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Relying On Love

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South Padre Island, the name rolled off the tongue quite easily. Lucifer found himself sitting on that very beach, the crashing waves lapping at his white Vans and the fading sunlight warming his exposed skin.

He knew that Roland was surely after him but he didn't care. He didn't care about the coming revolution, didn't care about anything at the moment. Because he knew what made him bet, what had made him ache every time he saw how much Daniel and Luce loved each other, how determined Cam was to get Lilith to love him.

He wanted to love someone too.

He had suppressed it for too long, telling himself that it was just his nature to behave this way, that he had always been this way. But now, the feeling was more prominent than ever, eating at him, clawing at his soul and begging him to just admit it. He felt the tears rushing to his eyes but he had to swallow back his sobs to avoid burning his clothes. Nobody needed to know he had acid tears.

"Hey. Are you okay?" A gentle voice called, brushing against his ears like the sweet air of the beach. Lucifer shook his head to clear his tears and twisted around to face the owner of the voice. The devil nearly lost his voice when he saw the person who had called him.

She looked like any other girl but there was something about her that made something click inside Lucifer. "Oh God, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have bothered you." She said quickly, an embarrassed flush crawling up her fair skin. His eyes must've shown he had been close to crying.

Lucifer was surprised that she hadn't backed away yet, no fear on her face. Just embarrassment coating over her previous concern. Then he remembered that he still looked like a twenty-two-year-old mortal, yet too handsome to be mortal. He blinked back the tears as he looked back at the girl.

She turned swiftly on her heel and began to walk away but Lucifer found himself rising to his feet, reaching for her shoulder. It was only a gentle brush of his fingertips on the soft cloth that covered her shoulder that made her turn around, a curious glint in her mesmerizing hues. Lucifer forced himself to tear his gaze from her eyes and look at the sand by his wet shoes.

"It's alright. Um, I was kind of looking for someone to talk to." He said quietly, mentally surprised at how timid his voice was and the girl smiled sympathetically.

She bent down to steal Lucifer's gaze from the very interesting sand to her eyes, and once again, he wanted to stare into her eyes forever. "Sounds like something really upset you, huh?" She asked, purely rhetorical but Lucifer still nodded.

"Well, um, if you want to talk," She trailed, clasping her hands together behind her back."I'm a great listener. It's all I ever do." She punctuated the sentence with a small laugh.

"If it's not too much trouble." He said,"I'd really appreciate it." Instead of leading her back to his sitting place, Lucifer suggested that they walk along the beach, while the sun was still above the water.

"So, I assume that it's bad, considering that you were about to start bawling when I interrupted." She said.

"Well, I didn't want to cry. It's not the best thing for me to do." Lucifer said, earning a confused look from the girl.

She looked back down at the sand as she answered,"You do know that it's okay to cry, right? It's completely natural."

"Not for me." Lucifer mumbled, saddened for the first time at the temptation of being mortal, of having the ability to cry without hurting others. It was odd, for the devil especially, to think such things but deep down, Lucifer knew this was the truth.

The girl stopped suddenly, and Lucifer with her. He looked right back into her gaze, which was as confused as ever. The way her face was etched with something he couldn't quite place, it made something rise inside him. Before he realized it, Lucifer was close to tears again.

He hastily sniffled and choked back his coming sobs before the toxic acid could give away his true persona to this newfound 'friend', if he could call her that. But she was aware that Lucifer had almost cried once again. And that emotion was carved in her face once again.

"I'm sorry. It's just not in my nature to cry." Lucifer said, fighting the urge to wipe his eyes on his sleeves.

"Well, it doesn't matter what you are or where you come from. Doesn't matter how or where you were raised." She looked at me, a soft smile gracing her face. "It's natural, something we can't really control at times. It's okay, um. . . shoot!" She broke out in laughter suddenly.

"What?" He asked, sniffing a bit more as his eyes cleared of the toxic tears.

She ran a hand through her hair, pushing back the locks to show her forehead,"I just realized that we don't even know each other's names. I'm Kenna Andrews."

Lucifer found a laugh bubbling up on his throat too and it came out as a deep, alluring sound. "I'm Luc." He said, the name that had grown on his tongue, rolled off so easily. Kenna smiled as they continued their walk along the beach.

"But as I was saying, Luc," Kenna began and Lucifer turned to look right at her,"It's a perfectly natural thing to cry. I mean, we're all human, right?"

Lucifer only nodded, halfheartedness leaking into the gesture. Thankfully, it slipped past Kenna's sharp senses. "I suppose." They walked in silence for a while longer and when Kenna cast a look at the ocean over Lucifer's shoulders, a sudden fear ignited in her eyes. Lucifer sensed her change of mood immediately.

