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Casey VS Computers

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Chuck padded into the kitchen wiping the sleep from his eyes
“What are you doing?” He wrapped his arms around Casey from behind, resting his chin on Casey's shoulder
“Making breakfast”
“It"s really early and you can't cook”
“It's bacon and eggs, I can cook that. And we have a long day of house shopping”
“Why did I schedule it so early? I'm so tired"
“I can wake you up real quick” Casey smirked
“What are you going to use for lube? Bacon grease?” he laughed
Casey moved the pans from the stove and turned the burners off pushing his ass back into Chuck who was now running his fingers under Casey's waistband
“Normally I'd say no but we have been so busy all week I've missed your naked body"
Casey growled turning in Chuck's arms to face him. Giving him a quick kiss before stepped back to push his pants off before looking through the pantry until he found what he was looking for.
“What is that?” Chuck kicked his pants over to where Casey has tossed his,
“Coconut oil, trust me it works”
“I'll ask about that later” Chuck turned around bracing his hands on the counter shaking his ass teasingly as Casey “but right now I just want you in me”
Casey scooped out some coconut oil melting it in his hand the best he could before rubbing it onto Chuck's hole. “We are going to need a shower after this”
He worked his fingers into Chuck as he used his other hand to melt more of the oil.
“Please Casey, I'm ready”
“No, you're not”
“Please” Chuck moaned, "I promise I'll be fine"
Casey rubbed the melted oil onto his shaft and more on Chuck's hole.
“Don't blame me if you can't walk right later” Casey lifted one of Chuck's legs knee resting on the counter, heel hooked on Casey's hip.
Chuck moaned as Casey pushed into him
Casey growled grabbing Chuck's hips thrusting into him
"So good Casey, so good" Chuck pushed back wanting more.


They both froze when they heard a scream, looking up to see Jessica with her back turned to them
“What the hell is wrong with you two?”
“You usually sleep late”
“So you think it's okay to fuck on my kitchen counter? I can't wait till you move out”
“I'm sorry, I can move in with Ellie, I'm sure she won't mind” Chuck hurried to put his pajama pants on “seriously I'll be gone before you get home”
“I'm not talking about you Chuck, I'm talking to my big brother, who I'm sure was the one who started it”
“You're moving out?”
“I told you not to say anything Jess”
“You fucked in my kitchen" She turned around to grab her keys off the hook on the wall "Oh god is that my coconut oil? Throw that away and clean the entire kitchen with bleach, I'm going out for breakfast” She stormed out of the house.
Chuck sat on one of the barstools covering his face with both his hands "Oh my god"
"She is gone, we can continue"
"So when were you planning on telling me you were moving?"
"Well the plan was when we were out looking at houses I was going to ask if you wanted to live together"
"Wait seriously?"
"I already talked to your realtor and gave him all my info in case we decided to buy the house together"
"That's a big step, are you sure?"
"We have lived together for almost three months, we didn't really plan it but I thought it was going well"
"I really love that, but right now I'd love to go shower because this coconut oil feels really gross"
"When we move we can keep lube in every room"
"Good idea" Chuck grabbed Casey's hand leading him upstairs


"I like one thing from each house but none stick out as one I absolutely love, well except that last one, that last one was amazing, but way too much money"
"The master bathroom and home gym are worth it"
"Do you have a secret love for baths?"
"No, but that shower, so much room for activities" Casey laughed
"That second one, with the huge yard with the beautiful tree, it's way cheaper and not too much smaller and we can redo the bathroom, we don't need a tub in the master"
"Was that the one with the bar and way too white kitchen?"
"Yeah, and a kitchen can easily be painted, or add a nice backsplash, I have a friend from Stanford, Jill, she does interior design, I bet she can help"
"So do we want to keep looking for go with that one?"
"The price is nice, the yard was the best, and it won't need too many expensive fixes, and there are four bedrooms and an office"
"So we can have at least six kids if they double up"
"Glad I can't give birth" they both laughed. "But my vote is for house number two"
"I agree, let me do the talking, I'm better at bargaining"
"I'm not bad"
"You paid three bucks more than the marked price on that bookcase at the yard sale last week"
"Okay I get your point, but it's a really nice bookcase"


