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Ice Flower

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"Ruby! Dinner is ready!" Yang called up to her little sister as she set the casserole on the table, slipping the oven mitts off of her hands. Their father had been called away to work overseas, leaving Yang in charge of the house. It was nothing she wasn't already used to, it was pretty much her everyday life now. She frowned when she didn't hear footsteps running down the staircase, but it was quickly replaced by a knowing smirk. "The girl's got it bad," she whispered to herself as she started up to Ruby's bedroom, already faintly hearing music blasting from her half-open door.

Yang peeked through the crevice and silently chuckled. Ruby was sitting at her desk and her silver eyes were practically glued to her computer, following a white-haired girl dancing across the screen as the music video started over. She had it on loop. Yang found herself standing behind her little sister with her hands on her hips and a sly smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth, "Ruby, you're drooling."

That seemed to snap the young artist out of her stupor and her eyes darted between Yang and the video, she reached up to wipe away the drool, only to find that there was none there. "Yaaang!" She whined, pausing the video and turning to face her sister, "Don't sneak up on me like that. Is dinner ready?"

"Yeah, I called you, but you didn't hear me." Yang's smirk never left her face, "You were too busy swooning over the Ice Queen." A blush crept its way up to Ruby's face and she averted her eyes from her sister's growing smirk, "You know. . . She's going to be performing downtown in a few weeks. Have you bought tickets?"

Ruby absentmindedly spun herself around in her chair, shaking her head dejectedly, "Dad would never let us go. Not after what happened at the Mistral concert. . ." The girl whispered, turning back to her computer. "I still can't believe the White Fang did that. . ."

Yang shrugged, glancing away with a thoughtful expression, "Isn't that Roman Torchwick guy still in jail?" Ruby nodded and Yang turned back to her, "Then there's nothing to worry about. Besides, Dad isn't going to be in town, and who says he has to know?"

"Are you suggesting we sneak out to attend the concert?" Ruby asked, her eyes leaving Yang's to examine her bedroom. Scattered across the walls was every Ice Flower poster she could get her hands on, she even owned two versions of the same poster as one had the name of the album across the top and the other was blank. Sitting on her shelves was every album the band had ever released. She knew every single one of them by name, even the girl that only become a main part of the band a week ago.

There were also countless pictures of them Ruby had drawn, some colored and some sketched. Most of them were just sketches of Weiss, though. Her excuse? 'I'm practicing how to draw her'. 

In reality, she just thought she was really pretty.

Ruby never thought she would be so obsessed with something and had often teased her sister for her obsession with a certain boy-band.

The older girl chuckled, "Well I wouldn't call it sneaking out if he isn't home," mischief sparkled in Yang's lilac eyes, "besides, don't you want to meet your princess?" A bright red blush immediately came to Ruby's cheeks and Yang's grin grew once more. "You're hopelessly in love."

"Speaking of love," Ruby started, desperate to change the subject, "when am I going to meet the girl who won Yang Xiao Long's heart?" The sister's expressions switched, Ruby's smirk rivaled her sister's and Yang's face turned red. "You've been dating for over six months now, you talk about her all the time and yet I've never seen her!"

Yang hummed, glancing away and folding her arms over her chest. "She's going to be attending the concert, actually. I was thinking about introducing the two of you then since she'll be in town." The blonde glanced at her little sister and offered her a smile, "She also has a cute friend I think you'll like." She offered Ruby a wink as she pulled two tickets from out of thin air, "You're going to that concert."

Ruby's jaw dropped and she flew out of her chair, snatching the tickets from her older sister in process. Yang stifled a laugh. Ruby's silver eyes were locked on the tickets as if she was trying to confirm that they were indeed real and not copies. "How did you get these?! They were sold out!"

"I have my ways," Yang replied, waving it off as if it was nothing.

Ruby rolled her eyes, hesitantly handing the tickets back over to her blonde sister and returning to her chair. "Let me guess, you know somebody who knows a person who knows this guy who got you the tickets." Yang laughed again.

"In a way, yeah, but a lot less complicated." Yang slipped the tickets back into her pocket and started for the door, "Anyway, I'll leave you to fawn over the Ice Queen." A whine of complaint came from Ruby as Yang closed the bedroom door. The music resumed almost immediately.

