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Fanfictions I will never make

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Full permission to use these ideas, just tell me so I can put a link to your story!

Ch. 2:Harry PotterXPokémon crossover

Ch. 3:Semi-original Cinderella idea

Ch. 4:Harry PotterXShugo Chara

Ch. 5:Star VS The Forces of Evil

Ch. 6:Sanders SidesXTangled

Ch. 7:How to Train Your DragonXRise of the Guardians

Ch. 8:Harry PotterXMiraculous Ladybug

Ch. 9:Harry Potter characters as Romeo & Juliet characters

Ch. 10:Harry PotterXTwilight

Ch. 11:Half-fawn Harry AU

Ch. 12:Harry PotterXTangled

Ch. 13:Random small ideas

Ch. 14:Keeper of the Reaper (Invader Zim)

Ch. 15:Dark Sides (Sanders Sides)

Ch. 16:Harry PotterXDescendants (Uma)

Ch. 17:Harry PotterXDescendants (Evie)

Ch. 18:Harry PotterXThe Swan Princess