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Copper and Tellurium | Soulmate AU (Kirishima x Reader)

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It's your fucking birthday.

It was also two weeks after Todoroki forced himself out of the closet.

You groaned at the light and blaring of your alarm clock, ripping you from your sweet dreams. Okay, today's the big day. What a way to start your birthday. Did anyone even know besides the government? And maybe Kirishima? Oh god did he care?

It's the first birthday in ten years that you don't have to spend it alone in a facility.

You're sixteen now.

The word 'birthday' was becoming lackluster and your plus sign stung as you got out of bed. "Fuck, Kirishima, what are you doing?" Your arm buzzed and you shook your hand out.

"Knocking on your door that's what I'm doing." You jumped. You could tell that it was your soulmate muffled voice on the other side of the door.

"Well stop knocking and just come in." You roll your eyes. You get up to your feet and stretch. Kirishima walked in and closed the door before turning around and flushing.

"Jesus, (L/n), put some clothes on!"

"I just got up, don't look if your uncomfortable." You shrug.

Granted, maybe telling him to come in your room while you where only in a pale pink camisole and black panties. You grabbed some sweat pants from your dresser draws and told him he could look. Kirishima turned around, eyes still closed. Cheeks flushed, arms crossed.

"Sorry." You mumble, crashing back on your bed. He peeks a carmine eye open.

He could feel is mark singe.

"Hey, what's the matter?" He sat next to you on the bed and you sighed.

"How'd you know something was wrong?"

"I can literally feel it, so what's up." He laid down, his feet handing off the bed and you sighed.

"I hate these marks sometimes." You scratch your right wrist where it sat and he chuckled.

"I know. Because-"

"Because you just know, yeah." You sigh.

"Hey, (L/n)?" Kirishima spoke after a few seconds of silence.


"Happy birthday."

You stopped your fidgeting movements and smiled at your ceiling.

"I was wondering if you cared."

"I do, come on, me and the others have a party planned, it's Saturday. So we don't have classes. That means we can do whatever we want." Kirishima got up and extended his hand. You smiled and took his hand and he pulled you up easily.

"What's a party?"

He stopped dead in his tracks, nearly out the door. Before he turned around.

"I forget that you've been in a government facility all your life." Kirishima says softly. He takes your hand and gives it a gentle squeeze.

"W-Well it's not my fault! I-I mean it is but I didn't mean to do it-!"

"I didn't mean anything by it. It's not your fault. A party is just a gathering, you celebrate things. Any thing. But this particular thing just so happens to be you." He taps your nose and your face wrinkles up. You scrub at your nose while he opened the door and drags you from the confines of your room.


You squeak, jumping back behind Kirishima as your classmates screamed at you and blew on whistles





Your birthday became excitable again. All your friends and a few froms Class 1-B and 2-A. Kaminari was teaching you how to flirt while people mingling over cake or taking selfies.

You hadn't opened presents yet but you where getting around to, quicker when Mina took your arm and dragged you along.

"Come on, you have to open presents now."

"Mina I still don't see the point in getting gifts."

"It's just something nice for everyone to do but your opening mine first!" She squealed, you sat on the couch infront of the pile of colorfully wrapped boxes and bags. "Come on everyone! (Y/n) is gonna open her gifts!"

Everyone began to gather around and you smiled sheepishly as Mina thrusted a pink slender box in your lap. You pulled at the luminescent green ribbon and pulled the box open before. You cocked your head to the side and pulled out the lace bra and panty set.

"What's this for?"

Jirou placed a hand on your wrist and made you put the set back in the box while half the dudes flushed. The other half laughed. Mineta had a nose bleed and Shouto was just snickering at your lack of knowledge on what it was for.

"Next!" Bakugouh shoved the box out of your lap and put a new paper and tap covered sack in your hand. He rubbed your shoulders as you tore it open and you lifted it high in the air.

Everyone burst into laughter and Bakugou began to cackle hysterically.

"It's cute, why are you all laughing?"

You grin and press your cheek into the soft blue and red fabrics.

"I don't know, maybe because it's a Captain America onsie and Bakugou is making fun of you." Kaminari snorted. He pulled the onsie from your grasp and it was passed around while you opened other presents.

Mineta placed a black box infront of you and you took it from him. You opened it up and pulled out a blindfold. Making you raise an eyebrow.

He wiggled his own eye brows grossly and purred. "I forgot to ask, (Y/n), are you a top or bottom?"

"I don't have bunk beds," you shrug, tossing the box behind you to pick up the last sleek red box. You brush your thumbs against the sleek paper. Instead of tearing it open you pop the tape on the side and pull it carefully off the box. Desperate not to rip the red paper that reminded you so much of someone.

You tore the box open with a knife and opened it up. Laughing at how many packing peanuts you had to dig through before your hand grabbed some fabric and you pulled it out.

Crimson Riots logo was in your face as you held up the sweatshirt. If this was an anime you would have hearts in your eyes and your face would be on fire. You new this was the sold out and limited edition Crimson Riot Sweatshirt that had to have been hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

And you put it on immediately, your class mates voices drowning out as you burried yourself in that hoodie which was oversized by multiple sizes so you'd never grow out of it. One would display such a hoodie but you knew better. This was a gift, you would wear constantly.

Kirishima smiled at you and you mouthed the words "thank you" too him, afraid if you spoke that your vouce would crack.

"Hey, (Y/n)!" Mineta spoke up again and you turned. "On a scale of one to America-" Wow "-how free are you tonight?"

