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And The Gods Looked Down Upon Us

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"Families are messy. Immortal families are eternally messy. Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we're related for better or for worse...and try to keep the maiming and killing to a minimum."

Rick Riordan, The Sea of Monsters

Daughter Of Hades

Evie wanted to laugh because in honesty it sounded like a prank being pulled on her. She couldn't be a demigod (or was it demigoddess since she was a girl?) she was just the Evil Queen's daughter, not some Greek deities child! Especially the lord of the Underworld!

Daughter Of Hades

She couldn't be... She-Evie couldn't be his daughter.

The only logical thing she did was hide from her friends. She didn't want to deal with them and their questions. She already heard it from Mal, not knowing if she actually believed the lies but her eyes broke Evie's heart just as much as her words.

"How could you not tell us, Evie? We're your friends, you couldn't give us a heads up about this?"

It made Evie angry, the angriest that she has ever been. She disappeared from them, even as Mal knew she regretted her words, Evie left, from her and everyone else. They were just in shock, she kept telling herself but Mal's reaction did not seem like a shock. It reminded Evie of when Maleficent had banished her, all because of Mal, Evie still was haunted by the angry face of the Mistress of Evil looking down on her.

Daughter of Hades

it just kept tumbling in her head, like a loudspeaker in her mind that wouldn't shut up. Why won't it just shut up!

"It sucks doesn't it."

Evie jumped at the sound. She whipped her head to see a figure in the ocean. The teal hair was a give away in the dim moonlight that was out in the sky. It wasn't cloudy, that was the odd thing.

Uma stared at her with curiosity and maybe pity? Evie honestly couldn't tell because of the moonlight and the night sky in general.

"What?" She said. She was tired, not in the mood to deal with any squabble from Mal's rival.

"It sucks doesn't it, cousin." She said the last part as an afterthought as if getting used to the idea that she and Evie were related. Were they related? Uma continued, not noticing the waging war in Evie's mind at the moment. "That the biggest shock of your life is your dad. It's something that you've never considered and now you are alone trying to figure this shit out."

Evie looked at Uma, seeing the outline of a small smirk. "Is that how you felt?"

"Yeah, it was until I embraced it. A demigod and granddaughter to Poseidon. Imagine that?" She let out a laugh. "Now, here you are! The daughter of Hades."

"The gods really screwed us over, uh?"

"Everyone did Evie. The Gods, most of the Olympians, The Fates and the heroes of Auradon. They screw over demigods all the time. Sometimes they do the right thing and other times, they just make it worse."

"Are you a demigod, Uma?"

The other girl nodded. "My dad was a mortal, a henchman of someone on the Isle."

It was crazy to think that she was here talking to Uma, who was presumed to be back on the Isle, plotting Mal's downfall or something. But no, here she was talking to Evie about their shared bloodline of the Greek Parthenon. Strange things to be seen.

"Did you know?"

"Uh?" Was Evie's response to Uma's question. "Know what?"

Uma rolled her eyes before walking up the sandy shore and sitting in front of Evie, crisscrossed. "Did you know about Hades, being your..."

"Dad?" She finished the question. Uma nodded looking at her with uttermost curiosity. Evie shook her head as emotions, anger, frustration and downright sadness swirled inside her. "I didn't know. How could I, when my own mom didn't even tell me! Now my friends think I've been lying to them all these years, telling them that I didn't know who my father is when that's literally been my truth for years till today!"

Evie continued, "Now Mal's angry with me, which is hilarious. I'm the one that left, just like my banishment when I was six." She snorted. "I-I didn't know and now I don't know how to feel about having a god as my dad, let alone the god of the Underworld."

"How did you even find out in the first place?" Uma asked as she traced something in the sand. It looked like a conch shell.

"The gods knew, we're told by the Fates that I am his daughter since apparently there have been rumors swirling for a while that Hades may have had a child on the Isle. Never occurred to anyone, that child might be me. We knew it was true because Apollo told everyone in that room and Apollo can't lie. Perkes for being the god of truth"

"God of truth, yeah, so there's that going for you," Uma echoed her words. "I saw it more like a curse for him, but that's just me." 

"Yeah, it was just utter chaos when that news broke. Not only that but the Gods want him back overlooking his kingdom, there's been something going on in the Underworld and they need Hades back asap or at least that's what I heard from the screaming between King Adam, Hermes, and Hecate. I'm guessing that the gods won because they quickly sent Hermes and Hecate to go get Hades from the Isle. I wanted to stay, to see him but then me and Mal got into a fight. I left and ended up here, spilling everything to you." Evie ended with a smile that did not quite reach her eyes. Uma patted her knee.

"Do you want to meet him?" She asked. Evie shrugged, "Maybe? I'm still trying to figure my feelings over this, some part of me doesn't while a bigger part wants too. I just want a parent that will love me, not the way my mom did, just love."

"Evie!" came shouts a few feet away on her left with flashlights shining. Evie and Uma quickly got up, she squinted at the figure until the person got closer that Evie realized that it was Ben!

The young king of Auradon made his way to Evie, before looking surprised at seeing Uma standing by his friend. He looked at Evie, relieved that she was here, he also noticed the vulnerability that shrouded her. Ben, not saying anything pulled her into a hug. Evie sniffed, trying not to cry into her friend's blue jacket, not wanting to ruin it with her tears. "I heard about the fight," Ben said when Evie pulled away. "Evie, I believe you. I'm here because, well we didn't know where you were and Hades is going to be brought in tomorrow. If you don't want to go that's fine but it's up to you."

Evie nodded and told him that she will be there. "Is it alright if Uma came?"

Uma seemed surprised but didn't show it, only raising her eyebrows. Ben had a pensive expression on his face before nodding. "If you want, you guys are more than welcome to stay in my office." Evie smiled at Ben, nodding.

He was a restless being, stripped of his godly-hood and forced into a cage on Earth. He was someone that wasn't to be trifled with, everyone knew that even Maleficent the so-called, Queen of The Isle. A god was someone, even the most powerful wouldn't dare mess with.

The house, his prison was actually a cave with a hole, tucked away in the darker shaded part of the Isle, close to the sea and sky or at least that's how Uma described it to Ben and Evie as they walked down the quiet corridors to Ben's office. "My mom used to tell me that he was placed there as a reminder that his brothers would look at him, a reminder for what he did to be there. The sky and sea, in a way mocking him," She told Evie as they silently walked up the rocky path. Evie remembered that Hades had a family, his five siblings if she remembered correctly.

Zeus, King of Olympus and God of Thunder, lighting and the king of all other gods and men.

Poseidon, god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses.

Hera, Queen of Olympus, and goddess of marriage and birth.

Demeter, goddess of agriculture and mother of Persephone, Hades wife (meaning Evie's step-mother).

Hestia, virgin goddess of the hearth and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state.

The Big Olympians of the Greek Parthenon, they were also Evie's aunts and uncles. The other Olympians, Uma stated were her cousins. This made Evie's head hurt at the thought of multiple family members that no doubt found out about her existence along with the people of Auradon. Her business would be done for, she just knew it. Before they got to Ben's office, they would stop by Evie's room to get some clothes for both her and Uma, along with a notebook. Ben and Uma both looked confused as to why Evie would need a notebook.

"If I do meet him tomorrow, I want to be prepared with some questions to ask him. Hence why I'll be needing a notebook." She said as they got closer to her dorm. As she unlocked it, she wondered if Mal was waiting for her or was sleeping with her anger. Swinging the door as slowly and quietly as possible, Evie noticed that Mal wasn't here.

Probably with Jay and Carlos, She thought to herself. Evie got a bag, putting in two pairs of PJ's and some extra clothing, makeup bag, a pen, and a notebook. Something caught her eye, a book on her nightstand.

The Mythos of Greece it read in bold golden letters. That book wasn't hers, she never owned a Greek Mythology book in her entire life. Still, Evie picked it up and tucked it into her bag of stuff before leaving, shutting the door behind her.

Finally, they made it to Ben's office. Ben told her that he would come to get them tomorrow at around eight o'clock to head to the meeting. "So be ready before I get here." He told them. After making sure they had enough blankets from the closet and asking them if they needed anything else, Ben left them alone in his office.

