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(Friendship) In Sickness and in Health

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Your name is (y/n) and, several weeks ago, you crash landed on this godforsaken planet, which (despite your probably horrible pronunciation of the alien language) you like to call ‘Alternia’.

You've been wandering like a homeless alien since then: from place to place, from adventure to adventure, from FRIEND to FRIEND. You have cured your wounds, strengthened your torn muscles and broken bones, and have even been able to gain some good FRIENDSHIPS along the way!

All your new extraterrestrial pals are different, though you don't really mind that much. Maybe some of them have tried to kill you… or to use you for their torture streams in a basement, or even to steal your strange alien blood to create works of art! 

But hey: you can’t blame them. Alternia isn’t exactly the best place for the weak (as you have painfully learned in your numerous travels), and you would also behave strangely if you found a weird soft-skinned alien wandering around your home, right?

Speaking of which, currently your human pink feet make their way through the deserted streets of this odd planet; you are still wearing the hoodie that one of your good new friends gave you, in whose baggy pockets you store the few belongings that survived your forced landing from space, along with some of the objects that you have found during your many adventures. Sure, not all of them are quite as useful as medical supplies or food would be, but they still are something!

You absently kick a stone with your left foot. It moves a couple of meters, and then it stops.

Alien streets... deserted... more than usual.

You raise your head to look more carefully at the unusual (or at least for you) landscape... It feels... kinda different... It's still the middle of the night, and you're in a pretty populated area: aren’t trolls supposed to be around? You mean... You're not THAT desperate for more company, not right now, but this still just seems too odd.

Slowly, you try to focus on your hearing and close your eyes, hoping to notice some of the classic Alternian background noise of discussions/quadrant confusion/someone's body being violently beaten against the ground. For a moment you think you hear a soft sound in the distance, something that sounds painfully similar to a poorly concealed coughing fit, but it’s too far away and too brief for you to recognize it clearly.

You kick the stone again. This time it stops a feet away, and so do you.

There is an uncomfortable feeling nestled deep into your stomach... Can this be… cravings for FRIENDS? 

No, you have experienced that tempting sensation many times since your arrival, and this does not feel anything like it. It doesn’t appear to be hunger, thirst or the familiar pain of your wounds either... Perhaps this is your sense of FRIENDSHIP, demanding that you fan the powerful flame of your previous relationships?

Now that you think about it, it seems like it's been quite a while since you last saw some of your old trolls pals…Well, the decision is made. Now you just have to choose: which of your very dear friends will you visit today?