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Superhero Therapy

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There was this one particular spot, a couple paces inside the gate that ran all the way around the apartment complex. The spot was a little bit off color from the rest of the brick pathway that circled the building as well. The property management had apparently gone cheap when that part of the ground had gotten damaged, despite how expensive it was to live in the building.


Yoongi had wondered, on more than one occasion, if he could make it to that spot, if he jumped out far enough. It was just a blur of different color from where he was sitting on the edge of the roof of the building, but he thought he probably could.


He’d been thinking about it off and on for a while, since he’d moved into the building after his songs had started selling. It persisted the older he got. He’d thought when he was younger, when he’d first started making headway as a producer, that it would get better. It hadn’t.


 Yoongi gripped the ledge tightly and leaned forward a little bit more and watched that spot. It was pretty late so there weren’t any people down there. There were no entrances to the building by there anyway so the only people who really wondered there were either smokers or the ones who liked the jog around the building rather than the public paths on the roads.


If he did do it, would he even be found until some early jogger ran past at dawn? Maybe someone would see him going down through their window.


“Ahhhh! Hey, watch out!!”


Yoongi jerked in shock, as well as a little bit of fear at the sound of a voice. He’d already been teetering forward and he slipped, a momentary surreal weightlessness settling over him before a body quite literally slammed into his.


The back of his legs hit the side of the building and the impact was enough to knock the breath out of him as he, and whoever had yelled and had somehow managed to get close enough to grab him, went tumbling back onto the roof.


The back of his head banged off the roof and he wheezed, fingers automatically gripping the arms of the person that was now on top of him. There was also a voice, way too loud, right at his ear.


“Oh! Sorry, sorry! I’m not too good at this stuff yet!”


Yoongi pushed at the body and reached around to feel for the back of his head. It was tender, hurt a bit, but at least there wasn’t any blood. Instead of getting off of him, he was dragged up with the other man.


Yoongi managed to get his breath back as they stood and he looked up into a masked face. He tried to squirm out of the others grip, taking several steps back when the man let him go and eyeing him.


“Where did you come from?” He asked incredulously. He’d been alone on the roof a minute ago, he was sure of that.


“Over there,” the masked stranger said, pointing off towards another high rise. He leaned closer again. “You’re cute. Why were you on the ledge anyway?”


Yoongi took another step back, ignoring the comment about his looks. “Why are you wearing a mask? And what the hell does that mean? You came from there.”


“Oh! I have super powers. Look!” He shoved his wrist in Yoongi’s face, not even really letting him look before he did a motion out to the side and something shot from his hand…


“Oh.” Yoongi stared at him a little dumbly for a moment. Honestly, maybe Yoongi should have guessed. There were a lot of those kinds of people running around nowadays. Besides, now that he was thinking more clearly, this guy’s voice sounded familiar.


“What’s your name then?” Yoongi asked, thinking back. Voices were something he was good at recognizing. He’d been listening to people sing or rap every day for years, he could sometimes recognize a person by their voice before he would their face.


The other’s shoulders slumped a bit. “I don’t have one yet. I’m still trying to think one up.”


“Guess you can’t just go with Taehyung, huh?” Yoongi blurted out without thinking.


Yoongi’s own eyes widened and he backed away again. The guy had completely frozen, stock still, lenses on his mask fixed on Yoongi.


“You!” He pointed at Yoongi. “How’d you do that?!”


“I just…recognized your voice,” Yoongi answered after a moment, straightening his back at the accusatory tone, a spark of anger stirring. “Maybe you should grow a bigger brain and get a voice changer, especially when speaking to someone you live in the same building with.”


That was where he’d heard it. Yoongi wasn’t generally a sociable person but this guy was. Yoongi had run into him in the lobby and in the hallways of the complex more than once and he’d always greeted Yoongi like they were friends.


When he pulled the mask off a second later, he was definitely pouting just a bit. “I haven’t been doing this for very long you know,” he pointed out. He tilted his head back with a sigh. “The others are going to kill me.”




Taehyung’s eyes widened. “Oh, no…”


Yoongi shook his head. He really hadn’t been doing it long then. “Well…I’m going to go then,” he said after a moment, shifting, “thanks for…” He trailed off, pursing his lips as he thought about it.

“Almost knocking you off the building?” Taehyung asked, bright smile returning.


