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Slipping Down The Water Slide of Life

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It was the middle of the week at the end of May, around 10PM. A school night, so all the boys had been sent to bed, though it was debatable as to if they were actually sleeping or not. Yoongi was up in the bathroom brushing his teeth, checking his emails before going to watch some Netflix. Usually it was just the typical junk mail he received, but tonight there was an email that caught his eye, specifically because the word “WINNER” graced the email subject. It seemed sketchy, until Yoongi opened it and realized what it actually was.

A few months prior, Yoongi had entered a contest to win a weekend stay and water park package up at the One Mount Water Park in Ilsan. He didn’t think he would win, who ever does with contest things, but decided to enter it because why not. It seemed fun, though they would have to buy additional passes as the prize only included two adult and two child tickets. But considering they were only ₩50,000 a piece (for a one day pass, they would need two for each person), buying three wasn’t overly terrible for the budget. The package included a voucher for a nearby hotel as well, as well as a food voucher to use at some of the restaurants in the mall next to the water park. It would be a nice small weekend trip, which is why Yoongi decided to enter.

He read through the email, going through the terms and conditions. He knew there had to be a catch, and of course there was. It had to be used the upcoming weekend, and they had to use the hotel vouchers, much to Yoongi’s dismay as it would have been much easier to rent an apartment nearby. But it really wasn’t worth it to pass this up, so Yoongi went to find Seokjin to see if they should take the opportunity.

Seokjin was sitting in the bed, as it was his turn to sleep in there. Typically they slept together as a couple, per the usual, but for the past few weeks their relationship had been a bit tense. It wasn’t as if they were fighting everyday, or that they were going to divorce, it was just...not the best. They were going through a rough patch, where the littlest things would set them off and make them explode. They tried to hide that from that boys, as they didn’t want them to worry, but internalizing it wasn’t really helping. They didn’t talk that much, didn’t sleep together, and definitely weren’t having any sex. Considering all of this, Yoongi was a bit nervous about what his husband would say.

“Would you be interested in taking the boys up to the water park in Ilsan this weekend? I happened to win a package that includes free passes, a hotel voucher and food vouchers, so I figured that we should put it to use. Especially because it’s only valid this weekend.” Yoongi felt that getting straight to the point was the best route here.

Seokjin didn’t seem to be paying attention as he looked at his phone, but he eventually put it down. “The kids would love it. How much would we be paying out of pocket?” His voice lacked emotion, much more negative sounding than it typically was. Seokjin kept up his positivity around the boys, but around Yoongi he was a completely changed individual.

“Not that much, because we only have to buy three additional passes. The meals will be cheap, and for the hotel rooms I’ll figure out how to split us all up in the least amount of rooms possible. I’ve got this, don’t worry about it.”

“Alright Yoongi, sounds fine.” Seokjin got back onto his phone, not evening bothering to say goodnight to his husband. Yoongi still told him goodnight though, before grabbing his things to go sleep on the basement couch.


It was a bit complicated, working out all the logistics of this trip. It was easy getting the passes, but the hotel room situation was a bit complicated to say the least. The hotel he had the voucher for was the MVL Goyang, a few blocks away from the water park. It was a fancy hotel, something that was likely meant for business travelers due to the small rooms and overall high quality vibe. The cheapest way to go about the room situation was to get three rooms, two superior rooms (each with a queen bed), and one family room (containing a twin bed and a queen bed). Namjoon and Hoseok would be getting their own room, something that made Yoongi nervous, but the hotel manager had told him over the phone that he could get all the rooms on the same floor, and that it was ok for under 18s to be in a room by themselves. The room situation would keep Yoongi and Seokjin separated, something that didn’t bother them due to the current situation. Yoongi was going to be in the family room with Taehyung and Jimin, while Seokjin would be in the other superior room with Jungkook. It worked, even though it was a bit unconventional.

The boys didn’t know about the trip until Thursday night, when Yoongi told them at the dinner table. They were all fairly excited, though arguably about different things. Water parks weren’t really Namjoon’s thing, but when he found out that he and Hoseok were going to get their own hotel room, he got pretty excited. The rest of the boys were very excited about the water park, and Hoseok was excited for both the water park and hotel. It was going to be fun, considering it had been a long time (if ever) since any of the boys had been in a hotel, and it definitely wasn’t as nice as this one. All of them got to packing their suitcases after dinner, not needing to bring that much since it was only a two night stay.

It wasn’t a very long drive up to Ilsan, no more than 1.5 hours with traffic. The hotel had parking below it, so that wasn’t a concern. They were going to leave on Friday evening after having an early dinner, check into the hotel for the night, then spend Saturday and a good part of Sunday at the water park. Everyone seemed excited, so Yoongi was glad that this would be a happy experience for the family, or at least he hoped so. It was something he and Seokjin especially needed, to see the boys happy since the two of them were far from being at their best.

Once all the suitcases were outside in the hallway, it was time for bed for the boys. Excitement was rampant, and there was much hope that this would be a great little trip.


Yoongi and Seokjin had gotten out of work early that day, getting home around the same time the boys did. It already time to make dinner, as the family ate close to 5PM. They were going to be driving in rush hour traffic, but it wasn’t the end of the world. The kids were all fairly tired from school, so they weren’t overly rambunctious or anything. Most of them ended up taking naps, which meant that they would be wild later that evening. But once they reached the hotel, the energy in the car dramatically increased.

The hotel was a whole 20 stories tall. While all the boys had seen and been in buildings that were taller than this, there was a huge excitement about staying in this giant and fancy hotel. Hoseok really hoped that they would be on the top floor, though Yoongi said this wouldn’t happen as according to the website, the 20th floor did not have any family rooms on it. Still, this didn’t mean that they couldn’t be on one of the higher floors, just as Hoseok desired. He really wanted a room with a view of Ilsan lake park, as it was very pretty to look at.

Seokjin went and parked on one of the floors below the hotel, and began to unload all the suitcases. From there, it was to the elevators, which took them up to the main floor, where the lobby was located. Yoongi and Seokjin went to check in at the front desk, which happened to be staffed by a very nice looking man, probably a few years younger than the couple. Yoongi made the reservation under his name, so he began the check in process, hoping that everything would be just as he had set it up as.

If only it would have worked out that way…

“I’m sorry sir,” said the rather handsome receptionist with regret. Yoongi couldn’t help but notice the little rainbow bracelet on his wrist, something surprising to see considering this was Korea after all. “We had a huge influx of reservations over the past day, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to get you the three rooms all on the same floor. But, I can get you the three rooms on three different floors, if that’s alright.”

Yoongi was rather annoyed that it was working out like this, but it wasn’t as if he had a choice otherwise now. It would be fine, the only issue was going to be if Namjoon and Hoseok would behave if they knew they were on a floor by themselves. Probably so if they got a stern talking to about the rules, so Yoongi made his decision. “That’s fine,” he said, not seemingly overly annoyed at this man. “As long as it’s the same price.”

“Actually,” began the receptionist, “I’ll give you a discount for the inconvenience. Right now though, I just need to see an ID, and I can get you the key cards to the rooms. The family room will be on the 11th floor, while the superior rooms will be on the 17th and 20th floors, respectively.” It only took a few minutes to complete all of this, and soon enough Yoongi was thanking the lovely receptionist (he found out that his name was Wonho), before going to grab the kids, along with Seokjin who had decided to go watch them. It had been getting a bit rowdy over where they had all been sitting.

Yoongi debated about not giving Namjoon and Hoseok a key card to their room, but decided against it as it was a bit of a safety risk. But both Yoongi and Seokjin had key cards to the room, meaning they could come in and out as they pleased to check on the two oldest. Yoongi let them have the room on the 20th floor, as he knew how much Hoseok wanted to be at the top.

“We get to be at the top?! I thought we couldn’t be up there appa!” Hoseok nearly screamed in delight when he found this out, as Yoongi explained the whole situation to the family. No one seemed particularly bothered, except for Jungkook who was a bit upset that his hyungs wouldn’t be anywhere nearby. He was excited though that they were going to be on the 17th floor, as it was fairly high up. While Yoongi took the maknae line, Seokjin took Namjoon and Hoseok up to their room, planning on giving them a rundown on what exactly the expectations for this weekend were.

The only types of rooms found on the 20th floor were the superior rooms (the type the boys were in), and one suite, the Korean style suite. It was occupied on this weekend, and much to Seokjin’s dismay, the boys were in the room right next to it. He hoped that there wasn’t some newlywed couple in there, or anyone who hoped to have a relaxing weekend to get some rest. Because as much as Seokjin could tell the boys how they were supposed to behave, there was no guarantee that they would fully listen.

Namjoon had been given possession of the key card, and needless to say he was pretty excited to be given this type of responsibility. He, Hoseok and Seokjin walked into the room, noticing that it had only a queen bed in it. While Yoongi had tried to get the version of the room with two twin beds, he was unsuccessful, so he hoped that the two boys would be ok sleeping in the same bed. Neither of them seemed to care at all, excited that the room had a view of the lake park, and that there was a mini bar and-

“Rule number one, no taking things from the mini bar. They cost money.” Hoseok pouted as he put the can of sprite back, resigning to taking the free bottle of water instead. He sat on the bed beside Namjoon, looking up towards their dad in anticipation of a slight lecture.

