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Casey VS Computers

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“Carmichael Nerd Herd his is Chuck how can I help you with your tech repair needs”
“If I shoot it will I lose everything?”
“I guess it depends on what you are shooting it with and what you are aiming for”
“I have a desert eagle just begging to be used, and all of it, I want to blow it into a million pieces”
“I don’t know what a desert eagle is but it sounds scary, let’s hold off on that for now. Can you tell me what the problem is?”
“I work for Serenity Security and our building is under construction and the dumbass construction workers cut the power line and now some of our computers are not turning on at all and some of them have wavy lines going across the screen and at least two computers have a blue screen”
“Sounds like the entire system was fried, I’ll have to send my entire team out for this one. Do you know if the computers were plugged right into the wall or a surge protector?”
“Most are plugged right into the wall, there are ten computers, each in different offices, then there is two more in the main office and four at the front desk for the security cameras”
“I can send the team out now, I know how big of a company Serenity is so I know it’s important to get back up and running”
“How much is this going to cost?”
“I will send you an email with all the information I will need and I will contact your insurance company and the construction companies insurance and make sure you don't have to pay a dime. Just give me your name and email and they will be over within the hour”
Casey gave his information and hung up.

One week later.
“Carmichael Nerd Herd this is Chuck how can I help you with your tech repair needs”
“This is John Casey from Serenity Security”
“Oh hello, Mr. Casey is there a problem with the computers?”
“Call me Casey, just Casey”
“Sure thing, Casey, how can I help?”
“Well I wanted to thank you for the quick response and prompt repairs and also for getting the insurance to cover the bill”
“No problem”
“Do you also do personal computers?”
“We do computers of all kinds also gaming systems and cell phones”
“My siblings insisted I get a computer for answering emails and my sister said something about facebook but I have no idea what that is. and I need to use google docs for work stuff, can that be done on this thing”
Chuck tried not to laugh. “I can help with that, but those are both things you can do on your phone if you aren't comfortable using a computer”
“According to my sister my phone is a dinosaur and could never do those things, she has been trying to get me to get a new phone but I’m not spending that kind of money”
“Okay, how about we start with telling me what kind of computer you have?”
“It’s blue”
“Okay, does it have any words written on it?”
“Is it a laptop or a tablet”
“According to the box, it’s both”
“I agree with your sister, you need a phone upgrade so we can send each other pictures” Chuck laughed.“I’m guessing it's a Chromebook since you mentioned needing to use google docs. And the Chromebook can be a laptop then flipped over to be a tablet and I know you have a Gmail account so that helps a lot”
Chuck spend over an hour helping Casey set up with a computer and giving him any helpful tip he could.

-A few days later

“Carmichael Nerd Herd this is Chuck how can I help you with your tech repair needs”
“When I got to work today there was a box on my desk and inside was a phone and your business card. Did you buy me a phone?”
“Technically no, the company gets sent phones from the phone companies to play around with so we can help our customers better, that one is two models ago so we don’t need it anymore, though you could use it”
“How are you supposed to talk me through setting it up if we are talking on the phone”
“Open up your computer, I sent you an email the link is to a youtube video I made just for you”
“You’re kidding right?”
“No” Chuck laughed, Casey really enjoyed hearing his laugh, it made him smile, nothing makes him smile unless guns are involved. “I even put some apps on there for you, just promise I will be the first person you sent a text to, and it better include an emoji”
“I don’t have your cell number”
“This is my cell number, I’m on call all day every day so it’s easier this way”
“Well with my love for technology expect a text in three days” Casey laughed, Casey never laughs.
“It’s an android so it will have similar features to your Chromebook so that should help”
“Thanks, Chuck”
“Call me if you need me”

Casey would never admit that it took him a good five minutes to remember how to get into his email. He clicked the link and was sad to see that Chuck’s face wasn't in the video just his hands, and wow did he have nice long fingers. Casey really need to get to laid if he was having dirty thoughts about a guys hands that he has never met.

