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Roger was falling asleep. Biology seemed to drag on and although he admired the subject, he knew the basics to all of this. He had failed it during year 10 since it was dull and he didn’t have a good relationship with the teacher. There was nothing much left to learn right now so he took up the option of staring at the cute teacher’s assistant and not paying attention. John was cute, he had to admit. Though the boy was younger than him, about 2 years, making him a year 11. Roger was surprised that he was a teacher’s assistant, usually, the role was reserved for the upperclassmen who needed more hours. Hollander said that he was bright and he really was. He had John in one of his advanced history classes and he was always smart about his answers. Roger never heard him talk much unless no one else spoke up, he was soft and quiet.


He had been laying his head down for a while now, Rog felt Freddie poking him with the tip of his pencil. “Hey,” he murmured. He looked up to see Freddie, pointing at the board in front of them. He noticed Hollander just glancing at him, he hadn’t mind Roger that much. Roger was a bright kid, aced all the test and was somewhat good about getting the homework in. So when he slacked off in class participation there wasn’t a big argument about it. He had just assigned new reading so Roger assumed that he had to copy the page numbers down. As the class bell rung, he felt John glance at him, he smiled slightly. As kids began to leave the classroom, Hollander had different plans for Rog.

“Could I have a moment with you, Roger?” He shrugged.

“Sure,” he whispered, holding his biology textbook in his hands. “Am I in trouble?”

“No, not at all,” the older man smiled. “You’re very bright, Roger. Even if you don’t try too terribly hard at it.” The blond knew what the older man was talking about. He was exceptionally smart, but when it came to homework and teachers, Rog hated it. He was known for yelling at some teachers who were poor at their jobs, storming off sometimes because of his short temper. He was grateful that Hollander had let him take his class and left him alone to his own devices some of the time. “I was talking to Ms. Ablright and she says that you’re doing well in her calculus class. I have a student who needs some tutoring and in return, I’ve loaned out the band room for you whenever you need.” His eyes lit up.

“Really? How did you manage to get the band room? I thought Mr. Romero hated me after I threw a drum stick at his face.”

“He doesn’t know it’s you,” Hollander laughed. “I told him that Brian’s band could practice there after school. Brian’s been complaining about his mum nagging him to find somewhere else to practice.” The man gave a small shrug and smiled. “I thought I put in a good word.”

“Thank you,” Rog smiled. “So who is it that needs tutoring?” Hollander gestured over to John who was packing his things into his bag. The younger boy gave a smile and walked over to the pair of them, collecting his things in the process.

“Hullo Roger,” he smiled. “I’m John, I look forward to working with you.”

“Yeah, alright.” Roger shook his hand, smiling slightly. You’ve got to be kidding me, he thought.

“I’m sure you boys can work it out,” Holland spoke up. “But besides that, you’re dismissed.” Rog smiled at both of them before making his way out of the classroom to lunch.


“Really?” Brian smiled, excitement in his voice. “Finally! I don’t have to listen to the neighbors complaining about the loud drums or Fred’s high pitch singing.” Freddie sent a glare at Bri.

“Excuse me, darling, it’s a gift to listen to me perform.”

“Well, the Alderson’s certainly don’t think that,” Brian mumbled. “Rog, how did you even manage to land the music room? I thought Romero wanted to kill you if he so much as saw you.”

“Oh he still does,” Roger took a bite of his sandwich. “I’m tutoring John Deacon in exchange for the music room,” he said past the bits of food in his mouth. Freddie lit up.

“Deaky? You mean the John Deacon you’ve been in love with the last few months?”

“Oh shut it,” he threw a chip at Freddie’s face. “No, I’m not in love with him. Besides, I went on that date with Dominque last week.”

“Ugh, Jesus.” Fred and Brian groaned at the same time.

“What?!” He looked at the both of them. “What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s…” Brian started.

“She’s infamous darling,” Freddie finished, he leaned back in the grass, sunlight hitting his locks of dark hair. “She has a new boyfriend every single week. Besides...well you’re gay.”

“Fred!” Brian shouted at him.

“What?” He shrugged. “I mean, I’m just saying that Roger comes to us with a new boy crush every few months. A girl will eventually come around now and again but they’re never permanent. John, on the other hand, he’s been your longest boy crush.” Roger rolled his eyes at Freddie’s remarks.

“I don’t exactly have a label on myself,” he shrugged, popping a piece of popcorn into his mouth. “I do what I like.” Brian tilted his head before nodding, thinking about what Rog said. “Besides, John transferred last year and we have some classes together. He’s nice.”

“Have you ever spoken to him before?” Fred questioned.

“Not really. Just in passing.”

“You know you will actually have to have a conversation around him.”

“Of course you dolt.”

“Well, I’m just suggesting that you’ll be spending lots of more time around him, talking and-”

“We get the point, Fred,” Brian spoke up, looking at the pair of his friends. “John is nice, he’s very smart. I work with him in advanced physics.”

“Don’t tell me, you bore him with your talk of space dust,” Fred mumbled. Brian rolled his eyes.

“My point is, you’ll be fine. He’s a very nice lad. Funny too.” Roger nodded, packing his empty lunch sack into his backpack. He got a suggestive look from Freddie and rolled his eyes.

“It’s just tutoring, nothing more.”

