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that one time chisaki made a horrible decision and couldn't go back

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Chisaki Kai has added Kurono HariIrinaka JouiNemoto ShinKatsukame Rikiya Setsuno TouyaHojo YuTabe SoramitsuTengai Hekiji, Rappa Kendou, and Sakaki Deidoro to Unnamed Group Chat


Chisaki Kai has renamed the chat Shie Hassaikai


Chisaki Kai: Don't be stupid. We're meant to be serious here. 


Rappa Kendou


Rappa Kendou has renamed themself falconpunch2.0.


falconpunch2.0: fight me


Tengai HekijiRappa no.


falconpunch2.0fight me. 

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Shie Hassaikai 

falconpunch2.0: why isn't anyone else on??? 


Katsukame Rikiya: holy shit we have a gc now??? 


Nemoto Shin: Overhaul, is this really the best idea? Considering the members we have currently? 


Chisaki Kai: Nope. But Bossman and Kurono both supported the idea, so what can I do? 


Nemoto Shin: True. 


Kurono Hari has renamed themself chromosome

Kurono Hari has renamed Irinaka Joui as freakish muppet thing


falconpunch2.0: OH MY FUCKING GOD


Setsuno Touya: 


Setsuno Touya: rt to pay respects


falconpunch2.0: rt


Kurono Hari: rt


Hojo Yu: lmao what is this


Hojo Yu: rt


Hojo Yu: cmon tabe


Tabe Soramitsu: RT


Setsuno Touya: where's sakaki? 


Hojo Yu: probs drunk af


Setsuno Touya: lmao tru 


Setsuno Touya has renamed themself human garbage


Hojo Yu: has renamed themself shinebritelikeadiamond


Tabe Soramitsu has renamed themself arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh


human garbage: what


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: look at ur own name 


human garbage: touche 


falconpunch2.0: is no one going to comment on hojo's taste in music


shinebritelikeadiamond: IT'S A GOOD SONG


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: i like it


shinebritelikeadiamond: see someone thinks it's good!! 


chromosome: no offense to tabe, but his taste in music is about as sporadic as Rappa's constant urge to fight.




shinebritelikeadiamond: can't argue with that


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: neither can i and he was talking about me


Katsukame Rikiya  has renamed themself  MNSTRENRGY. 


MNSTRENRGY: where the hell is irinaka shouldn't he be pissed 


chromosome: the only thing he's pissed about is that someone hid his phone and he can't find it. 


human garbage: let me guess


chromosome: don't for your own sake and mine. 


human garbage: agreed 


Tengai Hekiji: Can someone please return Irinaka's cell phone? He's becoming increasingly stressed about it and I am afraid someone may get hurt. 


falconpunch2.0: oh i almost forgot 


falconpunch2.0 has renamed Tengai Hekiji to magic


magic: Why? 


falconpunch2.0: because


falconpunch2.0:  magic


chromosome: i can't oh my god tengai do you even know how to change your name? 


magic: No! 


human garbage: no one show him how to 


magic: Touya no! 

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human garbage: soooooo 


chromosome: what 


human garbage: how's irinaka doing


shinebritelikeadiamond: not well, obviously 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: he's taken over my room send help 


shinebritelikeadiamond: irinaka has possessed the walls surrounding tabe's room and isn't letting go 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: i feel violated 


human garbage: WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: what


falconpunch2.0: TABE'S BEEN VIOLATED CODE 69 IS A GO


shinebritelikeadiamond: i hear rumbling in the back what the hell 


magic: Rappa, no! 


shinebritelikeadiamond:  why the hell did rappa just kick down the door, grab tabe, and run off 


human garbage: it's a protocol we made up when we were bored and it finally gets to come into play 


human garbage: originally it was gonna be katsu to take tabe but rappa's faster 


MNSTRENRGY: i'm there to beat up whoever hurt tabe but i can't really start busting down the walls 