Seokjin took a seat on the chair in the room, before beginning his speech. “I know you two are trustworthy, and I’m hoping that behavior isn’t going to be an issue here, but I’m going to tell you exactly what is going to happen over the next two days.” Both of the boys nodded to indicate that they were listening.

“As I said, no taking things from the mini bar. No ordering room service either, basically don’t do anything that is going to cost extra money. No making a mess of the room, treat it was if you were at a friend’s house. You won’t want to be too loud, because these walls are thin and people will get mad if you’re being noisy. Either appa or myself will be up around 10:30 to say goodnight, and I expect that you two won’t stay up too late watching TV or going on your devices.” Seokjin paused while trying to think of anything else to say. “And most importantly, you are not allowed to leave the room unless either appa or myself come up and get you. The only exception is if it is an emergency, then make the smartest decision for yourselves. Is that all clear?”

“Yes dad,” both boys said almost in unison.

“Ok then. Someone will be up in a few hours to say goodnight, text either myself or appa if you need something.” Seokjin smiled. “I know you two will be just fine, have fun, alright? I love you.”

“Love you too,” both boys said, trying to hide their eagerness to get their dad out of the room. Seokjin needed to leave though, so he could go get Jungkook and take him up to their room for the next two nights.


It was around 7:30PM now, so Hoseok and Namjoon had a while before anyone would come up and see what they were doing. While they had surely listened to all of Seokjin’s rules, that didn’t mean that they were necessarily going to follow all of them. Namely, the whole rule about not leaving the room unless it was with their parents. Like really, this place would turn into more of a prison if they weren’t allowed to go and explore it. Plus they had been given a key card, they needed to use it at least once, just for the heck of it.

So they began to create a plan. A plan to explore this place, to check out the fitness center, pool, etc. Of course the timing was going to be difficult, they had to go around when neither of their parents were awake, but also when the facilities would be open. Around 5AM, they determined, would be the best time to wake up and go on an adventure.

“Is there even anything open at 5AM? I don’t think the fitness center opens until 7, and going into the pool would be way too risky.” Namjoon had a valid point.

“Well,” Hoseok replied. “We can just go around all the floors for a while, go and sit in the lobby and get the free tea they have. Then go to the fitness center when it opens. Like we just gotta know when someone is coming into the room to wake us up so we can be back before then.” Hoseok was using the notepad in the hotel room to write down their entire plan, though of course he was going to hide it when one of their parents came in.

Namjoon nodded. “Seems like a solid idea. Not too risky, but risky enough that its enjoyable. I like it.” The two finalized the plan, before deciding to just sit back and watch TV. There was a variety of stations to watch, even more than what they had at their house, and they opted to watch a variety show that looked rather hilarious. Time passed fairly quickly, as they heard a knock on the door, followed by the subsequent noise of the key card being utilized. It was then that they realized it was past 10PM, and that they should have at least looked like they were ready for bed.

Immediately, Hoseok hid the notepad under the bed covers, so it wouldn’t be seen by any parental figures. Namjoon shut off the TV, and the two of them put on large smiles in order to look innocent, and to make it seem that they had been watching the clock.

“It’s 10:15, why aren’t you two ready?” Seokjin asked, visible frustration in his voice. It was only a few hours into their stay and the two older boys were both just sitting and watching TV, clearly with no intention of going to sleep. If no adult had gone in there, they probably would have stayed up all night.

“Sorry, we just got distracted. We’ll get ready now.” After his apology, Namjoon made a beeline towards the bathroom, even though he hadn’t actually put any of his toiletries in there yet. Hoseok was left out in the room, so he decided to go open his suitcase, to take out his pajamas and toiletries. He noticed that his dad seemed more annoyed than usual, and wondered why that was. Typically he wouldn’t get that upset about something like this, so Hoseok figured that maybe Jungkook was being a pain in the ass. He could be like that sometimes.

When Seokjin felt as if the two were getting ready, he decided it would be fine to leave them be. “Someone will be here at 8 to wake you up. You should be in bed within 30 minutes, don’t stay up any later. I’ll know if you didn’t listen, trust me.” Seokjin gave Hoseok a look (Namjoon was still in the bathroom), the boy nodding before his dad left.

Namjoon, who had been listening from the bathroom, emerged now that the coast was clear. “What’s his deal? It’s vacation, can’t we have a little fun?”

“I know right, he even said earlier to be sure we had fun. And so did appa. Maybe Jungkook was being annoying or something.” Hoseok grabbed his pajamas and toiletries, making his way to the bathroom now that Namjoon was out of there.

“Who knows,” Namjoon shrugged his shoulders, grabbing his pajamas as well. Soon enough, the two went to bed, but only because they were getting up at 5AM. They set multiple alarms as to make sure they didn’t sleep through them, before falling asleep rather quickly, tired from school that day.


It had indeed been a bit wild in the two other rooms that evening. Taehyung and Jimin were two kids who could be rather rowdy at times, and their energy was not necessarily suitable for the confines of a small hotel room. Yoongi eventually just plopped the two in front of the TV, as it meant that they would stay still for some time. He texted Seokjin, who said he would take care of checking on Namjoon and Hoseok that evening, so he was able to focus solely on making sure Taehyung and Jimin went to bed on time.

The pair really wanted to sleep in the same bed together, so Yoongi let them share the queen bed, while he used the twin sized one. It actually wasn’t overly difficult to get the two ready for bed, considering deep down they both knew that if they misbehaved they wouldn’t get to go to the waterpark. So by 10PM, the two of them were in bed resting as Yoongi went to use the bathroom, going through his nightly routine.

Now, while Taehyung and Jimin were in bed, they weren’t exactly sleeping. When Yoongi emerged out of the bathroom, he heard the two whispering, though he couldn’t necessarily decipher what it was about. He let it go, figuring the two would stop now that he was out there. But that didn’t exactly happen.

“Stop whispering and go to bed now,” said Yoongi around 15 minutes later in a not overly disciplinary tone, as he looked at his phone in the dark under the covers.

“But appa,” began Jimin. “You’re on your phone. Why can’t we stay up talking?”

“Because I’m an adult, and adults don’t need as much sleep,” replied Yoongi.

Jimin pouted, even though no one could see it. “I wanna be an adult.”

Yoongi laughed. “Trust me sweetheart, you don’t. Now if I put my phone away, will you two sleep?” Yoongi didn’t get a direct answer, just that the talking between the two boys ceased, and they went to sleep. Even Yoongi fell asleep soon afterwards, because he ended up being more tired than he thought he was.

Meanwhile, Jungkook had been pretty quiet that entire evening. To be fair, he didn’t have anyone to play with, and he did sense that his dad seemed kinda out of it. He couldn’t tell why, or knew why, but something seemed a bit off. It was weird, because normally Seokjin had a very positive energy when he was around Jungkook, but today he was just sitting on his phone, and didn’t even play with Jungkook when the boy asked nicely if he could.

“If you won’t play with me, then can I go play with hyungies?” Jungkook asked in the politest voice he could muster.

“Not today Jungkook. More people can’t fit into the rooms easily.” Jungkook pouted in response, mainly because he was bored of playing by himself, and was very used to having multiple siblings to play with at his disposal. It was one of the best things about having a large family.

In slight frustration, Jungkook sat on the end of the bed, holding his knees up to his chest because he felt like sitting in that position. “Is something wrong dad? You never get sad and act mean like this ever.” The innocence of the question was almost too much for Seokjin to handle.

“I do sometimes, just I try not to be that way around you or your brothers. Don’t worry about it though, it doesn’t involve you.” Seokjin got up from the bed, seeing that it was already 9:45. He needed to go tell Namjoon and Hoseok to sleep rather soon, and he also just kinda needed to leave the room. Jungkook wasn’t likely to get into much trouble, so Seokjin didn’t see much of a problem of leaving him alone in the room for some time. Plus, he didn’t want to cry with Jungkook around, it wasn’t right to do something like that around his youngest. The maknae was already rather confused and worried, and Seokjin didn’t want to accentuate those emotions. He also didn’t want him to tell his older brothers about this, because they might be able to interpret the emotions more, and telling an eight year old that his parents were going through a rough patch in their relationship wouldn’t be the wisest thing to do.

Telling Jungkook to get ready for bed, along with showing him how everything in the bathroom worked (just in case he was confused), Seokjin left the room to take a little walk around the hotel. He tried to get out the sadness and frustration he was feeling, mostly about his relationship even though nothing had directly happened in the past day relating to it. Unfortunately, he sounded a bit angrier than he had intended around Hoseok and Namjoon, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it after it had happened. So he made his way back into the hotel room, noticing when he got in there that the room was dark, besides the light coming through the crack between the bathroom and bathroom door, likely to create a sort of night light.

Jungkook had already fallen asleep, and was cuddling his favorite bunny plushie. He had brought two plushies on this trip (a bunny and a puppy), but he had placed the puppy on the other side of the bed, making sure to tuck him under the covers. The puppy had a note on its forehead: If you hug him, you will be happy. I think you should hug him dad. Love, Jungkookie. The gesture was just plain adorable, and Seokjin couldn’t help but smile at the now sleeping maknae. He quickly got ready for bed, joining the youngest in the queen bed they had to share soon afterwards. Giving Jungkook a kiss on the forehead, Seokjin placed the puppy between the two of them, before falling into a rather unrestful sleep.


