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Casey VS Computers

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Casey: Tonight was great, thanks for not being too freaked out when Jane, Nathan, and Jeremy showed up.
Casey: but the lasagna soup was a huge hit. Jane wants the recipe

Chuck: I'll email it to her.
Chuck: I had an internal freakout, but it was a fun night.
Chuck: I really like the way you smile and laugh with them.
Chuck: I was hoping to stay for a movie and cuddles

Casey: That was my hope too, didn’t mean for them to make you feel like you had to leave

Chuck: Does that still count as date 3?
Chuck: 🍆🍆 🎥

Casey: Are we filming porn or watching it 🤨

Chuck: Just trying to make you laugh. I’m impressed you know what an eggplant means

Casey: I got a sexting 101 from Jer and yes it was just as bad as it sounds.

“Carmichael Nerd Herd his is Chuck how can I help you with your tech repair needs”
“Are we roleplaying?”
“Sorry, it's a habit I can't seem to break” Chuck laughed. “But if your hard drive is overheating I can blow on it”
“Damn Bartowski, do I have to pay extra for this service?”
“Just in kisses”
“Tell me more”
“First I would have to open your computer up, feel around for the hard drive, then I would have to wrap my hand around it giving it a few tugs before pulling it out”
Casey growled “It’s very hard”
“I think I need to cool it down a bit, maybe blow on it a few times before I run my tongue along every inch of it before taking it into my mouth swirling my tongue over the tip, tasting every last drop of you”
“I bet your mouth feels amazing, but I want you to ride me”
“Yeah, you wanna lube up those nice thick fingers of yours and open me up until I’m nice and ready to straddle you and sink down on your dick” Chuck moaned “I’m so close”
“I’d wrap my hand around your leaking cock and jack you off as you slammed yourself down until you cover my chest”
“Fuck John, come for me, fill me up” Chuck couldn't stop the stream of moans and he came.
Casey “Shit, that was, wow”
“I’ve never done that before”
“I haven't either”
“I can’t wait till we can actually do that, minus the computer talk”
“I have to go clean up and get to bed, work early tomorrow, good night Chuck”
“Good night Casey”

Casey: I’m freaking out. Sorry for hanging up so quick

Chuck: Sorry did I go too far?

Casey: No
Casey: I have a confession that is kind of embarrassing

Chuck: this is a no judgment zone

Casey: I haven't had a sex drive in over three years, the first time I was able to get a hard was when I watched that phone video you sent me
Casey: you have really nice hands and it just kinda happened. Tonight was the first time I’ve jacked off.

Chuck: I’m honored
Chuck: Idk what else to say.

Casey: I just wanted to warn you incase we are doing something in person and something goes wrong. Or I can't do anything.

Chuck: I will never push you to do anything, and I will never get mad or upset if something doesn’t happen. I’m not very experienced so we can figure it out together.
Chuck: I like you a lot John

Casey: Would it be weird to ask why you have been single for so long?

Chuck: Before my freshman year at Stanford I took some early intro classes and I met a guy. Bryce. He had just finished his freshman year so when the new school year started he helped me get into his fraternity.
Chuck: It was a frat for nerds who were more focused on academics than sports and parties. We were roommates.
Chuck: He found out I was gay and started flirting with me to get me to help with homework and I fell for it. He took my virginity and broke my heart.
Chuck: He got caught cheating on a midterm and tried to get me kicked out, luckily I had installed a security camera in my room because someone was stealing food from my mini fridge and I got him on camera putting the stolen test under my bed.
Chuck: I just spent the rest of college focusing on my school work then opened C.N.H. after I graduated so I wasn't actively looking for anyone and no one ever hits on me

Casey: What a douche
Casey: Their loss

Chuck: want to hear about the time I tried to convince myself I was straight and made out with a girl.

Casey: I can just imagine how awkward it was
Casey: I've never kissed a girl

Chuck: She ran her hand over the front of my pants expecting something.
Chuck: and not only was I not hard, pretty sure it was trying to get smaller
Chuck: she put my hand on her boob and I ran away

Casey: I may be crying from laughter.