“Sure. That.” He backed up again, turning to head for the door.


“Wait! Wait!” Taehyung bounded up to him and Yoongi spun, holding up a hand to keep the boy from getting too far into his personal space. “What’s your name?”


He hesitated a moment before answering, wary. He actually thought about giving his pen name, the one he was credited as on all of his songs but shook that thought away. Then there would be a chance Taehyung would look stuff up…


“…Yoongi.” He said finally, turning to try and leave again.


“Okay!” The boy bounced a bit. “Bye, cute Yoongi!”


Yoongi scowled at him over his shoulder, which only made Taehyung giggle. He could feel how hot his ears were all the way back to his apartment.


He didn’t think about that spot on the pavement for the rest of the night.

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Taehyung knew he was in trouble. He slipped back into the apartment at close to three in the morning with a sense of guilt forming. He hadn’t really thought about it while talking to the man on the roof but outing himself wasn’t a good thing he was pretty sure Namjoon wasn’t going to be happy.


“Where have you been?”


Taehyung jumped, spinning to face Jimin where he was standing in the kitchen doorway. “Just…out.” He hesitated before stepping deeper into the apartment and then stopped short when he spotted the others asleep on the humongous couch in the living room.


He frowned, opened his mouth to ask what was going on but Jimin cut him off, dragging him by the arm towards his bedroom. “They were waiting up.”


“Oh.” Taehyung dropped down on the bed and put his head in his hands with a sigh.


“Something else wrong?”


He grimaced. “I think I messed up.”




Namjoon had been angry, Hoseok could tell, but he’d managed to hide most of it. He’d managed the quell Jin rather well too, who sometimes seemed to forget that Taehyung had only come into his powers less than six months ago. It really wasn’t fair to compare him to Jungkook, who was, yes, two years younger but also had come into his powers two years earlier as well.


Still, it had been reckless and as much as Hoseok thought they couldn’t keep up the secret identities forever, Namjoon was way too visible for that, it was a good idea to do it as long as they could. They needed to do damage control.


“I guess I should go talk to this Yoongi,” Namjoon said after he, Jin, and Hobi had gotten into a room alone.


Hobi shook his head. “Let me do it,” he offered, “no offence, Joon, but you can be a little intimidating at first.”


Namjoon frowned. “I’m intimidating?” He seemed perturbed by the idea.


“Not you, just your image,” Jin said, patting him on the shoulder.


“Yeah, you’re like the least intimidating person in the world after they get past that,” Hobi added cheerfully.


Namjoon rolled his eyes and crossed his arms. “Thanks,” he said dryly. “You sure you can handle it?”


“Come on. Who’s more sociable than me?”


A few minutes later, he walked out of the room to find the three youngest sitting on the couch together. Taehyung shot up when Hobi came out and went over to him, worry in his expression.


“I really am sorry,” he said.


“I know,” Hobi said. He gestured back to where he came from. “You do know why they’re really angry, right? They just don’t want you getting hurt.” Taehyung had been the newest member of Namjoon’s little group of mutants and such but he had quickly fit in, slotting himself into their lives like he’d always been there.


Taehyung nodded, and if anything looked even guiltier. “It’ll be alright,” Hobi said, dragging him into a hug. He made sure Jungkook and Jimin were sufficiently distracting the kid before he left.


It had been easy enough to get the apartment number he needed. It was also close to noon as well so he was sure that it wasn’t an inappropriate time to knock on someone’s door. However, it took a bit for the door to be answered, long enough that Hobi thought about leaving before the door was jerked open and he was met with a disgruntled looking man who had obviously just woken up despite how late it was.


Adorable, was Hobi’s first thought at the sight of the man. He obviously hadn’t made an effort to be presentable before coming to the door. His hair was a mess, he was wearing an oversized sweater that nearly came down to the end of his shorts and he was barefoot.


Hobi grinned. Tae’s earlier assessment that he was cute was obviously completely true. “Hi! My name is Hoseok. Are you Yoongi?”


He looked startled, then wary, and didn’t open his door further. “What do you want?” the question was abrupt, rude but didn’t dim Hobi’s smile.


“I just came to talk. You met my friend? Taehyung?”