Sure enough, the three alarms Namjoon and Hoseok had set blared at 5AM that next morning. To be fair, the two of them were already semi awake, considering they hadn’t slept well that night, the hotel bed only being so comfortable. Also, because Hoseok kept trying to hog the duvet, leaving the two in an endless battle to be under the covers that night. Namjoon figured that maybe while they were down in the lobby they could ask for a blanket, though he decided against it because he didn’t know if they would give that to a kid, or if it would cost extra (probably not, but still).

They debated on how exactly they should leave the room, because if they looked too awake when either Yoongi or Seokjin came in to wake them up, it could raise suspicion. So they opted to not make the bed, and to keep the room looking more or less as if they hadn’t had a chance to clean it yet. They also just wore t-shirts and sweatpants, because those were pajama like, meaning it wouldn’t look odd if they were wearing them and had just “woken up”. With everything set, Namjoon grabbed the key card, and the two were on their way to begin their hotel adventure.

It was only around 5:30, so they had to kill a whole hour and a half before the fitness center opened. Hoseok wanted to go in there and dance, while Namjoon hoped there was a yoga ball he could sit on. To kill time, they were going to go walk around on every floor of the hotel, at least every one that was accessible. It was fairly easy to do this, considering they were on the top floor. Now mind you, they didn’t risk going on the 11th floor or 17th floor, where the other two rooms their family was in were located. But every other floor was fair game for running around, though quietly of course.

Both Namjoon and Hoseok were like small kids, fascinated by everything in this massive hotel. Even the hallways were interesting, seeing all the different rooms, overhearing conversations between people who had to be up this early on a Saturday (someone was very angry at their boss). It was fascinating, and best of all, there was no supervision. It was nice just being together as a pair, knowing they could talk and not worry about one of their parents or siblings eavesdropping on them. The elevator was fun too, and when Namjoon and Hoseok were done exploring all the floors, they rode it from top to bottom a few times, enamored at how fast it went.

This was also though, when one of the maids noticed the two’s antics, and was very confused as to why they were going around the hotel sans adults at 6:15 in the morning. “Are you two looking for someone?”

Namjoon and Hoseok were standing in the elevator with this lady, making their third trip up to the top floor. “Oh no, we’re just going around the hotel.” Namjoon hoped his answer didn’t sound too vague or idiotic.

“Where are your parents?”

“They’re in our room, we got up early but they were still sleeping, so they told us we could go around and explore the hotel if we want. So that’s what were doing.” Hoseok said that with such confidence that while Namjoon was a bit anxious of the maid’s response, he really didn’t need to be too worried.

“Well I hope you two have fun with your adventure. Maybe ask your parents to get you one of the pastries in the cafe down in the lobby for breakfast, I’ve heard that they’re very good.” The woman smiled, before taking her cart of cleaning supplies out the elevator door, onto the 20th floor. Hoseok waved politely back, Namjoon not saying anything as he was a bit more timid in this situation. Pressing the button for the lobby, they figured that they could go look at these supposed pastries now, considering they had rode the elevator enough already. They didn’t want to break the thing or something.

Namjoon noticed that there indeed was free tea in the lobby, and because he was becoming a sort of tea aficionado (also because he needed the caffeine so it looked like he had slept better than he did), he got himself a cup of green tea. It wasn’t very busy down in the lobby at all, so after taking a look at the pastries (which did look delicious), the two just decided to sit in the lobby seats. There was a TV playing the news, but other than that the area was quiet and empty, meaning that no one questioned why two young teenage boys were sitting in the hotel lobby by themselves.

The two just talked quietly, occasionally looking up at the television when a particular news story seemed interesting. They weren’t overly nervous about getting caught, because why would Seokjin or Yoongi be in the hotel lobby at 6:30AM. They probably wouldn’t get up until 7 anyways.

That was an incorrect prediction, as Hoseok and Namjoon figured out soon enough. Hoseok happened to be spacing out while staring at the elevators, and noticed a familiar figure come out through elevator #2’s doors. Yoongi.

Immediately, Hoseok grabbed Namjoon’s arm, pulling them behind the chairs so they couldn’t be seen. There was another man down there reading the newspaper at this point, but thankfully he didn’t question why the two seemed to be hiding from someone. Both Hoseok and Namjoon looked at each other with confusion, wondering why exactly their appa was down in the lobby at this hour, and why he was going up to speak with the man at the front desk. Who just so happened to be the same guy from when they checked in the previous night, Wonho.

Namjoon and Hoseok did their best to listen into the conversation, which was a bit difficult considering Yoongi was a good 30 ft away. But they could pick out words, and this was definitely not him just asking for blankets, towels, or something like that. It was…

“Did he just GIGGLE?” Hoseok asked Namjoon, with a look of horror in his eyes. He couldn’t recall that his appa had ever giggled like that, considering this was not the type of thing he thought Yoongi did anymore.

Namjoon didn’t respond, trying to focus on the conversation as best as he could. While Hoseok just seemed mortified, Namjoon felt a sick feeling in his gut. He knew what this was, it was so blatantly obvious. He had seen enough movies in his life to know what flirting was, and this was it. The compliments, the giggles, the small talk, the asking for his number. And this guy, who looked to be a few years younger than Yoongi, was clearly quite into it. While his vision wasn’t the greatest, Namjoon saw what he believed to be a rainbow bracelet on that man’s wrist, confirming that there was a good chance this man was gay, and that he was very interested in going out with Yoongi. He felt sick to his stomach, was really worried that this whole trip was a big show, that when they got home his parents would be announcing their divorce and the life he had always known would be changed. He would have to live with Seokjin only, considering that’s who had official custody of all the boys, and who knows if he would get to live in a house as nice as theirs again. Namjoon hadn’t heard lots of fighting from his parents, but he was smart enough to realize that they hadn’t been sleeping in the same room lately, and he could hear their many arguments at night over the past few weeks, due to that oh so thin wall between his room and the master bedroom. It was all so much, and Namjoon felt that he would vomit if he didn’t move and get his mind on something else.

“Let’s go,” Namjoon said the minute Yoongi went back into the elevator, his voice urgent but also in a much different tone than it was in before. “We can go to the fitness center now.”

Hoseok giggled a bit to himself, before replying. “Ok, and let’s talk about that up there. Appa is really awkward when it comes to making friends.” Namjoon, once again, didn’t respond to that, knowing that he was going to have to explain to Hoseok what this whole situation was exactly, considering he clearly wasn’t grasping the seriousness of it.

The fitness center, thankfully, was empty, so they had the place to themselves. Namjoon gestured over to the yoga balls, and the two each took a seat on one, Namjoon giving Hoseok a serious look. Though his dongsaeng clearly wasn’t getting the message that his hyung wanted to have a serious conversation.

“That was actually so awkward to watch. Like appa really sucks at making new friends, who giggles and compliments people when making friends. Usually you would talk to them normally about their interests or whatever, maybe play sports or do dance with them-”

“He wasn’t trying to make a friend Hoseok.” Namjoon didn’t care that was he was interrupting his dongsaeng, because this was a really serious and bad situation. “He was flirting with that guy. That’s a lot different than making a friend.”

Hoseok looked confused, taking a moment to process what his hyung had just said. “But why would he be flirting? He’s married.” Namjoon didn’t even have to answer this question, considering Hoseok thought of the answer himself. And when he did, his face turned into an expression of shock, horror, and anxiety all mixed together. “Oh...oh my god. But...but...they aren’t fighting…”

“Things have been off for the past few weeks though. They argue at night a lot, and they aren’t sleeping together in the same room anymore. You can also tell that when they speak around us their emotions are fake, especially dad’s. Plus, wasn’t it super odd that dad was all mad at us last night over something small? And the fact that he and appa were willing to sleep in separate rooms during this little trip, if everything was alright I don’t think they would have done that.”

“What if this trip is just them trying to do something nice for us before they announce they’re getting divorced? No hyung, that can’t be true. This can’t happen, it can’t.” Hoseok got up from his yoga ball, going over to hug Namjoon, hoping his hyung could offer a sense of comfort. But he really couldn’t, considering Namjoon knew he wouldn’t be thinking about anything else for the rest of the weekend.

“I might be overthinking it, and I probably am. But Hoseok, we gotta prepare for the worst. Just…” Namjoon felt himself on the verge of tears. “We’ll always have each other, and we’ll always be with the maknaes as well. Let’s not tell them anything though, they should enjoy the weekend. We’ll keep this between ourselves.” Namjoon and Hoseok looked at the clock, freaking out when they saw it read 7:59 AM. There was also a few more people in the fitness center now, likely wondering what exactly the two were doing in there. But the pair left immediately, getting up to their hotel room as quick as possible. Thankfully, they got up there a few minutes later, and it was still before anyone came in to wake them up.

Namjoon and Hoseok weren’t really concerned about how the room looked, they were concerned over their appearance instead. The two got dressed, but they also had both cried somewhat, not caring that they were sobbing in front of each other. Both of them didn’t know how exactly they were going to face their parents, but knew they would have to soon.

It was around 8:15 when there was the sound of a key card opening the door. This time it wasn’t Seokjin, but Yoongi coming in to wake them up. He was a bit surprised to see the two already awake, getting ready as Namjoon brushed his teeth, Hoseok making the bed. “Did you two sleep well?”