Uma and Evie decided to get their beds ready, fixing the makeshift bed-couch and change into their PJs. While Evie fixed up her blankets, she noticed Uma touching the soft fabric of the pajamas she gave. Her expression made Evie's heart hurt because that was the exact expression she had when she came to Auradon and slept on a comfortable bed, a good room. Everything here in Auradon was soft, precious and easily breakable.

They got ready to sleep, both girls laying in on their make-shift couch-beds that they made. Evie had the notebook on her lap, opened on a page writing down questions for Hades. Uma was laying on the couch, looking up at the ceiling before she turned her attention over to the blue haired girl. "What questions are you going to ask him?"

Evie paused her writing to answer the other girl. "Just questions that I feel I need to be answered."

"Like?" She pressed on. Evie bit her lip before telling her. "Like, why didn't you ever send me a letter or acknowledge me? If I'm a demigod, does that mean I have powers like you?"

"So," Uma said. "You only have two questions then? That's all?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was too busy trying to wrap my head around the fact that the lord of the underworld, a Greek deity is my dad!" She snapped. "I'm sorry, I'm just nervous. I mean, this is the first time I'll be meeting the guy who's my dad! The person who I was told died."

Uma snorted, "Your mom told you he died? That's hilarious." In some way, she was right. Her mother told her when she was little that her dad passed away if only she knew the truth that the god was on the other side of the Isle, alive and breathing."Okay, so what's the third question Blue?"

Evie mumbled it, already internally cringing at the question she wanted to ask the god. "Did I get my blue hair from you?"

Uma started to laugh, which made Evie chuck a pillow at the teal-haired girl. Uma continued to laugh, dissolving into giggles.

"Hey Uma," Evie said. "I'm sorry for the way Mal treated you and myself when we were growing up on the Isle. You're pretty cool."

"Of course I am," She said with bravado. "Thanks, Blue. You're not bad yourself." She said quietly with a smile on her face.

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"Upon my word, just see how mortal men always put the blame on us gods! We are the source of evil, so they say - when they have only their own madness to think if their miseries are worse than they ought to be."

Homer, The Odyssey

The day finally came, as Evie and Uma were already up. They put the blankets away in the closet and changed into new clothes, putting the PJs that Evie brought back into her bag. While they waited, Uma was reading the Mythos book that Evie brought while the blue-haired girl was looking over the three pathetic questions that she hoped to ask Hades.

"Where did you get this book again?" Uma asked as she thumbed through a page. Evie frowned, looking at the cover. "I didn't. It just appeared in my room, why?"

Uma showed her something that was scribbled on the back page of the end of the book. In black ink, Evie saw her name-her full name in fact.

To Evelyn Kore Grimhilde the words said.

"Your middle name is Kore? After Persephone?" Uma asked. Evie honestly didn't know what to make of it but now it made sense.

"My mom told me that she named me after Kore because she was a queen. Didn't occur to me that she named me after my step-mother." She would investigate why her name was in the book later and turned her attention back to the notebook full of three questions.

"Maybe you can write that question in your notebook Blue. Why name me after my step-mother aka the Queen of Hell. Question mark." Uma grinned. Evie rolled her eyes. "Haha, you're hilarious."

"I try."

She was trying to come up with a fourth one when someone knocked on the door. Ben was here to take them to the meeting, already setting off a flurry of butterflies in her stomach. Evie walked to the door, notebook in hand when the door swung open. Ben was there, along with Mal, Jay, Carlos, Doug, Jane and surprisingly, Audrey. Mal instantly focused in on Uma who had gotten up and stood couple meters behind Evie. The purple haired girl's eyes were lit green with magic.

"What's Shrimpy doing here?" She sneered, calling Uma by the stupid nickname that Mal put on her since they were kids. Uma merely smiled innocently, showing her teeth. "Evie asked me to come and was allowed by the King of Auradon."

Ben de-escalated the situation quickly, telling Evie and Uma to get their stuff, as they were leaving. Both girls did, Evie taking her bag, putting her notebook inside while Uma plucked the Greek Mythos book, carrying it with her. Evie looked at her quizzically as they left the room with the group. Uma shrugged, "I thought I'd get some light reading before dear ol' uncle arrives."

Evie didn't know whether the girl was talking about Hades or Zeus. Walking down the corridor, she didn't talk to her friends. The only one to even talk to her and look at her like she was somewhat normal was Doug, Ben, and Uma. Audrey was wary but still tried to be civil which Evie took with some gratitude. Still, it was hard not wanting to at least get some sense of support from her friends. Possibly the only one to make eye-contact with her was Carlos. Evie took that as a small victory that at least one of them noticed her.

They finally made it to the room where most, if not all the adults of Auradon were waiting. Evie's heart pounded in her ears as she caught sight of a figure in black clothing with blue hair on fire.

Hades, Lord of The Underworld and God of Death looked absolutely bored. As they all sat down, Hades eyes were locked on hers and for a moment, she noticed realization dawn on his face before going back to a look of pensive. He turned to talk in Greek to a twelve-year-old girl with mousey brown hair, a woman with black hair that had royal purple streaks in her hair, dressed in a pretty black chiton dress and a man with curly blonde hair that wore sunglasses. The pair looked at Evie before the twelve-year-old patted his chained-bound hands, telling him something in Greek as well.

Evie could tell it was Greek because Mal had that same confused face whenever she was in math class. She knew what they were talking about because Evie could understand it. It sounded like English but in reality, it was the old language of Greece, she noticed as well, Uma could understand what they were talking about. She wondered if it was a demi-god thing?

She only caught a few things that Hades and the mousey brown girl spoke.

That really is her then? My child?

Brother, I was telling you the truth. You will have to go easy on her, she just found out about this all yesterday. Poor thing.

She wanted to ask Uma which goddess of the main six Olympians could it be when Ben cleared his throat, insinuating that the meeting was starting.

'Lord Hades" Ben said looking at the god. "We the council of Auradon along with the Olympians are all here for the return of Lord Hades. As you all know you have been imprisoned on the Isle for the past sixteen years, now that is gone. I have allowed that you return to Olympus-"

Hades let out a chuckle which seemed to anger most, if not all of the heroes in the room. Ben's father, Adam bristled towards the god. "What do you think is so funny Hades."

The god merely gave them a sharp grin, still chuckling lowly as he spoke. "Have you mortals forgotten that I do not nor have I ever resided on Olympus. I live among the dead, ruled over them. I am not an Olympian boy." He spoke to Ben, in a cold yet clipped tone. Ben nodded and Evie was slightly impressed that her friend wasn't losing his nerve. Now, Evie, she was slowly losing her nerve.

"As I was stating, you are released from your prison on the ground to help the other Olympians," Ben said, catching Evie's attention. Uma also looked intrigued now, she couldn't blame her as this was the reason why Hades was being released. "To help them."

"And why should I?" The god sniffed, earning the ire of possibly every adult in the room. The other three gods didn't seem that fazed, probably already knew this was how Hades would react.

"Because brother," A voice boomed. "A reckoning is coming if we do not stop it." Zeus stood behind the others, large and mighty with a stern looking face. Hades merely rolled his eyes muttering something in Greek that Evie caught.

Drama queen

"And this involves me how brother?" He said sweetly yet with a hint of mock towards Zeus. "Is this why you let me free? Dear Hestia didn't mention that." He said looking at what Evie presumed to be Hestia, the little girl with mousey brown hair shook her head. She gave Hades a look and one to Zeus as if trying to stop them from fighting.

Zeus, ignoring Hestia's look, spoke in a chilling grave voice at the other god. "Because brother, someone foolish has let something out of Tartarus, out of the pit." That instantly wiped the mocking smile of the god's face, turning it into a serious expression. Zeus continued on, stating, "Hecate has been trying to track the thing down but we fear it might already be on Earth-"

"Who escaped?" Was the thing that Hades asked the King of Olympus. "It wasn't our father, was it Zeus?"

Zeus looked at him with anger as if the question insulted him. "NO! You know well that Titan will not step foot here, nor the other Titans and Gaia aren't awake either if your next question was that." He seemed to look at Hades then looked at the others behind him before answering. "The darkness, in the mountains."

