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That feeling of being woken up again was stirring him into conscious existence again, before he was yanked out and into the world again. The only problem was, that wasn't Ed standing there holding the lamp. It was-

"You're not Ed. Where's Ed? Why are you holding my lamp?" James said.

Victoria ran a finger around the lid of the lamp as she smiled at him. "Why do you think I'm holding your lamp, genie? You belong to me now."

"N-no, no, I belong to Ed, that's how this works, I belong to him, not you!" James said.

"Protest all you want, but you'll do as I say. Your obedience is guaranteed," Victoria said. "Kneel."

James didn't want to obey, but he did. He cried out, tried to stop himself, but her words were magic and the bond made him obey as he knelt down before her. She grasped him by the hair and he sensed she was going to be a very different master than Ed was.

"Y-your wish is my command, master," James said, defeated.

"You'll do anything I say beyond wishes, right? That's how this thing works? I've got myself a willing slave?" Victoria said. She yanked at his hair and James scrunched his face up, wondering what he'd done to be passed on to her.

"Yes, master, I'm bound to obey your every word," James said.

"I thought so." She leaned down to murmur into his ear. "You're going to kneel there and you're going to eat a bowl of rice pudding, just a plain one with a little cinnamon, and you're going to enjoy it, because if you don't, I'll put you back in your lamp and sell you to the highest bidder, understood?"

James swallowed. The bowl materialised in his hands, unable to disobey, and he had never wanted Ed back as badly as he did in that moment as his body moved without his consent.