“Yeah,” Hoseok replied, notably not making any eye contact with his appa, who was drinking a cup of coffee. He wondered if he had gotten it with front desk guy, maybe the two had already gone on a small date at the cafe with the really good looking pastries. Hoseok didn’t know what to believe at this point.

“You two want anything for breakfast? I can get you something from the cafe.”

“NO!” Hoseok said it with such speed and intensity that Yoongi was taken aback. Namjoon came out of the bathroom at this point, Yoongi asking him the same question. He also wasn’t hungry.

“Well, if you two want something, let me know. We’re leaving in 40 minutes, ok?” Both Namjoon and Hoseok nodded, eager to get their appa out of the room. Once he had left, the two went to sit on the bed, exhausted from just this one small conversation.

“How the hell are we going to survive this weekend?” Hoseok looked at Namjoon, really hoping his hyung would have an answer. He didn’t.

“I don’t know Hoseok. I really don’t know.”



Neither Namjoon or Hoseok were overly thrilled to go to the water park now, but they needed to make the most of it. There was an indoor and outdoor waterpark at One Mount, but the outdoor park sadly wasn’t going to open for another week. That was unfortunate for the older two, they wanted to go to an area where they wouldn’t be overheard by their parents, but that was going to be much more difficult now.

The maknaes were all quite excited to be here, Taehyung and Jimin running off to check out the area with the giant bucket full of water. Jungkook was a little more timid to go around by himself, but Seokjin offered to go around with him and watch what he was doing. Yoongi walked around the place, just watching what his kids were doing as he happily snapped pictures on his phone. Namjoon and Hoseok literally had to put on the fakest smiles, when unfortunately Yoongi caught up to them. The two were mostly just riding the large water slides, glad that the thrill took their minds off the situation a bit. Though not really.

Namjoon suggested that he and Hoseok went into the lazy river, and Hoseok agreed considering they had been riding the water slides for a few hours now. They had arrived at the place around 9AM, and it was now around 11:30 AM. They had only interacted with their parents a few times, a success for the most part.

“You think we would have to move if they got divorced?” Hoseok brought up the question suddenly, when there weren’t many people near them. The pair were using a double inner tube, so they were right next to each other during their entire ride on the lazy river.

Namjoon felt his facial expression change, to one of sadness but also of a slight unknowing stance. “Dunno honestly. I mean, I’m trying not to think about it, because maybe I’m just overthinking. To be fair, if we never tell dad about appa’s flirting, then he’ll never know and we won’t have to worry about this at all. At least it’s less likely, fighting is one thing but cheating is a whole other one.”

“It feels wrong to keep it in though,” Hoseok said with slight frustration. “If someone was cheating on me, I would wanna know. Cause that’s very serious. But I don’t want to live the rest of my life knowing I’m responsible for my adoptive parents’ divorce.” Hoseok paused. “What would you do, hyung?”

“No idea. And to be fair, I witnessed it too, it’s not just you. So we’d be equally responsible for causing a divorce. Not as if that is a good thing though.” Namjoon pushed onto the wall to move their inner tube along faster. “I still just hope I’m overthinking it all. I do that a lot, you know.”

“You know a lot about relationships hyung, that’s really impressive.” Namjoon smiled slightly after hearing that.

“You think so? I guess I just observe a lot, if you start doing that, you can learn more about relationships too. Or whatever, really. Try it sometime.” It was silent for a few minutes after this, both boys spacing out and thinking about various things. They weren’t brought out of their heads until suddenly, there was the sound of their names being shouted.

Namjoon nearly tipped over the inner tube in surprise when he saw Yoongi approaching him and Hoseok. Probably time for lunch he figured, something Namjoon wasn’t looking forward to. Any interaction with his parents was just time for acting, because he couldn’t look too upset or bothered as it would cause suspicion. Hoseok was the same way, though he was slightly worse than Namjoon at hiding his emotions. The older worried how long he’d go before saying something about the flirting, if he would be able to hold it in. Namjoon didn’t know if they should say anything, in a way he felt they should, but he also worried about the consequences it would bring. That thought remained steady in his head as he and Hoseok went over to where their family was for lunch, noticing how it seemed as if Yoongi and Seokjin were putting up an act.

Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook were all eagerly eating slices of pizza from the concession stand, Namjoon and Hoseok more just nibbling at theirs. They noticed how their parents were sitting on opposite sides of the table, across from each other still though. Namjoon thought that he was probably reading into this too much, like maybe they were genuinely happy right now. And they were talking to each other, in a way that didn’t seem overly fake.

But all Namjoon could think of was the flirting. If everything was going alright, then why would his appa have gone and flirted with the front desk guy. He even asked for his number. Maybe he was just looking for a hookup (Namjoon could infer that it had been unlikely his parents had been doing you know what lately), but even so, that was still cheating. It was all just so suspicious, so wrong. It got to the point where Namjoon couldn’t attempt to eat the pizza anymore, excusing himself to the bathroom. Where he proceeded to throw up said pizza, because his mind really could not take all these negative thoughts for any longer.

At least he felt a little better after that.

“You smell like vomit,” said Hoseok when Namjoon re-emerged from the bathroom, over by where the wave pool was. “Are you feeling ok?”

Namjoon shrugged. “Oddly enough, I feel better after puking my guts out. Maybe I also puked out some of my thoughts as well. But don’t tell anyone that I was throwing up, I’m not ill or anything.” Hoseok nodded, and the two decided that they would just hang in the wave pool. Neither of them wanted to be here much longer, because they wanted to go into their hotel room. Where they could speak in relative privacy, be away from their parents. It would help to make the rest of this day, and entire weekend, bearable.


Thankfully for Hoseok and Namjoon, the family left the water park around 6PM. The place closed at 7PM, so they had spent a good 9 hours there. They had the free passes though, and the paid ones, so it was crucial that they were used. The family went over to the mall next door, opting to use part of the free food vouchers. Taehyung and Jimin really wanted McDonalds, and Namjoon especially was rather surprised when Seokjin said yes. It didn’t help make Namjoon’s anxious thoughts any better, because what if he was just saying yes because they were going to announce their divorce when they got home the next day. He really didn’t have an appetite, but nonetheless got some chicken and fries to make sure his parents didn’t suspect anything was wrong. Namjoon hoped that Hoseok wouldn’t mind if he vomited when they got back to the hotel room, considering this whole situation was, rather literally, making him sick. Concerning to say the least.

When they arrived back at the hotel around 7:30 PM, Taehyung and Jimin insisted on going to the hotel pool, as if they hadn’t been swimming all day. Upon hearing this, Jungkook also wanted to go, so Yoongi and Seokjin decided they would take the three down there. If anything, it would tire them out, making bedtime a breeze. Namjoon and Hoseok were rather grateful when they heard this, knowing they’d get a fair amount of time before anyone came upstairs to check on them.

Namjoon did end up throwing up again when he reached the hotel room (he told Hoseok to cover his ears beforehand if he didn’t want to hear), but if anything, it made him feel better. He knew he wasn’t sick, that this was all because of anxiety. It wasn’t as if he could talk to anyone about it though, and if throwing up made him feel better, so be it. Hoseok didn’t seem too concerned, so when Namjoon came out of the bathroom, he suggested that they play Uno. Namjoon agreed.

They played Uno a fair amount of times, Namjoon winning a good chunk of them (he really was grateful for that wild card). It was all fun and games though, much better than talking about their current situation like they had been doing for the past day. When they got sick of that, they turned on the TV, and made sure that this time around, they were in their pajamas and ready for bed around 10PM.

Though no one came up at 10PM. Or 10:30 PM. Or 11PM. In fact, it wasn’t until 11:30 when Namjoon and Hoseok immediately turned off the TV, hearing someone at the door. They laid down in bed, acting as if they had already been sleeping for some time. Of course that was far from the truth. The two had been really worried about why no one had come up to check on them yet, considering the previous night Seokjin had been so adamant about them going to bed on time. Something bad could have occurred, but they had no idea.

“Are you two sleeping yet?” That was Yoongi, who sounded as if he was sniffling. Both Hoseok and Namjoon were laying on their sides towards the window, so they couldn’t see their appa’s face. It was also pitch black in the room, minus the lamp Yoongi had turned on.

“We were until you came in,” Hoseok said, realizing that came out a bit harsher than he had intended it to.

“Well, go back to sleep I guess. Be up at 8AM sharp. Night.” The way Yoongi said that so quickly was rather odd, but Hoseok and Namjoon tried not to question it too much, not mentioning it right away when their appa left. Of course they weren’t going to sleep, there was too much on their minds right now to get a proper rest. Hoseok began to channel surf again, going into the section of channels they hadn’t even reached yet. There was honestly over 500 channels on this entire TV, quite a lot to say the least.


Yoongi and Seokjin had been sitting together out at the pool just fine for most of the time they were there. They weren’t really talking to each other, just watching the boys. The kids were keeping them in a decent mood, it was great to see them happy, even if they themselves weren’t exactly in the greatest shape.

Their relationship had really been struggling lately, more than Yoongi wanted to admit. It was now common that they got into fights over petty things, things that really weren’t worth fighting over. They always had these at night, when the boys weren’t awake, but unfortunately one of these fights seemed to be brewing right as they sat on the hotel poolside chairs.