If anything Yoongi just tensed further. “You…look, I’m not going to say anything. If you’re worried or something…”


Hobi waved his hands, recognizing what sort of wariness he was seeing. “I’m not going to threaten you or anything, promise. I just want to talk.” He put the sincerity he really meant into the words and Yoongi eyed him for a moment.


He still seemed incredibly wary but stepped back and opened the door wider. Hobi took the invitation and followed Yoongi into the apartment. It was much like the rest of the apartments in the complex, like theirs, only this one was smaller as it only had one bedroom.


He watched Yoongi put tea on after he sat at the island. “You really are cute,” he said with a wider grin when he watched Yoongi scrub a hand through is already mussed hair.


He turned and glared at Hobi. “Are you making fun of me?”


Hobi frowned. “No. Why would I do that? Especially since I came here to make friends.”


Yoongi looked startled again. “Friends?”


“Yeah. Why not? You know a secret that not many people know already and I think I’d like to be your friend.”


Yoongi looked so utterly bewildered by this statement that Hobi’s smile started to slip. “You don’t know me,” he pointed out.


“That’s how you make friends. Get to know someone.”


If anything, Yoongi looked even warier than he had when he’d thought Hobi had come to threaten or maybe hurt him. “Right. And when you decide you don’t like the person you’ve gotten to know?”


Hobi tilted his head. “I don’t think that’ll happen.” He didn’t know how he knew that but he was pretty sure of himself on it.




“You’ve already said you won’t out Taehyung’s secret,” Hobi pointed out. “I’d say that puts you ahead of a lot of people.”


Yoongi just shrugged and looked him over. “What about you?”


Hobi hesitated, watching him. The fact that he would be working with Taehyung, and Yoongi already knew that secret was the deciding factor. He stood and walked to the side until he could reach out and grab Yoongi’s hand, pulling him towards the center of the living room.


Yoongi automatically tried to pull back at first, a protest forming on his lips until Hobi let go of his hand and proceeded to sweep him up into a bridal carry. He flailed for a moment before latching onto Hobi’s neck and Hobi had a brief thought that even if he didn’t have a super strength, this man would have been easy to lift up into his arms.


“What are you…?!” The angry exclamation was cut off when Yoongi realized they were rising. “Oh…”


Hobi rose up until his hair brushed the ceiling and then brought his legs up so that he was sitting cross-legged in the air with Yoongi in his lap. “Cool, right?”


“You shouldn’t grab people like that,” Yoongi answered, but the sharpness of the statement was softened by the obvious awe of being in the air without anything holding him up.


Hobi laughed, and lowered them back down. Yoongi stepped back, pulling his crumpled sweater back down and looking a little embarrassed for some reason. Hobi’s earlier assessment of how adorable this man was seemed even truer.


“See? We will be friends,” Hobi said, reaching forward to squish Yoongi’s cheeks, laughing again when Yoongi slapped his hands away.


He left the other man’s apartment with a determination that that would not be the last they saw of each other.

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Usually, Yoongi did not like the rain. He tended to get cold very easily, and he didn’t really understand why anyone would like walking around in wet jeans. Still, he hadn’t gotten up when the first drops of rain had started from where he’d been lying on the roof.


It was late and he hadn’t been able to sleep no matter what he did. Insomnia happened every once in a while but he would never get used to it. He thought about getting up when the water started to soak through the sweatshirt and jeans he’d worn out, groaning at the thought of holing himself up in his apartment again, alone, unable to sleep…


He put his hands on his face, squeezing his eyes shut. The only other option would be going back to his studio. Locking himself inside and maybe getting lucky enough to lose himself in the music for a while.


He was good at that, at least. It was the only thing he was good at, but the lead feeling in his gut remained because he’d be alone there too. His thoughts slipped back to the pavement below, to the walkway and he wondered if he’d be able to see it in the rain.


He bit the inside of his cheek and forced himself not to move. It was his own fault he was alone, anyway. The rain was cold and he could feel the goose bumps on his arms. He also wasn’t so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice it when the rain abruptly stopped.


Dropping his hands, Yoongi stared up at the person standing over him. He noticed the almost shimmering red that surrounded the two of them and he jerked into a sitting position. It acted as a sort of force-field, keeping the rain out and Yoongi couldn't help but to watch the way the rain slid off for several seconds. 