Casey: Hello, this is Casey

Chuck: I thought the rule was one emoji 🙃

Casey: You did not cover that in your video

Chuck: There is a smiley face on your keyboard, click that then select one 👽

Casey: What is the point? 🍺
Casey: I can only see like 5 that I would maybe consider using, most of these have no point.
Casey: who wants this 💩

Chuck: You’re killing me 😂😂😂😂
Chuck: I just thought it would be fun since you seem to be anti technology

Casey: I’m old school, it’s taking me forever to type each message, and now you want me to add ridiculous little pictures to each one 🖕

Chuck: You don’t have to, but the more you type the better you get at it.
Chuck: And you can send me pictures if you ever need help with your computer, it may make it easier in the future since you paid for the year service and I’m your 24/7 tech.

Casey: For Serenity, not for my personal use

Chuck: I won’t tell if you don’t

Casey: So if I call you at 3 am with some ridiculous thing you will help me

Chuck: We have a regular customer who always gets porn viruses in the middle of the night, trust me, anything is better than that.
Chuck: and if you are desperate for porn just let me know and I’ll help

Casey: Help with what? 😉

Chuck: Oh god, uh sorry, I meant I can tell you ways to go about it without viruses. I’m so sorry that was very unprofessional of me
Chuck: On a plus side it's almost impossible to get a virus on a chromebook

Casey: It’s okay, made me laugh
Casey: To be honest I didn't even know you could watch porn on your computer

Chuck: How old are you?
Chuck: You can watch it on your phone too, I’ve actually seen someone watching it on the bus, in public.

Casey: As long as their junk stays in their pants
Casey: 38

Chuck: No way you are 38 and have no idea about any of this stuff
Chuck: I’m 26

Casey: I just got out of the Marines, we only had magazines if we wanted to jack off

Chuck: Can we just say this is a conversation between two friends, not an employee/customer convo

Casey: If we are friends can we go out for coffee sometime?

Casey stared at his phone for ten minutes waiting for Chuck’s answer, fuck did he scare him off.
He put his phone on the charger before getting ready for bed, he checked it one more time before he laid down, still nothing.
He was woken up about an hour later by his phone chiming.

Chuck: I’d like that
Chuck: Sorry I didn’t respond I was with a customer
Chuck: I have a pretty open schedule so whatever time works for you let me know

Casey: The noise I get when I get a text is horrible and it woke me up

Chuck: Oh shit, sorry, if you slide your finger down the screen a bar will come down and if you click on 🔊 until it has a line thru it will mute your phone.

Casey: Can we have coffee in the morning? Maybe show me how to change the sound when the phone isn’t on mute.

Chuck: I have a job a few blocks from your office tomorrow at 11, we could meet at Frank’s on Olive Ave around 9?

Casey: Get some sleep, see you then

Chuck: I’ll be in a white shirt and grey tie.
Chuck: I guess this would help.
[Image attacked]

Chuck: Hey John hope everything is okay
Chuck: Uh well I waited an hour, I have to go, maybe another time.

Casey did show up, he did, but then he panicked and left, he didn't understand why he had feelings for this kid he has never met, how he could get feelings for someone when he didn't even know it was possible. Not since Eric, Casey has shut people out for the last three years and now everything was changing.
He waited until he was home from work to reply.

Casey: Hey I’m sorry.
Casey: I was going to lie and say something came up but you deserve better than that.
Casey: I’m not good with talking to people

Chuck: Thanks for not lying to me
Chuck: I’m just glad you are okay. I was worried
Chuck: You keep good conversation with me, but I understand

Casey: Sorry I worried you, didn't know what to say.
Casey: It’s easier when I can just text

Chuck: Then I’m glad you have a phone
Chuck: Hope you got your text noise sorted out

Casey: Sister helped me

Chuck: Can we still be friends? I thought maybe sending you a goofy selfie scared you off

Casey: No, sister also helped me save it as your picture when you message me.

Chuck: Maybe I can get a picture of you?

Casey didn’t know how to respond, he knew it was only fair but he was scared and didn’t want to ruin anything.

Chuck: You don’t have too, I understand
Chuck: So I got yelled at today, in front of an entire waiting room in a dentist office.

Casey: What did you do? Forget to floss?

Chuck: One of my employees was there on a job.
Chuck: he put his band’s CD into the stereo that plays through the entire office, so instead of nice calming music while getting their teeth worked on the poor customers were subjected to 80s music poorly redone with a guitar and keyboard.
Chuck: their names are Jeff and Lester. They both work for me. The band name os Jeffster

Casey: how creative 🙄
Casey: I’d pay to see that. Not you getting yelled at, the peoples reaction
Casey: Did he get fired?