The maknaes wanted to stay in the pool until closing time (9PM), and Yoongi was fine with that, considering it was a little vacation after all. But Seokjin wanted them to leave earlier, because they did have a whole day at the waterpark the next day. Normally this would have been resolved just fine, but because of all the tension lately, it escalated into much more than it should have.

Knowing that they shouldn’t be fighting in public, or in front of the maknaes, Yoongi and Seokjin took them all inside. None of them were too upset at leaving around 8:45, considering they were now going to spend time in the hotel room together. They took the three maknaes into the room where Yoongi, Jimin and Taehyung were staying, telling the younger boys that they were going to have some adult talk. None of them really questioned it, as they were too happy to notice anything wrong.

Seokjin and Yoongi went into the 17th floor room, having a full out fight. It wasn’t about the pool thing anymore, it was just about petty things, them calling each other demeaning names. It was so pointless, so stupid, and it just ended in Yoongi crying. He left his husband with a nice “fuck you!”, before realizing it had already been two hours, and that he really needed to tell Namjoon and Hoseok to go to bed. Seokjin left the room to go get Jungkook, making sure to put on a positive face for the remainder of the night. It was rather difficult to say the least.

Things already weren’t going well between Seokjin and Yoongi, and the former didn’t even know anything about Yoongi’s little rendez-vous with the receptionist earlier that day.


Hoseok and Namjoon had been channel surfing for a while, like a good long time. They knew that no one would be checking on them again that night, and honestly weren’t sure if anyone would wake them up in the morning. Instead of worrying, they decided to embrace this freedom, because that made them feel great inside. And then...Hoseok found the station.

Both of them now understood why there weren’t that many TV stations in their house, some of them had to be blocked. Especially ones like this, while it wasn’t anything compared to what Hoseok had seen online before, it was definitely inappropriate. Kissing, outlines of naked bodies, moaning that caused Hoseok to turn the volume down a bit. Yeah, definitely not what the two should have been watching. Then again, the key word here is should have, it didn’t mean they were going to listen to what their rational minds were saying.

“We probably shouldn’t be watching this,” said Namjoon with a twinge of nervousness in his voice. It wasn’t as if they were going to get caught, but still. He’d feel a bit guilty. Yet he also was very mesmerised by the woman on the screen, his curiosity not allowing him to pull his eyes away. While Namjoon was inherently curious, Hoseok just had a straight face, as if he was bored.

“It’s not that bad. It’s just a movie, it could be worse.” Namjoon really wanted to know why Hoseok knew that it could be worse, clearly there was one topic he was more knowledgeable on compared to his hyung.

“What exactly do you mean by ‘it could be worse’?”

Hoseok chuckled. “Ever been on Pornhub?”

Namjoon had to mask his face of shock when his younger brother, yes his younger brother, asked him that. “No, plus its blocked here anyways.”

“So you have tried then? How else would you know it’s blocked?” Hoseok had a point.

Namjoon groaned. “One time, when I was particularly curious. But I didn’t feel like downloading a VPN, so I didn’t actually access the site.” He paused. “Have you been on that website? Because clearly you seem very knowledgeable about adult videos. Key word: adult.”

Hoseok glanced towards the TV for a second, before turning back towards Namjoon. “I literally got caught for watching porn hyung, like it was mortifying. To be fair, I was kinda stupid and didn’t clear my search history, so it was my fault. And,” he laughed. “The funniest thing is that appa said he was gonna put restrictions on there, but he never did. Like I literally go on there at least once a week still, and I’m much smarter about clearing my search history now. Learned a lot from that day, like how to get things around appa and dad.”

Namjoon looked at his dongsaeng with slight shock. He and Hoseok weren’t that far apart in age but wow, it was weird to think that Hoseok was watching things he probably shouldn’t be watching. That’s the thing about Hoseok though, he had knack for getting his way a lot of the time. Even if there had been restrictions put on his device, he probably would have figured out a way around them all. Namjoon on the other hand, he wouldn’t risk going through all that trouble to watch people have sex for 15 minutes. It didn’t seem that interesting.

“Don’t you ever worry that you’re gonna get caught again?”

Hoseok gave Namjoon a look. “I think our parents have bigger things to worry about than me watching adult videos. Even so, don’t like...tell them anything. I trust you hyung, don’t rat me out again or they might really set restrictions on there.” Namjoon sealed his lips shut in response, it being visible from the light the TV created in the room. They weren’t even watching the movie anymore, just having a conversation with each other.

Wanting to change the topic away from his internet habits, Hoseok brought up another subject. “Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you had never gotten adopted? Like where you would be now?” The seriousness of the question surprised Namjoon in a way, for Hoseok wasn’t always as deep of a thinker as he himself tended to be.

“I mean, funny you mention that while we’re in Ilsan. Hell, my mother could be living 20 minutes away from here or something, if she still lives in Ilsan proper that is. But yeah, I think of it sometimes, how I would have grown up with a single, young mother instead of with two fathers.”

Hoseok interrupted slightly when Namjoon took a breath. “Would you have wanted to grow up with your birth mother?”

Namjoon thought about that for a second before answering. “I don’t know. I think I was better off getting adopted, like someday I want to meet my mom and thank her for making the decision she did. Because I’m sure she has some regret for giving up her own child, but I wanna tell her that what she did was a good decision, because look at me now. I have good grades, a decent life, and best of all, great siblings.” Hoseok smiled after hearing that, though his expression changed quickly when he started to talk.

“I’m glad I’m not living with my filthy drug addict biological parents anymore. I hope they both fucking rot away in their prison cell, I ain’t ever gonna visit their asses. Even if someone paid me, I wouldn’t step into that filthy shithole to visit them. They don’t deserve me.” Namjoon had never heard Hoseok swear that much in one whole sentence, he didn’t swear that much in general really. His voice also changed, to one of deep frustration, anger, and hatred. Namjoon didn’t know if he should be surprised, he knew that Hoseok detested his parents, but he didn’t know it was this extreme. He didn’t even know if Yoongi and Seokjin knew about this, maybe Hoseok was keeping this to himself this entire time. “I’m glad I got adopted. Even if appa and dad were to fight every day and get a divorce, at least they take care of us. Don’t leave us neglected for hours just cause they’re getting money for drugs. Filthy scumbags, my birth parents.”

“I don’t know how my life would have gone if I hadn’t ever met you Hoseok. I don’t know if we would have ever interacted or met if we weren’t adopted siblings.”

“Neither do I,” replied Hoseok. “It makes me worried, what would happen if our family got torn apart? How would it affect our relationship?”

Namjoon shifted his position in bed, the TV still being on in the background. “I would make sure our relationship stayed the same Hoseok. As I said earlier, we’ll always have each other. No one can take that away from us.”

The two were silent for some time, various sounds still emerging from the TV. They had both forgotten it was on, because they had gotten so deep into conversation. For a second, Namjoon thought he heard the sound of tears, but he might have just been going crazy.

“Wouldn’t it be fun if we went around Ilsan tomorrow and tried to find your mom?”

“Hoseok, you’re insane. She probably doesn’t even live here anymore, and even if she did, how would we find her? Go around and scream ‘where is Kim Namjoon’s birth mother?’” Namjoon laughed a bit at his own joke.

“I was just trying to suggest something else besides going to that damn water park again. I mean, do you really wanna do today, well yesterday now, over again? I sure don’t.” Hoseok had a good point, but Namjoon really didn’t want to get in trouble. He’d wanted to keep up a good image of himself at this point.

“I don’t either, but I also don’t wanna get my ass whooped. Or create more of a problem, speaking of,” Namjoon glanced at the alarm clock on the nightstand. “It’s 2:30 AM. We might wanna go to bed soon.” Hoseok saw the time as well, and realized that if someone did actually come in to wake them up at 8AM, they would have only gotten around 5 hours of sleep. So he turned off the TV, eliminating the only light source in the room. Namjoon had managed to find a blanket in the closet earlier, which he figured he would use tonight if he could actually fall asleep. While he and Hoseok had been up for some time, it was still unlikely that they would sleep anytime soon. No amount of talking could truly put their minds at ease.


Even though the entire maknae line was up at 8 AM, their enthusiasm did not wake their parents up. Jungkook didn’t really have a reason to be loud, considering he had no one to play with, so he just put the TV on at a quiet volume, watching cartoons as he sat on the chair in the corner. It did not wake up a sleeping Seokjin, who hadn’t remembered to set any alarms the night before. Ideally, he didn’t want to wake up for a long while, though he knew that wasn’t exactly possible.

Jimin and Taehyung, not wanting to get in trouble, didn’t bother to wake up Yoongi. They decided to camp out in the bathroom, playing around with the hotel toiletries, before filling up the bathtub. While there wasn’t a bath bomb provided in the hotel amenities, there happened to be one in the bathroom cabinet, probably left from a previous guest in the room. Why it hadn’t been thrown out, the two didn’t know, or cared for that matter. They were just mesmerized by the fancy colors emerging out of it, the golden glitter really being a source of amazement and joy. They were 10, but in this moment they weren’t 5th graders, more like 7 year olds. But once again, they didn’t care.

Except Yoongi did.

“What are you two doing?” asked Yoongi when he woke up around 8:45, walking into the bathroom. “Where did you get that?”

“It was under the sink,” replied Taehyung before giggling. He was really entranced by the whole colorful show the item was displaying.