"What's wrong?" He asked, facing her completely as she swiftly began walking the way they came. "Kenna? Did I say something?" He asked, fearing he might've lost the one friend he's had in thousands of years.

"No, it's not you Luc." She said, easing the devil's worry instantly,"But my boyfriend isn't exactly okay with me staying out too late." The word 'boyfriend' sent a tiny spark of disappointment and jealousy into Lucifer's soul.

"Does he," Lucifer hesitated, utterly unsure if it would be okay for him to ask this question to a girl he met just an hour ago,"hurt you?" It came out anyways.

Kenna came to an abrupt halt, her hands trailing up her own arms. Lucifer noticed for the first that, despite the warm rays the sun had granted during the day, Kenna wore a gray hoodie not a short-sleeved shirt like him. An inexplicable longing rushed over Lucifer as his own hands pulled at Kenna's arms which were seconds away from wrapping around herself like a boa constrictor.

Kenna took a shuddering breath,"He claims he loves me. I don't know what goes on in his deranged mind, but it's anything but love." The pain in her eyes said all the things she couldn't at the moment. And Lucifer felt the same spark when he first saw her.

Of course, he was 'destined' to fall in love with the girl who had an experience similar to Lucinda. The only difference was that Lucifer was ready to listen to her side of this modern version of the story, for he ached for someone to love him as he had once loved Lucinda.

"Why are you still with him?" Lucifer found himself asking the question in a voice that seemed to be coated in sympathy.

Kenna shrugged, shaking her head all the while,"I can't even imagine what he'd do to me if he found out I had even thought about something like that. And I have. Multiple times."

"I'll be with you when you do it. If he tries to even touch you, I promise you that I'll protect you." He said with sudden confidence and protectiveness creeping into his voice.

Kenna looked up at Lucifer's brilliant blue eyes, shocked at the act of kindness by this man she had just met. Lucifer thought he had said something offending and was about to apologize when he saw Kenna's lips turn up into a soft smile.

"Thank you, Luc." She said, gratitude sparkling in her eyes and Lucifer felt himself smile. She led him to her car, a battered van she said belonged to her deranged boyfriend.

As they drove down the island roads, Lucifer watched as Kenna frequently removed one hand from the steering wheel at a time and wiped them on her jean shorts. She would put them back and be fine for a while, only to take them off and wipe them again.

"I don't know, Luc." Kenna started, watching the stoplight anxiously as it flickered to a shade of green. She swallowed before continuing,"Maybe this isn't such a good idea." They continued down the street, the street lamps lighting their way.

"It's okay. He won't hurt you. I promise." Lucifer said, hesitantly wrapping his hand around Kenna's as they turned into a small neighborhood. It looked abandoned, the only light was the street lamp and few porch lights. Kenna sighed shakily as they pulled into a driveway that had an angry looking man waiting in the porch. He seemed to have a permanent frown in his face.

Kenna exited the car as Lucifer followed. "Finally!" He called, storming over and pulling over a dark aura."Where have you been? And who the Hell is this?" The man asked, reaching to clasp a hand around Kenna wrist. As Kenna cringed, Lucifer swiftly pulled the girl behind him, practically hiding her behind his tall, muscular frame.

The man glared in shock at Lucifer before rage tainted his expression. "Who the Hell are you?" He snarled again as a quiet whimper emitted from Kenna. Lucifer ached to just take her into his arms and whisper anything to soothe her. But first, he had to rid her of this cruel being.

Kenna slowly emerged from behind Lucifer, her face still fearful but she spoke to the man nonetheless,"I met him at the beach, Kyle. I haven't cheated on you." Her voice was pleading, as if she was begging for Kyle to spare her this invisible beating.

Kyle jostled his upper body and lunged for Kenna. He would've gotten her, but Lucifer managed to get the girl behind him once again, his arms bending backwards to secure her position. "I'm sick of you taking your anger out on me. Kyle." Kenna said from behind Lucifer, amazing him with how much confidence her voice surged with.

Kyle looked astounded at Kenna's words and leaned forward just a tad before he spoke again,"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Kyle didn't sound sad or disappointed or anything close to that. He sounded only enraged.

"Kyle Garza," Kenna's voice wavered at the two words,"I'm breaking up with you." Lucifer could almost picture her triumphant smile at that statement.

Kyle said nothing as he scowled once more before he stamped to the house, slamming the door to make it not shut all the way. A soft and proud laugh emitted form Kenna as she practically skipped in front of Lucifer. A brilliant smile radiating happiness lay on Kenna's face. She looked adorable so proud, Lucifer had to wrestle the urge to pick her up and spin her around.