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John sat at his seat, waiting for the bell to ring. The advanced European class seemed to drag on today with talk of church and it bored him to death. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a boy twirling his blond strands of hair with his pencil. His lips pulled into a small smile as he saw Roger, it didn’t last long before Roger glanced in his direction and John averted his gaze. The sound of the bell was bliss for his ears. The boy got up and headed out of the classroom, bumping into the older blond as he was leaving. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “Roger?”

“Yeah?” The boy asked.

“I was wondering if I could have your number? For tutoring purposes? To text and whatever,” he shrugged.

“Oh.” The boy responded. John grabbed a small piece of ripped notebook paper and a pencil. Roger scribbled something down and handed it back to him.

“Thanks,” John mumbled as they walked out. Dominque was outside the classroom, waiting for Roger and approached him. She gave him a small peck on his cheek and John just looked away and continued to walk. Any hope he had of fancying Roger and turning it into anything more was crushed. He heard her giggling as he walked down the hallway. It wasn’t that John despised her, it was just that she reminded him of something he couldn’t have. She had gone out with every boy that John had fancied, he had the right for a little jealousy. Besides, not a lot of the boys at school were gay anyway. John rather just keep his head down rather than being called a rent boy or something worse. He got to physics as sat down, typing Roger’s phone number into any empty contact space.

“Hey,” Brian smiled at him. “How are you?”

“Alright,” he shrugged, sliding his phone away. “Did you bring your space book today?” Brian smiled and pulled it out of his bag.

“Fred had a riot when he went through my bag at lunch.”

“Why did he complain?” John questioned.

“Oh, he just likes to tease me for being a space nerd,” Brian shrugged. “It’s very in character for him. Besides, he says it’s not very rock and roll of me.”

“Rock and roll?”

“Yeah, I play in a band with him. He’s got a very good set of vocals.” John smiled at the thought of Brian and Freddie singing together.

“Do you mind if I ask a question about Freddie?”

“Not at all,” Brian sat down, smiling.

“I don’t want to come across as noisy or anything. And if you don’t want to tell me that’s alright. Is...Is Freddie gay?”

“Very,” Brian laughed. “S’alright John. Most people know anyway. I know that people aren’t always so… accepting around here. The harassment that Fred gets… I’m surprised he doesn’t punch people’s teeth out.”

“No, that would be Roger,” he joked. Brian laughed.

“Yeah, I suppose it would be. It’s alright if you’re gay,” Brian smiled. “Or bisexual, whatever. The people here are stupid so I wouldn’t listen to what they say. You can always come to me if anything happens. Not to sound like a broken record but I’m here if you ever need to talk.” John smiled at Brian’s kind words. Brian was really the nicest person he knew around at this school. He was smart and funny, easy to talk too.

“Thank you,” he smiled shyly. “I would appreciate if you kept this between us though. The last thing I need is to be called a poofter or a rent boy.”

“It’s understandable. Let me know if you ever need anything,” Brian smiled. “I’m always here or you can find Freddie or Rog.” John grinned as they opened their textbooks.


Brian wandered outside, his nose stuck in a Steven Hawking book. “Ah,” he heard Freddie’s voice, poking his nose above the book. He could clearly see his friend on the tip of his toes as he wasn’t as tall as Brian. “What did we say about the space books?”

“Fuck off,” Brian muttered. “It’s very interesting.”

“It might be but I can’t understand the bloody thing,” Fred sighed and walked with him. “I thought we were going to have a small rehearsal today.”  

“We are, I saw Rog and Dom ripping each other’s faces off through their mouths.” Freddie rolled his eyes, grabbing Brian as they hunted Rog down.

“Oi! Loverboy! Not the time!” He saw Roger pulling away from the girl and grabbing his things. Freddie sighed and rolled his eyes again. “How long do you think this will last?”

“Two weeks tops.”

“Oh, I would give Roger a little more credit, how about three weeks.”

“You’re on,” Brian smiled, packing his book away as Roger approached them.

“Sorry,” he mumbled, out of breath. “I was-”

“Busy,” Freddie murmured. “Come on, I’ve got to be home before supper or my mum will have my head.”

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Brian laughed as he walked with John outside to his lunch spot. The curly boy was grateful for getting along with one of the younger student who actually seemed to like him. “I’m just saying that the class’ interpretation was stupid. It was not true love, not in the slightest.” John was over the whole interpretation of Romeo and Juliet from a bunch of dumb teenagers.

“What would you say then?” Brian giggled as he sat next to his friends.

“They were horny,” John replied and smiled. “I mean what, it lasts for three days and they shag for a good portion of it.”

“You’re not wrong,” Brian mumbled. He saw John blush a little as he realized where he was, around Freddie and Roger.

“Oh,” John spoke up.

“Guys, you know John,” Brian introduced him, trying to defuse some of the tension. Freddie nodded and smiled at him.

“Of course, hullo,” he smiled. “I must say I absolutely love your hair,” Fred smiled, walking over and plopping himself near John. “Absolutely gorgeous.”

“Oh,” John blushed even more at the compliment. “T-Thank you?” He felt Freddie’s fingers comb through the strands of his brunette hair.

“Can I braid a little of it?” Roger snickered.

“You know how to braid?” Freddie smacked him over the head.

“Of course, I have a sister,” he looked back at John, waiting for an answer.

“Sure,” he sat down, grabbing his lunch and opening a book.

