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Thursdays I'm straight but Fridays I'm in love

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What happened last time:


It’s dumb, but there’s no way to stop it – only if Shiro says so, only if he doesn’t want to—

Keith tips upward, raises his head and closes his eyes – he’s feeling Shiro’s warm breath again on his face, even more clearly, warmer, hotter even—

And he doesn’t know how to process it, how to understand—


That Shiro, too—


Moves towards him.



Chapter IV




The food falls out of his mouth back on his plate.

“You two did what?”

“Sshh,” Keith hisses in an attempt to make Hunk shut up.

Keith doesn’t know how he went from zero friends to having friends who he can spill the most intimate things to within a few months. But, here he is, sitting together with Hunk in the university’s cafeteria over lunch like always, talking about his currently most intimate secret.

“I can’t believe it,” Hunk says and takes another spoon of his curry rice, “that he would do that.”

Keith quietly thinks, me neither. Then he remembers Lotor spilling the fact that Shiro and Adam had an ‘intense sexual relationship’ after their break-up, and he can imagine it a bit better. He tries not to let his feelings get hurt by this thought, because, really… it’s not like he has feelings. Not for Shiro. Not for anyone.

“It’s not a big thing.” Keith fails acting nonchalantly and Hunk sees right through it.

“Yeah. Totally. You go to our LGBT* table, you don’t tell anyone you’re gay,” he’s hisses as to not talk to loud about Keith’s private life in the cafeteria, “then you have sex with the one guy everyone, no matter how straight or gay they are, kind of has a crush on.”

Keith blushes. He leans forward, voice low as he asks. “Do you?”

Hunk laughs nervously and scrubs the back of his head, then he leans forward, too.

“Maybe …I had, for a week or so,” he answers, truthfully, with a look that says ‘please don’t tell anyone’. Keith nods and they both lean back again.

Keith of all people, can understand. The first day he went to the regular’s table, he was sure there has never been a more beautiful person in the world than Shiro. He seems like the nicest person, too. Keith sighs dreamily, then breaks out of it.

“Anyways. It’s not like we did a lot.” Keith stabs his carrots, completely unrelated.

“Let me recap,” Hunk says and Keith regrets his words already, “you and Shiro jerked each other of half-drunk on the night of the party.”

He takes a sip of his apple soda as Keith slowly proceeds to sink into his chair. “You sucked him off a week later in the university’s bathroom, and I have to say that yeah, this is a bit disgusting – people pee there okay?”

Keith has to laugh against all odds and Hunk grins, too.

“And you now have sex once a week?” He concludes.

“Yes,” Keith exhales. It’s hard to look Hunk in the eyes. “Yes, okay. You’re right. The worst is, it always happens when we meet up to study for Slav’s course. I slowly get the impression I will fail his course this semester.”

“Maybe if you, uhh, I don’t know, could take your hands of Shiro for a second, you might have a chance to study with him.” Hunk closes his eyes as he takes another bite and hums.

“It’s hard, okay.” Keith isn’t proud of it, but liking Shiro feels like a drug; he craves it every time he’s in reach, wants more and more of it. Luckily there are less regrets with kissing Shiro in his bed than with drugs. Not that Keith would have the balls to take some. He lets his head sink into his hands dramatically.

“I don’t know how it happened, okay.”

Hunk reaches over and pats him on the back. “There, there,” he says. Then he gets settles back into his chair and folds his arms in thought.

“Yours and Shiro’s story is wild,” he states. “Shay and I got together really really normally, if you’d call it that.”

Keith bites his tongue to not disagree with him right now. It’s okay if Hunk thinks that what they have is a bit more serious than it is. He’s also interested in Hunk’s and Shay’s story. He hasn’t met Shay very often but she feels like a gentle and kind soul and someone Keith would like to hang out more often with.