“You okay?” The stranger asked, dropping down to sit as well. Except…not a complete stranger. He’d seen this guy before, hadn’t he? Just a day ago, in fact. He’d been walking beside Hoseok the last time Yoongi had seen him, that time Yoongi had practically fled when Hoseok had waved at him and called to him enthusiastically.


“You’re all terrible at keeping your secrets,” he blurted out, squeezing his forearms with the opposite hands because that had been rude.


The man simply shrugged. “Well, you already know one, there’d be no point in hiding the others when we’re all going to be working together.” He tilted his head. “You are Yoongi, right? I’m Jimin!”


“Why are you out here?” Yoongi asked, curling further in on himself. He dug his fingernails into his arms, thinking about how just a minute ago he’d been so lonely and how it was his own fault, really.


“I was curious. Taehyung said you were out here when he met you.” Then he frowned and reached for Yoongi. He was a little too surprised at the touching to stop Jimin from prying his fingers away from his arm.


Yoongi blinked down at his arms, at the marks he’d left behind. “Are you okay?” Jimin asked again, still holding his hand and looking so concerned that it made something tighten in Yoongi’s chest.


“I’m fine.” He stood, jerking away from Jimin’s touch and made to leave. Jimin called for him but he didn’t turn.




Jimin bounced on the balls of his feet in the type of excess energy usually reserved for Jungkook or Taehyung and knocked on the door. He’d talked to Hobi about what had happened on the roof and had come up with a plan, first having to convince the other boy that he could do it alone.


He hadn’t liked all of what he had seen. Yoongi had been lying in the rain, obviously cold. He’d seemed unaware that he’d been hurting himself. Hobi had relayed how bewildered he’d seemed when Hobi wanted to be his friend. Jimin doubted it was just because Hobi could come across a little too…enthusiastic about things sometimes.


When the door opened, Yoongi’s eyes widened at the sight of him and he gripped his door a little tighter. He had changed into a sweater and shorts and Hobi had been right. He was cute.


“Hello,” he said, looking a little dubiously at Jimin, wary even.


“Hi.” Jimin held out the dish he’d been holding towards him. “I made these for you.”


Yoongi stared down at the small treats in the dish for a second before looking up at him. “Cookies.” He looked confused now and Jimin nodded, pushing them towards him.


“I made them for you,” he repeated. “Come on, you have to take them now. They’re a gift.”


Yoongi hesitated before reluctantly doing so. “Why?”


Jimin shrugged, didn’t say because it had seemed like Yoongi had been sad when he’d met him and he’d wanted to do something. “We’re neighbors, right?” That wasn’t technically true since their apartments were a couple of floors separated from each other, but still.


Yoongi looked down for just a second. “Did you…are you going to come in?” He looked a little uncomfortable saying it and Jimin opened his mouth, ready to say no because he didn’t want Yoongi to invite him in just because he felt obligated when his power told him something else about the man in front of him.


Jimin couldn’t always control it and he wasn’t even sure what all he could do with it. Somebody once had told him that he had the potential to be extremely powerful. Jimin didn’t know if that was true but he did know that one of the abilities he disliked the most was the one where he could manipulate people’s fears.


That was the one he had the least amount of control over and right at that moment, he just knew that Yoongi was both afraid that he’d say no, and afraid that he’d say yes. For a moment, Jimin was taken back to when he’d first met Jungkook, and how the kid had been both terrified of being alone, as well as terrified of people.


“Okay,” is what he finally said because if that were the case, then in the long run it would be better if he went inside?


Yoongi set the pan down on the kitchen island after they’d made it there and turned to look at Jimin, scrutinizing him. “How many are there?”


“Why?” Jimin sat down on a stool.


Yoongi shrugged, went to retrieve a drink for Jimin. “I’m just wondering if the rest are as intrusive as you.” It was said lightly, and Jimin didn’t take it to be as rude as the words themselves implied.


Jimin grinned as he thought about Jin. “At least one of them is.” He also doubted Namjoon would wait much longer before wanting to meet Yoongi. He was the one who had vowed to keep them safe, after all.


“Don’t worry about it; I’m sure they’ll like you.”


Yoongi looked down, pulling his sleeves over his fingertips and twisting them. “Why do you all keep saying things like that?”


Jimin shrugged. “You seem likable enough.”


Yoongi’s gaze snapped up and there was something in it that made Jimin pause. “I’m not. Really.”


“I mean, other people really decide that, don’t they?”