Catcher and the Rye, ” Brian spoke up. “That’s one of Roger’s favorites.” John saw the roll of Roger’s eyes as he glanced at the two of them.

“That’s because the main boy is just a whiny bitch, just like Roger,” Freddie joked. John actually burst out laughing and laughed even more as Roger attacked Freddie. The two tackled and wrestled until Roger was sitting on top of Fred’s back.

“This is usually how our lunch goes,” Brian commented, focused on the fight. The two had called a truce and walked back to their friends, Freddie sitting beside Deaky and picked up where he had left off braiding. Roger was out of breath and took a swig of his water. Brian rolled his eyes and looked back at his phone, the NASA webpage was pulled up on the screen. These idiots, John thought fondly before getting back to his book. Lunch ended rather quickly and the boys rushed to pack their things. “Roger?”

“Yeah?” The boy mumbled, looking at him.

“I was um… do you have time after school tomorrow? I uh need help before the test this Friday.” He noticed the widening of the other boy’s eyes.

“Shit! I had totally forgotten, I’m sorry.” He looked apologetic. “If you ever need any help you can text me and set whatever up. I’m always free after school so I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t hesitate to text me.”  

“Y-Yeah,” he mumbled. “Of course.”

“Seriously, I was kind of expecting you to tell me whenever you need help or want to review over something. I’m always here so just call, yeah?” He felt the touch of Roger’s hand land on his shoulder.

“Y-Yeah,” he mumbled before walking away.

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“Why am I so stupid?” Roger said aloud as he walked with Brian.

“That’s just part of your charm, mate,” Brian smiled and Roger jabbed at him.

“Seriously! I feel so stupid that I forgot about tutoring Deaky. He didn’t tell me either. I really hope I haven’t scared him off.”

“I doubt it,” Bri rolled his eyes. “The both of you will be fine so just relax. Besides, maybe he was just waiting for when he needed the tutoring. It’s only been what? 5 days since Holland told you about his deal.” He tried to calm him. “You apologized right? I’m sure John understands.” Roger nodded his head slightly. “Just relax about it and tutor the damn boy.”


Roger sat patiently in his last class, the tapping of Freddie’s fingers reminded him a beat in the last song they had written. The study hall was the most boring thing for Roger, he didn’t work on homework and stared at the clock for most of the hour. He was waiting to see John, the boy told him that he had French class and Roger agreed to meet him. “Try your best not to get more hung up,” Freddie whispered. Roger groaned and laid his head on the flat surface of the desk. “It’ll be alright darling. I don’t understand why you haven’t asked him-“

“It’s awkward Freddie,” he groaned. “Besides… I mean… nobody knows that I like men. I’ve never gone out with one.”

“There’s never a better time to start than now.”

“I dunno. I don’t want to do anything right now. I’ve got something going with Dom-“

“Is she nice? Really? Besides the shagging and all that is there a connection between the two of you?”

“She’s nice,” Roger spat out. “That’s the end of it. I don’t want to hear you or Brian talk about her.”

“Alright,” Freddie mumbled. “I do want to let you know that I do care about you. I don’t want you to get too attached and then have it all fall apart. I remember the last time Rog. I care about you,” Freddie touched his shoulder. Roger knew that he was sincere, Freddie was always protective when it came to his friends.  The bell rang out and Roger stood up.

“See you tomorrow Fred,” he touched his shoulder back before leaving. He walked a little way before seeing Deaky exit his classroom and ran after him. “You ready?” Roger asked. John must have not noticed him because he jumped a little at the sound of his voice.

“Oh, y-yeah.” There was a small smile that flashed against his face. “So um… where do you want to go?”

“Library might be good. It’s quiet and it’s got space.” John nodded his head and followed Roger outside to the other building. He found a table and John pulled out his textbook. His notebook was filled to the brim with equations and Roger wasn’t sure that he could tutor him. The rest of the hour was filled with whispers, Roger’s corrections and John biting on the end of his pen. Roger had to say he was very bright, just a little confused when it came to maths. “You see how that works?” Roger asked as he wrote some numbers down. John nodded the end of his pen his mouth.

“Yeah, it makes more sense.”

“What grade do you have in calculus anyway?” Roger asked as John packed his things away.

“It’s a low B, I’m not failing,” John shrugged. “I just asked Hollander if he knew anyone that would be willing to help. I need an A if I want to keep everything up though. Colleges you know?” He pulled out his phone, pressing a contact and holding it up to his ear. “Hey mum, I’ve finished. Yeah, I can wait outside-”

“I could drive you home,” Roger offered. John looked at him.

‘Really?’ He mouthed. Rog nodded. “Nevermind mum, I’m gonna have a friend drive me home, I’ll be there in a few.” He hung up and gave a small smile at Roger. “Thank you, Rog, I appreciate it.”

He nodded. “No problem,” he grinned. Roger walked him out to the student parking lot to his car, it was a little rough around the edges but John could tell that Rog kept care of it. He hopped into the passenger seat and smiled. John took a little hair tie out of his backpack and pushed back his hair, tying it into a little bun. He turned his head and caught Roger’s gaze. “Everything alright?”

“Y-Yeah,” Roger mumbled, inserting the key and turning it. The car revved to life and he gave a small smile. Deaky directed him to his house, a small one among others that looked like it.

“Thank you,” John smiled, grabbing his backpack. “I’ll see you tomorrow, maybe you could tutor me again after school on Friday?”