“And you two thought it was ok to do this? Do you even know the amount of stress I’m under right now? Clean this up, or you won’t be going to the water park today.” While Jimin and Taehyung were sad about this, they didn’t dare disobey. What confused them though, was the fact that Yoongi had added the line about how stressed he was. When he disciplined, he rarely brought him or Seokjin into the argument, it was usually focused on what the boys were supposed to be doing, what they had done wrong. That’s what they should be addressing anyways.

Already not starting off this day well, Yoongi completely forgot about how Namjoon and Hoseok needed to be woken up. Seokjin did though, but the problem was that he didn’t wake up until 9. He realized this, and threw on some clothes as quickly as possible. Something told him that Yoongi hadn’t bothered to go on up there and wake the two up yet, and he was right.

Namjoon and Hoseok were both sleeping when the sound of a door opening suddenly awakened them. “Why aren’t you two up?”

Both of the boys were too fatigued to answer, barely even awake yet. They were still buried under the duvet and blanket respectively, six hours of rather unrestful sleep under their belts. In fact, the last hour had actually been the best one in terms of sleep, and both Namjoon and Hoseok were really not wanting to get up to start what would be another long, arduous day.

Not thrilled he wasn’t getting a response, Seokjin spoke again. “Be ready soon. I’ll turn on the TV so that you both have some background noise, maybe that’ll help you wake up faster.” Hoseok heard those words, and didn't think much of them at first. His sleep deprived brain didn’t make him realize until too late, that he had turned off the TV with the softcore porn channel still on, and that when his dad turned on the TV that was what-

The noises that emerged from the speakers confirmed Hoseok’s fears. At least the volume wasn’t up too loud. It was also on for only a second, because Seokjin turned off the TV right away, absolutely furious at the two older boys. “WHAT were you two watching?”

Hoseok had managed to sit up in bed now, but he was looking towards his lap. “It’s nothing bad, it was showing a different movie last night.”

“I’m an adult, Hoseok. I know exactly what that station is, and what exactly is shown on it. I want to know why you and Namjoon were watching it.” Namjoon was still buried under the covers, still too afraid to emerge. He really didn’t want anyone seeing how red his face was at this moment. Hopefully Hoseok would be able to handle this on his own.

Hoseok fidgeted with his hands. “We were just channel surfing, and we came upon it, watched for a little bit, but just kept it on the background while we talked for a while. It’s not the end of the world.”

“Don’t sass me young man.”

“I’m not sassing you!” said Hoseok, now looking up. “I’m telling you the truth. Namjoon would confirm it if he was awake.” Namjoon rather weakly gave a thumbs up to Hoseok’s statement.

“There are HUNDREDS of channels on this TV, and you just had to choose this one over all the rest. You know better Hoseok.” The younger was a bit offended by this statement to say the least. Like did his parents think they could control everything he did? He wanted to live a little bit sometimes.

“Look, Namjoon-hyung and I are sorry. We won’t do it again.”

“Well why did you do it in the first place?” Seokjin was really getting on to Hoseok’s nerves.

Hoseok tried to keep his frustration reigned in, but he couldn’t anymore. Everything was just one big mess, he was sick of it. Everything with their family right now was bad, all screwed up. The only thing keeping him stable and grounded was Namjoon. But Namjoon wasn’t any use right now, he was hiding under the covers, his leg visibly trembling with anxiousness. Hoseok didn’t think he could keep it all back anymore, so he exploded. “Why do you care so much about what Namjoon and I were doing? Appa didn’t even come tell us goodnight until it was like 11:30. And he was crying, maybe you should worry about that before worrying about what Namjoon and I watch on TV.”

Seokjin looked at Hoseok with a rather serious expression. “That’s none of your business, let appa and I deal with our problems on our own. It’s not your place to get involved.”

“I THINK I CAN GET INVOLVED IF MY BROTHER AND I CAUGHT APPA FLIRTING WITH THE MAN AT THE FRONT DESK YESTERDAY MORNING! WORRY ABOUT THAT INSTEAD!” Hoseok felt a weird sense of relief after saying that, because it was great to finally get it off his chest. But it also opened up a whole new set of problems, namely the way the Seokjin’s demeanor immediately changed to something Hoseok couldn’t pick up. Maybe Namjoon could have, but he was still hiding under the covers at this point. When he eventually emerged, he was going to congratulate Hoseok, because it took some huge guts to admit what he just had admitted.

Seokjin took some deep breaths to ground himself, before speaking. “Is that true Hoseok?”

“I wouldn’t lie about something like that.” Hoseok felt his voice get awful quiet, felt himself get rather timid.

“He’s not lying,” added Namjoon, though it was muffled because he was still under the covers. “I saw it with my own eyes. I’ll narrate the entire situation for you if you want.”

Namjoon didn’t get a chance to do that though, because it was only a few moments before Seokjin rushed out of the 20th floor room, wanting answers about why exactly his husband had done this.


Jungkook was dropped off at the 20th floor room door, clearly having no idea what was going on. He knocked sweetly, saying good morning to his hyungs. He honestly just thought that Seokjin was finally letting him play with Namjoon and Hoseok, and not throwing him up there to distract him from what was really going on. Jimin and Taehyung were left in the room together, the TV turned on as it would distract them for a good while. The two would watch cartoons for hours if they were allowed.

Hoseok especially was really not in the condition to be around the maknae. He knew that he and Namjoon had to keep up a happy face, not act like there was anything bad going on. Gathering himself, Hoseok went up to the door with a smile as he brought Jungkook in. For the first time in a while, he didn’t care that Jungkook wanted him and Namjoon to play with toys, they were fine with doing anything to keep the makane happy. It was a distraction for the older two, they could become a character in one of the many stories Jungkook made up, pretend to be that person and not who they were right now.

But this was still difficult. In one of the many rooms inside this hotel, their parents were having a full out fight, about the flirting but probably about 50,000 other things. Hoseok decided that he just needed to be content with the fact that he couldn’t hear it, he could pretend that it wasn’t going on.

Though of course it was very real.

“DON’T YOU HAVE ANY FUCKING INTEGRITY MIN YOONGI?” Yoongi hadn’t seen his husband this angry in years, not since their college days when Seokjin exploded because Yoongi had started smoking again behind his back. He got angry from time to time, but there was this different aura about him when he was truly upset and frustrated.

Yoongi took a step back, towards the windows. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


It was all out of spite, Yoongi’s flirting with the receptionist. He didn’t know exactly what caused him to do it, potentially it was the part of him that wanted to hook up with someone. Have a different sexual partner for a night, considering his current one he was in a huge fight with. It wasn’t ever going to be an actual relationship, just a one night stand, and even after talking with the guy and getting his number, Yoongi felt uncomfortable. He was honest, told Wonho (the receptionist) that the man he was with when he had checked in the previous night was his husband, and that he was married. Wonho had been cool with it, but even so, Yoongi called it off, especially because the receptionist wanted to have sex in the hotel. That was just too much. Yoongi figured he could just never mention it, bring the secret to his grave. But somehow― and Yoongi didn’t even remember seeing any of the boys down there― someone had caught him in the act, and here he was, potentially ruining his relationship of over 10 years. The one person he had always loved so much, likely would never want him back.

Yoongi immediately panicked, not knowing how he should answer. “I...I wasn’t trying to cheat...I was just-”


“I...I know that. I...I just wanted a...a hookup, ok? A one night stand. I know it sounds stupid-” Yoongi knew it was coming for him now.


Yoongi gulped. “Well when you say it like that…”

“WOW,” yelled Seokjin before lowering his voice a bit, but not much. “AM I NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? OR ARE YOU JUST WITH ME BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FUCK? AM I JUST A FUCK BUDDY? DO YOU WANT ME TO SUCK YOU OFF RIGHT NOW, WOULD THAT MAKE THIS ALL BETTER?” Yoongi couldn’t ingest those questions and words, they hurt. They were so inaccurate, Yoongi married Seokjin because he loved him, wanted to have a family with him. Sure, sex was part of a relationship, and they valued that time together, but it was not the sole reason why he had been with Seokjin for so long.

“You know what you’re saying is not true. I would have never married you if I didn’t love you truly, don’t twist my words.”


“STOP SAYING THAT I ONLY CARE ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS IF THERE’S SEX INVOLVED.” Yoongi was now equally as aggravated as his husband, and this was not getting any better at all. It was not a sight that anyone would want to witness. “I CARE ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP, OUR CHILDREN. I TOLD YOU THAT WE SHOULD GO TO COUPLES COUNSELING, BUT YOU SAID WE DIDN’T NEED IT. AND NOW LOOK WHERE WE ARE, SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER IN A FUCKING HOTEL ROOM!” It was true, that around a week earlier Yoongi had suggested they go to couples counseling if things continued to get worse, because it was going to get harder and harder to hide this from the boys. But Seokjin refused, spurring a full out argument and subsequent fight.


“I TRIED LISTENING TO YOU YOONGI, FOR ALL THESE PAST WEEKS. ABOUT ALL YOUR IDEAS, WHATEVER YOU SUGGESTED WE DO, I LISTENED TO YOU WHEN YOU SAID WE SHOULD GO ON THIS LITTLE TRIP. AND WELL, THAT WAS CLEARLY A GREAT IDEA, AS IF WE HAVEN’T ALREADY FOUGHT TWICE OVER THE SPAN OF TWO DAYS.” Seokjin was still fuming, absolutely infuriated. Neither of them knew how this was going to end, but they needed to calm themselves down somehow. It wasn’t likely this was going to end well though.