Yoongi’s lips thinned and there was a flash of something that Jimin thought might be pain in his eyes. “They already did.”


Jimin leaned forward. “Well I didn’t. I like you enough so far.” He paused, let that sink in, and then changed the subject, not saying anything about the relief he saw in Yoongi’s expression.

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Yoongi’s hands trembled.

He noticed it when halfway between his studio and the apartment complex and for a brief moment considered running straight back to the studio where the door locked and he wouldn’t have to ride in an elevator or run up several flights of stairs to reach.

He stood still for several seconds, that buzzing under his skin growing at his indecision and he thought for sure he was going to have a breakdown right there, in the middle of the sidewalk. He turned, intending on trying to run back to the complex, maybe go around to the side of the building after he got through the gate so people would be less likely to see him, and slammed right into someone.

He staggered, almost fell and was caught. He blinked several times at the brightly colored button up in front of his eyes, the colors blending together.

It was getting harder to breathe and without thinking he reached forward and tangled his fingers into the shirt. There was a part of him that knew this was going to make it worse, that when the person in front of him pushed him out of their personal space he’d be alone to drift again.


There was a part of him that, of course, wanted to remind him that this was a stranger but this kind of attack was usually helped by something grounding him and he rarely had that. He was alone too much, didn’t trust anyone enough…

Nobody ever stayed. So, he was surprised when hands gripped his shoulders and it was sort of like stepping from those moving ramps to the solid ground. He looked up and the man was talking to him but he couldn’t make out the words through the blood rushing in his ears.


Yoongi vaguely recognized him, or some part of him did although at the moment he couldn’t figure where he recognized the guy from. He did recognize actual concern on the guy’s face, though, and then he was being pulled into a building.


His free hand balled into a fist, fingernails digging into his palm. He tried to focus on other things, like the hands still on his shoulders, the murmur of the man’s voice, the button on his shirt that his other hand was fisted in.


When he was finally able to get his breathing under control, he stumbled back, away. His fingers and shoulders felt stiff and achy from the tension and he opened and closed his fists several times to ease it a bit.


“Are you alright?”


Right. The guy. Yoongi flushed, shame crawling up in him at having an attack in front of a stranger. “I’m fine,” he mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest and taking another step back. He’d been sweating during the attack and now felt a chill.


Also, now Yoongi knew where he’d seen this guy before and he stiffened up again. He hadn’t just had an attack in front of a stranger. He turned a bit to look around, finally realizing where he was as well.


He’d walked past this building almost every day on his way home. The remodeling and construction had been a pretty big news story lately. “Shit,” he said out loud, scrubbing a hand over his face.


“Do you want to use the bathroom or something before you leave?”


Yoongi turned back to him. He still looked genuinely concerned. “I…yes, alright. Thanks.”


He smiled, showing off the dimples that women loved to gush about online and in magazines. “I’m Namjoon.”


Yoongi sighed. “I know.”




Yoongi practically stuck his whole head under the faucet. The bathroom he was standing in wasn’t the type of public restroom he had been expecting but a private one with large, expensive looking accommodations.


Not really surprising, since he was in Kim Namjoon’s building. His face still burned from embarrassment over breaking down in front of the man. His company was probably the biggest in Seoul, not just for tech.


In fact, they actually owned BigHit, which was one of the entertainment companies Yoongi had produced songs for. Yoongi was used to being around pop stars, but Namjoon was apparently some genius who had invented legitimate technological marvels.


He straightened and picked up one of the towels on the shelving beside the sink to dry off. When the knock came on the door, he took a deep breath, and squeezed the towel in his hands after opening it.


Namjoon, however, actually looked sheepish as he held out a hoodie. “I thought you could wear this home? If you’re cold?”


Even before Yoongi took it from him, he could tell it would be too big. He didn’t say anything about it, though. “Thank you.”


Namjoon smiled again, and looked entirely too awkward for someone Yoongi had seen give speeches at dozens of press events. “I just…want to make sure you’re okay.”




“Well, I mean…” Namjoon fumbled a bit. “I was just worried. And Taehyung, Hobi, and Jimin all like you so…”


Yoongi startled at that, staring at him. “You’re one of the Jimin’s…friends?” He asked, unable to keep the incredulity out of his voice.