 “She accidentally elbowed me into my face when she tried to get a wine bottle open.” Hunk smiles softly as he brushes his bangs out of his face to show the small scar. “Thirteen stitches. She went to the hospital with me and hold my hand at the doctor’s, even though we we’re complete strangers back then.”

“Sounds romantic,” Keith snorts, but he means it.




Keith thinks he’s loosing his sanity for good.

“Keith,” Shiro moans, long and drawn out and he looks… oh—so—good—

Keith dips down to take his nipple between his teeth, mouths at his chest and place kisses on the skin, wherever he can reach. Dick buried inside Shiro’s wet asshole is undisputable the best feeling in the world, that Keith knows of currently, and when he bends forward to kiss Shiro, the white-haired guy’s breath hitches. He groans again from the small movement of Keith’s cock inside him.

Keith loves it, loves sex with Shiro, and it’s safe to say he maybe likes Shiro, too.

“You’re great,” he mutters, kissing Shiro’s jaw and his mouth, “damn, you feel so good.”

Shiro clenches his teeth, stutters a moan out. “Fuck, Keith. Move, alright?” he groans. Keith doesn’t have to be told twice. It’s slow, first, drawn out – he knows Shiro must have had a respectable amount of practice in his earlier relationship, taking his dick so well, but he’s still careful, doesn’t want him to hurt. Other than that, it’s a new sensation, something he has never done with anyone before.

“God”, he groans as he moves out of him and snaps his hips back, but controlled, not violently. Shiro’s toes curl and he grabs for anything to hold on, “it’s good”, he sighs, “you can move more, please, Keith-“

Keith wants to come right then and there, his eyes rolling back at the lewd tone of Shiro’s voice. However he imagined sex would be with him, it was nothing like that. Shiro looks like a god, thick muscles and shining chest, his own cock bouncing at the movement of Keith’s hips.

“Oh,” Shiro gasps at the new angle that Keith introduces. “Fuck, you’re so good with your dick,” he says as he watches Keith’s cock going in and out. Keith moves down to kiss him again, can’t resist those beautiful lips and the shock of white hair.

Shiro holds him tight to his body, let’s himself get fucked and moves against him to match his thrust. Keith gets weaker with every trust, loving that feeling of Shiro tight around his cock and the friction they create, but he gets quicker, listening to Shiro’s low groans and growls, feels his nails digging in his back.

“Wait, wait,” Shiro slaps lightly on his shoulder for Keith to notice, “not that quick, alright?”

Keith is a bit embarrassed for not holding the rhythm, but he only wants for Shiro to feel good, he nods and gets slower, pulls his cock out longer, brushing his prostate deliciously. Shiro’s moans grow more ecstatic, and louder, too. Keith tries and touches his dick as he’s fucking into him, and he likes it. Oh fuck, he does.

“Okay,” Shiro sighs after a while, “faster, Keith, fuck. Fuck me.”

There’s no holding back – Shiro meets the frantic thrusts Keith delivers him as he fucks his ass, listening to the repeated slap and the thump of his heart – he knows he can’t hold out long when Shiro holds onto him like that and sounds like that, putting his own hand over Keith’s which is stroking his dick in a solid repeated motion.

“Fuck,” Shiro says again, lifting and bending his back upwards from the mattress. “Faster,” he sighs, “F-fuck, Keith, I-I’m, ah-“

Keith is close, too, he tries to hold out as long as he can, hips stuttering already – and when he feels Shiro’s hole clench at him, he knows he’s able to let go –

The orgasm rips through him and he groans loudly, gasps and moans more, holds onto Shiro who’s spilling in and over his hand, and stutters and kisses him, while they are both coming.

“Shit,” Keith curses. He slowly pulls out, dick already limping, pulls the condom off and discards it with a knot into the bin near the bed. He turns back to the bedand lies on there, right next to him, where Shiro’s sprawled out, slowly trying to catch his breath and coming down from his orgasm.

“Thanks,” Shiro says, because he feels it’s the appropriate thing to say.

