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Blood's Beauty

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He should be used to this by now. Izuku thought as he patted down the long hallways, footsteps as silent as a mouse. His eyes shot back and forth checking every nook and cranny of the suffocating hall.

His tiny fist were curled up tightly to keep them from trembling as he drew near his destination. Wedging his lip in between his teeth, he made his way over to the large door that waited at the end of the hall.

Letting out a trembling breath, he raised his little fist and rapped on the door. Then lowering his fist and taking a few steps back away from the door as footsteps drew near.

The door flew open a little too harshly as a figure loomed in the door frame. A man who looked to be in his late 20's stood there watching Izuku with black piercing eyes. His hair was a mess of tar-black curls that glimmered in the light from the room behind him as he sported an undercut. His face was splattered with freckles mixed with a sharp jawline.

He was dressed formally in a white button-up dress shirt under a black vest. Black dress pants were matched with his shoes as he rolled up his sleeves to his elbows.

"Come, we don't have all day."

The man huffed as he turned on his heel and walked back into the room. Licking his lips, Izuku scurried after the man not wanting to test his patience.

The further into the room they walked the more fear spiked down Izuku's spine, as the room left memories he wished to forget. He's only been in this room a few times when the man has called for him, but he'd rather never step foot in the place again. The room was mainly bare with dark gray walls and wooden floors with different shelves and desk stocked with different items he didn't understand. Some included what looked like different plants and rock, to eyes and small creatures.

No Izuku didn't like this room. Not one bit.

The man came to a stop in front of a large circle in the center of the room that Izuku's seen once or twice before. The circle was traced in strange symbols and letters he couldn't understand but their aura was warm. Like they were a burning ember ready to be turned to flame.

The man turned back to Izuku, his eyes cold and calculating, that made Izuku squirm where he stood. Picking at his fingers behind his back he waited for the man to speak, anything to get away from the black eyes that screamed 'Danger'.

The man licked his lips in thought before walking up to Izuku and crouching down on one knee to look at him. The man seemed to study him for a moment longer before his face broke out in a wide smirk that made the hairs prickle on the back of his neck.

"Izuku," The name felt wrong on his tongue "Tell me, do you want a quirk?"

Izuku's eyes jumped wide, lashes brushing his cheeks as his mouth gaped at him. A quirk? It was impossible. Izuku was diagnosed quirkless at the age of 4 due to the extra joint in his pinky toe.

"Q-quirk? That's not possible, I'm quirkless, S-sir"

Izuku bit down on his bottom lip as it quivered slightly. The man's eyes felt way to heavy to the point he thought his knees might buckle. The man simply chuckled at his response, tiny flame flickered to life in his throat, smoke curling around his lips.

"But what if I could give you something... More."



Letting out a long sigh Kaiser made his way through the twisty halls of the base to the long corridor. He sucked in a breath and held it in as he walked up to the door and paused.

Letting out a long groan his thoughts jump to the damn bet he made with Isu. They played a round of poker last nights of who had the honors to wake up sleeping beauty. But karmas a bitch and now here he is.

And that's an understatement.

Now Kaiser wouldn't consider himself anything special, much more plain than anything, which is one of the reasons this was gonna be hell. Everyone knew of the so-called 'Blood Rose'. The famous villain known for their skill and abilities, not to mention the way they taunted the heroes.

But if like himself, you were high enough in the ranks to be trusted with certain information, you grow to see things differently. Like how he stands here now about to knock on the door of the very same villain that could slit his throat before he could even blink.


Managing to rip himself away from his thoughts Kaiser knocked on the door and waited with growing nerves. Total silence filled the halls as he waited for any sound of movement from the other side of the door.

When nothing came he knock on the door a few more times before he caught the sound of ruffling sheets. Backing up quickly as the sound of grumbling gibberish came from the door before it slammed open.

And he choked.

In the doorway, a boy stood about a good few inches shorter than him, but that's not what caught him off guard. The boy's black t-shirt hung off his shoulder on his small curvy frame that was absolutely adorned with freckles and scars on his milky skin.

His face was heart-shaped with plumped cherry red lips and a button nose, but his eyes looked absolutely murderous. The boy's eyes were mixes of dark and light greens with gold flakes dotting the iris, with thick long lashes that brushed his cheeks through his glare. His hair was a mess of silky curl with another mix of dark and light green with black highlights.

Kaiser swallowed hard and miserly failed to fight back the blush that managed to creep its way to his cheeks. The boy eyed him carefully before he grumbled under his breath.

"What the fuck do you want?"

The voice was slick and smooth like butter but screamed dangerous. Kaiser shook his head and focused on why he was here in the first place.

"Boss has a new mission for you. He says to be at his office in 20."

Something flashes in the boy's eyes but it's gone before he blinks returning to its glare. Then twisting on his heel and taking off down the hall, Kaise lets out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. No matter how many, its always the same. The name really did fit the boy, without doubt.

Blood Rose was one to be both praised and feared.