Instantly Hades stood up, his blue hair much more inflamed in anger. Shadows swirled around him, as he spoke. "You let the purest form of evil escape its prison. I thought I made my wishes clear brother that the Queen would take charge along with Thanatos and Hecate-"

Zeus puffed up his chest. "I did I decided they could us help from-."

That made Hades angrier, as the flames erupted and the shadows blasted around the room. Evie could hear the dead start to crawl, the wails of the damned ringing in her ears. Uma grabbed her hand as if trying to steady Evie in her seat.

"THEY DID NOT NEED YOUR HELP! NOW SOMEHOW UNDER YOUR WATCH YOU LET THE THING THAT WILL DAMN THE EARTH FREE TO ROAM IT, AND NOW YOU WANT ME TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!" Hades roared. Hestia gently but forcefully pushed her brother back down trying to calm him. Zeus looked red in the face, all around the sky thunder erupted matching the god's face and underlined emotions.

"You will help Brother!"

That surprised everyone as Hades sneered at the king. "And what about you, brother? What will the Olympians do? Watch the destruction?"

"No, but you have little choice Hades. Help or-" The god was interrupted by the Lord of the Underworld. "Or what?" He shot back, his blue hair roaring even more.

"Or, the demigod child, that you sired will go," Zeus said a bit coldly. All eyes turned towards Evie, her skin pailing at what he said. Hades looked at Zeus with fierce determination, "No. Absolutely not, she's just a child! If anything I will see to it that thing gets thrown back to Tartarus myself but the child stays where she is."

"So it is agreed then? You will do this?" Hade's nostrils flared, he looked at Evie before staring straight ahead at Zeus. He nodded. Zeus did the same and said in a booming voice, "It is done. The council will await the return of Chernobog back to Tartarus."

"Chernobog?" Uma hissed. Evie was a bit stunned to speak. "Chernobog is the one that escaped?" The demon of pure evil was the thing that escaped the Underworld? This sent panic into the room and Evie realized that none of them knew who had initially escaped. Hades, meanwhile had his shackled released. He got up, looked at Evie. He seemed to want to speak to her but probably didn't want to in front of everyone, so he just nodded his head before disappearing into literal shadows.

So much for asking him questions, she thought.

The other gods left as well, leaving a panicked room full of adults and teens.

"Is this what you meant by the Gods screwing everyone over?" She whispered to Uma. "Oh yeah, this is their Motus Operandi," Uma said back in a whisper.

Ben decided to let Uma stay in her own dorm room. Evie came by with some stuff, clothing, a few extra notebooks, and other stuff the girl would need.

"So," She asked her. Uma was currently lying on the soft bed, running her hand over the blankets. "What do you think?"

"About what?" She said.

"About the whole releasing Hades to get Chernobog back debacle." She said waving her hands in the air sarcastically. "I feel like it was a lie."

Evie turned, raising her eyebrows at Uma. "A lie? Why would Zeus lie in front of everyone?"

"Because Zeus is a god, he doesn't bow down to mortal, especially royal mortals. All he cares about is having mortals kiss his ass and feet. I just have this feeling that it's much worse than what they are saying. Chernobog escaping is bad, yes but I think it's the person who freed him is what's rattled, Uncle Z."

"So, who do you think is the one who set Chernobog free detective Uma?"

Uma merely shrugged. "Don't know but I think we have a duty to figure it out. We are demigods, after all, legacies aside, we can help your dad and figure out why they actually need Hades here free. Plus, what better way to spend quality time with your old man that trying to bring a demon back to hell?"

It was tempting and Uma did have a point. Still, it sounded too dangerous and stupid to do, just ignore school and go on an adventure to help the God of The Underworld. "C' mon Blue!"

Evie threw her hands up, knowing, either way, she would have gone. She was too curious for her own good and did want to know about her father, after finding everything out just a couple days before. "How are we even going to know where to start?"

Uma pulled out the book, Greek Mythos and opened it up to the page with her name on it. She tapped on the word, Kore, a smile gracing her lips. "We start with the person left in charge when Hades was thrown onto the Isle of The Lost. Persephone, Queen of Hell, Lady of The Underworld."

"We'll need help, ya know." She pointed out. "Well, find some. There should be good candidates to help us with this." Uma countered back. "This could be a greater threat, if that person could release Chernobog easily under the Olympians noses-then it could be the Isle that could be next."

"And our parents set free." Evie looked at Uma with terror. Now she understood why Uma wanted to do this, she didn't want her mom to be set free on Auradon. She didn't care about legacies, she cared about not wanting her mother here, which to be honest, Evie didn't blame her. Neither one of them wanted the villains set free at all, least of all their mothers.

"I'll see what I can do but in the meantime, we'll go to classes and keep this plan down low. Okay?" She said to the other girl. Uma nodded, agreeing to the plan. "I'll be taking you on a quick tour tomorrow so be ready by six o'clock. Do you know where my dorm is or would you like me to come here?"

Uma shook her head. "Nah, I'll go meet you at your dorm." Evie nodded and headed to the door. "Evie?" She turned to face Uma.

"Thanks, once again."

Evie grinned. "What are demigod pals for? Besides trying to stop Chernobog that is." She teased. Uma cracked a grin and waved goodbye with her fingers. Evie mimicked her and left.

She walked down the corridor only to bump into someone. It was Audrey!

"Oh god, I'm so sorry." She said to the other girl. Evie noticed some of the stuff that she was carrying, a couple of books and a bag fell to the floor. Evie and Audrey quickly picked up the stuff, Evie handing the books over to the daughter of Aurora. "Sorry about that. Should watch where I go."

Audrey waved it off. "It's fine Evie, no harm done."

Audrey smiled, walking away with books in hand when Evie stopped her. "Hey Audrey, I was thinking. Do you have time to help me with something?"

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"The journey is the thing."


Evie told Audrey everything.

She didn't know why she did, but somehow, she knew Audrey wouldn't see her as crazy. She was right as the princess seemed to go over the information that Evie told her. "If you are considering doing this, you'll need to know the layout of the kingdoms and how to go at this at a diplomatic stand-point as well."

Evie didn't know about that. Even though she has been in Auradon for a couple of months, she still felt like the needed to up her game with the children of heroes. More than ever, considering her surprising heritage.

"Does that mean you'll help us?" She asked. Audrey pursed her lips before giving her a small smile. "I will, but you'll need more people on this quest."

Evie did understand that. Uma did as well when Evie slipped a note in her door a few minutes after Audrey left, what Evie didn't know was that Uma already had two people in mind.

When Uma met Evie in the morning, knocking on her door, she wasn't met with her cousin. She was met with Mal, who looked a bit annoyed at Uma standing there as if her entire being here at Auradon Prep messed up poor Mal's day. Uma internally grinned before giving Mal a smile asking if Evie was up. "My cousin ready yet?"

Mal's lip curled into a sneer. "Evie is almost ready, also she isn't your cousin."

Uma rolled her eyes, being diplomatic be damned (sorry Ben). "It seems your dragon brain is getting cut off circulation from the crown on your head because newsflash, she is. My grandfather is her father's brother or do you want a graphic description for your eyes so you can comprehend it better?"

Mal practically snarled before Evie pushed bast the purple haired girl. She flashed an annoyed look as if mentally telling Uma, Really? You're doing this right now? Before telling Mal to cool it and leaving her, grabbing Uma's arm, dragging the teal-haired girl away before a physical fight broke out. The last thing any of them needed was for Uma to leave Auradon before their plan could go forward.

They walked around the school, Evie showing the different halls with each class. Uma had two classes with Evie-Goodness class and Royal History 101. "The history of Auradon I'm guessing?" She asked. Evie nodded, telling her yes. After the quick tour, they headed to the half-filled dining hall where Evie filled Uma in on the candidates for their impromptu quest.

"I got Audrey, Sleeping Beauty's daughter to agree to go with us," Evie said, piling a bowl of fruit on her tray. Uma grabbed one as well, not knowing what to get seeing a lot of fresh food. It made her angry on the inside that all of this food would end up rotten or half eaten on the Isle. "What about you?"

