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Up on the watchtower near to the fort in the Three Horns Divide, Blaze sat perched next to the poor bastard she had shot in the head. Inside the fort Handsome Jack was meeting with ‘business’ associates, the perfect to time to try and weaken his defences and take out the competition. They were the only bandits that should be controlling the three horns. Down on the ground her crew the Goon Squad, consisting of seven other members named Stretch, Slim, Fly, Scope, Bratz, Clover and Gasoline, had set up six cages each with a Bullymong inside that they had caught the day before.


“Blaze to Stretch, how are we looking?” she asked Stretch on the two-way radio.


“All good down here boss, Fly says the meeting is wrapping up which means we are set to take out these morons and remind Jack who really owns the Three Horns Divide, how’s your position?” Stretch asked back.


“Pretty good Stretch, Jack’s minion up here had some sweet loot, got a new watch and goggles.” Blaze replied.


“Alright Fly’s heading over, let’s get into position boys,” Stretch ordered. Blaze sat with her legs dangling off the watchtower, the zip line was ready and she watched through her binoculars as the large metal doors opened and Handsome Jack walked out with his entourage and the Bandit Leader she had dubbed ‘Shit-For-Brains’. She watched as Jack saw the crates and turned to Shit-For-Brains and demand an explanation.


“Goon Squad this is Blaze saying: Release the Bullymongs,” she called into the radio. Instantly all cages opened and the six Bullymongs ran at the bandits and Jack’s entourage. Bullets started flying as her gang scarpered back to their vehicles. Jack had managed to grab two of his minions to act as human meat shields.


“Party’s yours to crash now Blaze, just get out of there alive,” her other crew member Scope said as Blaze put her binoculars away and stood up. The last Bullymong got put down as she zip lined down to the yard and superhero landed in front of Jack.


“This attack was brought to you by Satan’s Suckhole. Satan’s Suckhole where what goes down never comes back up,” she said with a friendly smile as four guns got pointed at her.


“Well if it isn’t the pain in my ass that never seems to go away, serving yourself up straight I see,” Jack said unimpressed.


“Actually I wanted to give you a friendly reminder that the Goon Squad owns the Three Horns Divide and you might want to start running.”


“And why would I do that?” Jack asked her. A flash of purple streaked across Blaze’s eyes as her grin widened and she shouted at the top of her lungs.




There was a rumble as a giant Bullymong leapt into the fort and started tearing up the place.


“Try getting out of this one alive Handsome, hahahahahahaha,” Blaze shouted as she activated the spring board mechanisms hidden under her boots and launched herself into the air and over the wall. She landed with a heavy on the ground outside and darted towards her vehicle.


“Let’s roll Goonies,” she shouted, her maniacal laugh echoing in the air. The cars sped off racing down the broken roads as Bullymongs and Skags chased alongside their cars until they came to a stop at a large cave with a Catch-A-Ride outside for their vehicles and metal sheets blocking the entrance as a door.


“Did you see the look on his face, now he knows not to come near our territory,” Blaze said as she leapt out of the vehicle and went to open up the door to their lair.


“What is the deal with you and Jack, he rolls into town and you start plotting to sabotage him?” Scope asked her.


“Jack and I have a…complicated relationship, he wants me dead because I might have botched his attempt to kill a couple Vault Hunters a few years ago, once I realised the fun I could have with this, he has found me to be the pain in his ass that never quits,” Blaze replied. Slim, a large boisterous man who had goggles and a beanie on, laughed and slapped her on the shoulder as they walked into their lair, which was a mess, but it was their home.


“Taking you in was the best decision the Captain ever made, rest in peace buddy,” Slim said and kissed his fingers in a sign of respect. Blaze nodded in respect and kissed her fingers as well.


“We miss you buddy, all the more reason to remind Jack who really owns the Three Horns Divide, I know those Bloodshits keep trying to move in on our turf but if we don’t control this region, Sanctuary has no protection on this side of the door,” she told the team.. Fly laughed and climbed into his bunk to relax.


“Bloodshits, I like it.” Blaze returned to her own bunk to record the events in her journal and opened to the drawing of the Vault she had found when she first met Jack. She laughed and started writing down the events with the Bullymongs and the fort they were currently working on taking down. “Yo Stretch, how many Adult Bullymongs got away before we finally caught one.” She shouted over to Stretch who had started cooking.


“Seven, we wiped out that whole nest before we caught Steven as you named it,” Stretch informed her.


“Thanks Stretch.” She started writing and shortly after started to feel a pounding in her head.

“Oh not again, Slim!” she called out as she dropped the pen and clutched at her head. Slim quickly jogged to her bunk and grabbed a strange syringe from the bedside table and gripped her arm.


“Hold still,” he ordered as he jammed the syringe into her arm and pushed in the purple liquid. There was a flash of purple over Blaze’s eyes as the pounding in her head stopped and she breathed out.


“Thanks Slim, how long should this one last?” she asked him.


“Hopefully a couple of days, you need to go to Sanctuary and talk to Tannis if it’s getting worse,” he advised her.

“I might head there tomorrow, I don’t get it Slim I’m not a Siren so why do I go nuts when I don’t have Eridium in my system?” Blaze asked.


“You ever think that Vault you found has something to do with it?” Fly asked her.


“I try not to think about that Vault, it’s because of that Vault and the Vault Hunters Jack went after that I get these headaches and blackouts, at least now the Eridium solves it for a short while, what worrying is how these weekly shots have started becoming daily,” Blaze replied.


“You overexerted yourself today catching and controlling those Bullymongs, rest up and tomorrow take your car over to Sanctuary and get yourself looked at,” Slim said and went back to his workbench. Blaze closed her journal and laid back on her bunk. This weird ability was fun but it was getting harder to control, if there was another Siren around maybe she could get some perspective but with no Sirens nearby to help as Lilith was in hiding, help could be given in the form of Tannis and Dr. Zed, and he didn’t have a medical licence.