Chuck: I laugh about it now but that's how my H.S found out I was gay

Casey: How did you come out to your family?
Casey: My mom walked in on me making out with a guy on the football team. She grounded me for a week but only for breaking the no shut doors rule. My dad wasn't very happy, he was even more upset when Jer came out too. He did apologize to both of us before he died tho.

Chuck: Well boob girl was Ellie’s best friends younger sister, so Ellie had a million questions when I got home and I just yelled I’M GAY and our grandfather laughed and said it's about time. Ellie cried and hugged me, something about being happy that I'm myself. Not sure if our dad knew, he wasn't around much before he died and mom left way before that.

Casey: My dad had cancer, died when I was 17

Chuck: mine was shot in a gas station robbery, I was 19.
Chuch: my mom was like those jokes you hear, went to the store and never came back. I was 8

Casey: sorry you had to go through that.

Chuck: sorry tonight took a tragic turn.

Casey: it's okay. thanks for tonight. All of it. I really need to get some sleep though
Casey: Goodnight Chuck 😘

Chuck: Thank you
Chuck: Goodnight John 😘


“I missed you”
“Me or the dog?”
“Both, can we go pick her up now?”
“Wow not even a thanks Casey for picking me up, thanks Casey for taking me with you to pick up Leia, thanks for being an awesome boyfriend here is a kiss since we haven't seen each other since Wednesday and I missed you” Casey deadpanned
“I’m an ass, sorry, I was just worried about her tiny body being cut open” He cupped Casey’s face. “Thank you, awesome boyfriend of mine”
“Do I need to remind you of the no sex in the office rule” Morgan interrupted.
“Not sure if you know how sex works, but this isn't it” Casey glared
“That rule is for the employees, as the owner, I can do whatever I want”
“Well I don’t know how gay sex works”
“You’re a moron”
“I don’t like him”
“No one asked for your opinion”
“Wow rude” Morgan huffed.
“Stop it you two. Morgan we are about to go pick up Leia, please try not to call me, I’ll be back in the office tomorrow at eleven, and make sure all the repairs are done tonight and that means help Derek, just because he is new doesn't mean he has to do all the work”
"Yes boss"
"And stay out of my office"

“Are you crying?”
“Leave me alone”
“She is just sleepy from the medicine, she is fine”
Chuck was sitting on Casey’s couch with Leia wrapped in a blanket held to his chest. “She is just so tiny” he kissed her nose.
“I got you something” Casey handed Chuck a gift bag.
Chuck moved Leia down to his lap and grabbed the bag. “What’s the occasion?”
“She is officially yours”
“Wait what? I haven’t signed the papers or paid the fee yet”
“I paid the fee, and you don’t need to sign anything”
“Are you serious Casey? Why did you pay it? It wasn’t cheap”
“Just open the gift”
Chuck pulled the paper out of the bag, reaching inside grabbing the first thing he felt. It was a collar.
“I couldn't find a Leia collar but I thought a Chewie one would be okay, look at the tag”
Chuck looked at the metal millennium falcon shaped tag hanging from the collar, it had Leia Bartowski engraved on one side and Chuck’s number on the other.
Chuck reached into the bag and pulled out a Han plushie “Casey these are great”
“Every Han needs a Leia right, and Jess ordered a bed but it won't be here until next week. It’s custom made out of Star Wars fabric with her name stitched into it”
“This is too much, I don’t know what to say”
“You deserve it. Now just sit there and enjoy your new puppy while I go order dinner”