"If only she knew." The smell of dinner downstairs struck her and she suddenly remembered what she'd come upstairs for, she swung the door back open. "When you're done re-watching that for the ten millionth time, dinner's waiting! Don't let it get cold, it wouldn't taste very good heated up." Yang reminded her sister, who sent a thumbs up in a response, her eyes never leaving the screen. Yang chuckled and closed the door again.


[A few weeks later]

"It sure is crowded. . ." Yang mumbled as she parked Bumblebee in the first empty parking space she found, she shut the motorcycle off and removed her helmet, freeing her hair. She glanced to Ruby as the younger girl practically flew off, bouncing in place with anticipation. They'd handed in the tickets a few minutes ago.

"I didn't think there would be this many people." Yang said as Ruby grabbed her arm the second she got up off of Bumblebee and started dragging her towards the clearing where a stage had been set up. There were over three hundred people at least, all gathering in the small area the clearing provided.

"You didn't- Yang! Ice Flower is just as popular as your Achieve Men!" Ruby exclaimed, coming to a dead stop when a ice-blue tour bus caught her attention. It was sitting just behind the stage, almost out of sight. Her heart skipped a beat when she noticed a small group of people standing outside of it.

Her eyes trailed from the bus to a white-haired girl sitting on the steps, clearly having nothing to do with the conversation or the people around her. She seemed to be more focused on whatever she was staring at. Her phone? A notebook? They were too far away for Ruby to tell.

"You're staring." Yang chuckled, turning her little sister around to bring her back to reality. "Don't be creepy." Yang hummed and glanced at the time on her phone. A small smile came to her lips, reading a message that had just come in all the while ignoring Ruby's whining that she wasn't staring.

"We have about an hour before the concert starts," lilac eyes met a confused pair of silver, "do you think you're ready to meet my girlfriend?" Yang asked with an unreadable smirk.

Ruby frowned at her, "Of course I'm ready! I'm starting to think you don't want me to meet her or something. Would Dad approve of her? Is that why you've kept her a secret?"

"He already knows," Yang informed her, "come on! She's this way!" Ruby followed her sister through the crowd, just barely managing to stay at her side while she excused herself and apologizing for stepping on anybody's toes. The clearing was already packed and was almost slap full, everybody was practically shoulder-to-shoulder. It was very difficult to navigate your way through-

She lost her.

Ruby had lost track of Yang. A small whine escaped her lips as the realization that she was alone washed over her. Hopefully she wasn't too far ahead, maybe she could catch up with her? "Excuse me. Coming through," Ruby pardoned her way through the crowd once more, searching for her sister's fiery blonde hair.

Frustration struck her again when a particular couple refused to acknowledge her, despite being very well aware that she was there. "Um, hello?" Being trapped in the mob without Yang anywhere around had her anxiety going through the roof.

"You piece of SHIT!"


Before she had a chance to comprehend what was going on, another body had slammed into hers and a fight had erupted. The crowd around her suddenly grew bigger as people gathered around to watch. Screams and cheers echoed through the air, yet nobody noticed the small teenager crawling her way through the mob as an attempt to escape.

She had to be careful where she put her hands, the chances of somebody accidentally stepping on them were high. She was not about to go home with broken hands and have to explain what happened to her father.

Ruby could hear the enraged swearing and hollering mixing in with the sound of fists meeting skin, yelps of pain and angry growls.

"That's enough!" Ruby quickly shot to her feet to see a broad man with graying black hair and stern, cold blue eyes suddenly standing in between the fighting boys with his hands behind his back. He seemed calm, but the look on his face said otherwise. "Security will escort the two of you out, and if any of the rest of you feel like fighting, you will be kicked out as well." The crowd nervously returned to what they were doing as the frustrated teenagers were forced out of the clearing.

Ruby felt fear race up her spine as the man's gaze landed on her and he approached her, "Are you Ruby Rose?" He asked coolly, she nodded, "Your sister sent me to find you, come with me." Ruby wanted to ask how he knew her sister, but decided against it, perhaps Yang would tell her later. The man lead her backstage and departed from her once Yang was in their line of view.

"Ruby!" Yang grinned, waving the younger girl over. Standing beside Yang was a girl with long black hair and golden eyes, her feline ears twitched on top of her head when Ruby approached. "I lost you, I turned around and you were gone. Anyway, this is-"

"Blake Belladonna." Ruby muttered.