They fought for a lot longer, spewing out insults, false truths, threats, everything they could think of. Out of all the fights they had had over the past 10 years, this was by far one of the worst, if not the worst of them all. Neither side would come to a compromise, a compromise that would enable them and the boys to at least get home safely. They also needed to figure out how they would explain this to the younger boys, who had absolutely no idea what was going on. Should they just send all the boys to the water park alone to use the passes, and so that they could work out a safe living situation for the time being? It was unlikely that Yoongi and Seokjin could be in the same house for sometime after this, they probably wouldn’t be able to be in each other’s presence without fighting for a week at least. And they definitely needed to go to couples counseling, to get professional help. The relationship could be fixed, go back to how it was, just it was going to take time. What Yoongi had done was bad, the fact two of his kids had witnessed it was worse, but it couldn’t be the end of a relationship that had always been so good.

Both men were crying by now, sobbing in frustration, anger, sadness, a flurry of emotions all at once. They weren’t really speaking, just sobbing together. They were trying to calm down, to stop making the off handed comments to each other, but it was insanely difficult. Hence, why they needed to figure out a plan that ensured they would be apart for some time, but not so that one had to be away from the boys. It wouldn’t be fair to them, they were all adopted children, they deserved stability in their lives. It would be detrimental if they lost that.

“Go find Hoseok and Namjoon and talk to them,” said Yoongi between sobs as he sniffled. “Poor kids are probably panicking, and it’s all my fault.”

If everything was normal, Seokjin would have told Yoongi to not place all the blame on himself, that everything would be just fine. But it wasn’t a normal situation. “It is your fault, so you should get your ass up there as well and talk to them. Talk about how stupid you were, and arguably still are.” Seokjin got up from the bed, wiping his eyes with a tissue before blowing his nose. It wasn’t really worth it to try to look like he hadn’t just been crying, both Namjoon and Hoseok weren’t going to be surprised.

When the two boys heard the knocks on the hotel room door, they immediately froze and stopped what they were doing. Jungkook got sad, considering this meant that his playtime with his hyungs was over. The sound of the keycard being used was heard, following by the door opening, but only by a crack. Hoseok wouldn’t have even known it was Seokjin if he didn’t see the white sneakers he happened to be wearing earlier as well.

“Jungkook-ah,” Seokjin did his best to make his voice sound somewhat wasn’t very successful. “Go to Jimin and Taehyung’s room. Room 1110. Knock on the door, and they’ll let you in and you can play with them. Ok?”

Jungkook could sense that something was wrong, but he didn’t know what. He looked towards his hyungs for reassurance, and they both did their best to muster up happy smiles, giving him a thumbs up and waving goodbye. For now at least, this was enough to make him feel fine, and thankfully, he didn’t look up at Seokjin’s face. When he had left the room and gotten into the elevator safely, Seokjin fully stepped into the 20th floor room. It was around 11AM, which left them little time to leave before check out time, which was 12:30PM. Namjoon and Hoseok had managed to pack up some of their things while Jungkook was there, as they were taking turns playing with him. They knew that they were probably going to go home after this, and they had to check out of the hotel anyways, so it made sense to pack. But now, neither of them were thinking about what they had been doing for the past 1.5 hours. All they saw was their dad, looking so upset and distraught, Hoseok couldn’t help but to start crying himself.

“I’m so sorry,” he sobbed, worried that he had said just caused a divorce, what he and Namjoon had thought could happen if they had said something. “I shouldn’t have ever said anything, Namjoon-hyung and I...we should...should have said...nothing. You were right...we...we shouldn’t have gotten involved.”

Seokjin couldn’t even say anything for a moment. Here was Hoseok sobbing while apologizing, Namjoon quietly crying too now because he felt guilty about all this. It was too much for them to process, while they were very smart boys, they were far too young to understand the very complicated dynamics of a relationship. This all brought Seokjin out of his head, the selfish thinking seemed to cease somehow. While he absolutely felt that Yoongi had violated the trust in their relationship, they needed to fix it somehow, for their children who didn’t deserve to suffer because of all of this.

Seokjin took a seat on the end of the bed, on the right of Hoseok, Namjoon sitting on Hoseok’s left. He put his arm around Hoseok, in a gesture of comfort. His voice was not very comforting though, it was the voice of someone who was crying, all creaky and weirdly pitched. “You did the right thing Seok-ah. Ok? You did the right thing.” Hearing his dad sound like that was scary, Hoseok didn’t know what to think. Neither did Namjoon.

“Are you...getting a divorce?” was Hoseok’s next question, his voice very much still filled with sobs. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to hear the answer to that question or not.

“No sweetheart, no. Don’t you even worry about that kind of thing, ok? Appa and I are going to spend some time apart, go get some help, and everything will be better again. I promise, ok?” Hoseok nodded, though he didn’t feel much better at all. Nothing was really going to offer him reassurance at this point. Seokjin went to sit next to Namjoon now, making sure the older boy was alright. He really wasn’t, but there was only so much Seokjin could do.

“Are you two doing alright? You can say anything that’s bothering you.”

“Why does this have to be happening?” Hoseok’s voice went up a whole octave, the way it did when he was crying, didn’t want something to be occurring. He wanted to go back to two days earlier, when everything seemed like it was alright, not messed up like it was now.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, I know it’s hard. But it’s going to be ok, please trust me on that. Nothing bad will happen to you, or Namjoon, or any of your brothers. Ok?” Neither Hoseok responded, but a knocking on the door indicated that Yoongi was there. He didn’t happen to have the right keycard on him, so Seokjin had to open the door for him. Namjoon could’ve sworn he saw them flip off each other when they passed in the doorway, but his vision was blurry from tears so he wasn’t really sure.

Yoongi was completely different to Seokjin when he came in. He wasn’t crying much, and instead just put his head down in shame. This was odd, as typically an elder would not bow in shame to someone younger than him. But Yoongi needed to do this, what he had done was shameful, partially because he had done it in front of his two oldest children. He couldn’t believe that he didn’t notice them down in the lobby, where he assumed they would have been. They shouldn’t have been down there then, but Yoongi really didn’t care about that at this point. There were more pressing things to worry about.

“Why would you do that?” asked Hoseok, his voice full of sobs once again. “Don’t you love dad?”

Hearing that really hurt Yoongi, his own children shouldn’t have to ask questions like that. It was his job as an adult, as a parent, to make sure the relationship remained stable. And he had tried to do that, tried to convince Seokjin that they needed therapy and that this all wouldn’t be resolved without it. Yoongi could feel the frustration rising in him, but it wasn’t the time to be angry now. That would come at another time, when he wasn’t around his kids. He took a seat by Hoseok, offering his hand out to the boy if he wanted to hold it for comfort. He didn’t.

“I do still love dad sweetheart. We’re just going through a tough time right now, and I made a decision that is stupid.”

“But if you loved him, why would you want to go out with another person?” Namjoon knew the answer to Hoseok’s question, but he didn’t know if he should say it. He waited to see what his appa would say in response to this, because that wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to explain to a 12 year old. Even Namjoon, who was going to be 14 in a few months, didn’t have a full understanding of it. Not that he necessarily even wanted to.

“That’s complicated Hoseok-ah, sometimes when people are going through rough spots in their relationships, they make decisions that are stupid, like I did.” Hoseok wasn’t really satisfied with this answer, because it literally felt like the previous one reworded.

Namjoon knew the answer though, at least he was sure enough to say it aloud. “For a hookup, Hoseok.” He bit his tongue afterwards, wondering if that was a good or a bad decision. He didn’t bother to look at anyone’s face, just staring towards the floor. He wasn’t really crying that much anymore, just a few stray tears falling down his cheeks.

“Namjoon is right,” was all that Yoongi said in reply. Hoseok didn’t ask anymore about it after that, even though he was a bit confused. He figured Namjoon could explain more to him at another time. For now, he just started sobbing a lot more again, because that was the only thing he seemed to be able to do. Namjoon wondered how he possibly could cry that much, how his tear ducts weren’t exhausted yet.

“Are Namjoon-hyung and I in trouble?” asked Hoseok after some time.

“No, not at all. In fact, why don’t you two get ready and go take your siblings over to the water park for the day? I’ll give you everything you need, just pack up your things and go. Ok?” Neither Namjoon or Hoseok really liked this idea, but they saw how it was more of a plea if anything. So they didn’t object, just nodded their heads before beginning to get ready. Yoongi left them money and the passes on the nightstand, telling them to go get the maknaes ready when they were done, and most importantly, to give them very limited details about what was going on. Though arguably, Namjoon and Hoseok didn’t know that much about it themselves. Yoongi left the room, hoping that he was making the right decision.