Chuck: No, he is just on desk duty for a few weeks, which means I’ll be going out on calls more.

Casey: Wait are you Charles Carmichael the owner?

Chuck: You caught me
Chuck: I don’t like telling people, and my name is Charles Bartowski, Carmichael is just a cover name, also sounds better than Bartowski.
Chuck: My grandfather's name is Michael and he owned a garage, so car-Michael.
Chuck: Kinda cheesy but he raised me and my sister after our mom left and dad died.
Chuck: my 3 employees I've known since 1st grade. Just hired a new guy to hopefully lessen my workload.

Casey: Sorry for your loss, and it’s not cheesy
Casey: I won't tell anyone 🙊

Chuck: I’m so proud of you and your emoji use.

It’s been over a week since Casey stood up Chuck for their coffee date, but they have been texting a few times a day, and only a few of them were Casey asking for help with his phone or computer.
Some of which were lies just so he had a reason to call Chuck and hear his laugh.
“Hey, buddy, who is going out on the Serenity job?” Morgan walked into Chuck’s office
“What Serenity job?”
“It’s on the schedule, just no one assigned, want me to take the new kid and do it?”
“No, I’m not sending a trainee to a big company like that, I’ll do it, and if I need help I’ll call you”
“Does this have anything to do with the mystery dude you have been texting?”
“What? No? Who?”
Morgan laughed, “I don't know, does John Casey ring a bell?”
“Never heard of him”
“This better not be a booty call, you made me take porn guys calls for a month after you found out I made a fake repair call to see Alex”
“I’m the boss, and I didn’t even know about the call, Jeff must of put it in and not told me, plus I don’t even know what John looks like so it’s not a booty call”
“What if he is super hot and you just wanna jump him, also I thought you didn't know a John”
“Shut up Morgan” Chuck pulled up the report to see what he needed before he headed out.

He was met at the front desk by a beautiful woman with dark hair, stunning blue eyes, and a sharp jawline. If he was into girls she would be his type.
“Wow you are pretty”
She laughed “Thanks”
“Hi, sorry, I’m Chuck with Carmichael Nerd Herd”
“Chuck, it’s so good to meet you, I’m Jane Reynolds, me and my husband Nathan are the owners, and I would like to personally thank you for helping us when our power was cut, we were out of town and my brother was in full panic mode. He said your company came right over and fixed everything and got the insurance to cover it.”
“John is your brother?” if Casey looked anything like his sister Chuck was in trouble.
“Yes, he has mentioned you a few times.”
“What can I help you with?”
“A few of our computers automatically updated and they are not working right and John said he signed the company up for a year-long service thing. Can you look at the three messed up ones and then check the rest for updates so it doesn't happen again”
“Of course, just show me around and I will get to work. Uh is Casey here? I’d like to meet him”
“Wait, he told you to call him that?” She laughed “You haven't met yet?”
“He did and no”
“By the way he talks I thought you two were dating or something”
Chuck choked on nothing “What? Um no, our relationship is just random texts and helping with his technology needs”
“Well, his computer needs checked so let’s go there first” her smile was almost evil. She showed him where each computer was, then took him to Casey's office.

She knocked on the door before opening it “Hey Johnny the guy is here to check your computer”
Chuck walked in behind her, Casey was still looking at something on his desk. “Seriously Jane, stop calling me that, I’m an adult”
“If you need anything my office is at the end of the hall, thanks again Chuck”
Casey’s head shot up “Chuck”
Chuck shyly smiled “It’s nice to put a face to the voice” a really hot face, and wow his shirt was straining against his thick arms and wide shoulders, and those blue eyes. Wow.
“I have to go” Casey quickly walked passed Chuck leaving him alone in his office.
“Nice to see you too” Chuck mumbled. Luckily it was an easy fix and he was able to get all the computers done pretty quickly.
He knocked on Jane’s door to let her know he was done and he would send her an email with a report in case she needed the information for later.
“Hey, do you wanna come by for dinner tonight?”
“I don’t accept gifts from customers and that falls in that category sorry”
“How about as a friend of my brothers, nothing work related”
“I can't, sorry. I have another job to get to, but you have my card if you need anything else, have a great day” He couldn't get out of there quick enough.