“Thank you, too,” Keith says, because he doesn’t know if or if it’s not the correct thing to say after sex.

Shiro gives him a kiss and Keith returns it, feverently. He thinks about telling Shiro that he likes him a lot, that he loves how Shiro moves every time they get down and dirty like this. But maybe this is just a thing Shiro likes to do with just everyone – his ex or new friends. Keith just doesn’t know.

They part in the evening after ordering some pizza and doing minimal effort for their homework and for the upcoming test. Keith by now is pretty sure, they will fail it, but he also doesn’t care.




Aside from what Shiro makes out of their …relationship, there’s another thing that’s puzzling to Keith: It’s Lotor. Sometimes, Lotor is nice to him, sometimes he’s the biggest dick on earth. A snarky comment put between two sentences is what usually lets Lotor get away with it and nobody calls him out on it. But then, another Thursday and Lotor is the nicest guy again.

Adam only occasionally joins the regular’s table recently; he started working in the very bar they usually sit and talk. He often has to work right when everybody else sits down for a cool beverage in the evening, but the whole dynamic of the regular’s table seems to calm down. Nobody misses Shiro’s and Adam’s awful banter.




It’s a Friday night and Shiro asks him if they want to go to a concert together. Keith obviously says yes without hesitation and tries to think of anything date-related that could help him prepare. Out of desperation he calls Hunk, who provides him a few tips: He tells him which one is Keith’s chocolate side, what he could wear, and how to not lose his nerves. Hunk reminds him that he already slept, no, is currently sleeping with Shiro at least once a week, so there’s nothing to get nervous about.

Shiro looks overjoyed when they meet up and explains that his favorite band came down to their college town to play in a club and that he missed the ticket sale – luckily he still got two tickets.

“How did that happen?”

“Uh,” Shiro twirls a strand of his white hair between his fingers, “Adam wanted to give them to me as a present. He didn’t see a good reason for selling it, so he gave them to me.”

“So you’re not getting back together?” Keith asks faster than he can think. Shiro stares at him with a look that he can’t read.

“Obviously,” Shiro makes a pause and smiles, “no.” He extends his hand and brushes Keith’s hair out of his face.

“I can’t wait to listen to them,” Keith tells him, face red. Shiro bends down a bit to kiss him.

“Me neither. Thank you for coming, Keith.”

This feels like heaven. It is heaven.


After getting a beer each, they manage to push themselves to the front rows. The colorful floodlights gleam everywhere during the concert, and when they hit Shiro’s face, Keith can see how his eyes shine and how the corners of his mouth are curved upwards. He’s dancing and singing to all their songs (he seems a bit obsessed with them, not that Keith would mind) and all in all looks even more at peace then in the first weeks that Keith got know him.


While Shiro’s eyes are locked onto what’s happening in front, Keith observes him, music in his ears and heart full. They go home together later both wearing a brand new bandshirt Shiro bought them both, and Keith can’t stop grinning when Shiro talks and talks about this favorite band of his. Keith doesn’t mind it at all, not when Shiro takes his hand and gives him kisses all on their way home.

In the night, when Shiro falls asleep in his bed, Keith stays over for the first time. He's wide awake, listening to his soft snoring and takes his phone back into his hands and types a message at Hunk.



Keith <02:34> Date went well 😊😊😊



After he puts his phone away, Keith thinks that he should try to not get his hopes up too much. But today seemed like a real date to him, it seemed like Shiro likes him for more than only getting into his bed and that, against all odds, this could be his first real relationship with someone he really likes.

He gives sleeping Shiro a kiss on his forehead and turns around, finally ready to close his eyes.


The next Thursday, Adam is neither there, nor is he working.

They are all sitting at their usual table with Acxa and Veronica joining them. Lance is there, too, trying hard to not look at them. He’s still wary of Acxa, even though he doesn’t have anything against her per se.

