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the adventures of baby nyny

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Cries in his voice, pain in his chest, sweat on his skin—something grabbed and shook him.


Jerking free, he lifted himself onto one elbow as his eyes snapped open. Someone—Taeil—leaned over him in the darkness, he was in his bed, he had been sleeping, he’d had a dream. Just a bad dream. Youngho pressed a fist to his chest like that could slow his pounding heart as gasps tore his throat.

“Calm down, Youngho. We’re home, you’re safe, nothing happened, it was all a bad dream.” Taeil reached for his shoulder. “You’re safe here—”

Youngho smacked the hand away, raw nerves crackling, but when Taeil stepped back, his throat constricted further, and he kicked off his blanket to lurch from the bed. He needed to escape, to hide, so he stumbled around, running to the bathroom, tears rolling down his cheeks.

After the bathroom door closed, Youngho leaned against it and slid to the floor. Sweat ran into his eyes and dripped from his jaw, but the crying in his chest drowned it out. It was just a nightmare, just a bad dream where he saw blood everywhere, where he died The close press of the walls echoed his dream, but he knew this place—he had control here, and he could leave at any time. Pulling himself together breath by breath, Youngho slowed his pulse to a livable beat as he forced himself to think. First, he was at home; second, he’d had a nightmare; third, Taeil was here. Think.

A soft knock, “Youngho?” Taeil’s voice was unsure—unsure if he should leave the younger alone or not—he could hear him cry and sniffle, his heart dropped at that, Youngho was an emotional guy, everyone knew that but it still hurt Taeil to hear him cry like this.

“Youngho can you please open the door for me?” he tried his best to sound reassuring, the other's muffled sobs were now barely audible and Taeil sighed, he seemed to calm down and that was a good thing.

“Go away,” Youngho’s voice was shaky and higher, words slurred, that was weird but Taeil brushed it off.

“Please, I just want to help you..”

“N-no, Nyny don’t wanna, I’m scared,” the older was taken aback. Nyny? He never heard Youngho call himself Nyny, this was new and Taeil was kind of confused.

Taeil decided to sit down back against the door, running a hand through his dark hair.  He was tired, it was somewhere near 4am and he needed his sleep but something deep inside told him that Youngho needed him more.

“Nyny? Can you please open the door for hyung?” he tried again, voice sweet and genuinely caring. He heard the other sniffle again before hearing the door unlocking and the opening, revealing a teary eyed Youngho, nose and cheeks red, eyes puffy and wet, lips red from probably biting them too much. The taller man was trembling, choked up sobs leaving his mouth and Taeil immediately got up, worry clearly visible on his face.

He felt his heart clench at the sight, Youngho looked like a sad puppy who just got kicked, Taeil wanted to hug him so bad.

“Are you okay? Can I hug you?” Youngho nodded shyly, a hand wiping his tears away. The smaller man immediately wrapped his arms around the other’s waist holding him so tight, almost like he was scared that he’ll disappear.

“You’re okay, it was nothing, you’re with me now and I’m here for you kitten,” the nickname slipped unconsciously from Taeil’s mouth but no one said anything, they stayed that way for a good five minutes in silence, heavy breathing and sniffles was the only sound they could hear.

“Nyny is sorry dada,” a small shaky voice broke the silence, Taeil’s eyes widened but he said nothing, still confused but he would ask Youngho about it tomorrow, now they needed sleep and cuddles.

“It’s okay baby, come on, let’s go back to sleep, we’ll even cuddle if you want,” he broke the hug and took the younger’s tiny hand in his, smiling at him sweetly making Youngho blush and smile back, letting Taeil guide him back into their shared bedroom.

They definitely ended up cuddling, Youngho being the little spoon while Taeil played with his hair, whispering sweet things in his ear and Youngho found himself quickly falling back asleep, feeling safe in the other's arms.