“I can sleep in the guest room if that makes you feel more comfortable”
“Is that an excuse so you can sneak into the puppy room and sleep with Leia”
“No, the baby monitor camera Jess put on the side table is enough, I just want to make sure you are comfortable with me sleeping in your bed”
“It was my idea”
“What do you usually sleep in?”
“Basketball shorts”
“So it’s okay if I’m just in PJ pants? I hate sleeping in shirts but I can”
“You can sleep naked if you want” Casey wiggled his brow.
Chuck came back from the bathroom and Casey was laying on his bed in a pair of basketball shorts looking through the movies on Netflix. Chuck quickly covered the tent forming in the front of his pants.
“You okay?” Casey smirked.
“Yeah, you are just extremely hot”
“So you’ve told me”
“How much do you work out because you never talk about working out but your body looks like it was carved by Michelangelo”
“I run every morning and there is a gym in the office, Nathan also used to be in the Marines and does training on the side so he put a gym in the basement of the office building”
“Are you going to stand there all night or get your ass over here and watch a movie with me”
Chuck laid down next to Casey who lifted his arm up so Chuck could curl up into him resting his head on Casey’s shoulder. Chuck traced along the lines of Casey’s chest muscles with his fingers. “What’s this from?” he ran his finger over a long scar on his side close to his hip
“A knife” He laid his arm down next to his side showing a matching scar on his arm “almost sixty stitched”
“That’s crazy, any other scars?”
“The one on my cheek is from when I was a kid, dad was outside loading up some old wood into a wheelbarrow and I wanted to help but I tripped and a nail went right through my cheek”
“Oh my god, that sounds horrible”
Casey held up his leg pointing to a round scar on the back of his leg “This is from Jeremy thinking he could be an archer”
“The worst thing Ellie ever did to me was put me in dresses and make me attend tea parties, your brother shot you with an arrow”
“I need pictures of that"
"No way"
"I got pretty beat up in the Marines also, but nothing bad enough to leave a scar”
“Morgan did staple through my finger once but no scar, don't get hurt much when you sit inside and play video games”
Casey laughed. “I’ve never played a video game in my life”
“Normally I’d be shocked, but since I've helped you with technology I fully understand”
Chuck went back to mindlessly running his fingers over Casey’s chest while Casey tangled his fingers in Chuck’s hair until they fell asleep.


Chuck sat up quickly forgetting where he was for a moment, he wiped the sleep from his eyes looking around realizing he was alone. He looked over at the baby monitor to check on Leia, there was a note that said went for a run, come down for breakfast when you wake up.
Chuck grabbed some clothes from his bag and went into the bathroom to get ready before heading down the hallway to check on Leia. When he walked into the room she ran over to him “Good morning Princess, how did you sleep?” He sat down on the floor pulling her into his lap, getting whacked in the face with her cone as she attempted to lick his face. “Only a few more days of the cone I promise, even though it’s super cute, then in a few weeks you get to come home with me. Are you excited? I'm excited, you’re such a cute little baby and daddy loves you so much all ready”
“Baby talk, really?”
Both Chuck and Leia jumped “You scared us, and it’s proven that animals love baby talk”
“Sorry” Casey couldn't help but laugh. “I thought you would sleep a little later, I’m gonna shower then start breakfast”
“I don’t know, I’m really liking this hot a sweaty look, that shirt is clinging to all the right places”
“Want to join me? Help me wash all the places I can’t reach”
“Don’t listen” Chuck covered the puppies ears “I can help with the places you can reach too”
“Then lets go”
“Daddy will be back soon, then we can go down and get breakfast and see your cousins and I’ll sneak you some eggs if you don’t tell anyone.” He kissed Leia on the nose before putting her back down on the bed.”Love you, princess”


“So does the movie and cuddles last night count as a date?” Chuck pulled his shirt over his head
“I bought you dinner, so sure”
“Good cuz we agreed four dates was when we could shower together” Chuck smirked.
Casey hooked a finger into the front of Chuck’s pants pulling him closer “What does date five get me?”
“Guess you will wait and see” Chuck ran his hand up Casey’s chest to the back of his neck pulling him into a kiss.
Casey unbuttoned Chuck’s pants, pushing them down. Without pulling their mouths apart Chuck stepped out kicking them away before he started working on getting Casey out of his shorts and briefs.
“Let’s get in” Casey stepped back admiring Chuck’s body before he turned the shower on.
Chuck shly bit his lip resisting the urge to cover his body with his arms.