You rolled your eyes but Alex spoke up first. "North Korea, because I'm taking her for ice cream tonight." The blur haired boy smiled, ruffling your hair and making you grin and that's how it went for a few more hours. Mineta trying to flirt with you and you shooting him down while also unaware that he's flirting with you.

"You know (Y/n), you remind me of the sun, cause your pretty hot."

Bakugou laughed. "Oh, I thought it was because I would burn you alive if you got to close to her."

You roll your eyes and snuggle into your hoodie. Smiling brightly at Kirishima as Mineta and Bakugou argued back and fourth about you but you paid them no mind.

"Ready to go?" Alex asked.

"Hmm? Oh, no let me go change into my school uniform so we can get back on campus."


Well this wasn't the most ideal thing. You didn't plan to get separated from your friend. You still had an icecream cone in your hand and you looked around for Alex who was nowhere in sight. You walked around the train station for a little more before you tossed your half finished cone away and giving him a call.

"Oh, jesus, thank the gods, I can't find you, which car are you in?"

"I'm not on the train I'm actually still at the station," you say sheepishly.

"Damn, well I can ride back and get you-"

"No it's alright, I'll walk."

You hear Alexander sigh. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'll see you back on campus." Is what you promise before hanging up.

With your first step you begin a leisurely pace in the direction of UA, out of the trainstation, not concerned in the slightest. You trust your sense of direction. Alex’s, however, concerns you, but you figure he’s lived in the area longer and don’t feel too much guilt on going back alone.

You soon find yourself in step with another person. You peek a glance at them- a tall man with jet black hair, leather jacket and dark jeans. His skin is half smooth and pale peach toned, half blistered and purple, the two halves held together by garish silver medical staples. You sense staples beyond that on his face- the man is covered in them. Down his arms, his torso, his legs. Among other places. But you couldn't tell if they were purposefully put there or something happened. You could tell that his quirk wasn't metal based since you had a sense for that sort of thing. Besides the staples he had multiple pairings on his face, ears. And other places.

He glances your way, and you feel your face heat up. You’d been caught staring. “Like what you see, short stack?”

'Short stack?'

That sounded like something Bakugou would say.

“S-Sorry.” you clear your throat.

He chuckles. “Think nothing of it. I was making eyes myself. Just wasn’t caught,” he smirks, his voice teasing, but not chastising.

You relax. “I can’t imagine why. I'm not much to look at, whereas you-“ you cut off. You aren’t sure where you were going with that. 'That he was easy on the eyes despite all of his scarred tissue.' He raises an eyebrow as you struggle for an excuse besides the one you thought up. “Y-You’re just, more interesting to look at, is all.”

“You’d be surprised,” he laughs softly, dismissing the comment of how you yourself 'wasnt much to look at', Oh he would argue that shit. “I went to UA too,” he mentions after a moment.

You look down, noticing you’re in uniform, the one you insisted putting on, which you were grateful for, before leavening in order to get back onto campus since you didn't have a license quite yet, or a student ID. “Ah, yeah. When’d you graduate?”

His expression sours for a split second, but returns to casual confidence the next, so quick you wonder if it ever happened.

“Three years ago. I was in the hero course, but after graduating I decided to go to college instead.”

You tilt your head, interested. “You decided not to be a hero?”

“Yeah. If I’m gonna help people, I can’t do it as a hero.”

You laugh. “That’s the definition of a hero, isn’t it? Someone who helps people?”

The man nods. “It should be. But, in this society, more harm than good comes from the hero-saturated culture we live in, people only do their jobs for money and fame, hero's are a perfect example of that, and I believe that if all you ever save people for is the money instead of really saving them out of good, then your more a villain than a hero.”

You stay silent, pondering upon what he said. Eventually, you decide to switch topics. “So what are you studying?”

He parts his lips in thought. “Teaching.”

You giggle. “You sound like you made that up on the spot.”

He smirks. “Caught me. I’m undecided. Took two years off and started in the fall.”

You nod in understanding. “I transferred here not too long ago.”

The man raises his eyebrows. “Oh? From where?”

“United States,” you explain. “Got into the hero course a little late in the year.”

“You must have a powerful quirk to be able to transfer so late in the year,” he notes.

You shrug. Instead of saying anything, you stop walking and face him. Holding up a hand, you use your quirk to toy and wiggle the staples around his mouth and the tongue ring you sense embedded in the strong muscle. You wiggle it up and down and you can feel little shivers run around his nerves through the metal in his body.

His eyes widen, then relax as he chuckles. “Magnetic?”

“Just any metal,” you say, walking once again. He matches your pace. “How about you?”

He snaps his fingers, and a small blue flame appears above his hand. You watch him wave it away with a smile.

“Fire?” You raise a brow,.

He nods.

“That’s pretty hot.” you grin,

He rolls his eyes.

“Didn’t catch your name.” You cover it up easily. You still didn't have the whole flirting thing down.

He watches you carefully for a moment. “Call me Dabi,” he says.

“Dabi,” you say with a smile. “I’m (y/n).” You stop in front of your school, not aware that you’d arrived.

“I assume this is where I leave you?” He asks.

You nod. “It was nice to meet you, Dabi.”

Dabi smirks, giving a small wave. “Have a good day, (Y/n). Have a happy birthday.”

You smile with a nod, skipping inside. The thought occurs to you that you didn’t say it was your birthday, but you chalk it up to poor memory. After all, he just met you.