“Sure, whenever you need.”

“Thanks again.” Roger watched as John headed into the small house before driving off. This really wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be.

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John watched as Roger tackled Brian again for the second time during their lunch. Freddie rolled his eyes and moved over closer to John, playing with his hair. He had grown closer to the boys in the last two weeks. Deaky was surprised, he liked them more than he would admit too. “I don’t understand some boys,” Fred muttered and smiled at him.

“Oh, I can understand you,” John replied and looked over at Roger and Brian again. “I have no idea what goes through their heads.” Freddie giggles and plays with the long strands of John’s hair.

“You and me both.” They shade underneath the tree is nice for him, watching the boys wrestle out in the grass and Fred next to him… John could get used to this. “You know you’re very cute John,” Freddie smiled, complimenting him.

“Oh, thank you,” he blushes.

“Have you ever thought of taking up a girlfriend, boyfriend?”

“I’ve thought it, yes.” He smiles. “But I haven't got much luck or anything. Are you askin me or something?”

“Oh no, sorry John but you’re not exactly my type,” Freddie laughs. “If you must know I have it out for Jim, the rugby player. Very cute.”

“Have you asked him yet?”

“No,” Freddie frowns. “I go to all of his games and we have a lot of classes together. I’d like to get closer to him first, you know what I mean?”

“Yeah,” John replies as he looks over at Roger. “I know exactly what you mean.”


“You get it, John?” Rog mumbled as he laid his head down on the table. He saw Deaky nod as he finished the problem before packing his things away. Roger smiled at him, looking at him from the angle of his head on the table. He noticed the way his hair curled a little around his neck and the little moles of his skin. He didn’t even realize John was talking until he looked straight at him. “Huh?”

“I was just asking if you mind coming to my house tomorrow. For tutoring? My mum’s got a shift so I need to look after my sister.”

“Yeah, no problem,” Rog sat up, rubbing his eyes and then stretching his arms. “Shouldn’t be a problem at all.” John smiled and with the nod of his head they were off. Roger watched as Deaky left his car again before he drove off back home. He kept thinking about him, he was so nice and innocent that Roger felt the need to protect him, he turned his head thinking about it. Just get over him.


“I don’t want to be the boy next door,” he sang under his breath as he sat in class, fingers tapping on the desk. John peered over, looking at the paper that Rog held in his hands.

“What’s that?” He mumbled. Roger looked up, noticing his sudden appearance.

“Oh, a song I’m working on.”

“You write songs?” He nods his head, biting the end of the pencil as he tries to think of the next line.

“I mean, I do write all of the good songs,” he adds and hears Deaky’s small giggle. “Freddie and Brian write well too but no song would ever be complete without my vocals,” he winks.

“Oh yes I’m sure,” John amuses him, twirling a strand of hair in between his fingers. History was boring since the teacher was out sick and the substitute hadn’t bother on making any of the students do their work. Roger thought of it as a free period where he could work on his song, that would if John wasn’t distracting him. “Are you free later?”


“Are you free later,” he repeated.

“Yeah, why?”

“You're supposed to come by my house today,” John reminds him.

“It’s all right, I remember Deaky. No need to get your panties in a twist about it.” There’s silence between the both of them, John furrowing his eyebrows up at the nickname.

“Deaky?” He says like it’s a foreign word he hasn’t heard of before.

“Yeah,” Rog looks away from his paper to look at him. “It’s a nickname.”

“Deaky? Sounds weird.”

“It fits you, Deaky,” Rog smiles. “Now I’ll meet you at your last class then we can drive to your house. Sound good?”

“Alright,” John grins a tiny bit before standing up. “See you later then Rog.


Roger is dead by the end of the day due to a maths test he was sure he failed. He groaned as he walked to John’s last class, resting his head on John’s shoulder as he found him. “Please tell me you have coffee at your house,” he mumbled.

“Yeah,” he can hear the smile forming on the other boy’s lips. “What happened?”

“Maths,” Rog groaned out. He groaned and leaned more of his weight onto John.

“Get off me, you oaf!” John pushed him off, smiling. “Come on, we’ve got work to do.” Roger groaned again and followed the boy into the parking lot.


“I’ll see you later John!” His mum kissed him on the cheek before rushing past the front door.

“Bye mum,” John replied in somewhat of a monotone voice, watching her leave. He let Roger step in first so he could shut the door behind him. Rog looked around the living room, bookshelves ran against the walls and little toys were strewn about on the floor. He saw a little baby girl playing with a small truck, her hair the same color as John’s. John went over and scooped her up into his arms, she giggled and smiled as he touched her nose. “Rog, this is Cassie.”

“She’s adorable,” he mumbled, looking at her.

“Yeah she’s only a few months old so someone’s got to be here lookin after her.” He nodded before John leads the way to his bedroom, bring a toy or two with him before setting the baby girl down on his bed as she played with the toys. John’s room wasn’t like anything Roger would expect it to be. He had multiple amplifiers in a stack near his bookshelf and a bass guitar sitting in the corner of his room. Rog had expected his room to be a little cleaner since that’s how he usually showed off to be. There were a few shirts on the floor, not to mention a small stack of books near his bed. The white walls were covered with posters of Jim Hendrix and other musicians and concert posters. An electrical textbook sat open on his desk before John put it aside. He sat at his desk, pulling up another chair for Roger as he opened his textbook.