“So want me to wash you? Then you wash me? or wash ourselves or?”
“I don’t care, what do you want?”
“I’ve actually never showered with anyone”
Casey soaped up a ran “Turn around” Casey ran the soapy rag over Chuck’s back, sucking a nice bruise into the crook of his neck as he slowly ran the rag over Chuck’s ass.
He turned Chuck around cleaning along his neck then down his chest, and along his hip across to his other hip.
Chuck moaned as Casey dropped the rag wrapping his hand around his hard shaft. “Is this okay?”
“God yes” It only took a few strokes and Casey licking and biting his neck for him to come. “Wow that’s embarrassing” Chuck flushed.
Casey pulled him into a kiss, he grabbed Chuck’s hand moving it to his half hard shaft, hoping that Chuck’s touch would bring him to full hardness. Chuck started with slow strokes, using his other hand to massage Casey’s balls when that wasn’t working he starting stroking faster.
“Stop” Casey growled “Just stop”
“It's okay John”
“it's not” he slammed his fist into the wall “get out”
“I will because that is what you want, but I don't care about that, I understand it's fine” he tried to put his hand on Casey's shoulder but he moved away.

When Casey eventually made his way downstairs Chuck was sitting at the kitchen table with one of the other chairs pulled up next to him where he had a put Leia in a small dog bed.
“I made bacon and egg bagels, I wrapped it in foil so it should still be warm and there is a few in the freezer, just need to wrap them in a paper towel and microwave them for a minute" When Casey didn't respond Chuck kept talking "I also made scrambled eggs and chopped up some bananas for the dogs but there is some extra if you want any. Is your hand okay? Ellie can look at if you want”
“I have to get to work, just text me when you leave so I can set the alarm from my phone”
“I thought you had the day off?”
Casey grabbed the sandwich off the counter and left without saying anything else.


“Hey buddy, did you sleep here all night?”
Chuck was laying on the couch in his office with Leia on his chest. “Don't really have a choice, can't have Leia at the apartment, she was supposed to stay at Casey's until i could move in to the new place but I can't bring myself to go there so we are staying here for the next week”
“he still hasn't contacted you?”
“It's been four days”
“Dr. Morgan is here to listen”
“Don't call yourself that, and I've told you, I'm not talking about it”
“Well Jeff is at a job with Derek, Lester is off today for his fake religious holiday and my training with Anna starts today so that leaves you for the Serenity job in half an hour”
“I'll email Jane and see if we can reschedule for tomorrow”
“No can do dude, it's a new projector install for this big meeting thing they have first thing tomorrow, she said it was urgent and we can't lose them as a client”

Chuck: I know you have ignored my last 100 messages but I wanted to warn you. I'm on my way to Serenity for a job, didn't want to but I was the only one. sorry. hope this gives you enough time to leave.

“Hey Chuck it's so good to see you, how are you? how is Leia doing?”
“She is doing great, she still has to pee every few hours in the night so I'm not sleeping much but I'd rather have that than he going on the carpet”
“So besides lack of sleep are you doing good?”
“I'd like to get to work, can you show me where you want the projector?”
She showed him to the meeting room
“Thanks, and when I get it all set up I'll let you know and I can give you a run through on how to use it”
“I'll be in my office, thanks Chuck”

It took Chuck longer than normal to do the installation because he kept getting distracted looking out the wall of windows looking towards Casey’s office. It took everything in him not to run over there and bust the door open and kiss him.
“He isn't here”
Chuck jumped. “Sorry, I’m almost done”
“He is still out of town”
“He went out of town?”
“You’re dating and you didn't know he was out of town? He has been gone since Saturday night”
“Oh, uh, well I'm not sure we are together anymore. Something happened when I was there after Leia’s surgery and he left the house Saturday morning and I haven't heard from him since”
“What an asshole”
“He isn't, I know what he is dealing with from his past and I understand, he just seems to not understand that”
“He went to Virginia"
"How long will he be gone?"
"Not sure, that is where Eric's family lives, where he is buried"
“Can you just tell him I’m here for him, please” Chuck was trying not to cry in front of his boyfriends... ex-boyfriends? sister. “I really um, sorry I need a minute” Chuck quickly made his way out to his car.