He sat in his car looking down at his phone trying to figure out what to text Casey, or if he should just delete his number.

Chuck: Sorry that I’m so ugly that every time you see me you run away.
Chuck: I’m going to put another tech on your account, so if you need anything please contact them. I’ll send an email with the information.

Chuck usually wasn't that petty but he was mad and hurt and upset and just felt like shit, he called Morgan and told him he needed a break but he would keep his phone on him.

Casey: You're not ugly.

Chuck: It took you three hours to come up with that response

Casey: sorry….

Morgan: There is a repair a few blocks from your house, I’ll send you the work order, Jeff forgot to get the customer name but it looks like a simple virus fix.

Chuck: uuuuugggggghhhhh, I’m firing everyone and moving to an island by myself

Morgan: What sandwich would you take

Chuck: I hate all of you.
Chuck: You are all lucky I haven't fired you

Morgan: You love us all

Chuck knocked on the door. He was looking over the work order when the door opened. “Hi, I’m Chuck with Nerd Herd. Sorry, my colleague didn’t put your name down on the work order. What seems to be the problem” he looked up “Oh, uh, I'm gonna go”
“Please don’t”
“You run away every time you see me so why can’t I”
“Let me explain”
“You have five minutes”
“Please come inside”
“Are you going to kill me? I remember something about a dessert eagle”
“It’s desert”
“Well that sounds way scarier”
“I have beer”
Chuck followed him inside, Casey handed him a beer and they sat at the dining room table.
“I’m not a talker, well not for the last three years”
“I am a talker, and I like you okay, I really liked you, even before I saw your beautiful face” Chuck blushed.
“I like you and your face too” Casey smirked. He pulled out his phone.
“Jane yelled at me for an hour after I told her about standing you up for coffee, then she told my younger sister Jessica and she yelled at me too, then my older brother Jeremy sent me a text calling me an asshole”
“You’re parents really gave you all J names?”
“Their names are Joanne and Jack, and yes it gets confusing and we always call each other the wrong name”
Chuck laughed. “So what is the age order?”
“Jane and Jeremy are twins, they are four years older and Jessica is the same age as you”
“I have an older sister, Ellie, she is five years older than me”
“What’s your middle name?”
“Don’t have one”
“Seriously? I thought maybe you all had matching letter middle names too”
“None of us do”
“Mine is Irving”
Casey laughed. “Can I text you something?”

Casey: I liked you since the first time we talked, I don't know what it was but I just got this feeling and it scared me
Casey: 7 years ago I met a guy in the Marines, his name was Eric. We started secretly dating and fell in love.
Casey: Three years ago, we were on a mission, there was a bomb.
Casey: He died in my arms

“Oh my god Casey, I’m so sorry”

Casey: I just shut down.
Casey: I spend a year not talking to anyone. two years ago I moved back home and have been slowly getting back to myself.