“Oh, you got a little something there—“ Veronica wipes some bread crums off her girlfriend’s face. Lotor watches them, corners of his mouth curved downwards. Keith doesn’t understand what his deal now is, but he doesn’t say anything. He’s just happy and satisfied, sitting with everyone together, and himself sitting at his new place right next to Shiro.

They talk generally about news first, anything that happened in the mean time since the last meeting, then finances, then about any events that they could hold at the end of the academic year.

“What’s with Adam?” Romelle asks out of the sudden. Nobody answers and Lotor’s face turns sour.

“I don’t know, my heart,” Allura tells her and brushes a strand of the blond hair out of Romelle’s face. Keith watches the easiness in which the two girlfriends act with each other. Some warmth blooms in his heart, despite the (apparently) serious topic.

Shiro takes a deep breath. “Adam told me he’d rather not come anymore.”

The air is thick and nobody says anything at first to that. Keith has his own thoughts, like probably most of them.

“I mean, I think,” Hunk voices them first, “I think there was a small part of him that didn’t really want to come anyways anymore. I think he wanted to focus more on work and school?”

“Something like that,” agrees Allura.

Acxa exchanges a look with Veronica. They don’t say a thing.

“I mean, he could have told us,” Pidge says, tone a bit reproachful.

Keith has been watching Lotor’s face; it’s getting redder slowly. His arms, folded in front of his body, show a clear message, too. Uh oh.

Shiro sighs. “I mean, I couldn’t change his mind—”

It’s the final straw – Lotor throws his hair back, opens his mouth.

“You maybe could have not fucked the only straight guy at our regular’s table while your ex is there, too.” He says right into Shiro’s face. “Right after you broke up a few months ago—”

Keith freezes in his seat and notices all the eyes wandering towards him. Hunk’s too.

“Hey, Lotor—“ Hunk warns.

“You also could maybe not have gone and taken the tickets that Adam bought for you and him and went with your fuckbuddy instead. What an atrocity! And now you think he’s unreasonable?”

“Wait, you did what?” Pidge asks Shiro and throws a glance at Keith.

“If I remember correctly, the last time you slept with him-“ Lotor raises his voice and a few people turn their heads, “you promised him there’s a chance for you two. And you are surprised you couldn’t change his mind about coming here after he heard about you two?”

Everyone at the bar including their own table is staring at Lotor like he’s an angry, agitated guy. His breath is quicker than before, his chest is raising and lowering rapidly. He then turns to Keith, says “And you ruined it, too!” and walks out.

“Shiro, I’m sor—” Keith starts, but Shiro shakes his head and gets up and gets his jacket, “It’s okay,” he tells him without a second glance and charges after Lotor.


Both of them leave a baffled table and a bar full of baffled people. Acxa slurps loudly on her milkshake. Keith wants to disappear in the ground.

“You fucked Shiro? I mean, I can understand—”

“Lance, not now,” Keith tells between gritted teeth. “Should I go after them?” he asks Hunk.

His best friend at the table shrugs, gives him a empathic look.

“I don’t know man, I think it’s better off when the two of them talk. Seems like they have…some stuff they need to discuss.”

“Yeah, for example Lotor’s unreasonable anger at Shiro for breaking up with Adam,” Lance says. Pidge rolls their eyes at him and pinches their boyfriend softly.


“Was it unreasonable?” Acxa asks. “Sounds like Shiro truly fucked up. Nothing against you, Keith.”

“I think he has a little issue with anger, yeah,” comes quietly from Romelle.

“I think,” Veronica says as she squeezes her girlfriends hand, “that he’s in love with him.”

“Lotor with Adam?!” Lance almost shouts.

Everyone is a bit shocked. Especially Keith.

“I mean, at our regular’s table apparently anything can happen,” Pidge snorts with a glance at him.


He takes a deep breath and brushes his hand through his hair.

That’s enough.


Keith takes a steadying breath. It’s time to come out.