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Lost toddler

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Sniffling faintly, Obi-Wan rubbed at his face with his sleeves.

He hadn’t meant to get left behind but he’d seen a pretty pink fish in one of the lakes in the fountain room and hadn’t noticed when Creche apprentice Yalanda had left with the others and by the time he had they were far gone and Obi-Wan tried to follow and find his way back but…

He must have taken a wrong turn somewhere because he didn’t recognize the dusty hallway at all and it was cold and dim and Obi-Wan did NOT like it.

‘I’m a cry baby just like Bruck says.’ He thought sadly while sniffling more, rubbing his face with his fists instead as he sat on the pedestal of an old and dusty statue.

He was moments from breaking down in full sobs when suddenly the Force blazed and a gentle hand cupped his chin, making him look up into a wrinkle lined, surprised face and icy blue eyes. “Why hello there little one, what are you doing so far from the creche?” The master questioned carefully where he was kneeling in front of Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan sniffled hard, bottom lip quivering hard. “Lost… Yalanda took us to the gardens but I got left behind when looking at the fishes.” He hiccuped a bit.

The salt and pepper haired master rumbled a bit and then gently wiped at his tears with a warm thumb. “I see, that is most unfortunate Initiate…?” He let the question trail off, looking expectant.

“Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Obi-Wan sniffled more, leaning into the mans warmth.

Taking note of that, the man carefully helped Obi-Wan up and then stood himself, towering over the redhead until he lifted him up on his hip. “I am Master Yan Dooku Initiate Obi-Wan, and I best bring you to the creche. I imagine they are missing you.” He rumbled, tucking the child close to his warm body.

Whimpering a bit, Obi-Wan tucked in closer to the warmth of the dark tunic, tucking his thumb into his mouth.

He was warm though and Master Dooku’s steps brought them into the light again where the air wasn’t so stuffy.

“Dry your tears little one. Its alright.” The master rumbled. “How old are you Initiate Kenobi?” He questioned to distract him.

“Four.” Obi-Wan replied quietly.

“Four? My, you are a big boy then aren’t you.” Yan chuckled quietly, the sound making Obi-Wan smile shyly at him as he stayed tucked against the warmth while fisting one hand into the dark fabric.

Tuckered out from getting lost and crying, he settled his face into the others chest and was soon drowsing, confidant he was safely held by this unfamiliar master. He hardly noticed when they arrived at the creche though he did whine a bit when he was carefully handed off to a frazzled Master Dolan who thanked Dooku profusely for finding him.

“Where did you find him? We looked everywhere.” Dolan finally settled on as he tucked Obi-Wan’s head to his shoulder.

“Lower ante chamber, towards the holocrons. I had permission to examine one of them and was surprised to feel anyone else around it at all.” Yan rumbled. “He must have walked for quite a bit to get that far from the gardens, its no wonder he’s tired.”

Sighing, Dolan nodded. “Once again master Dooku, thank you. Yalanda was beside herself when she noticed she’d lost him.”

Dooku just nodded and watched Dolan head into the creche, Obi-Wan lifting sleepy eyes from the tunic to peer at Yan before lifting a little hand and waving sleepily goodbye to him.

Smiling a bit, Yan gave a small wave back. ‘Cute…’