by the name of Hyunjin. A hint of sarcasm and annoyance could be clearly heard.

Changbin eyed the male. “Instead of lazing around over there, why don’t you try and show the first years around?” For some reason, the four males annoyed the president. With such a laid-back appearance, the group acted like they were the kings. It made sense though, considering how they were called.

Hyunjin smirked and de-attached his ass from his seat and stood up, leaning his body against the table “Are you talking to me, you little boy?”. He inquired, lips twitching and threatening him to smile.

Not intimidated by Hyunjin’s attempt to belittle him, he shrugged and let out a mocking laugh. “I don’t see anyone else opening their foul mouth, but you”.

Hyunjin gritted his teeth. He didn’t expect that. “Y-You little-“

“Hyunjin, calm down”. Another male, one with a much softer and kinder expression tried to calm his friend down by patting the other on the shoulders, which was soon followed by a soft squeeze. “We’re not here to pick a fight, remember what I told you?”

The tall male shrunk back into his seat, knowing his friend was right. “I’m sorry Minho hyung” He apologized to the male, who apparently goes by the name of Minho.

“It’s okay”. He smiled back and Changbin wondered if it was possible to try and start a conversation with him. He seemed normal? “But what brings you two here? Did something happen?” Minho asked the two males, motioning for them to sit down. However, he got a polite refusal.

Jisung was first to speak. “We actually wanted to speak to you guys”. He explained, brows a bit droopy. There was no point in lying to him.

Minho smiled and Jisung’s heart did a flip. The male was kind and beautiful and Jisung couldn’t stop himself from staring. “Maybe some other time?”

“Minho why the fuck are you so kind to him?” One of the males growled, slamming his hand on the table. A loud sound erupting in the classroom.


“No Minho, seriously, he should fuck off and you know why!”. Minho knew that arguing with the blonde would be a waste of time. Instead, he could only smile apologetically at Jisung. Changbin was having none it. He promised Jisung to try and befriend these people, but with an attitude like that, he can’t help but put some of them back into place first.

Changbin walked up to the male and kicked the chair, making Felix lose his balance. “Fu- The hell is wrong with you?” The male growled and caressed his leg. That hurt like shit.

“Changbin, oh my god!” He could hear Jisung yelling from the other side of the room, but he chose to ignore it.

He grabbed Felix by the hem of his jacket, forcing him to stand up. “Try to fix that foul mouth of yours when someone is talking to you bastard!” His gaze piercing through the other.

As some may have noticed. Changbin is quite protective over Jisung. He’s always there to protect his friend, even if that meant dealing with trash.

“What the fuck!” Felix slapped the other’s hand away and was about to sit down, but got his hand grabbed by the male again. “Seriously!” He spat out, staring straight in the other’s eyes.

“Listen here you fucking brat-“

“Let me go, will you? The fuck is wrong with you?!”. Felix was a bit taller than Changbin and used his height as an advantage to hover over the other.

“Felix..!” Minho called out, but he, just like Jisung got ignored by his friend.

“Do you even know who you are talking to right now?” Changbin gritted his teeth. He knew that he could use his authorities as the student council president. Normally, he would never try to win a fight like this, but the male didn’t give him any other options to use.

Felix grabbed Changbin’s arm and held him dangerously close. Do ‘you’ have any idea who you’re talking to right now?” Felix’s deep voice made Changbin lose his breath for a second. Never had Changbin felt this intimidated by someone before. His voice was quite a few octaves lower than his own.

“Both of you stop it right now!” The guy who goes by the name of Woojin yelled. Changbin let go of Felix and sighed. How could he humiliate himself like that in front of the others? “Felix you too” Woojin demanded as Felix was still holding onto Changbin’s arm.



Felix sighed and reluctantly let go. “Tsk”

Woojin smiled and reverted his attention back to the council president. “I apologize for Felix’ behavior as well as Hyunjin’s. I’m sure there a few things you two wanted to discuss with us, but can we move it to another date instead?”. Even though it was a suggestion, Changbin knew there were no other options left and thus had to agree with Woojin.

“I apologize for my rude behavior as well and just like you suggested, let’s talk another day” He bowed as a sign of respect and dragged Jisung out of the classroom.

“Changbin…wait!” Jisung called out to his friend, whilst struggling trying to match Changbin’s walking pace. For some reason, his best friend was really pissed off and he couldn’t exactly pinpoint why, since this wasn’t the first time someone talked to Jisung in such a belittling way.

“CHANGBIN!” That seemed to get the male out of his trance and he quickly turned around, facing Jisung. Jisung came to a halt, just before colliding into Changbin and tried to catch his breath. “Bro, you okay there?”

Changbin sighed. “I’m okay, I just…” He seemed at a loss of words, but by seeing his apologetically expression, Jisung knew what the latter was about to say. “I-“

“Binnie, it’s okay. You didn’t embarrass yourself and honestly those bastards deserved a beating”. He tried to reassure his friend. “Except for Minho and Woojin of course. They were civil enough to try and initiate a conversation with us”. He explained, recalling Minho’s smile. Something about that smile caught him off guard.

This earned a confused glance or two from Changbin. “Now it’s my turn to ask whether you’re okay or not?”

Jisung was forcibly taken back to reality and smiled sheepishly. “Of course, I am!” He grabbed his friend into a headlock and ruffled his hair. “Let’s go, I’m hungry. The meeting isn’t in another hour or two”

“Ow ow! alright”. Changbin smiled and let his friend drag him away.