MNSTRENRGY: i think at this point we better just return the goddamn phone 


chromosome: i hate to admit it, but katsu's right




MNSTRENRGY: is that an insult 


Nemoto Shin: Please return Irinaka's phone. 


chromosome: omw


shinebritelikeadiamond: whatever happened to rappa and tabe 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: i've just witnessed life and death take place in the span of 30 sec 


shinebritelikeadiamond: what


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: so rappa's got me tossed over his shoulder right 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: and he's just making a mad dash around the halls


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: and apparently doesn't know where the hell he's going 


human garbage: yeah we never really thought we'd get as far as grab you


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: and then we turn a corner and lo and behold fucking overhaul is at the end of the hall exiting a room 


shinebritelikeadiamond: oh no


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: and he just turns and faces us 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: eyes dead and emotionless as always 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: and just as we pass by 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: boss kinds of just 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: reaches out and slaps rappa on the arm 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: and he immediately falls apart 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: now i'm on the ground, trembling in the worst fear i've felt since i emerged from hell 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: overhaul brought rappa back like five minutes ago and he just walked away like he always dies and comes back for a living 


falconpunch2.0: i'm p used to it by now 




falconpunch2.0: FUCK ME


falconpunch2.0: wait 


falconpunch2.0: no 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: and just like that there's another death that's a new record 


chromosome: i returned irinaka-san's phone and immediately ran like hell hopefully he'll never find me


freakish muppet thing: 


freakish muppet thing: don't worry i'll find you 


chromosome: fuck 


shinebritelikeadiamond: so


shinebritelikeadiamond: are we not gonna address the fact that rappa told tengai to fuck him 


magic: No, we are not. 


MNSTRENRGY: i have a mini tea 


magic: Katsukame, please. 


human garbage: spill 


shinebritelikeadiamond: the 


arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: tea


MNSTRENRGY: i was in the kitchen looking for my soda and tengai was organizing the cupboards (AGAIN) 


magic: Katsukame! 


MNSTRENRGY: and i wasn't even looking at my phone as it happened but i glanced back when i heard him dropping a plate 


MNSTRENRGY: and his face


MNSTRENRGY: was glorious 


human garbage: GOOD TEA


magic: KATSUKAME!!! 






falconpunch2.0: was


falconpunch2.0: was that a no then? 


magic: NO


magic: I MEAN YES


magic: WAIT

Chapter Text

human garbage: rapppaaaaa

falconpunch2.0: whaddya want twink

human garbage: gasp

human garbage: offended

MNSTRENRGY: are you really

human garbage: nah

shinebritelikeadiamond: :V

falconpunch2.0: well?

human garbage: oh ye

human garbage: do you really want tengai to fuck you

falconpunch2.0: is that relevant in some way bitch

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: oof

falconpunch2.0: talk to me in pm that'll make this easier

human garbage: alr?



PRIVATE CHAT BETWEEN Rappa Kendo AND Setsuno Touya

Setsuno: yeah?

Rappa: i

Rappa: may or may not like tengai

Rappa: a lot


Rappa: shut

Setsuno: spicy

Setsuno: i thought you'd be the type to loudly talk about that tho why didn't you

Rappa: cuz

Rappa: well

Rappa: the other day

Rappa: i was just out gettin groceries

Rappa: and i saw tengai

Rappa: with some lady around his age

Rappa: she looked nice too

Rappa: and she kept moving closer to him

Rappa: and then i left

Setsuno: oh

Setsuno: sorry

Rappa: it good

Rappa: she looked pretty so i bet she's her type anyway

Setsuno: hm

Rappa: idk why i told you any of this

Setsuno: it good you can trust me

Setsuno: gtg now tho

Rappa: k




MNSTRENRGY: they been gone awhile

shinebritelikeadiamond: im sure it's fine

falconpunch2.0: the bitches back 

MNSTRENRGY: what happened

falconpunch2.0: nothin 

human garbage: not important

shinebritelikeadiamond: >_>

human garbage: DONT WORRY BOUT IT

Chisaki Kai: Important news. We're going to raid an massive upcoming drug deal that's going to happen between several gangs. This is important, because we're also going to be destroying the base so they know not to mess with us for revenge. The deal will occur in three days. Be prepared. 

