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A Song of the Frozen Prince and the Rising Wolf

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The library of the castle was filled with various books. Books about war, books about love. Some were tragedies, others were mysteries. There was an aisle filled with books about History. Another with books of legends. Queen Elsa of Arendelle was walking between them, her fingers slightly touching the back of the books when she walked past. She needed to get her mind off of the event of that day.

It had been the early afternoon when her sister, Anna, barged in into the Queen's study, crying. Her husband Kristoff, the Royal Ice master and deliverer, had fallen through the ice that was covering the lake and was now in the infirmary, trying to recovering from a light case of hypothermia. The Queen immediately took her sister into an embrace, rubbing her back in an effort to sooth her. She knew that words weren't enough but she tried, saying that her sister's husband was a strong man, that he'll be alright. Although the Queen herself didn't understand why Kristoff had taken such a risk, knowing that winter was coming at its end.

She hooked her sisters arm into her own as they walked downstairs. Entering the infirmary, the Queen saw her brother in law sitting on a bed, with a warm cloth around his shoulders, his blond hair still slightly frosted. Their daughter, Freya, was sitting next to him, holding her father like her life depended on it. Elsa always saw the most of her sister in her niece. Like her mother, Freya had turquoise blue eyes, strawberry-blonde hair and a light dusting of freckles. She was only 11 months apart from age than her brother, the crown prince Magnus who stood in the corner of the infirmary looking at them with his light brown eyes. The young prince yawned and ruffled with his hand through his blond hair. It was like the scene before him didn't bother him at all. The Queen had heard whispers in the castle, saying that is was bizarre that someone as free-spirited as Anna could give birth to a boy who was so cold. The rumour that hurt Elsa the most was that, because the Ice Queen didn't had children of her own, she'd cursed the young crown prince with a frozen heart. That night, she cried herself to sleep. Later she found out that Anna had fired the person who started this painful rumour.

Anna strode to her husband, took him into an embrace and kissed his cheeks.
"Kristoff, what were you thinking?" She said while rubbing his arms.

The blond man just shrugged. "Apparently, I wasn't".

Anna couldn't see the humour of the situation and slapped his arm playfully, making Kristoff wince.
"Just checking out to see if you weren't still numb", the princess stated, crossing her arms over her chest.

Elsa chuckled at the display and walked to her brother in law. "I assume you already feel better, Kristoff", She said softly.

"Actually I am, thank Odin!" Kristoff answered, taking Freya and Anna in his arms.

"Who was that boy that was with you?" Magnus had come out of the corner and regarded his father with a questionable look.

"That's the one who saved me." His father said

"That commoner?" The crown prince said, raising an eyebrow.
"Magnus!" Anna scolded.

"Thanks to that commoner, you still have a father." Kristoff dismissed his son. “I could not shout. I could not think. At least not about anything else than the cold. It felt as a thousand knives went through my body. Then, something broke the ice and rayons of sunlight pierced through the surface. I saw a face, someone dived almost till his mid waist into the ice and grabbed my hand. He hauled me out of the ice water and dragged me to his waggon that was filled with straw. If he hadn’t had done that, I would’ve died. It was very brave of him”.

"Yes it was. He should be rewarded for bringing the father of my children back to me."Anna said, looking at her sister with a knowing look.

"I shall see to it." The Queen winked at her sister, squeezed Kristoff's shoulder and left the infirmary, feeling that Kristoff needed some time with his wife and children.

Now in her study, Elsa was consumed by what happened to Kristoff and thought about what reward could justify the gratitude she felt. Deciding she couldn't focus anymore, Elsa went to the library. After much debating, she chose to read 'Les Misèrables', a new addition to the library as it was a gift from the Emperor of France and walked to the canapé that was situated in the middle of the library. Someone knocked on the library’s door.

“Enter.” The Queen said. It was Kristoff.

“Hi, Kristoff. Should you already be out and about?” Elsa asked.

Her brother in law shrugged and sat on the canapé. “As long as Anna doesn’t see me, I’ll be alright”.

Elsa chuckled.

“Actually, Elsa, I’ve come to talk to you about something. Your handmaiden Gerda said you were here.”

Elsa sat down next to Kristoff and made a wave with her hand. A gesture for Kristoff to continue.
“It’s about the boy who saved me. I wondered if you already had anything in mind?”

“I already thought that would be the reason why you’d be here. Do you have something in mind?” Elsa saw a smile appear on Kristoffs lips the moment she’d asked.

“Make him a guard.” He said

The Queen was a little bit taken back. This was not what she’d expected. “A guard?” She asked, raising a eyebrow.

Kristoff nodded “A guard”.

The ice must’ve gotten to Kristoff’s head. “I’m sorry Kristoff, I just can’t make some random person a guard. It’s takes years of training. Of proving their loyalty to the Kingdom. It’s just not right to put someone we don’t know into one of our most trusted services.”

“But you should hear him talk about it, Elsa. It’s his longlife dream to become a guard here at the castle. The way he spoke about it, with fire in his eyes. I almost wanted to become one just by hearing him talk about it!” Kristoff made big movements with his arms as to amplify his point.

“I don’t know, Kristoff”, the Queen said standing up.

“Please, Elsa. I own this boy my life. The least I could do is provide him a better one. To give him an opportunity to follow his dream. I owe him that. Just give him a chance. Talk to him. And if you don’t see it, if you don’t feel it, give the boy a reward in coins.” Kristoff reasoned.

Elsa thought about Kristoff’s words. Her brother in law was right. If it wasn’t for that boy, Kristoff would have drowned or worse frozen to death. Her sister would’ve lost the love of her life, her children their father. And Elsa would’ve lost the brother she never had. They were all deeply in debt with him. And if so, she could still ask the captain to take this boy under his wings. Again, Kristoff was right. It was the least the Queen could do.

What’s the worst that could happen?

The Queen was about to say yes, when the door of the library struck open. Anna walked in. “Elsa, have you seen my… Kristoff!?”

Elsa thought she never saw a whiter white than Kristoff’s face.