"I quit" Chuck huffed as he sat a box down in the kitchen.
"We don't even have that much stuff, and you're the one who spent the last month buying stuff for the house before we moved in, and half the boxes are your comics from Morgan's place"
"Yeah well that's why I have a strong boyfriend"
"So I can do all the work while you watch?"
"Yeah, me and Leia will go make lemonade and watch you sweat"
"That sounds like a horrible plan"
"The more you sweat the longer I can spend washing you in the new shower" Chuck wiggled his eyebrows.
"If you help me then we can finish this quicker and both wash each other in the shower"
"My idea is better"
"Fine, you make lemonade, I'll go get the last of the boxes"
When Casey brought the last box in he walked into the kitchen where Chuck was sitting on the island. "I don't see lemonade"
"We don't have anything to make lemonade, and even if we did, we don't have a pitcher, but we do have water"
"You owe me"
"Well I was thinking we could reenact the morning before we found this place, well except Jess walking in"
Casey stood between Chuck's legs
"Do we have coconut oil?"
"No, we have actual lube" Chuck grabbed Casey's shirt pulling his closer "Is it weird I have the urge to lick you?"
Casey didn't have time to answer before Chuck was licking up his neck, he grabbed the hem of Casey's shirt pulling it up "Off" he said between licks and kisses to Casey's neck.
He stepped back stipping all his clothes off.
"God you are so hot"
Casey grabbed Chuck's hips pulling him closer to the edge of the counter
"Touch me Chuck" Casey growled in his ear.
Chuck wrapped his hand around his still soft cock "You haven't had this problem since we started having sex, is everything okay?"
"Chuck just"
Casey tried to pull away but Chuck grabbed him. "Let's go back to the original idea"
Chuck hopped down off the counter leading Casey upstairs to their master bathroom.
“Turn the water on while I take my clothes off and dig through this box for our soaps and some towels”

“Turn around” Chuck teasingly bit at Casey's earlobe.
Chuck got down on his knees kissing along Casey's lower back “lean forward a bit”
Casey braced his hand on the wall leaning forward, he let out a low growl as Chuck spread his cheeks placing gentle kisses down to his hole.
Chuck flattened his tongue lapping at Casey's hole, then pressing his tongue against it making Casey moan. He tried different things he had looked up online a few weeks ago, moving his tongue in circles, switching between flattening his tongue and pointing it as he worked two fingers into himself.
Chuck pointed his tongue breaching past the tight muscle bringing Casey to full hardness.
Casey moaned as Chuck's tongue moved in and out of him “As much as I like this, I want to fuck you”
Chuck kissed up Casey's spine
“I guess it's a good thing I got myself nice and open for you”
Casey quickly turned around pressing Chuck up against the other wall kissing him eagerly he grabbed both their cocks in his hand stroking them together a few times "I've been dying to do that and me touching your ass in any way seems to get you really hard"
"I'm going to try it on you next time"
"I'd like that"
"Bend over, put your hands on the bench"
Once Casey was fully inside his boyfriend he did a few shallow thrusts running his hand from Chuck's hip up his chest pulling him up so his back was flush against his chest.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck don't move Casey, holy shit this feels so good" He reached back gripping the back of Casey's head arching his back slightly.
Casey stayed still for a few seconds before he began thrusting, he did a few slow shallow thrusts before picking up his pace.
Chuck couldn't stop the constant stream of moans as Casey fucked into him.
"God Chuck" Casey growled in his ear. "Can you come just like this"
"Yes," Chuck moaned "So close" he turned his head the best he could so he could kiss his boyfriend.
Casey did a few more hard thrusts making Chuck yell out his name as he came. Casey quickly followed.
"What a great way to break in the new house"
"I still want to do it in the hammock outback" Chuck laughed.


"You don't look so good Casey? Did something happen at work"
"We need to talk"
"Let me put the cheese on top of the enchiladas and put them in the oven, is that okay"
"Yeah" Casey grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat at one of the stools at the island
"Should I be sitting down?"
"I know we have only been together a little over a year, and I understand if this is something you're not ready for but when Jane told me I just knew it was something I needed to do"
Chuck sat down next to him grabbing his hand "I'm here John, no matter what"
"Jane's best friend Laura her daughter, Holly, she was in a car accident and didn't make it, she has a six-month-old daughter named Spencer and as much as Laura loves her granddaughter she just isn't in a place to raise a baby. She asked Jane and her and Nathan have never wanted kids, and Jane knew I've always have so she asked me and I didn't even have to think about it, I just said yes. I realize that I should have included you because we are together and we own this house together but I just"
Chuck cut him off "Are you crazy? of course, I would say yes, I mean it will be a huge adjustment but we will figure it out"
"I love you" Casey pulled him into a hug
"Laura said she has everything already packed and ready to go, we just need to empty one of the guest rooms"
"Wow I should probably call Ellie and let her know I'm going to be a dad this week and move around some stuff at work so I can have time off to be with her"
"We just have to wait for the lawyer to get all the paperwork sent over for me to sign before he is officially ours but Laura has known me almost my entire life she trusts me, and since we aren't married I'll be the legal guardian and her last name will be changed to mine until we decide if and when we are getting married, then we can file more paperwork to change it"
"Would it be insane to just get married tomorrow? Morgan is ordained, we can do it in the backyard, nothing crazy"
Casey just stared at him for a moment. "What should our last name be?"
"Not at all what I thought you were going to say"
"I mean it makes sense, we have a house together, we are going to raise this child together, we are in love, why not"
"Casey-Bartowski? or Bartowski-Casey. or honestly I wouldn't mind it just being Casey, but I'd miss you calling me Bartowski" He thought for a second "Oh my god can we get Leia a tiny little dress to wear?"
"Casey-Bartowski sounds nice and no, remember what happened when you tried to dress her up for Halloween?"
"Good point, let's go pick a room and get it empty" Chuck was almost giddy with excitement.

