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T H E • K E Y


        Kyurem is spoken of in a legend that says it will take people and Pokémon alike into the deep depths of its dark cave and ravage them until there's nothing left of them other than their dry, dry bones.

        But does that really have any truth to it? Did it really happen? Or is it just a kid's tale, that forces children to go back into their homes at sundown and not lay a finger on the outdoor world 'til the dawn of the next day? 

        There really isn't much information on that subject in modern-day matters. Most Trainers simply seek legendary Pokémon, and, well, Pokémon in general, probably just to show off just how lucky they are to have gotten such a rare(possibly), wonderful creature on their side. But there are other people who like to keep them in wilderness, so that they can fulfill that task they have been given upon their entrance into the world... which is good. 

        But why does Kyurem's tale specifically state that it simply 'eats' other living creatures? It didn't seem right. It didn't seem finished. 

        Unless that was a blatant excerpt from the full legend... 

        If Kyurem is relatively tame... then it must not be true, that 'legend'. Could it? At one part, yes... because a hungry animal is always the most dangerous. At one point everything would quiet down, reach the state of tranquility... and everything always comes to an end.


        There were bits and pieces of iron and glinting shards all around the place. A big meteor had most likely crashed down and broken into bits, seeing as there was a big crater in the middle of the small forest. The foliage around the area had been reduced to crusted-up pieces of ice, if not crushed under the pressure of what came with said iron boulder. Trees had also been knocked down from the wind that came with the meteor.

        Amidst all of the crystalized plants, a big, grey dragon laid in the crater of the crash site. Its body had been caked in a layer of dust and residue, though very small bits of ice had been forming on certain areas of its physique. A lemon-yellow horn had protruded out of its forehead, and all the while, a veil of mist had surrounded its imperfect figure.

        As if on cue, its eyes had fluttered open, and it bellows loudly, causing the nearby creatures to flee from the sound of its voiceーbut that meant that it was in pain. It felt that its wing had been bent the wrong wayーand sure enough, it was mangled... it was very broken.

        It stands up with a stagger, its eyes scanning the area ever-so-slowly.

        And there, it spots a Piloswine, cowering in fear under a fallen tree. It was hiding something.

        The dragon instinctively licked its lips, glaring over at the Pokémon with a small growl escaping its beak. It took a step forward, and the Piloswine had elicited a small, meek whimper. Behind it was a trio of smaller Piloswine.

        So it had kids... interesting.

        The reptile roars, calling up a hurricane of icy wind and spikes that erupted from the cold, hard ground. It had trapped the family of Pokémon, allowing them no escape. After all, this was a perfect meal... what would a hungered dragon want more than a family of scared, trembling meat? It would have a feast... it would tear the unlucky ones from limb to limb, listening to their cries and wails of pain as parts of them had been crunched down, bloodied up, by a pair of sharp, jagged jaws...

        The Piloswine squeal in terror, running to one side of the pillars of icicles surrounding that small part of the forest like a cage. Attempting to escape the area, the mother Piloswine of the group claws at the smallest ice pillar, though it was too strong to be toppled down.

        So the draconic creature takes a step toward the small group of juvenile Pokémon. It lifts its leg and slams its foot down on the first child. The dragon hears a shriek of pain, which it enjoyed. It moves its chops down and crunches down on its small abdomen. Blood spills everywhere, and its taste to the dragon had been rather pleasing.

        The small Piloswine's mother looks back, and seeing its child being ravaged, it instinctively charges toward the large reptilian creature. The grey being lets go of the youngling and impales the creature with Glaciate, shutting it up for good. Its guts spill everywhere and blood decorates the icicle from which it was stabbed with.

        So it continues devouring the children, before finally moving on to the biggest of the group...





        A little after three hundred years have passed. More ice had grown on the dragon's body, and the small bits of ice on its face had turned into some sort of mask, which covered its forehead and the sides of its face. Two icy protrusions had gone out of the upper sides of its head, as if mimicking horns of some sort. Its wings had fully been covered in ice too, as well as its shoulders having done so as well(honestly, it had the likeness of a harness). Accents of ice had adorned parts of its tail and bits of its neck, and light blue particles had been growing on its back. 

        It looked more... complete, now. Like how it was supposed to be.

        At this time, humans and other people had been travelling to the dragon's cave. And they had given it a name... Kyurem. And Kyurem found out that it was a male, apparently.

         He had been feared by the same ones who had given him his name. How pathetic.

        Actually, where he resided had a title, too. They called it the Giant Chasm. 

        Other than those events passing, time had passed by like a dart being flung into the distance. Kyurem's gotten more bored and bored. He finds the Pokémon there as monotonous and staple; not even the Ditto tasted good anymore. But Kyurem's had his fair share of them. He simply stopped eating them because, yes, he got tired of them, but he also stopped because their population in that certain area had begun to diminish greatly.

        Kyurem's gotten bored of seeing humans run away at a simple sight of him, but he doesn't do anything but look at them. Though he had experienced a state of peace for awhile, he really doesn't know what else to do but sit around, chase the Pokémon in the area, and knock down trees he saw fit to.

        He then finds that a town had been founded nearby some time ago. Lacunosa Town. Perhaps he can venture there and see what goes on...