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: oof 

Nemoto Shin: Do not mess it up. As Boss said, it is crucial that we collect the goods and destroy what we need to destroy. 

falconpunch2.0: do i get to hurt people 

Nemoto Shin: Definitely. 

falconpunch2.0: im in 

freakish muppet thing: you never got a choice in the first place

freakish muppet thing: also 

---freakish muppet thing HAS CHANGED THEIR NAME TO joy---

human garbage: terrible

shinebritelikeadiamond: get it away from me

joy: yall terrible people

shinebritelikeadiamond: why do you think we here bitch 

human garbage: yu-san help 

shinebritelikeadiamond: what

human garbage: sakaki's finally coming out of his week-long high and cant stand on his own 

shinebritelikeadiamond: omw

falconpunch2.0: he's just been drunk this whole time??? 

joy: apparently?? was wondering where the shit went

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: i'm getting the tylenol

shinebritelikeadiamond: yeah he needs it bad 

falconpunch2.0: why is he even here

joy: cuz the Boss decided he should be

falconpunch2.0: thot

chromosome: say that again i dare you



human garbage: 


joy: welp 

joy: you screwed up, kurono

human garbage: it seems that 

human garbage: you are close with the boss

human garbage: no? 

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: ;)

shinebritelikeadiamond: oooooooooo

joy: well

joy: yeah

joy: they're dating 

chromosome: dammit irinaka

joy: well they were gonna find out either way weren't they 

chromosome: tru

human garbage: WHA T

shinebritelikeadiamond: J OI KNEW?????

joy: so what 

shinebritelikeadiamond: OFFENDED

falconpunch2.0: wow u have terrible taste kurono 

human garbage: HOW LONG

chromosome: like 

chromosome: idk

chromosome: five months?

human garbage: BRUH

Chisaki Kai: Out of all the ways they could have found out. 

Chisaki Kai: It was via text message. 

Chisaki Kai: Hari, you can do better than this. 

chromosome: im srry babe

chromosome: can i make it up to u

Chisaki Kai:

Chiskai Kai: I'm drawing the curtains. 

chromosome: omw ;)

shinebritelikeadiamond: :0000

falconpunch2.0: THE FUCK

human garbage: I HAVE DECEASED

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: BIG OOF

Chapter Text

joy: so.

joy: kurono got bossman to go out with him so

joy: yeah

falconpunch2.0: idc bout them as long as the bossman's out it all good with me

human garbage: big mood

falconpunch2.0: @magic

magic: Yes?

falconpunch2.0: come to the gym i wanna work on my quirk more

shinebritelikeadiamond: oh i should probably come tooooaOOOOOOOFjojeoesr;J

falconpunch2.0: the fuck

human garbage: nothing happened

human garbage: nothing at all

MNSTRENRGY: highly suspicious, but okay

Nemoto Shin: Please refrain from directly assaulting a coworker while in the living room. It will rile up others.

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: mood

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: also whats up with hojo-san


human garbage: reasons

magic: Like Nemoto-san said, please do not do such things.

falconpunch2.0: r u comin or not

magic: I am on my way. I was just distracted momentarily by the image of Setsuno launching himself at Hojo.

Sakaki Deidoro: im finally about as sober as i can get

MNSTRENRGY: surprising you can get sober at all

Sakaki Deidoro: insulting

Sakaki Deidoro: but also true

Sakaki Deidoro: thx tabe for all the shit

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: np

human garbage: yo i'm starting up some smb in the rec room

human garbage: who up

---Sakaki Deidoro HAS CHANGED THEIR NAME TO shots shots shots---

shots shots shots: u kno im up for a good round of smb

shots shots shots: also

---shots shots shots HAS CHANGED Nemoto Shin'S NAME TO old hag---

shots shots shots: there

shinebritelikeadiamond: oh my god this is gold

old hag: How dare you!

old hag: I am not that old!

