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Love in the wrong place

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The smell of burning debris burned my nose as O carefully scanned the streets of the town for hostiles. It had only been a day since infantry came through and cleared the area but you could never be too careful. I heard a loud crunch under my boot, looking down I saw I had stepped on a family photo. I avoided the blank stares of the photographed family and instead focused on where the rest of my squad was. First there Captain Meliodas, it was odd to have such a high rank as squad leader because this was such a delicate mission. Then there was Ban the wild card, he had no sense of preservation. He was often drunk and enjoyed picking on me but he had your back in a firefight. My 6 was covered by Gowther. He was the dictionary of the group. Always spouting random and complicated words but he rarely displayed emotion he seemed to always be in that killing calm. Then there was the newbie Escanor, this kid was always on the verge of fainting but when we got in our first fire fight he fought like there was no tomorrow, which was always a possibility. A short sharp whistle pierced through the air, I turned my attention to where the captain was pointing and saw some movement in a pile of rubble. He motioned for me to check it out so I obeyed him. I walked over pointing my gun at the pile, Seeing some dark hair my finger moved to its spot on the trigger. Aiming to kill I was stopped when the most beautiful violet eyes brimmed with tears staring at me. I lowered my rifle and moved my way around the rubble till I was able to see the shivering figure. She was a young girl about my age wearing a tattered blanket to cover up shredded clothes. There was no sign of any fight left in her physically but her spirit was still strong. “Stop gaping you sick fuck and just shoot me.”
I moved my gun on my sling so it was on my back “But I don't want to shoot you... I want to help you. I don't believe you are meant for a world this ugly. You are too beautiful.”
The fire in her eyes dampened slightly before relighting “I’m not going to sleep with you if that's what your getting at.”
I shook my head and shrugged my pack off and sliding out of my jacket. When I stretched my arm out to offer it to her she flinched before taking it ”No of course not. I would never do that. I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. Please let me make it up to you by giving you a safe place for the night.”
“Um thanks but no thanks. Prefer to not let the people who destroyed this town to ‘take care of me’”
she scoffed. She stood up quickly her knees crumpling as the lack of food and water hit her like a ton of bricks. She teetered slightly and then began to fall. I stepped in catching her before her knees hit the rough ground beneath her, she had fainted. Poor girl she definitely needed some help, I let her sit on the bricks for a minute while I put my pack on and grabbed my gun. Picking her up bridal Style I walked out onto the road where my group had been listening to our conversation. Ban had a sly smile on his face “Whatcha got there kingo. Picked yourself a real pretty one.”
I stared daggers at him “Fuck off ban. She just needs a bit of help, its the least we can do after we destroyed her town. I’m heading back to the bunker. Radio there if something goes wrong.”
Before he could answer I turned and marched back towards the bunker.


We were sent on a mission by higher authorities to station ourselves here and listen in on enemy radio channels. An unknown source had informed us of the bunker last week so we made our way here. It was a decent sized one, well ventilated and it seems its inhabitants had left in a hurry because all their supplies like food and clothes had been left behind, and most importantly their radio gear. I entered the bar called the boar hat where it was hidden. Careful not to trip I made my way to the storage room where the entrance was. I laid the girl down and opened the hatch throwing my gear and rifle to the bottom. Luckily the entrance had some steep stairs instead of a ladder. I wouldn't have been sure if I could have carried her down if that had been the case. I grunted softly as I carried her on my back and carefully stepped into the dark room. The back wall was covered in with 6 bunks. Enough for myself the squad and her. I placed her on one and grabbed a nearby canteen. After taking a swig of water myself I soaked the end of the cleanest cloth I could find and placed it in her mouth. As the water dampened her tongue her eyelids fluttered. Then with lightning speed she ripped the canteen from my hand and began chugging it. “Hey! Don't make yourself sick.”
I pulled the canteen back water leaving streaks on her dirty face. Her eyes where clouded from exhaustion and hunger. They darted around trying to understand where she was. Then those wonderful eyes finally fell on me. I heard a loud crunch as her fist made contact with my nose “Did you kidnap me? Drug me? How dare you. I’m just an innocent girl.”
she moved to get out of bed but I removed my hands from my broken nose and shoved her shoulders back onto the hard mattress "No. First food and some sleep. Cant have you fainting again”
She pushed against me but her body began to fail her again and she stopped fighting. She narrowed her eyes at me “Fine.”
Seeing that she wasn't moving I went and grabbed some dry sausages and crackers. Bringing that back to her I helped her sit up and offered the food. While she was eating I mixed some lemon beverage power in her water. She took the water and said between small sips “Why are you helping me.”
I shrugged “Dunno. I think I was tired of hurting people and wanted to help for once. But anyways whats your name.”
“Tell me yours first.”
“OK then, I’m Harlequin King. You can just call me king like everyone else does.”
“Ill call you Harlequin, that's your given name. But I guess I can tell... you that my name is... Diane... Megadozer.”
Her eyes had began to droop, poor girl was so tired she couldn't finish a sentence. I laid her down and placed a blanket over top of her body. I studied her sleeping features. She looked less stressed like this. I gave myself a small smile ‘Goodnight... Diane.”