"Well..." Uma trailed off as they made their way to the table. Evie raised an eyebrow, as she sat down in front of Uma. She had to tell Evie before. "Harry and Gil. I trust them."

"Uma," Evie said. "Are they in Auradon?"

"No. But they can help on the quest." She said with a hint of determination in her voice. Evie could tell that Uma was missing her friends, dearly. Even if she didn't want to say it out loud, it was there.

"Okay. I'll go ask Ben, but if they come, their gonna have to play fair, because I'm bringing someone from my group on this." Evie said. Uma raided an eyebrow as she stabbed the blackberry and strawberry with her fork. "Who?"

"Jay, son of Jafar."

Uma held up her hands. "Okay Blue, but I won't make any promises that they'll behave."

"Hey," Evie said. She sat down next to Jay on the bleachers. She sent him a quick text asking for a few moments of his time to talk. He agreed, sending a little bit of hope through her. At least he wasn't ignoring her like Mal was doing.

"Hey," He echoed her back, a confident smile masking whatever he was feeling towards her. In the back of her mind, Evie felt like this was a horrible idea but she needed Jay and truth be told, she missed him.

Wisdom needs strength, she told herself and that what they were. He was strength and she was wisdom, like Athena and Ares. Except unlike Ares, Jay never led armies to lose battles. At least that's what the Mythos book told her.

"Evie-" He began.


They both laughed, the awkwardness ebbing away. Evie sighed looked out over the Tourney field. "Evie, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the way I've been acting, it's juts-it's a lot to take in."

"You think it's hard for you?" She shot back, the bitterness that she held in quietly for the past few days rolling over her tongue into her words. Jay back away slowly. "I found out I had a dad that was very much alive and is one of the most feared villains in this place. Shocking, yes very much but it hurt that you guys didn't back me up, didn't believe me."

"I know," Jay said. "And I'm sorry. Carlos, believe it or not, snapped me out of the funk I was in. Tried with Mal but that only got him a threat." Evie snorted. Of course, Mal would do something like that, this was the same person who missed the Isle of The Lost. She shook her head, trying to get those thoughts out of her head, it was no point in thinking about those days anymore.

"So, we good?" She asked. Jay smiled, pulling her into a side hug. "Yeah, we're good."

"Great, because I'm going to need your help with something." She said. Jay merely raised an eyebrow in question. "We're going on a quest, me and Uma."

Jay nodded. "Okay. What's the quest on?"

Evie bit her lip before going further. "We're going to help Hades in figuring out who released Chernabog."

"I'm in."

Evie blinked at her friend who had a shit-eating grin on his face. "Just like that? You're in?" She sputtered. Jay nodded. "Yeah, just like that."

Well, at least he's going. She thought to herself. Now onto the other news...

"One last thing. Uma, she's going to be bringing along Harry and Gil." She said the last part quickly as if trying to make the information sink in faster for Jay not to notice. He did. "They're going?"

"Of course they are. They're Uma's friends, we'll be needing a lot of help for this to go as planned Jay." She said to the taller boy.

"And do you guys have a plan?"


"Evie!" He said trying not to laugh. "Seriously?"

She threw her hands up in exasperation. "We're making it up as we go, Jay, seriously! Just play nice with Harry and Gil, okay? Audrey will be coming along and I'm going to ask Doug and Lonnie for help as well. It doesn't hurt to have some AK's on the team."

Jay sighed. "I guess so. But if Hook says anything, it will not be my fault if I end up punching him in his eyeliner-wearing face." He grumbled. She patted his arm.

"I'll let Uma know."

It was crazy to think that she was leaving Auradon with her group of friends in the dead of night, to help her dad. To stop whoever was trying to destroy Auradon with another god who could end up setting free all the Villains of the Isle.

Ben was already one step ahead of her after she divulged her information and quest, Ben quickly got both of Uma's crewmates over here. Nobody knew except for Evie and Uma, who greeted both boys when they got to Auradon. They stayed in Uma's dorm till nightfall when they left.

They would be traveling in Audrey's car, Doug and Carlos would stay behind to help them research stuff to defeat Chernobog. Lonnie would accompany them, which made Evie glad, it was better than two AK's would be within them or people would see five children from the Isle a tad bit suspicious. Ben did warn them, however, that the public had no idea that Chenobog nor Hades was released. They didn't even know that Evie was his child. At least everyone else in Auradon was ignorant of those parts, it could be a lot easier.

Audrey drove them from Auradon to the highways that would lead them to the Greek parts of the country.

"So," Audrey said. "We're going to the Underworld. Do you guys know where it is?"

Evie looked behind, finding Uma flipping pages of the Greek book along with a map of Auradon. She was on the section with Olympus and other cities. "It's said that there are two entrances to the Underworld, the area where Orpheus lost his wife and The Doors of Death, an entrance that lord Thanatos uses when taking souls to the Underworld. We'll be taking Orpheus way, it said that it is north from Olympus in a forest in Delphi. We'll have to sing to get down there."

"Sing?" Harry asked incredulously. Even Jay mirrored that same confused expression the pirate had. Uma nodded. "Yeah, haven't you guys heard the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice?" She asked the careful of teens. All of them answered her no in silence, minus Evie who said, "That the guy who sang so beautifully, Hades let him take his wife back up to Earth right?"

"Yeah," Uma said. "Orpheus got to take his wife, Eurydice back up, but Hades warned him not to look back at his wife or else. Well, he didn't do that until he was just close to the surface that he turned to look at his wife, instantly she was taken back down to the Underworld. He lost her for good this time."

"What happened to him? Orpheus, what happened to him?" Lonnie asked.

Uma drummed her fingers on the window. "Well, later on in his life, he worshipped no other gods except Apollo. He died after singing a song to Apollo near one of Dionysus Oracles, women who worshipped Dionysus, Maenads killed him instantly for not singing a song to their god. They felt that Orpheus had insulted him, so they killed him for it at the base of the Pangaion Hills."

"He died," Lonnie asked looking horrified. "Because he sang a song to another god near the Oracle of another god? That's why he died?"

Uma shrugged. "Greek Mythology is crazy, the Maenads were another breed of crazy. They took worshipping Dinoysus too far."

"But why is the entrance in Delphi?" Gil asked.

"It's there because Orpheus was a follower of Apollo. The city of Delphi is Apollo's city, so Hades' only entrance would be the place where a mortal almost got to bring the dead back to Earth, it states that it's somewhere near the area of Mount Parnassus. It makes sense to me."

"Who's going to sing the song?" Jay asked. "And what song exactly?"

"I will," Evie said. "I'm the daughter of Hades, I'll sing whatever song to make it down there."

They decided to find a good song for Evie to sing, that way they could make it to the Underworld and a back up one. "Why would I need a backup song?" She asked Jay. "Just in case you need to get Hades to agree to something like Orpheus."

He wasn't wrong, so as they looked for the main song, Evie searched for a sad backup song. Both songs had to be sad because the Underworld, in a sense was a sad place where the dead stayed there, never to see the lights of day ever again for eternity.

"So what happens after we get an audience with Hades?" Jay asked. "Then what?"

"Then, we hope he doesn't fry us alive," Uma said. Evie wasn't sure whether she was being serious or joking.

Hades looked around the scene where Chernobog escaped.

Tartarus or the Pit was under heavy locks and magic, Hades didn't want anyone else to escape. Scratch that, he didn't want Kronos to escape. The last thing anyone wanted to deal with was the Titan Lord, all six Olympian siblings could agree to that.

"Husband." Persephone stood next to him. Her crown stood on top of her curly brown hair. The black suite looked good on her, Hades wanted to comment but his attention went back to the Pit. He still had no idea who released Chernobog, let alone who managed to do such a feat while risking being pulverized by the gods and goddesses who managed the Underworld. 

"Have you seen her?" She asked him. He didn't need to read Persephone's mind to know who she was talking about. Evelyn, his first demigod child.