Namjoon nodded. “Yeah.” He straightened then, and, for a moment, the awkwardness left. “I should let you know that I’m protective of them too.”


“You don’t say,” Yoongi said dryly. If the way he had reacted to a virtual stranger was anything to go by, he wouldn’t doubt that Namjoon was very protective. “I’m not going to say anything.”


“Great. I’ll just…” He left then, back to the fumbling and shook his head a bit. He finished cleaning up and then pulled the hoodie over his head. It was a bit big on him, the sleeves almost coming down to his fingertips but it was nice, anyway.




Namjoon fidgeted as he waited, leaning against the reception counter. He’d felt a little out of his depth when he’d first ran into Yoongi on the street but he could also see why Jimin, Taehyung, and Hobi all seemed so endeared by the man.  


Namjoon had been too, and he was even more so when the bathroom door opened and Yoongi stepped out in his hoodie. It was too big for him, coming down to his mid thigh and giving him sweater paws.


He wasn’t usually one to squeal over cute things like Hobi was, but he was tempted to right then.


“Thank you for…” Yoongi said when he stopped in front of Namjoon. He gestured awkwardly before turning and starting away.


“Wait!” Namjoon called. “Thank you for not saying anything.”


Yoongi turned back and raised an eyebrow. “You really think you’ll be able to hide with how famous you are?”


Namjoon shrugged. “Probably not. But why make it easy for them?”


For the first time since Namjoon had met him, Yoongi smiled and Namjoon was pretty sure if Jin were here, he’d be squishing Yoongi’s cheeks.


“I don’t know. You guys pretty easily outed yourselves with me,” he pointed out. He turned again, started away. “You should be more careful,” he said in parting.


“Yeah.” He supposed they should but he already doubted that he would regret Yoongi knowing.

Chapter Text

Rough fingers snatched at his hair, pulling him back in a painful manner when he’d tried getting away. There were three of them, all bigger than him, and he’d been stupid, walking down these alleys to get away from the people heading home from work.


There were bursts of agony along his scalp but he didn’t really fight it when a hand dug in his pockets until they found his wallet. He caught himself on his hands and knees, tearing his jeans and scraping his palms when they pushed him down and then rolled when one of them kicked him in the side.


It hurt and he was shoved onto his back, wondered if they were angry because his money was in the bank, not in his wallet. They loomed over him and then….something happened. It was a bit like something invisible hitting them except there was…something there. A blur of color.


He stared up as they were each knocked down and then another person appeared, seemingly out of nowhere in their place. Yoongi pressed his hand to his aching ribs and stared up at the stranger.


He vaguely recognized the boy, had seen him around the apartment complex, probably with one of the others he had already met and he wondered how many there were. The two he had had real conversations with hadn’t said.


“Can you turn invisible?” He asked, not even surprised. The boy crouched.


“Um. No, it’s not that.” He paused, looking Yoongi over and then setting his wallet in his free hand. “Are you okay?”


“I just have bad luck,” he grumbled, sitting up with a wince, and staring down at the three men that had been knocked out around them. He inspected the scrapes on his hands and grimaced. They stung, but he wasn’t seriously injured.


“Um.” The boy rocked back and forth, biting his lip. “I’m going to…” He didn’t finish before he put an arm under Yoongi’s bent knees and the other around his back and then stood with Yoongi in his arms.


Yoongi yelped when the movement jarred the bruises he knew were forming on his ribcage. “What the hell are you doing?” What was it with these people?


“I just want to help,” the boy said with a pout. “You might want to close your eyes.”


Yoongi opened his mouth to ask, or to demand to be put down when the world blurred around him. He scrambled a bit to hold on, arms going around the boy’s shoulders, his stomach turning. He squeezed his eyes shut as suggested but it didn’t fully quell the nausea.


The ride only lasted a few seconds, though, but it took Yoongi a little bit longer to realize that they had stopped, and when he opened his eyes, he was in an apartment. It was set up enough like his own for him to realize it was in the same building, only it was much bigger.


The boy did not put him down and Yoongi was almost grateful for that. He was pretty sure his knees would have given out after that.


“Sorry,” he said, sheepish smile on his face, “everyone says it’s disorienting the first time.” He walked towards the kitchen, at a normal pace, thankfully.