The smell of coffee made Roger’s ears perk up. He felt more awake smelling it and looked to see John coming back into his room. He held out a cup for him. “I did promise you some coffee so here,” he mumbled. He took the cup and drank, moaning a little at the taste.

“Thank you,” he mumbled before drinking more and John just rolled his eyes at him before walking over and picking up his sister.

“That’s all I’ve got for tonight. I am making some dinner so you’re more than welcome to stay-”


“Y-Yeah,” John smiled at Roger’s tone. “If you want.” The group made their way downstairs, Cassie was babbling and making noises and Roger made weird noises back at her like they were having a conversation. John laughed a little bit at Roger and how he interacted with his sister before he went to get some baby food out and grab what his mum had cooked and set it in the microwave. He opened the little container of food and spoon fed it to Cassie who was giggling at Roger’s weird facial expressions. It didn’t take long to feed her, it probably took longer to clean up the mess she made before John sat her down in the living room and turned on the telly. He had Roger grab a plate and dish as much spaghetti as he wanted before he got his own. By the time he came back he saw Roger sitting on the couch watching the telly and eating. “Thank you,” the blond boy smiled.

“No problem,” he shrugged. “I guess I should pay you for tutoring me.”

“Nah, don’t worry about it. I like you so it works out.” John choked on his water. “I mean you don’t annoy me, John,” Roger cleared up.

“Oh, sorry.” Roger just chuckled and playfully tapped his shoulder. “Freddie and Brian seem to like you a lot, you’re the new baby of our group.”

“I’m not a baby,” he frowned.

“You’re the youngest,” Roger teased. He leaned back and smiled. “So what does your mom do? I’ve been meaning to ask you.”

“She’s a midwife.”

“Dad?” He noticed the way that John winced as the word ‘dad’ came out. He shrugged at the question and left it alone. Roger found something else to talk about to amuse them both. “I never knew you played bass.” There was a genuine smile forming on the other boy’s lips.

“Yeah,” he shrugged.

“You need to play for me.”

“Oh come on Roger.”

“I’m serious I wanna hear it.”

“I’m not great.”

“I don’t care!” John rolled his eyes as he grabbed Roger’s hand and dragged him back upstairs. Roger was thankful that he was behind him so Deaky didn’t the blush on his cheeks or his surprised expression. John grabbed his bass and sat on the bed. “Any requests?”

“Play I can’t get no satisfaction,” Roger smiled and John rolled his eyes, plucking at the strings then playing. Shit, Roger thought. He’s really good. He was looking at John, the way his hair fell over his shoulders and down his chest and his fingers and the way they moved over the frets on the guitar. He was smiling when he approached the end of the song. “You’re a wanker you know,” Roger smiled.

“What do you mean?!” John groaned and flopped onto his bed. “It wasn’t that bad was it?”

“Not at all, you’re a wanker because you never told me you could play the bass and that you were talented at it.”

“Shut up, I’m not that good,” Deaky mumbled, laying on his side and looked at Rog.

“You know I’m in a band! How could you never tell me you played the bass!?”

“It didn’t come up,” he shrugged and Roger attacked him his bed, laying on top of the other boy. “You’re crushing me!” Roger laughed as he got off and sat on the bed.

“Freddie and Bri need to see you play, you’re so good.” He liked the blush that appeared on Deaky’s neck that spread up to his ears.

“No, I’m-”

“Come on! We’ve been looking for a bass player forever!” Roger groaned.

“I don’t play in bands,” John said.

“Oh, I’ll find a way to convince you,” Roger smiled.

Chapter Text

Brian groaned as he walked out to the normal lunch spot. “If you invite her-“

“I won’t!” Freddie shouted. “She’s not going to be there, but we need more people Bri.”

“What’s going on?” Deaky asked, walking along behind them.

“Bri’s parents are going out of town, means we get to rock out and have a get-together but Brian here is being a stickler about it.”

“I’m not- Freddie,” he sighed. “I don’t want to get killed by my mum.”

“We won’t! I’ll stay around for clean up and make sure nothing gets broken.”

“You’re throwing a party?” John asked, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Pretty much,” Roger appeared, huffing out a puff of cigarette smoke. John waved the smoke away and gave a small cough. “We play, we drink and smoke. It’s a grand time.”

“I’m sure it is,” John remarked, sitting underneath the large oak tree. “It’s such a shame I won’t be there to enjoy it,” he said, sarcasm dripping at the end of it. Roger stuck out his tongue.

“You could come to Deaky, we do play. Might be fun. I can try to have not a lot of drinking, don’t want to risk getting in trouble.” Roger groaned.

“If Rog is sober than I suppose,” he shrugged. “Have to ask my mum.” Freddie clapped with a grin.

“Fantastic! I can introduce you to everyone and show you off, darling!” John gave a small smile, it was nice that someone wanted to show him off like Freddie did. He came to realize that Freddie was very, very kind and protective. He was constantly talking to John and helping him with anything he needed. He offered to even help look after Cassie if he didn’t have the time. Freddie was always shy when it came to other boys but he felt open with Deaky, he told him everything.

“I really appreciate it, thank you, Freddie.”

“You could come over to my house and I could dress you up!” He gasped.

“John isn’t a doll, Fred.”