"I have," He said. A small smile tugged at his lips. "She has my hair." Persephone chuckled. It surprised him, considering she thought his wife would take it horrible that Hades had cheated on her, but even he knew that the goddess of spring was his one true love. Grimhilde, she wasn't anything to Hades. But with Evelyn in the picture, he wanted to make sure his third child didn't have the same experience that demigod children of Zeus had when confronting their step-mothers. At least Persephone hasn't tried murdering the poor girl.

"We would have to meet her soon husband," She said. "Macaria and Melione want to get to know their little half-sister, as do I."

"Soon, my love," Hades said. "Soon, but we have other precautions to attend to." He looked around the gates of the Pit, that lead down to the prisons.

"I sent Hecate to track down magical traces or signatures of the person responsible to set Chernobog free. Hermes, Thanatos, and Hypnos are searching day and night, but I'm afraid that he wants me to go find him. He has a grudge against me for locking him down there years ago."

"What will you do?" Persephone asked, her hand seeking his. He grasped her small hand, squeezing it. She repeated her question when he didn't answer. "Hades? What will you do?"

He could hear Cerberus howling, the dead from the Medows Asphodel moaning along with the Fields of Punishment wailing. There was tranquil music from the Isle of the Blest and Elysium.

"I will do my best to protect all of you. That is what I will do Persephone." He didn't give her the full truth, just half. If she knew what he was thinking, she would have him wrapped up in pretty flowery vines and locked in their castle under the watchful eyes of Nyx herself.

Speaking of Nyx, the goddess of darkness flew down in front of them. Her large black wings stretched out as she bowed to the king and queen of the Underworld. "My lord, My lady. Sorry to disturb you both," SHe said.

Persephone smiled. "No, bother at all Nyx."

"I just got word from Charon, my lord," Nyx said to Hades. "He just told me that someone has opened up the entrance of Orpheus, when he was rowing down the river Styx, a group of foolish mortals are coming down the path. I've held the furies back because two of them hold demigod scents."

Hades breath hitched.

No, she wouldn't be here. Why would she be here? Maybe to get to know me but why bring her friends down here as well? No, something wasn't adding up.

He had a mask on, one that many looked on in fear minus Persephone. "Send them to me, I'll personally greet our guests. Make sure the furies don't touch them in the process Nyx."

She bowed once more. "Yes, M'lord." Before flying off to get to the group.

Persephone turned to look at Hades. "I guess we'll get that reunion after all."

Chapter Text

"And fate? No one alive has ever escaped it, neither brave man nor coward, I tell you— it's born with us the day that we are born."

Homer, The Iliad

After driving for what felt like days, they finally made it to the city of Delphi. They decided to get to the vacation home of Ben, that he granted them to stay in. They unwinded, changing into comfortable clothing and taking naps. They ventured out to the city of Delphi to see what it held.

Uma was looking at the old Oracle of Apollo, at his temple. Where the most famous Oracle of Apollo was at. It was far away, nobody could walk up there anymore in fear of falling. They got some food from vendors and scoped out the base of Mount Parnassus. It would be there, that they would sing in the meadows where Eurydice died.

The next day, in mid-afternoon, once they ate and got dressed, they went off. They had swords strapped to themselves, just in case. Uma and Evie led them to an open area where a small patch of daffodils or Narcissus flowers bloomed under the sun and trees that shaded it.

They stood around the flower, as Evie took a deep breath and sang.

High in the halls of the kings who are gone
Jenny would dance with her ghosts
The ones she had lost and the ones she had found
And the ones who had loved her the most

Nothing happened at first, but as Evie continued, they could all hear cracks in the Earth as if it was parting.

The ones who'd been gone for so very long
She couldn't remember their names
They spun her around on the damp old stone
Spun away all her sorrow and pain

Instantly, there was a big gaping chasm, with steps leading down underneath the earth. Evie went in first, flashlight in hand followed by Audrey, then Uma, Harry Gil, Lonnie, and Jay. All of them shone the flashlights down as the chasm closed, they could hear loud wailing as it started to drown out Evie's voice as she continued to sing. They walked farther down, noticing how they were in the Underworld. A dark, dreary and a rather cold place to be in, the land of the dead.

And she never wanted to leave
Never wanted to leave

Evie stopped midway through the song as they noticed someone. They spotted a woman standing a few feet in front of them as they finally hit solid land. The steps they were on just a few minutes before disintegrated back to the walls of the Earth.

The woman was dressed in old Greek clothing, a chiton, grey one. Her hair was long, jet black with two huge wings on her back. Her eyes pierced into their souls, at least that's how Evie felt. Her eyes were a shade of blue, dark and mysterious. "Welcome mortals. I am Nyx, goddess of the Night, under the request of Lord Hades I will be personally taking you to him. He would like a word with you as to why all of you are here."

With that, she beckoned them to get on a Chariot, one that wasn't there before. Maybe the Underworld played tricks, but they were terrified to ask as they all climbed up on the goddess chariot. Instantly it jerked forward, launching them into the air. They saw a dog, three headed to be exact barking at the ghosts. In minutes they landed quickly to the floor.

The castle where Hades and Persephone resided in, looked like an old manor. "It's pretty," Audrey said.

"Yeah, pretty haunted," Harry muttered only to be hushed quiet by Uma. The last thing she wanted was for her dear pal to be killed by her Uncle, so they continued following Lady Nyx up to the castle. There they noticed guards made up of skeletons walking around as she led them to the throne room. They heard a muffled "Enter" as the doors opened.

"M'Lord," said Nyx in Greek. "They are here."

Hades sat on his throne, to his right was the goddess of Spring, Queen of Hell, Persephone. Nyx beckoned them to go forward, they did hesitantly as if one wrong move and Hades would blast them or Persephone, whichever one would be annoyed by the teens standing in front of them. They weren't too sure anymore at this point. Still, Evie leads them and she bowed to her father.

When she brought herself up, she noticed Hades had his eyes on her. They were a dark color that Evie couldn't pinpoint what it could be, brown, black maybe both. She couldn't tell, her eyes flickered to her step-mother. Persephone was beautiful, she was a goddess after all. The crown that adorned her brown poofy head was black with dark rubies and sapphires. Fit for the Queen of The Underworld.

"What brings you down here child?" Hades finally spoke. Evie fidgeted with the hem of her skirt, her words feeling heavy in her throat.

"I-We," She rambled to her father and step-mother. A patch of red spread from her neck to her cheeks in embarrassment, she could practically hear her mother's shrill voice tell her she was not being lady-like. "We came here to offer our help, Lord Hades."

Hades merely raised an eyebrow as if asking her, Really?

It was the truth even if it may be foolish to the god, it was the truth. Evie straightened her back just a little like Queens do when they are being doubted in their position of power. "Both Uma and I think that whoever let Chernabog free has intentions to have him free the other villains from the Isle."

Hades still had his calculating eyes on her when he spoke.

"I think you are both correct," He said. "Chernabog is a force not to be taken lightly, everyone knows that he is a thing of evil and horror that makes Maleficent look tame. He was put in Tartarus for a reason children-I put him there for a reason, the reason being that even I wouldn't want him to be near other influences of evil. If he would have been on the Isle, I have no doubts he could have manipulated every villain to his side. He could probably still do that now that he's free with his powers, but what he plans to do is beyond our minds. He could plan a grand escape of every villain to attack Auradon, that is correct or go for Auradon first before setting the villains free. There is no telling what he would do because nobody has ever come face to face with him."

"Nobody except you," Jay spoke up. Hades said nothing only confirming Jay's declaration with a small smirk.

"Do you know who could have set him free Lord Hades?" Audrey asked. Hades shook his head and Evie noticed how tired he looked, his hand grasping Persephone's tightly.

"Then we can help you with that," Evie said. "Let us help you, dad." The last part-last word was said as an afterthought reminding Evie that this god was her father. Hades looked absolutely conflicted in this, but Persephone tapped her fingers on his hand.

"Let them help you, you said it yourself husband," She spoke. "You need any help to get Chernobog back to Tartarus." Hades sighed running a hand through his flaming blue hair which was tamer now since the last time she saw him.

"Alright, but you report to me if you have a lead," He said to the excited group of teens. "I will not have any of Auradon's children being hurt, they'll blame me for it."

