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God of Chaos

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Red sands,





Those are        my     domain.

As the usurper     of the highest      Kings of Kings,   I go unmatched.


                                                                              A Hooked rod,

                                                     A half moon,

                             A rectangle


Describes me.


Virility and strength eclipses    my world, murderer of a brother and   stolen eye of another


I am hated by most- loved by only a few.


My anger is not    without reason, if you would only see


                       A Beloved Brother,

                                                                                   Stole my intended

And married thee


Their union created a son, with whom


I come to loathe         and                 desire,


                                                          In a never ending storm of chaos.


Battles,       lettuce,      contendings,        sun rays,


Our conflicts and unmatched desires,    never cease.


For I am the God of chaos,    

                         And as such, I will never be happy with domestic bliss.


And Horus, the God of Gods, the bringer of    Black Sands, Will always wait for me