"I did it, Luc!" She cried happily, throwing herself at Lucifer and hugging him tightly. The taller man smiled and laughed into her hair as she laughed as well. Just as Lucifer was about to congratulate Kenna, Kyle came out the door with something in hand.

Lucifer recognized the object as a switch as Kyle readied it to strike Kenna, who was still in front of Lucifer. In one fluid motion, the pair swapped places, the switch hitting Lucifer's t-shirt covered back, yet failing to rip the fabric. "Luc!" Kenna cried while Lucifer rounded on Kyle.

The shorter male dropped the switch as Lucifer strained himself to not allow his anger to get the best of him. Kyle backed away, tripping on his own feet. Especially sitting flat on his butt, Lucifer towarded over Kenna's, now ex, boyfriend. "Don't even try to get back with her. From now on, she's under my protection." He snarled turning away from the man as he scrambled into the house and walking back to Kenna, who stood trembling in shock. "Are you alright?" He asked, brushing a strand of her curly brown hair out of her face and tucking it behind her ear.

Kenna nodded, not moving her gaze from his as his warm, pale hand cupped her face. "I don't have anywhere to go, Luc." She said, eyelids fluttering as his thumb rubbed her cheek.

"Neither do I." Lucifer chuckled,"Care to share a hotel room?" Kenna laughed quietly, nodded in appreciation.

Since neither of the two had a car, they decided to walk to the nearest hotel in hope that they'd take a last minute reservation. They walked into the La Quinta Inn & Suites and to the front counter, where a more than bored lady sat on her phone.

"Hello ma'am. Are there any last minute rooms available?" With out speaking, the lady handed them a key card to room 119 and the price on a piece of paper. Kenna took one look and her eyes widened in shock.
"Luc, I can't afford this." She trailed.

"Who said you were paying?" Lucifer chuckled, pulling a silver card from his pocket and handing it to the lady. Being the devil had its perks. She swiped it and they left, Kenna called a quiet 'thank-you' over her shoulder as they walked to the elevator.

When they finally found the room they were sharing, it was clear Kenna had never seen anything like a hotel room. The room was large with a connected bathroom right as you entered. Lucifer noticed Kenna looking around in childish awe and eyed the one table her eyes hadn't caught yet. A set of cotton shorts and a white V-neck two sizes too big for Kenna's lean frame materialized on the table.

"Of course, we get the room with one bed. You can have it. I'll sleep on the couch." Kenna said, walking into the bathroom.

Lucifer grabbed the clothing for Kenna and rapped gently on the door,"Kenna?"


"Um, here." The door open a crack and Lucifer's eyes swiftly caught sight of her thin baby pink tee, barely concealing her deep magenta bra.

Kenna took no notice of Lucifer's growing blush or his eyes unintentionally checking her out as she took the clothing and mumbled thanks before retreating back into the bathroom. Lucifer turned, puffing harshly as Kenna turned on the shower. He flopped down on the bed, his hands on his face.

He wasn't used to feeling something this powerful. It was so different than what he had felt for Lucinda way back then. What he felt for Lucinda was a childish love and a venomous want for her to adore him, when she said that adoration was only for God. Now, when he saw Kenna, the beautifully tattered soul that seemed to fit into his, he felt something rich and warm within him. He knew now that this was love, what Daniel and Lucinda fought so diligently for, what Cam and Lilith felt so prominently for each other.

It was new, different and scary even for the devil himself. He pondered it steadily, as steadily as the water from the shower faucet in the bathroom. For the first time, Lucifer knew that he couldn't bargain anything or anyone to get out of this. He came to the decision to play fates game instead of his own.

Kenna exited the bathroom, still drying her hair with a fluffy towel. Lucifer succeeded in not staring at the scars and bruises, obviously given by Kyle, that spotted her arms. She sat down on the bed besides Lucifer and pushed a bit of his wavy auburn hair behind his ear. His eyes drifted to her, soaking up her raw beauty with her fresh, relaxed smile and her drenched hair.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked, a tiny giggle beginning the sentence.

"Nothing important." Lucifer muttered, knowing he shouldn't voice his current thoughts. In case, Kenna tried to probe more, he deftly tried to conjure up another thought to keep her at bay.

Kenna giggled again, turned and sitting cross-legged on the pristine comforter. "What a lie." She said, continuing to dry her hair,"If it makes you put on your thinking face then it's obviously important." She smirked playfully at him as he sat up and looked over to her.