Uma snorted. "Or they'll blame one of us." She pointed to Harry, Gil, Jay, and Evie respectively. It made Hade's chuckle nodding in understanding at her. He looked her up and down before saying. "Another child of Poseidon?"

Uma shook her head, her braids waving back and forth. "Ursula's daughter, meaning Poseidon's granddaughter."

"Ah," Hades said tilting his head back in amusement. Hades spoke once more directing it at Evie once more. "What was the song that you were singing when you entered my realm, Evelyn?" He asked, curiously.

Evie didn't tell him, instead, she sang the rather melancholy tune from where she left off.

They danced through the day
And into the night through the snow that swept through the hall
From winter to summer and winter again
'Til the walls did crumble and fall

It still sent chills down the group's backs as Evie sang the rather haunting tune out loud. Persephone and Hades both seemed rather enthralled by the song, clapping politely as Evie finished her song.

"That was beautiful Evelyn," Persephone said making Evie look down, bashful at her praise. She never told anyone that she could sing, usually, she sang out on the window in her room back on the Isle before going down to Lady classes that her mom taught her.

Evie bowed to the queen. "Thank you, Lady Persephone."

"So?" Evie asked Hades once again. "When do we begin?"

"I believe you mean little one, where do you begin?" He stated.

They wouldn't be staying for long in Delphi as they followed Hades' directions to a beginning place to start, which was Hecate's temple in Argolis. But before that, Evie and Uma would go to the famous Oracle of Delphi to ask about a quest. It is what heroes usually asked or kings and queens usually did. "Like King Priam?" Evie asked.

Her knowledge in her history-Greek History that is was scarcely known to her. Hades shook his head, signaling no.

"It was Princess Cassandra who told the demise of Troy to her father, Priam. She told him of Troy burning by the actions of her brother Paris, it was because of this started the Trojan War because Priam feared the future and tried to control it. Paris came back with Helen and Troy would be led to a war for ten years, only for it to be burned to the ground by the Greeks." Hades stated a far off look in his eyes.

The group walked up and entered the temple to see the Delphi. The woman was on her knees saying something in Greek that was too low for Evie to hear. Hades cleared his throat, stating, "Oh, Oracle of Delphi we seek your words and visions of the future."

The Oracle was a woman with red curly hair and the greenest of eyes like the Python of Delphi. Evie nor Uma didn't catch the woman's name as a she got up to look at the group. She walked straight to Evie and Uma, grabbing both girls wrists tightly. She was shaking before her eyes once green was clouded in glowing green, her mouth opened to release a green snake made of smoke the poured out of her mouth.

When she finally spoke, her voice sounded amplified as if multiple women, other women that took up the path to be the Oracle spoke as one.

A father's hand will raise the daughter, bringing a new era on Olympus. But in it, will face darkness himself, and time will be not on their sides of the gods.

Great sleep will be unleashed upon the lands as greater than the one before it!

Be warned!

If the time of darkness gets to it first it will be the end of everything, the end of Olympus and the end of Auradon.

Beware them!

Legacies of three, beware the ghost of Helen, beware time himself!

Beware the lady of green and time of blue!

Beware the mountain Othrys, the downfall to Aurdon!

Two people behind the Oracle caught her as she finished, almost collapsing onto the marble floor of the temple. Evie could see red marks from where the Oracle held her tightly as she spouted off her prophecy.

They left the temple, all Evie could hear was the Oracle's words ringing in her ears. Nothing of that made any sense to her as Evie mulled over the words. Each line was just a puzzle that she had no clue over, no way of fitting into a neat place for it to make sense.

Hades looked at her before telling her something in Greek.

"Prophecies rarely do make any sense the first time you hear them. Most, if not all of them will make sense once at the end."

She couldn't help but wonder if Hades knew this from experience.

It was a long hour trip from Delphi after the detour with the Oracle that made Evie and Uma shaken to their core, but it helped considering the lord of the Underworld had to trick up his sleeves on how to travel, one of them being shadow traveling. They all had to close her eyes, Evie had to hold on to something, she realized halfway through that she grabbed Audrey's hand as the girl's car jerked forward as Hades took them from Delphi to the Camelot in just a few seconds.

Evie could hear all of them groaning as the car was parked on a pretty cliff, next to it was Hades getting off his chariot.

"Let's not do that again," Gil muttered, Jay, Harry, Lonnie, and Uma all murmured in agreement. Audrey nodded as well and Evie didn't blame them. It felt like her insides were shaken inside her like a milkshake.

They stumbled out of the car and walked towards Hades who was looking at the group with amusement. "I should have warned you that shadow traveling is a bit-"

"Bad on the stomach?" Harry muttered. "Yeah, it was."

"Anyway," Hades pointed to the road. "This is where I leave you, from there you can see-well the sea. Hopefully, Poseidon is in a good mood. That man has the second worst temper next to Zeus."

"We're going to start at the kingdom of Camelot, ask Merlin for help on finding some information on what Chernabog might go after. It's something big if what the Oracle of Delphi said, he'll try getting to it first." Evie said to her father.

"Good, keep me updated on what you guys find. I will be meeting Hecate and Thanatos in Argolis to figure out where he might be headed to. Now, under no circumstances will you face him, I am speaking to all of you on this. Do not face him alone, he is too powerful and dangerous." Hades firmly stated to the group of teens.

They nodded their heads, letting the Lord of The underworld that yes they understood. As they walked into Audrey's car Hades stopped Evie. His eyes looked determined and conflicted as to if he was having a war inside him. She wondered what it could be to make the most feared god in Auradon look like this?

"Evelyn, I'm so sorry." He said, his voice soft.

She realized that he was apologizing for never being in her life, never even knowing she was alive. At that moment, she felt hatred towards her mother, a swell of it from the pit of her stomach to her heart.

"It's okay dad," Evie said. "Maybe, when the quest is over we can talk? Have some coffee or whatever immortals eat. What do you guys eat?"

"Ambrosia and Nectar but mortal food have it's likes as well for us gods." He teased her, a smile coming over his face for a brief moment before settling on serious. "Please be careful little one."

"I know and I will." She said.

But as Evie said her goodbyes, she couldn't help but see her father's dark eyes staring back at her when she promised him. His eyes looked haunted as if he'd seen this promise play out before only for it to go south for the ones that uttered those last words.

It was a look that said, don't promise something that is out of your control.

Chapter Text

"Men believe that Zeus . . . put his father [Kronos] in bonds because he wickedly devoured his children." -Plato, Euthyphro

The mountain looked the same as the last time Hades was here. Last time the god of the Underworld set foot here was during the war, the Titanomachy a war between the Titans and Olympians-shaking the Earth to her very core. Before Zeus, Poseidon and Hades took over their respective realms (heaven, sea, and hell) and before Hades was sentenced to that damned, stupid Isle.

It was wrong of him to lie to the children after gaining their trust but even he knew when to not allow mortals to do his work. The Titans were a different breed of evil the likes of which any villain on the Isle or hero in Auradon has ever seen. Hercule himself didn't see the full-fledged Titans, not the one that used to rule Mount Othrys eons ago.

"Brother," Hades turned to look at Poseidon, the god of the sea. He wore blue jeans, a white shirt with a colorful blue buttoned down shirt. His black hair, (like Hades when it wasn't on fire that is) was curly as if the water hadn't touched it at all.

"Brother," Hades greeted him. He didn't know how to talk to Poseidon, usually, he yelled at Zeus and left meetings to go be in the Underworld. Chatting with Nyx, Hecate, Hypnos or Erebus about his realm to his younger brother seemed easier than talking with Zeus, they were close.

Possibly the only Olympian that he talked to besides Poseidon was Hestia, who didn't have a throne. He and Poseidon rarely talked about anything that did not involve the words Olympians or their realms at times just chatting about their wives and even if they did talk about Olympus, they usually rolled their eyes at Zeus's antics of the day.

Othrys loomed over them as if watching their every move as if he was watching. Hades shook those thoughts away and focused on his brother. It was a miracle that he was allowing this discussion especially here but Hades wasn't a fool.