---oldhag HAS CHANGED THEIR NAME TO Nemoto---

Nemoto: Luckily I know how to change my name.

shots shots shots: hag

shots shots shots: anyway im goin down to wreck some bird butt

human garbage: fight me bitch

shots shots shots: bout to

shinebritelikeadiamond: we have four spots right?

Nemoto: Indeed.

shinebritelikeadiamond: guess i'm joinin in then

human garbage: tabe?

arhgpFOODaprgaiaeriuh: hell ye

Nemoto: I suppose I will come to watch.

joy: ill stop lurking and watch, too

MNSTRENRGY: i'm gonna binge watch some tv so nah

human garbage: rip but understandable



PRIVATE CHAT BETWEEN Rappa Kendo AND Setsuno Touya
Rappa Kendo: so

Rappa Kendo: on a whim

Rappa Kendo: say hypothetically

Rappa Kendo: purely theoretically

Rappa Kendo: lets say u were sparring with someone

Rappa Kendo: and you both accidentally trip

Rappa Kendo: and you accidentally end up on your hands and knees

Rappa Kendo: and that someone accidentally fell to his knees right behind you

Rappa Kendo: and you could feel something warm and hard against your ass

Rappa Kendo: and you accidentally moan

Rappa Kendo: what then

Setsuno Touya: it means u too far gone to go back, my friend

Chapter Text


Hojo Yu: wow a complete loss of punctuation what seems to be the problem


Hojo Yu:

Hojo Yu: well that was sudden

Tengai Hekiji: I'm so sorry but I seem to be in a serious dilemma and I believe you have experience with relationships so please help me?

Hojo Yu: lmao sure

Hojo Yu: you're actually p nice anyway

Hojo Yu: so who is it

Tengai Hekiji: um

Tengai Hekiji: Rappa.

Hojo Yu:



Setsuno Touya: lemme guess


Setsuno Touya: he said so

Setsuno Touya: lmao when am i ever wrong

Hojo Yu: well

Setsuno Touya: stop right there

Setsuno Touya: what'd he say


Setsuno Touya: solid fucking proof

Setsuno Touya: now we scheme

Hojo Yu: wait gimme a sec i have the bestest idea



Hojo Yu HAS ADDED Kurono Hari, Irinaka Joui, Nemoto Shin, Katsukame Rikiya, Setsuno Touya, Tabe Soramitsu and Sakaki Deidoro TO Unnamed Group Chat.


Hojo Yu HAS RENAMED THE CHAT time to set sail


Setsuno Touya SENT AN IMAGE

Kurono Hari: FUCK YEA

Irinaka Joui: i believe in the gay

Nemoto Shin: I am truly surprised everyone else hasn't noticed.

Katsukame Rikiya: ho shit that explains EVERYTHING

Tabe Soramitsu: i also believe in the gay

Sakaki Deidoro: do you honestly trust me with this information

Setsuno Touya: you're not the type to spill the beans even when drunk so ur ok

Sakaki Deidoro: oh

Sakaki Deidoro: hey a nice thing about me

Hojo Yu: master plan

Setsuno Touya: to set sail to this horribly broken but still beautiful ship

Chapter Text

Ayyyyyy everyone first off thanks to all y’all for staying with this since the first couple chapters. Probably couldn’t have found the urge to keep addin chapters if it wasn’t for ya. So thanks! 

So. The issue. Not really a problematic one but...

This fic is veering towards focusing solely on the Rappa/Tengai ship. 

I don’t know if this is what readers expect, cuz this fic is just a chatfic. 

Jus.... lemme know if y’all actually want more relationship stuff (mostly Rappa/Tengai, but I’m thinking of doing some Chisaki/Kurono and another relationship :) but yeah) - or more memes n stuff like normal BNHA chatfics seem to do. 

I just want to fulfill what people expect. 

ANYWAY thanks y’all for readin and jus tell me what ya think I should be doin. It’s just a quick comment down below!