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A Crack in the Looking Glass

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“This should be the spot…” mumbled Arcee, staring at the bleeping device in her hand.

“Maybe it’s in here?” The two wheeler glanced up to see her human companion pointing at a small cave. Jack smiled and began walking into the cave. Arcee bent down and began climbing through the small entrance to the cave. Behind her, Bumblebee and Bulkhead transformed, placing their corresponding charges beside them.

“Why would some old cave be setting of Ratchet’s energon detector?” Beeped Bumblebee, moving to follow the others into the cave.

“Maybe its another mine?” Raf stated, running after his yellow companion.

Eventually, all six beings found themselves inside the small cave, glaring at the dead end before them. Arcee growled and hit the bleeping device against her other hand. “Scrap, there’s nothing here!”

All the bots groaned simultaneously, with Bulkhead immediately moving to perch himself on a nearby rock. 20 Earth minutes ago Ratchet had picked up a strange energon signal close to the high school where the bots were waiting to pick up their charges. They had been sent to investigate after Ratchet confirmed the situation to not be dangerous and told that Prime and Smokescreen would join them as soon as they returned from their patrol, with Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack ground bridging with them.
Usually the bots would’ve ground bridged Jack, Miko and Raf back to base before investigating and bought the other bots straight to the location, but recently their energon supplies had been running extremely low. The decepticons were becoming more and more aggressive in their attacks, and it was really taking a toll on the bots. In the last week they had lost all three of the energon mines they had fought so fiercely to protect, dampening the spirits of the entire team, and leaving them with extremely low fuel levels. If this signal did lead them to a new mine, it would be a serious boost to the exhausted team’s morale.

“Maybe it was just some kind of glitch” Bulkhead suggested, slumping over where he sat.

“If it is Bulk, I’m holding you responsible. You probably broke it” Arcee joked, causing those gathered in the cave to laugh. On the ground, Jack spotted a small crack in a nearby wall. Kicking up some dirt, he moved to investigate and found a hole that seemed just about small enough to crawl through. The small tunnel was dark but right at the end the boy swore he could just about make out some kind of metal object.

“Hey guys!” Jack exclaimed, “I think I found something down here”

Interested, the bots began turned around, and Miko and Raf ran up behind Jack to peer into the strange hole.

“What is it?” asked Arcee as she bent down, attempting to see into the hole. It quickly became apparent that none of the bots were small enough to see down the hole, never mind put a hand inside to investigate. Bulkhead hoisted himself up and moved to stand next to Bumblebee, watching as the children all peered into the opening.

“Woah, yeah! There is definitely something in there!” Miko exclaimed, “Come on Bulk, lets smash this rock out the way” The large green bot grinned and transformed his hand into his customary wrecking ball, but was stopped by Arcee before he could move towards the wall.

“How about no. If that’s something valuable and you break it Ratchet will have your head” She explained. “Can you guys see what it is or like reach it?”

“I mean, we could try” said Jack. He bent down, looking apprehensively at the tunnel.

“I can go!” Miko shouted, barging her way past Jack and wriggling into the tunnel with a huge grin plastered to her face. Jack stared after her bewildered and looked to Raf, who simply shrugged before looking back down the hole.

“Can you reach it?” he asked, adjusting his glasses so that he could see the young girl in the dark. Next to him Jack lowered himself once again and peered into the hole.

“Yup, well just about” came a strained voice from inside the tunnel.

“Be careful Miko!” shouted Bulkhead.

“Don’t worry man, I got this” She yelled back, just as she reached the glinting metal. Before her sat a shoebox, size device covered in dust. On one side there was some kind of fan, surrounded by dark purple casing, while the other side just looked like a hunk of metal with a few broken wires sticking out at very precarious angles. “Uh, it looks like some kind of mini engine, I dunno”

Raf shifted at the mouth of the tunnel, attempting to get a better look, while the bots behind him bent down in a futile attempt to figure out what Miko had found.

“Don’t touch it Miko” Jack exclaimed, peering down the tunnel, “it could be dangerous. Let one of the bots get it out!”

“Ah Jack don’t be such a spoil sport” she replied, laughing. Carefully, the girl reached out and touched the device. Nothing happened. The metal was cool to the touch, and her fingers cleared small lines of dust as she ran them across the smooth surface. Eagerly, she grabbed the metal with her other hand and began pulling. Without much resistance, the box was dislodged from its hiding spot, but a few screws fell back into the hole that it had resided in, obviously having come loose during its time in the tunnel.

“Got it!” Miko grinned, rotating the device in her hand. It didn’t look particularly special, but hey, she was the hero of this mission. She quickly shuffled and just about managed to turn around in the enclosed space, only to be met with the curious faces of her fellow humans. Smiling, she lifted the device again and shook it slightly to show the boys, who gave her a thumbs up. Pushing the device along in front of her, she began making her way towards the entrance.

She didn’t hear the click…
And by the time she realised something was happening, it was far too late.

A bright flash of yellow light suddenly filled the tunnel, as the whirl of an engine starting up echoed through the cave. Within a second the light had spread to the front of the tunnel, engulfing both Raf and Jack. Electricity seemed to dance along the children’s’ skin, causing all the hairs on their bodies to stand on end, but before anything could be said or done, the light vanished.


But, so did the children.