"What did you call e here for Hades?" He asked him. "I haven't got all day Triton keeps telling me-" But Hades waved him as if those words meant nothing to him and it did but he wasn't going to start riling up his brother.

"A prophecy has been spoken by the Oracle of Delphi," Hades told Poseidon. The god of the sea's mouth shut with an audible click. "He's coming back Poseidon."

Poseidon scoffed. "How? He's been down in Tartarus for eons brother."

"Even so, the Oracle doesn't lie, you and I know that. She spoke of Othrys Poseidon, she spoke it."

They both looked at the mountain where just the cracked rock of where the Titans once lived in, looked haunting. None of the Titans lived in their prisons now like its leader. Hades didn't want to think of him but it was useless now.

"Kronos has a hand in this." He said to his brother. "I know he does, it's convenient that Chernabog escapes yet he stays down there. He's waiting for something far worse to happen, and when it does he'll make his grand entrance just like he always did."

Poseidon's lips pursed as a frown formed on his face. "If you are correct about this brother, if our dear father and Chernabog are working together then what will we do"

"We are gods, aren't we?" Hades said. "The mortals may rule Auradon but we rule them, they fear us and respect us at best. We cannot have another Titanochamy again brother."

"Never," The god of the sea stated in agreement with his elder brother. "We tell Zeus about this-"

"You and I both know our dear baby brother won't listen to me," He said sarcastically. "He's like that stupid mortal king of Auradon, not the boy at least he's changing, his father. Both men will turn the blind eye to the shouts of warning, he banished magic for hell's sake! Zeus will need proof first."

"How do you plan to show him that Hades? Poseidon asked raising an eyebrow at his brother.

Hades merely smiled, secretive and mischievous. "Everyone will be here for this meeting. Once I tell them what the Oracle spoke, everyone won't be denying the threat."

Just as he stated, Poseidon watched as the Olympians came. Hestia arrived on the arm of Hermes, walking straight to her eldest brother. Hades bent down kissed her cheek, as did Poseidon. When it came to Hestia, the six older gods along with the other Olympians knew that Hestia would always be looked upon with respect. She was the oldest of them all.

"Brothers!" Boomed Zeus' voice. He looked at both Poseidon and Hades then glanced at Othrys before looking at his siblings once more. "What is the meaning of this meeting?"

Just as Poseidon heard Hades tell him minutes ago, his older brother said the exact thing to the rest of the Olympians. They all looked at Hades with wide eyes as if he'd lost his mind being stuck on the Isle for so long and maybe he has, but even Poseidon can't deny the implications Hades put out there.

"If you are lying to me, brother-" Zeus began only to be cut off by Hades, his blue hair aflame with anger.

"Would I lie to all of you about this? Are you that blind Zeus? Kronos will not stop to bring our downfall, the end of Olympus and Chernabog, he just wants to watch the whole world burn, put those two together it's a bomb that will end us all, both immortals and mortals alike!" Hades yelled.

He took a couple of breaths before continuing. "If you do not take heed of my warning brother then you've doomed Olympus already, you've doomed Auradon. The Oracle has spoken, and I will continue my responsibility to hunt down Chernabog. I'd thought everyone should know who may be trying to overthrow us again." The last sentence dripping in utter sarcasm that Poseidon knew well from growing up with Hades in Kronos stomach.

Poseidon could hear the cries of thunder and the Earth crack from the dead reach up, up, up. A fight was about to break between both gods and that was the last thing anyone here wanted to see minus Ares. 

The god of the sea looked up at Othrys.

Is this what you want father? To see us fight each other instead of fighting you because mission accomplished.

"Enough both of you!" It wasn't him who spoke but Hestia.

Sweet, older Hestia who looked merely twelve years old but had the same voice a mother would use to scold her children. She was doing that now to her brothers and Poseidon wanted to remember this day for as long as he lived.

"We are a family, we are Olympians, gods of the era," She stated with a regal tone. A tone that Poseidon or the other siblings hadn't heard from their older sibling in a long time. Poseidon doubts that the younger Olympians, his nieces, and nephews even heard Hestia like this. "We all know what Kronos is capable of, we know what type of monster he is. If the Oracle stated this prophecy then we must watch for it, and make sure it is within our powers to finish the Titan Lord once and for all. Do you understand brother?" She looked at Zeus unflinchingly.

Zeus swallowed thickly before nodding. "I do sister."

"Then we will gather our weapons, send whoever we can to Tartarus to guard the gates. We will not let the mortal see Othrys rise, we will not let them see Kronos in this new era. Does everyone understand?"

Everyone understood.

The trip to Camelot seemed easily done for the group. Since they traveled there quickly, the group were greeted quite warmly by Merlin. He was an old man dressed in a blue robe and a blue hat. He was waving a stick in the air, hollering, "Welcome! Welcome children!"

While Merlin babbled about the history of Camelot and where they would be staying for the feast Evie looked at the surrounding building of this kingdom. It was a lot like Auradon except it clashed with technology. Horses roamed but cars passed by as well. Mostly the horses were used for tournaments of jousting as Merlin said.

He told them about staying in the castle, Arthur was away but Queen Guenivier was happy to have them stay with her. Merlin finally led them inside the castle to the throne room where Guenivier herself was studying something on a pad. Merlin cleared his throat, the old queen looked up and smiled at the teens.

They curtsied and bowed (Audrey and Lonnie did a quick crash course before they got here to the new trio while Evie nagged Jay about his bowing technique). So far they did well with that and Audrey took the lead telling them how happy she was to be here. Guenivier nodded.

"King Ben mentioned that you needed Merlin's help with something?" The queen asked.

Evie nodded along with Audrey. "Yes. You see Queen Gunivier, we need to locate a tale about someone or something that could potentially destroy Auradon, we're on a mission to stop the person from finding it before it falls into the wrong hands."

"Ah, you look for the stone then?" Merlin said still looking eccentric and acting it. "What stone?" Evie said quickly.

"Why, the stone of Hades my dear." He said it so casually they might have thought he said it like "wasn't it obvious?"

"What stone of Hades?" Harry asked the wizard since everyone including Guinevere were in shock. "The stone is not really a stone, it was disguised by Hades. The stone is actually his Helm of Darkness, Hades used to travel and make sure no spirits were loose. The user had invisibility and could bring the dead with his power at times. Putting that in the hands of evil, you might as well give the keys of the Underworld over already."

"Do you know where this helm is?" Evie asked desperately.

Merlin shook his head. "No one knows, not even Hades himself. He had asked a minor god to take his helm away and hide it until he returned, don't know where it could be." He tapped his chin. "But maybe a look into my library can help us track it down. Could help in defeating old Chernabog and Kronos, eh?"

The teens froze looking quickly at Guinevere and Merlin. They both had looks of parents to found out your secrets.

"You knew?" Audrey asked in a small voice. "I did, King Ben told me that you were on a quest to stop him. A noble one might I add, but I didn't know about Kronos." SHe frowned.

Neither did everyone else. Evie looked at Uma who's hands were shaking and skin blanched. "Who's Kronos?" Evie asked.

Merlin looked at the group with the utmost serious expression. "Kronos, is the father of time, son of Gaea and Ouranus who ripped his father into pieces with his scythe. Kronos it the Titan Lord, and father to the old Olympians-Hestia, Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and Zeus. A foe the Earth has never seen since the dawn of the Titanomachy."

Kronos... She remembered what the prophecy from the Oracle said. Time will be not on their sides of the gods. Kronos, Lord of Time.

It seemed the prophecy was slowly starting to make sense for Evie, just not entirely there.

Merlin clapped his hands startling Evie. "Now, let's go find a book!"

Chapter Text

"Was this the face that launched a thousand ships / And burnt the topless towers of Ilium?" -Christopher Marlow, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus

"Troy, beautiful city and unpenetrable once, held no happily ever after for its citizens," Merlin told them a week into their stay in Camelot. "Burned to the ground by the Greeks, pillaged and sacked. What's left is ruins of what once was a powerful city."

They've been searching for a history of Chernabog but found nothing so far. They did find some stuff on the mythology of the Greeks much to the pleasure of Uma and Evie. Merlin told them more on the tragedy of Troy, the same Troy that Hades told them about back in Delphi. Evie wondered how her father was doing.