“Never said he was,” he shot back. “Just want to show the boy a good time is all, no drinking or smoking required. So what do you say? Are you in?” John sighed, looking at his friend.

“I’ll ask, but I will stop by so you can glam me up.” Freddie cheered and hugged him. John smiled his arm against Freddie and laughing.


John realized that Freddie’s family wasn’t like what he expected. Freddie seemed to be the black sheep, flamboyant and open. His family was mainly like any other family in England, closed off but polite. His sister was adorable and hugged John’s leg. “Kash!” Freddie picked her up, kissing her cheek. John laughed at the two before he was dragged up to Freddie’s room. Freddie tried on a bunch of outfits first, throwing his clothes across the room. He smiled whenever he heard Deaky giggle. “What about this one?” He spun around in his trousers. “Does it make my ass look good?” John rolled his eyes.

“Looks great.” There was a cheeky smile from the other boy before he changed into something else. He settled for really short popcorn shorts with a basic white shirt and suspenders.

“I doubt they’ll be many people here, I don’t want to overdress.” John laughed. He had a pair of trousers thrown at him. “Try these on.” The boy rolled his eyes as he did what he was told, changing into a white button-down shirt that Freddie gave him.

“You look gorgeous!” He smiled. “I personally think that sometimes simple is the best,” he talked as he unbuttoned the top buttons that John had already put up. “Show off a little, flaunt.” The younger boy couldn’t do anything but nod, liking what he saw. “Those pants make your legs look, fantastic dear, not to mention your arse-”

“Alright Fred,” he smiled. He sat down as his friend brushed out his hair, putting a little eyeliner on the tip of his lashline. He did that same for Freddie.

“I think we look lovely,” Fred said, both of them standing in front of the mirror in his room.

“Oh, well…”

“No need to be so modest,” he whispered. “You’re cute as a button and you’ve got a great arse. I’m surprised nobody has snatched you up yet.” John rolled his eyes.

“Thank you, Freddie,” he said, parting his hair and brushing it past his shoulders. “Nobody’s ever done this for me.”

“Well, I’m always here,” he smiled. “Do you still want to go to the party? Has your mum said yes?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I want to go.” Fred smiled at him before leading him out so they could walk to Brian’s house.


Roger was halfway through his first beer when Freddie and Deaky came in. “I tried to stop him,” Brian warned them. “He brought his own beers anyway.” The blond rolled his eyes as sat up from laying on the couch. He had brought his drums over, twirling the sticks between his fingers. He almost dropped one when he saw John. Holy shit. The makeup around his eyes seemed to bolden the features on his face, his shirt was halfway tucked into his pants and it was mostly unbuttoned revealing his chest. “You look good John,” he said.

“Thanks,” he smiled. “Although I don’t understand why you felt the need to bring your own beer.” Not this again, Roger thought.

“It’s a party! What’s a party without a little booze?” Brian rolled his eyes, walking away from the group and grabbing his guitar, tuning it. He took another sip. “Besides, I’m not going to get shitfaced like last time.” Freddie groaned.

“I felt sorry for that poor girl,” he groaned. Roger rolled his eyes and walked over to his drums. It wasn’t long till people started to come in, they all crowded the living room. John was squashed into the side of the sofa. He did notice the man sitting next to him.

“Your Jim Hutton, right?” The boy nodded and smiled.

“Yep, the rugby player. And you are?”

“John, er- John Deacon,” he held out his hand, grabbing the older man’s hand. “What are you doing here?”

“Freddie invited me,” he smiled. “He’s in my art class, he’s very fun and witty. An excellent singer is what I was told.” John giggled.

“Yeah, he does tend to say that.” They both looked up to see Freddie grabbing a microphone off with half the stand still connected.


“Hullo, all you lovies!” He smiled. “And to everyone new, we are Queen!”

“Hi, Rog!” A girl shouted out from the back. John noticed the quick smile from Roger before the band began to play their first song. He wasn’t too shocked when he heard Freddie sing, his vocal range seemed to extend to wherever he needed it to be. John even found himself singing along to some of the songs. He smiled when Freddie came next to him and Jim. He blew a quick kiss to John and touched Jim’s face before looking around the rest of the crowd. Time seemed to slip away and soon the sun was down.

“This will be our last song,” Freddie said and parts of the crowd groaned. “I know, I hate being a buzzkill. But we do have pizza and more beer coming so we can always just party together.” Everyone seemed to like that and Freddie started off the next song.

“Can?” He sang at the top of his voice. “Anybody...Find me? Somebody to love!” John sang along at this point, not caring and got up to dance and move like everyone else. Jim smiled at him and danced along. Soon the music stopped and everybody clapped as Roger and Brian smiled. Freddie walked over to him and grabbed a cup of water. “I am so dead,” he smiled.

“At least there’s pizza,” John chuckled.


Some of the people cleared out and went home but at least there was a group of girls that stuck around to talk to the band and drink with them. John was sitting around them, eating a slice of pizza and drinking a soda. “So we could always just play kiss and tell,” Freddie spoke up. Brian groaned and took another sip of his beer but some of the girls perked up. Dominique imminently moved over between John and Roger. John was annoyed that she felt the need to invade his space and move him over like he was in the way. He rolled his eyes and got a laugh from Freddie. All the couples seemed to make out, Freddie even kissed some girls. “This does absolutely nothing for me, darling, I’m gay,” he laughed before giving a peck or a kiss to the cheek. One of the girls moved over to John but he just looked down.