"Ellie, I'm going to need you to not freak out"
"Don't call me that"
"Chuck you can't start a conversation like that"
"Well uh, I need you, Devon and Clara, to come to the house tomorrow, me and Casey are getting married because we are getting a baby"
"Are you on drugs, did you hit your head?"
"John's family friend died and left a six-month-old baby behind and she needs a home and they were hoping to leave her with someone close to the family and John said yes and to make it easier we are going to get married. Her name is Spencer"
"I don't know what to say" she was crying
"Are those happy cries or sad?"
"I'm just worried, you two haven't been together that long and it seems like a lot at once"
"It is, but it's something we both want, there is no timeline that people need to follow in their relationship and I didn't even have to think about it when Casey told me about her, we both just felt it was right. We will probably have a big wedding celebration later if we want"
"I'm proud of you Chuck"
"So tomorrow, around seven. Someone Jane knows is going to make food and cake, it's going to be super casual"


"Chuck" the bedroom door opened.
"Hey, we aren't supposed to see" He lost all thought when he turned to see Casey holding a baby swaddled in a star wars blanket.
"Laura just got here, she thought we would want Spencer here for this, Morgan, Nathan and Devon are helping her carry stuff into the room, she will keep her tonight so we can celebrate our marriage though, her words, not mine"
Chuck couldn't stop himself from crying
"You okay Bartowski?"
"I'm overwhelmed with happiness, but also I want to hold her but for some reason I'm scared, I mean I helped Ellie with Clara but this is different"
Casey handed her to Chuck "You'll be fine, I'm right here"
"I just realized we are going to have a daughter, neither of us knows anything about girls"
"You have a sister and I have two, I'm sure they will be glad to help us"
"Did Jess buy this blanket?"
"What do you think? I think she loves Star Wars more than you and Grimes"
"Maybe I should be marrying her" Chuck laughed
"You can have her"
They both stood there just staring at their daughter until Ellie came in to tell them it was time.

Chuck and Casey stood hand in hand facing each other under the big tree in their back yard that Casey had stung lights from while their family sat watching them.
"Welcome everyone" Morgan began "We are going to keep this short and sweet, the grooms will each say the vows they have written give each other rings, kiss and then we are going to eat and dance the night away since this will be the last fun night these two will have for a while"
Casey cleared his throat. "For three years I shut everyone out and was an ass to everyone, then my lovely sister left me alone at work and everything went to hell so I called a repair person and that is how I met you, somehow I just knew you were someone I needed in my life. and yes I was an ass to you but you never gave up on me, you were always there no matter how hard I pushed you away because I thought you deserved better than me but you constantly prove me wrong" he pulled a ring from his pocket sliding it on to Chuck's finger "I love you more than I will ever be able to express" It was hard to not just wrap his arms around Chuck and kiss him.

"John, I have forgotten everything I planned on saying" Chuck laughed. "Our journey hasn't always been easy, but even during the hard times I just knew you were the one I was meant to spend forever with" He took the ring from his pocket. "I love you and can't wait to continue this crazy journey with you and our amazing daughter and all the other kids you plan on filling this house with" he put the ring on Casey's finger
"And all the dogs you and Jess plan to fill it with" Casey added.
"Hell yeah" Jess yelled
Everyone laughed.
"This is the part where you two kiss"
Casey wrapped his arm around Chuck's lower back and one hand on the back of his head he dipped him back before pressing their lips together, keeping it pg since everyone is watching.
"I now pronounce to you Mr & Mr. Casey-Bartowski"
Everyone cheered throwing flower petals at them as they walked down the aisle


"Fifteen years ago today you called me and asked if you could shoot your computer, now we are married with four kids, two current foster kids, and have had seven other foster kids over the years. Oh and two dogs. and we are still madly in love. Is this how you always imagined it?"
Chuck and Casey are sitting on the back porch watching Spencer and Jessica's son Ethan sitting under the big tree doing their homework, the twin boys Asher and Logan that they adopted as newborns when Spencer was three, were playing catch while their two foster kids Sarah (who is six) and Conner (who is eight) were running around with the dalmatian Jess brought over a few weeks ago that Chuck would not let her take back. (the kids named her Fidget after the movie 101 Dalmatians) and the newest addition to the family a two year old girl named Willow whos adoption papers had just been finalized the day before was curled up on the porch at Casey's feet next to their German Shepard Solo that Chuck brought home a few months after Leia passed away five years ago.
"It's perfect"