They had to find this monster's weakness before things went bad, knowing her father was currently trying to find the said monster at the moment.

"Iam seges est ubi Troia fuit," Merlin said in latin. "Which translates to?" Gil asked.

Merlin smirked. "Now are fields of corn where Troy once stood, a quote by Ovid. He speaks of one Troy, the same Troy that the gods fought with their mortal champions for ten long years."

"But what does that have to do with Chernabog or Kronos?" Jay asked the old wizard, a frustrated look on his face. Merlin waved his hand and a book flew to his outstretched hand. Everyone knew that Merlin was one of the only wizards that did not abide by the rules of Auradon about Magic. He was old, he didn't care- that was his excuse.

"It means that we now know the location for the Helm of Darkness my dear children."


"W-How?" Spluttered Evie. "Well, the only goddess that Hades could trust to hide such a thing would be Eris, goddess of discord and she was well known to have started the war with just a single golden apple. She could start chaos, she can most certainly hide it as well." Merlin said.

"Well, where do we find her?" Lonnie asked the wizard. Merlin's lips pursed in contemplation as she flipped the pages of the book and showed them the ancient maps of what was once Troy.

"You find her at Ilium, children." For the first time since they've met the old wizard, Merlin started looking older showing how old the wizard looked. Ancient, grim and knowing the future, his eyes held it all. Evie felt the grimness that Merlin held in his eyes when he said the location of the goddess and her father's helm.

The trip to Ilium was interesting. Merlin, sneaky old man had transported them in the dead of night when asked why by Gil the old man responded seriously with, "Because that's when the dead rise, children," He said before they all jumped into the portal that sent them to the ancient ruins of a burned city.

Troy, was what Evie had thought when Merlin told them stories and the other books that Evie looked over during her stay. Broken all around, burned scorches and nothing left but ruins of ghosts that died with the city long ago. They cautiously walked towards the ruins, the walls were still intact but the inside once the teenagers actually entered was ruins at best. It wasn't night time, thankfully or the scenery at night would have made it much creepier than what it looked like during the day.

The silence didn't help their nerves either. Jay joked that it reminded him of the Isle, the ruins and the desolation. "All it needs is our parents." His grin didn't quite meet his eyes, Evie grasped his hand, squeezing it. He squeezed back, grasping it firmly in his hand as if they were truly back, something they both did not want.

"Where could a goddess hide such a thing? Hell! Where could a goddess of chaos hide in this place?" Asked Lonnie. Uma shrugged, not knowing any information on the minor goddess and Evie felt useless at the fact that she didn't even know there was a goddess of chaos at all. Some demigod she was.

"I could see why there wasn't any happily ever after here," Audrey murmured. "It just looks... horrifying, a mark of war."

"That's what war does child." A woman's voice started the group, multiple people bringing out their swords, Evie pushed Audrey back behind her as she pointed a dagger at the woman. She stood up on a broken collum that must have been some altar to a god. "It brings out man's worse impulses along with the gods, spilling bloodshed to the thousands all for utter control over fate. But you are not here for a history lesson, you're here to stop Chernabog or the Titan. Probably both I assume?"

"We are," Uma said. Evie squinted at the woman, she wore black ripped up jeans, a dark red t-shirt, and her dark inky hair was cut into a pixie cut. Red tinted lips and pretty azure blue eyes, electric and wild. "Eris, goddess of chaos." She said her name out loud drawing a smile from the minor goddess.

"You are correct, daughter of Hades," Evie raised an eyebrow, surprised that she knew who her father was. The look on Evie's face must have been comical because Eris laughed, making it echo across the city of Troy. "Everyone on Olympus knows who you are, child. A gossip so great, better than the ones we've heard about Zeus' demigod spawns or the time with the birth of the Minotaur." Eris cackled at the last part, wild and unrestrained that echoed around the city once more.

She jumped down to the ground and beckoned them with a gesture of her arm to follow her. They did, still having their weapons out in case of a trap.

They followed her up the broken steps of the castle, the home of the royal family. Evie could see the architect, beautiful during its time before the fires destroyed it. Walking inside, it was all smolders of the fire and cracks of the building. She wouldn't be surprised that if an earthquake hit around the area, it would demolish everything to the ground leaving Troy into nothing but dust.

The goddess led them down one corridor to a big room, cracks littered the area along with chunks of debris from a battle long ago. The alter had a deep crack, as Eris pointed out to the teens, "This is the temple to Apollo, one of the many that still stands here in Troy. Some of them were burned down during the war just like this one. A tragedy really." She sighed. She took them to another temple, just as spacious, here Eris stood behind the altar her arms spread wide. "Now this is your father's temple. Hades wasn't the patron god of Troy but he still held commanding respect among the citizens of Troy. Who would dare disrespect the God of The Underworld?" She said. "A foolish thing to do really."

"Why did my dad give you his helm?" Evie asked as Eris took out a small blue crystal. It glowed in the darkness of the room, illuminating it in blue. With the color, Eris looked just as a goddess of chaos would, her eyes wild with mirth and her grin wide as she looked at Evie. "Because sometimes chaos brews until erupts catching everyone off guard, why do you think I took the job to hide and guard your father's weapon? Because of chaos."

Evie was about to respond back tot he goddess not caring if she was struck down when she heard a voice, a womanly voice called out. She remembered the prophecy, the ghost of Helen, the Oracle said. 

"Helen of Troy," She said slowly to Eris. "Did she die here?" 

Eris merely smirked at her still holding the sapphire gem in her hand. "No, she did not. But many did perish here in Troy, but no, the ghost of Helen does not haunt Troy as Paris does. If anything Helen of Troy's ghost haunts us all, a reminder like the war itself. A reminder of sorts that there are no happily ever afters in our land, only pain." Eris tossed the gem to Evie, she caught it and felt the pulse of something raw and ancient course through her. 

"Now you must go," She told the teens. "The box has opened and chaos unleashed itself onto the world." She still had that wild grin on her face, eyes gleaming. "Lord Hades is expecting you right now."

Evie frowned before steps could be heard entering the temple. Hades walked in, nodding at Eris before looking at the teens. Her father still looked the same but as he got closer Evie could see stress lines around his face. "Father," Evie said, bowing as did everyone else. Eris merely raised her hand in a slight hello. 

Hades looked tense and sighed. Evie did not like this at all-"You are to return to Auradon Prep. Your work here is done, children." 

It took a moment to figure out what he just said and when it finally sunk it, Evie felt angry. "What do you mean it's over? We haven't even scratched the surface yet!" She yelled at the god, which was foolish in hindsight but she did not care. "And now you're telling us that we can't help?"

"That is exactly why!" Hades said, his hair riling us the flames of blue high. "Circumstances have changed, I am calling all of you off this. Return to Auradon Prep, if I see any of you continue this quest there will be consequences."

No, Evie did not understand. Uma looked livid as well while the rest looked pissed as well. At least she wasn't the only one to feel like this, still, she did not back down. 

"So what was this for? Some stupid hunt just for you to look down on us, laughing at us or what?" She was not making any sense but anger blinded her at this moment. Hades held his steely gaze at them before growling, "Go back to Auradon children. Things have changed, I am not letting you near this any longer. Leave. Now." Evie did not have time to respond with some witty sort of comeback before with a wave of his hand, Hades had them wrapped in shadows.

All Evie could look at was Eris, her eyes still filled with the chaos brimming underneath the surface along with wicked euphoria as if this was what she was expecting all this time, before they knew it they all landed just outside of Auradon Prep, right where they started this thing. A few feet away was Audrey's car filled with the luggage that they had packed for the trip as if they hadn't left. 

Uma yelled out a curse in Greek, looking up at the sky. Evie didn't say anything, tucking the stone in her pocket only to realize that she dropped it. She curled her fingers in a fist as if she still had that stone in her grasp, it was now in her father's hand. His helm of Darkness, after all, belonged to him. 

"Now what?" Jay asked, grunting in frustration as he kicked a small rock on the ground. Evie looked at Uma, both seemed to feel the exact same thing-pissed off at a god.