“Sorry. I wish I knew what to say”
“Talking to you has been helping a lot. So thank you”
“You’re welcome”
“I would actually really like to kiss you”
“I’d like that”
“Are you sure you wouldn't rather kiss me sister” Casey smirked
“She said you called her pretty”
“Well she is, I bet everyone in your family is but I’m very much gay. And I didn’t realize I said it out loud until she laughed”
“Jeremy is bi and single” Casey got up and walked over to stand in front of Chuck.
“Can I have his number?” Chuck joked
Casey rolled his eyes “I’m going to kiss you now” he pulled Chuck up out of the chair “Before I freak out”
“We can send kissy emojis instead” Chuck’s laugh was cut off with Casey’s lips against his. It ended as quickly as it began but it was amazing.
“So do you actually need computer help or did you lie to get me here?”
“I was actually wanting to take you up on that offer to help me with porn”
Chuck’s face turned red “Oh”
Casey laughed. “I’m kidding, that’s a least a third date thing”
“Thank you for telling me your story, and I’m sorry I was an ass”
“Do you like dogs?”
“You’re kidding, right? Doesn't everyone like dogs? Have you been hiding dogs from me?”
“No, no and technically no”
“I love dogs, but my apartment doesn't allow them”
“We have three currently. They are technically Jessica’s. She helps run a rescue”
“Let me see them and cuddle them and feed them all the treats”
“Winston is the brown and white one, he is a pit bull german Shepard mix, Ranger is the Great Dane that looks like a cow and Leia is the Welsh corgi”
“I swear if I cry they are very manly tears of happiness because I’ve always wanted a corgi and I’ve never seen one in person”
Casey laughed, she is upstairs, she is only two months old, she is a foster right now. Ranger, she has had about six years, Winston she got a few months before I came home and Leia she has had about a week, she is super tiny so she can't run around with the other two yet, who do you wanna see first?”
“The big guys, cuz I’ll never wanna leave Leia, I may steal her”
Chuck followed Casey into the kitchen where he grabbed a bag of treats before the went out back. Casey whistles and the two dogs came running “Hey boys, this is Chuck”
“Be careful, Winston likes to pee when he is excited, and almost everything excites him, he is a lover, Ranger thinks he is two inches tall”
Chuck petted both of them at the same time as best he could while being licked to death.
“Here hold a treat up and ask Ranger to hug”
Chuck did that and Ranger put one paw on each of Chuck’s shoulders. “Holy shit this guy is huge” he fed him the treat and scratched his chest before Ranger got down.
“Winston’s tricks are my favorite, no matter what you ask he just does them all to get a treat” Casey held up a treat “Okay Winston, sit”
Winston sat, then held up one of his paw for shake, then the other than he laid down, then he jumped up to grab the treat.
“He is just a happy little guy isn't he”
“Let’s all head inside, it’s about time for their dinner anyways” Casey gave them some food before they headed upstairs.
“Yes we have a room just for puppies” Casey opened the door stepping over the baby gate “A few months ago we had a litter of basset hounds, their ears were bigger than their entire bodies, I’ll have to see if Jess has a picture”
Casey scooped up the little brown and white ball of fur Chuck didn't even see.
Chuck grabbed the puppy from Casey’s hand holding her close to his chest, she sniffed at his face before licking his cheek “I’m dying, this is the best day ever”
“Using my puppies to woo a boy, how cute John”
“Jess this is Chuck, Chuck, Jess”
“So nice to finally meet you, Chuck, I’ve heard so much about you”
“Oh really? All nice things I hope?”
“Yeah, and I’m glad Johnny finally got the balls to invite you over, even though I lost the bet by two weeks”
“You assholes bet on us? And how many times do I have to tell you all to stop calling me Johnny, I hate it”
“Did anyone bet he would make a fake computer call, because he totally did”
“Mom had that one” her smirk was just like Casey’s
“I hate all of you” Casey growled.
“I am never letting go of this dog, I can’t”
Jessica laughed “In about two weeks she will be ready for adoption”
“That gives me two weeks to find a new place to live”
“You’re going to move just because of a dog?”
“First of all it's not just a dog, it's a corgi, secondly she is named after a Star Wars character and I’m a huge nerd thirdly I have wanted a corgi my entire life and lastly I live with Morgan and his girlfriend, I could use a new place”
“I’ll get your email and send you an application, and I’ll put in a good word”
“Thank you, Jess, oh and can you send me the pictures of the basset hound litter that would also be great”
“So you want to finish that beer and watch a movie? Maybe order a pizza?”
“Can I take Leia to cuddle with?”
“I think John would rather have you cuddle with him”
“I can do both”
Casey couldn't say no to that smile.

Chuck: I miss her already send me a picture

Casey: You have been gone maybe twenty minutes 🙄
Casey: And you took 100 pics before you left 🤪🤨
Casey: What about me?

Chuck: I miss your face too, but I figured you wouldn’t send me a pic
Chuck: Good news
Chuck: My sister’s husband's brother has a rental that someone just moved out of, he said I can move in next month. So I may have to sneak the puppy into my apartment until then.
Chuck: The yard is nice and has a fence

Casey: she can stay here, you can come over as much as you want if that would work better.

Chuck: I had fun tonight, even if the dogs were not there, I really liked hanging out with you
Chuck: and sorry if I ruined it by cuddling with Leia more than you

Casey: I'm actually glad, It helped with my nerves.
Casey: Getting in the shower, so don't freak if I don't text you back
[Image attached]

Chuck: Oh my god look at her little face and those big ears 😍😍😍
Chuck: Also totally picturing you in the shower
Chuck: Unless that is creepy, then I’m sorry.

Casey: I’m sending all these messages to Jess, she can send them with your app, they won't say no.