"Well, I was only pondering if," Lucifer chewed his tongue, desperately trying to find something else to finish the sentence,"maybe we could share the bed? The couch doesn't look all that comfortable."

Kenna raised a brow, her smirk falling into a questioning frown. "You're right. That's not important." She said and rolled to the other side of the bed to yank off a pillow.

"They don't have a spare blanket." Lucifer protested as Kenna threw the pillow onto the couch.

She pinched the spot between her eyes and nose,"Luc, I slept on the raggedy couch at Kyle's more times that I can imagine. Most of the time without anything else. The pillow itself is a luxury for me." With that she walked to the little desk where the phone was, probably to call the front desk and ask for a blanket.

The moment her eyes faced the window, Lucifer darted to the couch and flopped down, his head on the pillow. "Thank you. I'll be waiting." He watched as Kenna hung up the phone and began walking back to the couch, only to stop in mid stride when she saw Lucifer laying on it longways. She seemed to be smiling at the gesture or just the fact that he was too tall for it and had to have his feet propped up on the arm rest.
"I'm impressed by the lengths you go through." She said with a laugh.

"Now, you have to sleep on the bed." Lucifer said with a triumphant smirk. Kenna laughed louder and shook her head, damp curls flying.

"No, not really. You didn't think it through. Because eventually, you'll get up to go to the bathroom or something."Kenna said, and Lucifer remembered that she thought he was mortal like her. Of course, it was a good idea to keep up the mortal image by going to the bathroom and such when he didn't actually need to.

"And when you do, I'll reclaim the couch." She said, sitting on the foot of the bed and turning on the television.

It was kind of quiet for a while, the only sound in the room being the cheesy laughs from the sitcom that Kenna put on. Eventually, Lucifer got up and walked over to Kenna, sitting down besides her. "I abandoned the couch." Lucifer said, kicking off his Vans and laying back on the bed, his auburn locks splaying out like a halo.

Before Kenna could say anything, there was a knock at the door. "Miss? I have your blanket." A chirpy voice of the room service lady made Kenna close her mouth and walk over to the door.

She opened the door and took the blanket from the nice lady, Lucifer not bothering to look in her direction, just remained looking at the ceiling fan above the bed. Lucifer listened to her bare feet padding across the carpet, expecting for her to go back to the empty couch.

But he sat up in surprise when the bed dipped with added weight. Lucifer twisted around to see Kenna sitting on the right side of the bed. "I call this side." She said, pulling back the comforter to lay the blanket beneath it. The pillow was back in it's place and Kenna was looking at Lucifer as if she was silently asking him if they could share the bed.

"You had first dibs. It's only fair." Lucifer said, smiling gently and walking over to the left side of the bed. He knew it would be uncomfortable sleeping in his denim jeans and beige t-shirt. But he couldn't conjure any new clothes without drawing suspicion from Kenna. He was thinking of resorting to just sleeping in the shirt and his underwear, but he feared that Kenna would feel uncomfortable.

Somehow, Kenna sensed his dilemma and, as if she could read his mind, she said,"You don't have to sleep in your jeans. Just don't sleep nude." She laughed slightly at her own statement and curled under the blanket, facing the closed curtains at the window on the other side of the room.

Quickly, Lucifer stripped himself of the fitted denim trousers, leaving them folded on the couch along with his socks and crawled into bed, leaving a safe distance between him and Kenna. He cast one long, last look over his shoulder at Kenna's back. She still hadn't shed her magenta bra and it was noticeably visible through the thin V-neck. He wanted to roll over and wrap his arms around her waist, to smell her hair and the sweet aroma of gardenias that emitted from her.

He longed for it with an inexplicable desire, something that he was so unsure of now. Slowly, obvious uncharacteristicly hesitant, he rolled on his other side. There was still a little space between him and Kenna. He inched forward and saw Kenna's flank rise and fall with her steady, sleepy breaths.

Gingerly, he placed a hand on her waist, waiting for her to flinch or jump off the bed. She didn't move but Lucifer could tell there was a half-asleep smile on her face as he moved closer and wrapped his arm around her waist.

Kenna hummed sleepily and her right hand trailed down to place itself on Lucifer's. Testing the waters one last time, Lucifer pulled her close against him, her sweet fragrance making his dizzier and dizzier. Kenna said nothing, still relaxed as Lucifer drifted to sleep. It wasn't required for demons or the devil to sleep. They only did it to blend in with the mortals.

But lying with his arm securely around Kenna, sleep seemed to come to Lucifer so easily and soon, he was drifting into the first peaceful slumber he's had since he can remember.

And he swore that he heard Kenna whisper,"Goodnight Luc."