“Don’t be such a prude!” One random shouted out.

“Shut it,” Freddie yelled. “Why don’t you go stick a can of beer up your arse and shut the hell up.” John smiled and the girl backed away.

“Sorry, I thought you were playing,” she apologized.

“No worries,” he smiled, taking another sip of his soda.

“John,” Roger slurred out. He was tipsy. “Why don’t you go play something?”

Shit, John thought.

“Deaky? You play?” Freddie and Brian said. He sheepishly looked away.

“Come on!” Roger smiled. John rolled his eyes.

“I can play bass,” he looked over at Freddie.

“Well, do you want to play something?” The older man asked. He knew Roger wouldn’t stop asking him to play so he picked up the untouched bass guitar and sat back down. He strummed and plucked on a few of the strings, creating a rhythm and rift.

“That's…that’s not bad,” Brian said and grabbed his guitar, playing along. Freddie cheered and got the crowd to clap along, singing something along to the beat and rhythm of the song. It only lasted for another minute or two and everyone actually cheered when it was over. John smiled, looking at everyone. Roger was smiling at him, his arm around his girlfriend. The night seemed to slip more and more away and some people left. John felt a tightening in his gut as he saw Dominique’s hand around Roger’s neck and her legs over his. He seemed to be drunk on her kiss and kept making out with her. John had enough and grabbed his jacket. Brian and Freddie got up after him. Roger drunkenly stumbled along.

“You going home already?” Brian asked.

“Yeah,” John mumbled. “I’m pretty tired, it was fun though. I’ll come back soon.”

“You can always stay longer,” Brian offered. “Roger and Freddie, as well as a few others, usually spend the night here.” John shook his head.

“I should be off.”

“Oh come on Deaky,” Roger mumbled. “Please stay.”

“I’ve got to go,” he insisted.

“Oh don’t be such a prude.”


Silence struck John as he felt red rise to his face, it wasn’t the loving brush this time. “Goodbye Roger,” he spat out and walked out. Freddie chased after him with Brian’s car keys in his hand and Brian took care of the stupid drunk blond.


Freddie was out of breath by the time he caught up to John. “John wait-”

“Just leave me alone Freddie,” he mumbled, not wanting the other boy to hear the sadness in his voice.

“Let me drive you home darling, it’s cold out. You’ll get sick.” He jingled the car keys. “It’s Brian’s car. Come on please let me drive you home.” He turned around and followed Freddie back in silence.

Chapter Text

The first part of the car ride was silent. John stared out the window looking at the shadows that played with the tree branches and moonlight. I should have never come, he thought. “Roger might be bright but he really is stupid a lot of the time,” Freddie started off. “He’s really stupid,” he laughed. John smiled a little at Freddie trying to lighten the mood. “I’m sorry about tonight.”

“It’s not your fault Fred-”

“I should have been more protective,” he mumbled. “People are jerks sometimes and I’m sorry that they treat you-”

“Freddie,” John said softly. “You’ve done more than enough, thank you.” There was a sad smile that spread across Freddie’s thin lips.

“He’s drunk, he always so stupid when he’s drunk. He didn’t mean it you know, just some stupid thought or-”

“Am I really a prude?”

“Oh Deaky, god no. That doesn’t matter. If you were a prude then Roger would be considered a slut. He’s awfully stupid sometimes, an idiot. I’m sorry darling.” John sighed.

“I want… I just want to fit in.”

“Darling, love,” Freddie laughed. “None of us fit in. God, I’m a gay Indian boy. Brian is a science major and a guitar god. Roger is a smart boy who keeps up with all the latest trends and is a drummer. Not a single one of us fits in, and damn the status quo. Why should we? We need to live a little,” he smiled. John felt better after he said that. “I don’t mean to pry John and you don’t have to answer anything I ask. But I noticed that you kept looking over and Roger and his girl and then you seemed to want to leave. You seemed uncomfortable with them the whole night.”

“I don’t like her,” he mumbled. “Brian kind of figured it out and I guess I should let you know that I’m also gay.”

“It’s alright darling,” Freddie touched his shoulder. “With an arse like that, you’ll do fine.” John chuckled and started to smile a little more. “Do you… like Roger?”

John shrugged. “Yeah,” he mumbled so softly he wasn’t even sure if Freddie was able to hear him.

“I know how you feel,” the older man mumbled. “A boy that I had a crush on for years practically did the same thing, went from girl to girl and one day I came out and told him and-” his voice seemed to fall.

“Freddie,” John whispered, reaching out. “It’s alright now.” Freddie smiled away whatever tears had begun to form, wiping them away with the back of his hand.

“Well, I came home that day with a black eye.”

“If I ever see someone lay a finger on you I swear to god-” Freddie chuckled and smiled at him.

“Oh, my sweet John. Thank you.” He parked in front of his house. “Roger is dumb but he will apologize, he’ll be very sorry. He does love you, you know. Ever since you started to join our group… we all love you. I’d hate to lose you.”

“I’m not going anywhere, Freddie.”

“Good, there’s a rugby game on Wednesday and I would like you to come with me. I need a friend around,” he whispered the last sentence.

“I’d be happy too,” John smiled before he stepped out of the car and walked back to the dainty little house. “Good night Freddie!” He yelled back and watched as his friend smiled.


