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Living in a Hanahaki Haze

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There was a knock at the door of Classroom 1-A. The door opened to reveal Principal Nezu.

“Hello, Aizawa. Would you mind if I talked to your class for a moment?” He asked.

“Yeah, whatever.” He grunted, already slumping over to his desk. The class could hear the rustle of his sleeping bag as he zipped himself in. “Wake me up when you’re done.”

“That’s perfect. I was hoping to get to know your students.” A red headed man walked in behind Principal Nezu. He was wearing a green sweater vest over a pink floral print shirt. He smiled at the class as hushed murmurs erupted amongst the students. Even Aizawa shot upright in his sleeping bag to eye the new guy.

“Who the hell are you?” Bakugo asked.

“Bakugo! You can’t talk to a guest like that!” Iida was quick to chide. Bakugo scowled back at him, making Iida cower back.

“That’s alright. It’s quite a reasonable reaction considering all that your class has been through.” That made the class erupt into more chatter. Nezu raised his paws to silence them.

“Let me introduce you to Mr. Kuchinashi. Given that your last few months here at UA, the school thought it would be wise to hire a counselor.” Principal Nezu announced.

“Maybe, he can work out Bakugo’s anger management problems.” Denki whispered loudly to Kirishima. Bakugo snapped around, slamming his hands on his desk.

“I heard that!” Bakugo snapped. Denki flinched.

“Come on, Bakubro. It’ll be good for us.” Kirishima said smiling.

Bakugo scoffed “Don’t call me that!”


“Be quiet!” Aizawa cut in. Kuchinashi smiled at him. He walked over to the front of the classroom and offered Aiwaza a hand.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Aizawa. I’ve heard a lot about you from the news.” Aizawa only grunted in response while staring up at him. Kuchinashi’s grin faltered. “Maybe, we can have a talk sometime.”

Aizawa slowly blinked. “...Have I seen you somewhere before?”

Kuchinashi shoved his hand into his pants pocket, his smile completely falling. He recovered with a shake of his head and faced the class. “Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you all. I look forward to having a deep, meaningful talk with each of you. Together, I hope we can sort out any wayward emotions you guys feel and find a healthy resolution for them.”

“We would like each of you to start seeing Mr. Kuchinashi on a regular basis. For now, I’d like each of you to spend some time getting acquainted with him one in one.” Nezu looked around at the students before stopping on Midoriya. “Midoriya, would you like to be the first?”

“What? Me?” He blinked. “Yes sir!” He quickly got up. Kuchinashi directed him out the door and down the hall to a small office. “Here’s where we’ll be meeting for now on.” Kuchinashi supplied.

The office was sparse with only a desk with two comfy chairs on either side. Behind them was a large window filtering in the midday sunshine. Kuchinashi gestured for Midoriya to sit.

“So, Midoriya. I want you to understand that anything you say will be completely confidential. I want you to put your trust in me so that we can help foster a healthier you. Do you understand?” Midoriya nodded. “Good. Now, let me explain how my counseling sessions work.”

Kuchinashi walked up to Midoriya. His hand hovered over Midoriya’s forehead as if to take his temperature. “My quirk allows me to establish an empathic link to my clients when I touch them. If I may?”

Midoriya nodded again. “Go ahead.” Kuchinashi pressed his hand to Midoriya’s forehead. Midoriya sucked in a breath as he was stricken with a strange, uncomfortable sensation almost as if something was writhing inside of him. Midoriya stiffened up, gripping the seat under him, as his skin crawled.

“Hey. Hey now. Relax.” Kuchinashi coaxed him. “My powers can be uncomfortable at first, but the feeling will pass in a few moments.”

Just as he said that, the strange feeling was gone, replaced by a wave of calm content. “I’m projecting some my emotions onto you. Now whatever you feel, I’ll feel.”

“That’s...a little unsettling.” Midoriya chuckled nervously.

“But, I find it’s one of the most effective ways to reach my clients. How about we start with something easy to ease you into it?” Kuchinashi asked. “How about you tell me about some of the people here? Who do you admire?”

“Well, that’s easy! All Might!” Midoriya felt a surge of excitement well in him at the thought of his favorite hero. “He’s been my hero since I was a kid! He’s so awesome, and it’s an honor that we’re able to have him as one of our teachers. There’s so much-“

“I was referring more towards your classmates.” Kuchinashi cut sternly.

“Oh.” Midoriya chuckled embarrassed. “Sorry. There’s Iida and Uraraka who are the best friends I’ve ever had.” A soft fondness came to mind at the thought of then. “And, there’s Kacchan who’ve I’ve been... friends?” Midoriya felt unsure on that one.

“Go on.”

“Well, there’s Todoroki. After the school festival, he’s really opened up...some. I feel like we’ve really become good friends though!” A small flip in Midoriya’s stomach betrayed him though.

Kuchinashi raised an eyebrow. “Just a friend?”

“What?! I-I mean yes of course!” Midoriya stuttered. “He’s Just a good friend, and I admire him a lot!”

“Oh?” Kuchinashi looked interested. “And what do you admire about him?”

“Well...” Midoriya blushed thinking about it. He didn’t know why he felt a strange but not unpleasant twist in his stomach as he went over what he liked about Todoroki. His strength. His determination. His drive.

It didn’t help that he was cute.

Midoriya blushed harder at the thought. Why was he thinking that? And now, of all times?

Kuchinashi pulled his hand away. “I think that’s all for now. Please tell Aizawa to send on the next student.”

“Right!” Midoriya quickly said.

“Why don’t you have Nezu send your “good friend” in next?” Kuchinashi said in a teasing tone. Midoriya let out a small squeak, practically bolting for the door in embarrassment.

When he was back out into the hallway, he let out a breath. He shook his head, trying to shake a squirming feeling in his chest.