“Put me down,” Yoongi said through gritted teeth when he spotted another person already in there, and then flushed when the boy did so, only instead of standing him upright, he sat him down on one of the counters. It was high enough that Yoongi’s feet dangled.


“He’s hurt,” the boy said to the other person and the other turned to him. Yoongi’s eyes narrowed.


“Hello,” he said with a grin despite how Yoongi had never met him and was now sitting on his kitchen counters, “I’m Jin.”


“Oh!” The boy who had carried Yoongi said, smiling and scratching the back of his head. “I’m Jungkook.”


Jin lightly slapped Jungkook on the back of his head. “You’re carrying someone around you didn’t even introduce yourself to?”


“Sorry,” Jungkook shrugged.


“Why did you bring me here?” Yoongi cut in, scowling. These people were way too friendly for guys who wanted to keep secret identities. They were all going to be terrible at it.


Jungkook pouted at Jin and he sighed before stepping forward. Yoongi, a little warily, let him take his hand and some sort of warmth swept over him. He stared as the scrapes on his palms healed, leaving his pale skin looking as if they’d never been there. The pain along his ribcage was gone as well.


Yoongi looked up at him with wide eyes and Jin grinned at him. “Hobi and Taehyung were right. You are adorable.”


Yoongi felt his face heating up. “You’re all idiots,” he said after a moment.


“Hey! Is that anyway to talk to people who saved you and healed you?!” There was a good deal of mock outrage in his voice and Yoongi snorted.


“It is if it’s the truth.”


Jin crossed his arms. “And here I was going to offer to let you stay for dinner.”


Yoongi was about to open his mouth to tell him that he hadn’t wanted to in the first place but Jungkook was in his personal space again, hopping around like an excited puppy and grinning at him.


“Yeah. Jin makes great food! You should stay.”


Yoongi heard the door open behind them before he could refuse. He wasn’t even sure if he would have in the face of Jungkook’s expression. This boy was the adorable one, for sure, and it was really Yoongi who was the idiot.


“Ah! Yoongi!”


That was the only warning he got before he grunted as another body hit his and Taehyung wrapped his arms around him. Yoongi’s blush deepened further and he tried to pry Taehyung off of him but the boy was way too strong.


“Get off me,” he ordered, trying to wrench himself out of Taehyung’s grasp. When he succeeded, he was met with the rest of the boys he had met over the last weeks as well.


“Yoongi,” Namjoon greeted, a smile on his face, “are you staying for dinner?”


Yoongi’s gaze slid over all of them, and if it was hard to turn down the proposal from just Jungkook, it was damned near impossible to do it with all six of them looking at him.


“There aren’t more of you, are there?” He asked suspiciously, glancing around the apartment. “I mean, there aren’t any others hiding out somewhere?”


Hoseok laughed loudly and came over, slinging an arm around Yoongi’s shoulders and steering him towards the dining table. “Nope. Just us.”


Yoongi grumbled a bit but let him push him into one of the seats. When Jimin and Taehyung sat on both sides of him and smiled brightly at him, like they were just so happy he was there, he squirmed in his seat and looked down at his hands.


It was weird considering that they didn’t really know him, but also made something warm expand in his chest. He was only worried that those smiles would dim once they actually got to know him.

Chapter Text

Yoongi hesitated as he reached the apartment door, hesitated in raising his hand to knock. Maybe it was a bad idea, coming here. He pulled the sleeves of his sweatshirt over his fingers and sighed. Coming here had been a last second, spontaneous decision.


His chest still felt a little tight from the anxiety that had been thrumming through him all day and he hadn’t slept the night before. He’d agreed to help produce BigHit’s new boy band’s debut album and that was stress inducing, sure, but it was really more than that. He could do the music.


He liked to tell others that he didn’t like to be around people much, that a job where he could lock himself in a studio with just the music and very little human contact was fine, the best one for him actually but…


But sometimes…sometimes it made him feel suffocated, worse, kind of like a ghost. He didn’t have anybody who cared about more than his ability to produce a good song in a short amount of time. If he stopped, or couldn’t do it anymore for some reason, nobody would care about him.


He was only worth his music.


Except…except for when he had sat down for dinner with six people who had no clue what his job even was, who had grinned at him and listened to him talk and laughed when he bit out some sarcastic or deprecating quip.


He’d thought before that he didn’t need that.