Chuck: Don’t show her the one about the shower…..

Casey: not creepy….I’d invite you over to join me but I have a feeling you would go straight for Leia

Chuck: howering together is probably date 4 right?

Casey: [Image attached]

Chuck: wow...just…wow

Casey: me or the dog?

Chuck: I didn't even notice her, don’t tell her I said that
Chuck: That’s my new phone wallpaper

Casey: Too late, she is crying

Chuck: Have you seen you shirtless? There are muscles I didn’t even know existed
Chuck: Porn is third date not first, you’re breaking the rules
Chuck: I’m going to have to shower now….a very cold one

Casey: I didn't intend it to be porn, what you do with it is your choice
Casey: how about coffee tomorrow, same place, same time?
Casey: I promise I’ll be there, five minutes early even.
Casey: Hope your shower was fun, good night Bartowski
Casey: Chuck, sorry military thing

Chuck: It was lonely and cold. coffee sounds great, and you can call me Bartowski, I kinda like it
Chuck: Night John 😘

Chuck pulled into the parking lot as Casey was getting out of his car.
“Of course you have a badass car”
“Of course you have a Tesla”
“Have you been in a Tesla? They are amazing”
“I just learned how to use a smartphone, you think I can manage a Tesla?”
“True” He leaned in to kiss Casey quickly “Sorry was that okay?”
Casey hooked a finger into Chuck’s belt loop and pulled him closer “Of course” he pressed their lips together opening his mouth slightly to gauge Chuck’s reaction. A moan escaped Chuck’s throat as their tongues touched.
“We should get coffee before we get arrested for being inappropriate in the parking lot” Chuck blushed.
“You’re the one who made is x rated with that moan”
“Sorry, It’s been probably five years since I’ve kissed someone, and you’re extremely good looking I couldn't control it”
“Thanks” He may have been blushing. Since when did he blush?

“Can I hold your hand as we walk up to the door?”
“Do you order normal coffee or weird shit? Because if it's something weird I don't want to be seen with you” they both laughed
“Blended Iced Cappuccino, they use chocolate milk and it's fabulous”
“I guess that’s okay” Casey laughed grabbing Chuck’s hand “But I’ll never understand what's wrong with normal coffee”
“I can get that at home, I want fancy stuff”
“Go get a table, I’ll order it”
Casey came back with their drinks and two breakfast sandwiches
“This better be good, also not sure what kind of foods you like and don’t so I hope this okay”
“What about normal coffee?” Chuck laughed “And I like most foods, especially breakfast ones”
“I have a weakness for chocolate milk, there you found out my deepest secret” Casey rolled his eyes.
“So Jessica texted me, asked if I wanted to stay in the guest room on Friday since Leia is getting fixed. I told her I wanted to make sure you were okay with it before I said yes”
“I do have a problem with it”
“That’s okay, I won't stay”
“My problem is that you would be in the guest room and not my room” he smirked
“Oh,” Chuck blushed.
“You don’t have to”
“Let’s decide when it gets here”
“No Leia cannot sleep in bed with you, she will have stitches and a cone”
“Oh she is going to look so cute in a cone”
“Cute a miserable”
“I love her so much already, what if I don’t get her”
“You are the only one outside of the shelter and me that knows she is available, and Jess has final say, there is no chance she won't be yours. Jess has been doing this since she was sixteen, she is good with finding the perfect home for any animal and the texts you send her hourly checking on Leia are more than enough to prove that”
“I'm already looking at playpens so I can take her to the office with me”
Casey laughed “just don't start carrying her in a purse”
Chuck's phone rang “sorry I have to take this” he answered his phone “Carmichael Nerd Herd this is Chuck how can I help you with your tech repair needs. Hello Mr. Shaw, I’m out on a repair, can I transfer you to Morgan. Thank you have a nice day” He sent Morgan a text to call Mr. Shaw right away or he would be sent to an island alone with no sandwiches.
“You lied”
“It’s nine in the morning and I’m on a coffee date, in public, not talking to him about his porn virus problem, plus everyone except the new guy is being punished for being idiots”
“Sounds like that is a big problem”
“I swear it's ninety percent of our calls, speaking of I have like twenty minute until I have to go install some computers. How about dinner tomorrow, I’d like to cook for you”
“You wanna use my kitchen so you can see Leia?”