Chuck: I’m just going to keep texting you cuz it makes me feel better even if you don't respond.
Chuck: I just had to run out of the office cuz I started crying in front of Jane.
Chuck: I didn't know you were out of town, I feel like an ass blowing ur phone.
Chuck: I’m so sorry, I’m here okay, please just let me know you are okay and then I will leave you alone if thats what you want.

Casey: Dinner?

Chuck: Are you home?

Casey: yes. flight landed late last night.
Casey: my house 5?

Chuck didn't respond, he got his composure together he went back in to finish the job, then texted Morgan that he will be in the office all day but not going on anymore calls since Leia can’t be left alone for too long, he didn't mention that he was too distracted to focus on installs.

Chuck was sitting in his car in Casey’s driveway, still not sure if he wanted to go inside but Leia started doing her ‘I have to pee’ whine. Chuck looked over at her in the passenger seat “Fine, we can get out”
“Are you going to stay in my front yard all night or bring that beautiful princess inside?”
“Hey Jessica, just making sure she is all empty”
“Johnny is in the kitchen cursing up a storm, if I was you I’d order a pizza as back up”
“Shut up Jess” Casey yelled from the kitchen.
“It’s really good to see you Chuck, mind if I take her to pick up the boys from the groomers?”
“That’s fine, I’m sure she will enjoy seeing them”
Chuck kissed her on the head before handing her over to Jess “Be good love”
He slowly made his way into the kitchen, he sat down at one of the barstools at the island, watching Casey move through the kitchen.
“Whatcha making?”
“Honestly I have no idea, it was supposed to be chicken alfredo but I messed up somewhere”
Chuck walked over to look in the pan “Oh yeah you overcooked it, dairy isn't always the easiest to cook with”
“Fuck” Casey threw the wooden spoon into the sink “We don’t have any more cream”
“It’s okay since you already have the noodles and chicken cooked, we can make a butter parmesan sauce that would taste great, want me to show you?”
Other than talking Casey through the ingredients and steps they didn't talk about anything else until they were done eating.

“So” Chuck cleared his throat. “How is your hand?”
“it's fine” he looked down at his bruised up knuckles "Sorry, I got embarrassed and just needed to be alone"
“You have nothing to be embarrassed about, at all”
“I didn’t want you to think it was you, because I really do like you”
“I never thought that”
“Sorry I didn’t tell you I was leaving town. I just needed it, I needed to know it was okay to move on. I just needed to see him, see his grave"
“I don’t want to push something if you are not ready. I have no idea what you are feeling but I'm always here to listen"
“Can we go back to how things were, before that”
“Only if you promise to stop running away from me”
“I’m working on that”
“Next time you feel like running away, maybe tell me you need space and then you can call or text me and let me know what's going on and we can work through it”
“I’ll try that”
“Would it be too much to ask if me and Leia can stay in the guest room? My back hurts so bad from sleeping in my office for the last three nights”
“Shit, of course, I’m such an ass”
“Want to go sit on the couch and watch a movie?”

About halfway through the movie, Casey pulled Chuck into his lap,
“Woah, warn a guy next time”
“This movie sucks, and I’ve been dying to kiss you for a while” Casey pressed their lips together, parting his lips to invite Chuck to deepen the kiss.
Casey slid his hand up the back of Chuck’s shirt, Chuck adjusted so the bulge growing in his pants could get some friction with the small movement of his hips.
All of a subbed Casey grabbed Chuck’s hips pressing him harder into his lap as he threw his head back letting out a moan.
”That was not supposed to happen” Casey shyly smiled at Chuck “But at least we know it works”
Chuck cupped Casey’s face in his hand. “I’m so close” he mumbled into a kiss, Casey squeezed the outline of Chuck’s cock in his jeans. “Fuck” he hissed.
“Let’s go upstairs”
“Are you sure?”
“The garage door just opened, that means Jess will be in here any minute, with three wild dogs”
“Let’s go” Chuck quickly climbed off the couch pulling Casey with him.