So, what the hell was that relief when he spun at the call and saw Hoseok and Namjoon walking towards him. “Hello,” he said, nervous again because he’d come here and they had said he could but there was still a chance that they had changed their mind, wasn’t there?


Hoseok didn’t even ask, however, simply came over, right up into his personal space and slung an arm around his shoulders while Namjoon took out his keys to get the door opened. “Hey! I’m glad you’re here. We went to get some movies. Come on.”


He pulled Yoongi inside and Yoongi didn’t shrug him off. The touch made him feel a little strange, made his face heat up a little, but it also felt nice and he hadn’t realized how long it had been since anyone had touched in him in such a friendly manner until these people had bulldozed their way into his life.


Jungkook and Taehyung were in the living room when they got inside, playing some game. They were so focused on it that they didn’t notice them at first.


“Ah!” Taehyung yelled, hitting Jungkook on the shoulders. “No powers!” Then, looking up, “Yoongi!”


Jungkook looked up as well, a grin forming on his face. “Yoongi! Want to play?”


“Got movies, kids,” Hoseok interjected and the two younger ones jumped up to take them and look through them. Jimin and Jin came in a few minutes later and Yoongi ended up squished in between Hosoek and Namjoon on their couch.




Hobi couldn’t help but to glance sideways at Yoongi as the opening credits rolled on the first movie. He was curled in on himself, gaze intent on the screen but was leaning slightly into Hobi and didn’t protest it when Namjoon rested his arm over the back of the couch, low enough that Yoongi’s neck rested against it.


He was cute, but Hobi was pretty sure there was something wrong too. He looked like he hadn’t slept much lately and the conversation they’d had in his apartment when they’d first met, added to other signs and he figured Yoongi didn’t think too highly of himself.


It was kind of sad. He was cute and funny and interesting. He seemed really lonely but that wouldn’t be the case any longer. Hobi and Namjoon had been friends since they were teenagers and the others had come one at a time, each one being adopted into their weird little family.


It didn’t matter that Yoongi didn’t have any powers, even if Namjoon and Hobi had originally been drawn towards helping the others because they each had had powers they couldn’t quite control all that well. It didn’t matter. Hobi felt it, and he could see it in Namjoon’s expression whenever he looked at the man. Yoongi was theirs now.




Near the end of the second movie, there was the warmth in the center of his chest that only expanded outwards when Namjoon looked away from the movie at the two people sleeping on him.


Jungkook was laid out more, half in his lap, half in Taehyung’s. Yoongi had tipped to the side until his head was resting on Namjoon’s shoulder. He wondered, with the dark circles he could see under Yoongi’s eyes, how long it had been since he slept.


Namjoon hadn’t meant for this to happen when he’d first built his suits. He hadn’t anticipated it would end up like this when he’d met Hobi for the first time because he’d been curious about the other flying figure out and about.


He hadn’t set out to practically adopt a group of people with powers but he was happy with the outcome. And this, he was a little surprised at how well Yoongi fit in between them, but he wasn’t unhappy about that either.


It didn’t matter that Yoongi didn’t have any powers. It didn’t matter that they hadn’t actually known him for very long. He was theirs now.




Yoongi woke with a jolt.


It was jarring and at first, a little panic inducing, when he noted the fact that he wasn’t in his bed, or slumped over his desk in his studio, and that he very much was not alone. It took him a few moments to remember why that was and the panic died down.


He blushed, however, furiously, when he tried to move away from Namjoon’s shoulder, only for the man’s arm to tighten around him and pull him closer instead, until his face was pressed into Namjoon’s shirt.


Yoongi stilled, frozen as Namjoon embraced him tightly and he also noticed two other touches. Hoseok had been leaning against him when he woke and was now slumped against his back because of Namjoon pulling him closer and turning him towards him. Jungkook was lying across Namjoon’s lap and had one arm outstretched and thrown across Yoongi’s legs.


It should have been suffocating, it should have been uncomfortable. But, if it had been a long time since anyone had touched him in a friendly manner the way that Hoseok had before, this was an entirely new experience.


He settled as best he could and hesitantly let his fingers run softly through Jungkook’s hair. The others were in similar positions with one another and he wondered if they were always like this. He turned his face into Namjoon’s shirt and had no idea why even as tears formed in his eyes.


He was an anti-social, withdrawn, asshole but he didn’t pull away. He didn’t want to.