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Happy Isles

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The first thing you felt as you roused from your slumber was a hand brushing your hair from your eyes, before those gentle fingertips were replaced by the warm touch of lips to your forehead.

“Morning, love.”

That dark, lovely voice.

You squeezed your eyes shut harder before wrapping the sheets tighter around yourself. Sleepily, you were drawn to the warmth lying beside you, and you burrowed up against V’s chest, nestling into his cradling arms to close the distance between you. The snuggle earned a chuckle from him, and you could feel the rumble of his laughter beneath his chest. Sincere. Comforting. Like you were right at home.

He pressed a kiss to your head. “Why do you hide from me?”

“If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up.”

“You dream of me?” He stroked your hair, idly. “Surprising. As if I do not bother you enough during your waking hours.”

“Never enough.”

“You are truly insatiable. Though,” he hummed, “after last night’s performance, that should not come as a surprise.”

As if by magic, the traces of his pampering blossomed to attention. The marks his mouth had left against you ached in spots all across your skin. There was a telltale soreness between your thighs that lingered only after the nights he brought you to completion more times than you could count, until his jaw was sore and your body was trembling and the only word left on your lips was his name.

Another kiss before he purred into your hair. “Oh, I do so love hearing you sing for me.”

Warmth rose in your cheeks. Sensing your ripple of embarrassment, he wrapped both arms around you, holding you even tighter against him. The swell of your bare chest pressed against the flat of his own, and the snug closeness made a content little sigh slip from his throat.

With blurred visions of the previous night swimming behind your still-shut eyes, your hand drifted up, tracing a slow, familiar path along the side of his body and feeling the soft fabric of the dress shirt he still had on; it was still unbuttoned down the front, you noticed, as your fingers made contact with his chest. You remembered now what set you off so badly, why you’d stolen him away mid-undress and refused to let him go until you had your fill, until he’d filled you completely.

V shifted from you, just enough to cradle your face in one of his hands. “Come, now. Let me see you.”

You blinked your eyes open--slowly, carefully.

“Tell me, love. Are you still dreaming?”