It didn’t take Namjoon and Hoseok that long to get ready, packing their bags as well, and they were soon going off to the 11th floor room where all the maknaes were. It was already around the noon hour, and they technically were supposed to be out of the hotel by 12:30, so the two older boys needed to make sure the maknaes got ready quickly. And to their surprise (as well as relief), they all had their swimsuits on. Supposedly, Jungkook had told them to get ready, so either he was a mind reader or he really still hoped they were going to the water park again. That meant that the only thing Namjoon and Hoseok had to do was help the maknaes pack their bags, which wasn’t as difficult as they thought it would be. Jungkook’s bag had also made it down here somehow, much to his hyungs’ relief. It was only about 12:10 when they were done, so Namjoon and Hoseok gathered the maknaes, not really feeling as if they were fit to watch three kids. Then, Hoseok realized something.

“Hyung,” he said, looking at Namjoon. “What do we do about our luggage? And the keycards, don’t they need to be turned in to the front desk?” Namjoon was glad that Hoseok had remembered that, because he surely hadn’t. And well, Namjoon wasn’t sure what to do. The most logical solution would have been to bring the luggage to the 17th floor room, but that didn’t seem like it was going to be possible. They could also put it in the car, but they didn’t have the car keys.

“Yeah, we can drop off the key cards at the front desk but...with the luggage,” Namjoon paused. “We might just have to take it with us. No idea where we can put it, cause I’m sure it won’t fit in those little lockers but we don’t really have another choice, unless, you know…” Namjoon didn’t complete that sentence, because he really did not want to see his parents until they said it was ok.

“Let’s just put it in my room!” said Jungkook, referring to the room he had been sharing with Seokjin. Neither Namjoon nor Hoseok knew what to reply to that, because they didn’t know what exactly would result from that. Their parents might get mad that they’re coming by, and that they were exposing the maknaes to something they shouldn’t be seeing. But then there was also the hope that by having the maknaes come by, they would not explode or anything.

“Yeah Jungkook, good idea,” replied Namjoon. “Take us up there.” He and Hoseok looked at eachother, hoping this was the right idea and not a stupid decision. They and the maknaes went over to the elevator, making their way to the 17th floor. Jungkook started running over to the room, clearly enthusiastic over something. Jimin and Taehyung followed him, pulling their luggage with them. Once Namjoon and Hoseok had put their suitcases by the door next to the maknaes, they immediately retreated further down into the hallway.

“We’re so screwed, aren’t we.” Hoseok didn’t necessarily want to hear a response to that statement, and he didn’t as he and Namjoon heard the door opening down the hallway. Except, they didn’t hear either Yoongi or Seokjin, it instead being another person who was in the room. Jungkook had gone up to the wrong room. He, Jimin, and Taehyung immediately apologized, before scurrying back with their bags to where Namjoon and Hoseok were. Namjoon had to go retrieve his and Hoseok’s bags, which were still sitting by the door.

After that little mishap, Namjoon just suggested that they leave, considering Jungkook didn’t remember what room he had been in. He had no idea what they were going to do about the suitcases, but they would just worry about one thing at a time. He was already convinced that they might not get let into the water park, because once it reached max capacity, no one else was let in, and on the previous day it had been rather busy. He didn’t dare say anything though.

They dropped off the key cards at the desk, saying that they weren’t checking out but just dropping it off. That confused the woman there, but Namjoon just had to explain that someone else in their group would be checking out soon. Thankfully, it wasn’t Wonho sitting there at that desk, or it would have been a really awkward conversation. They made it onto the bus, it being only a short ride over to the water park.

When they entered the place, Namjoon’s worst fears came true. A sign was up, saying that there would be no more admissions until later. He and Hoseok had no idea what to do, considering they had these passes and were supposed to be using them. While Namjoon had never spoken with any sort of customer service representative before, today he was going to, because he wanted to see if they would give him a refund for the passes. Namjoon honestly passed as 15 or 16 due to his height, so it was worth a shot, and Yoongi had given him some cash and his credit card earlier. Going up to wait in the line, Namjoon told Hoseok to stay with the maknaes and the luggage while he handled this.

The lady at customer service looked a bit confused when she saw Namjoon come up, but nonetheless was polite. “How can I help you today young man?”

“Ahh miss, well you see, I’ve got these passes here. And since we can’t get into the water park today, I was wondering if I could get a refund or maybe passes for another day. Would that be possible?” Namjoon hoped that he didn’t sound too nervous as he spoke.

The lady’s facial expression changed. “I’m sorry, we don’t offer refunds or exchanges.”

“Miss,” Namjoon’s voice became as if he was pleading. “I’m in a really tough situation right now, and if I don’t get a refund my parents are going to be really mad at me. We might not have enough money to eat lunch today either. Can you help me, just this one time?” The woman’s facial expression remained relatively the same, but it eventually seemed to change to one of slight sympathy.

“I don’t normally do this,” she sighed. “But I’ll give you half of each of the tickets in a refund. Is that ok? You’ll need a credit card to do this though.”

“That’s fine,” said Namjoon, relieved. “And I have a card on me.” He gave the lady Yoongi’s credit card, glad that his appa had left it with him. It was only a few minutes before the transaction was done, and Namjoon went over back to Hoseok and the maknaes to tell them the news. Hoseok was glad that Namjoon got at least half of the money back, especially for the four passes they didn’t even pay for as they were part of the giveaway package. Namjoon was also glad that now, their only option was to go to the mall next door, meaning it wouldn’t be too weird to drag the luggage around there. The maknaes were a bit sad though.

Jungkook went to walk next to Namjoon, tapping his hyung’s shoulder to get his attention. “What are we gonna do now?”

“Well,” Namjoon thought of how he should word this. “We’re just gonna go around the mall, get some lunch. And we’ll stay there until either appa or dad calls me.” Namjoon had brought that awful flip phone with him on this vacation, figuring he wouldn’t need it, but now he was rather grateful that he did considering the rest of his siblings didn’t have phones. It was charged, so whenever he got a call he could easily answer it. He didn’t know if he should’ve called his parents to say they weren’t at the water park, but he decided it against it because he really didn’t want to interrupt whatever they were doing now. He couldn’t believe that they were still in the hotel, check out was over an hour ago now.

“What if they don’t call us?” Jungkook looked really worried, which broke Namjoon’s heart.

“They will Kookie, don’t worry about it. Otherwise, we can just get home ourselves, we have money after all.” Namjoon knew deep down that he had no idea how to get home himself, but if that reassured the maknae, then so be it. They were at the mall now, it being an outdoor facility, which was fine considering the weather was decent. Jimin and Taehyung wanted McDonalds again, and Hoseok and Namjoon didn’t care where they ate at, so McDonalds it was. Plus, it was covered totally under the food vouchers. Namjoon was especially hungry, since he had finally gotten his appetite back slightly. At least while they were eating, everything was calm.

After that, they proceeded to just walk around the mall, going window shopping in the stores. It was clear that the maknaes would get sick of it eventually, but they didn’t really complain. They weren’t even that upset when they found out that they couldn’t go to the water park, which likely meant that they knew something was up. Namjoon and Hoseok hadn’t said anything directly about was going on, Namjoon’s exact words to the maknaes being that their parents were going to have a day to themselves, and that he and Hoseok were going to babysit them. But just because the maknaes were younger didn’t mean that they were oblivious, Taehyung and Jimin especially knowing that something was not right.

Namjoon was relieved that around 4PM, his phone started ringing. He picked it up, hearing Yoongi on the other end. He sounded slightly calmer than earlier, so Namjoon took that as a good sign. “Where are you?”

“Um...well the water park was at capacity so we couldn’t go in there. I got a partial refund for the tickets though. But we’re...we’re in the mall right now. Is that ok?” Namjoon felt very self conscious talking on a flip phone, considering no one used that type of phone anymore.

“That’s fine. Is everyone ok?”

As much as Namjoon wanted to reply that everyone seemed exhausted and that he himself honestly just wanted to crash in his own bed, he didn’t reply with that. “Yeah we’re ok. Just fine. Don’t worry about it.”

“Would you be able to take the bus back to the hotel? Do you have enough money?” Yoongi figured that he gave Namjoon and Hoseok enough, but wanted to ask to make sure.

“Yeah we have enough. But didn’t you have to check out of the hotel a few hours ago?”

Yoongi realized that he wasn’t giving Namjoon enough information, and that he needed to clarify more about what was happening. “We got one of the rooms for another night. Your dad is staying here overnight while I take you and your brothers home. You’ll see him tomorrow, don’t worry. I’ll explain more while we’re driving home, ok?”

“Ok,” Namjoon paused wondering if he should ask this next question. “Are you ok appa?”

“I’m fine Namjoon-ah. Don’t worry about me, alright?”

“Alright, see you soon.” Namjoon hung up, closing the flip phone, which arguably was the best part about owning one. He then walked back over to the benches the rest of his siblings were sitting on, telling them it was time to take the bus back over to the hotel. Soon enough, they were back in the lobby of the MVL Goyang hotel, but to not check in. Namjoon scanned the room for Yoongi, who happened to be sitting in the corner on his phone texting someone. Seokjin was nowhere to be found, but neither Namjoon or Hoseok questioned that much. Jimin and Taehyung seemed a bit confused, but Jungkook (who hadn’t seen his appa since the previous day) ran right up to Yoongi, the older giving him a hug. Hoseok grabbed the maknae’s suitcase that he left behind while running up to Yoongi, pulling it with his other hand.

After some talking, which was mostly Yoongi asking if Namjoon and Hoseok were ok, along with thanking the two, they were finally able to go to the car. It felt weirdly surreal as Namjoon took a seat, glad that this ordeal was over.

Well...sort of.