Roger groaned as he woke up, his head pounding. Brian scoffed as he handed him a glass of water and some medication for his head. “What happened last night?”

“You got shitfaced Rog,” he sighed, plopping down on the couch beside him. “You told John he was a prude when he was trying to leave.” His eyes widened.

“No I didn’t...god please tell me I didn’t say that.”

His friend’s face didn’t reassure him. “Fuck,” he muttered. “I’m so stupid oh my god.”

“Freddie drove him home, he came back and told me he’s alright but you need to apologize.”

“Obviously! Oh god…” he crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m so fucking stupid, he probably hates me.”

“He doesn’t hate you, Roger, you’re just stupid and it was a mistake.”

“I feel awful.”

“You should,” Brian muttered, taking another sip of his coffee. “Get cleaned up and I’ll take you home.” The next day at school Roger can’t find time to talk to Deaky. He won’t really look at him, John will just face the front of the class and leave immediately when it ended. Roger felt his stomach tightening as he approached him from behind in the hallway, reaching out to touch his shoulder. John immediately moved away from the touch, looking back at him. Roger felt his heart sunk at the way he hated being touched by him. “John,” his voice was hoarse. “Could I talk to you? Please?” John gives a sight nod, walking towards the outside of the building. He slings his backpack around his shoulders, opening the door and stepping out into the shade underneath the building.

“Alright, Roger.” He shrugged. He looked upset, really upset and it was painted all over his face. It only made Roger want to hug him and beg for forgiveness.

“John...I’m so sorry. Really, please I am.”

“I know you are, Roger,” he crossed his arms over his chest, looking elsewhere.

“I never meant...I didn’t mean a single thing I said… really I’m so sorry. It was so stupid of me, I was drunk but still, it doesn’t give me an excuse to say something as awful as that to you.”

“Am I really a prude?” John mutters, still not looking at him. He looks like he’s got tears in his eyes and Roger can see that his words have had more of effect on him than he thought they would.

“God, of course not John. I never thought that about you! I wouldn’t- I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.” John looks away from him still, down at the ground.

“You don’t know then do you?”

“Know about what?” John doesn’t reply, only looking at the ground.

“Drive me home please,” it’s a small plea. “I want to go home.”

“Of course,” he mumbles and grabs his keys out of his bag. The drive there is silent, there’s nothing said between the two and John doesn’t look at him. He gets out of the car as soon as they get there, he motions him to come in and Roger jumps out. John goes to his room, shutting the door and laying on his bed, hands over his eyes. “Sorry, I don’t feel comfortable talking about this in public.”

“It’s perfectly alright.”

“I had a really bad relationship,” he mumbles out, hugging his pillow, laying his head against it, looking sideways at Roger. “I- my partner, they always...they always said that.” John bit his tongue before muttering out the next sentence. “ He always said that.”

There was silence between them, Roger just looked at him before he climbed in bed with John and wrapped his arms around him. The younger boy did the same, burying his face into the other man’s shoulder.

“I’m so sorry,” Roger mumbles. “I would never intentionally ever try to make you feel that way, ever.”

“I know you wouldn’t,” John replies.

“Please forgive me, John,” he says. “I’m sorry, I never meant-“

“I’ve already forgiven you Roger,” the boy chuckles. The blond let out a sigh of relief as he tightens his hold on his friend, not wanting to let go.

Chapter Text

Roger noticed John’s tiredness. He had been drooping all day, he even fell asleep next to Freddy at lunch. He was surprised the boy managed the get through his classes without dropping dead. He was resting his head over on his desk, trying to work out some equations. “Why don’t we stop here,” he suggested, getting a small nod from Deaky. He slowly packed his bag, yawning. “You alright mate?”

“I’m tired,” he mumbled. “My sister was fussy all last night, I didn’t get a wink of sleep.”

“Sorry,” Rog mumbled sheepishly. “Come on I’ll drive you home.” He dragged a sleepy Deaky out to the parking lot and into the passenger seat of his car. He slept the whole ride there (granted it was less than five minutes). He tapped the sleeping boy awake and walked him to his front door. Ms. Deacon came rushing out, a huge travel sized mug of coffee in her hands as she rushed to get to work. John trudged inside and flopped onto the couch, his sister looking at him strangely. “Why don’t you go and get some rest,” he offered. “I look after Cassie until you wake up.” John smiled, giving Roger a lazy hug.

“Thank you, I owe you one.” He walked up the steps to his bedroom and lightly shut the door. Roger looked down at the baby who seemed to be staring back at him.

“Hello,” he said, not knowing what to do. The girl just stared back in response. “Right, I've never even taken care of a baby before, what the hell am I doing?” He mumbled, scooping her up.

Taking care of Cassie wasn’t as hard as he thought it was going to be. She was well behaved, although she had kept John up last night. She started to cry when she got hungry and Roger found a bottle of milk, sitting her in his lap and having her drink as he put on the telly. He changed a diaper and Cassie had laughed at the weird faces he made at her to keep her distracted. It was only a few hours before John woke up, rubbing his eyes as he came down the stairs. He hadn’t seen John in his trousers and a plain t-shirt before, though the sight did make Roger hard. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “I gave her a bottle and a change.”

“Thank you so much, Roger.”

“It’s no problem, you should have stayed at home today. You need to get more sleep Deaks.” He liked the smile that came over John’s face. Rog pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, offering one to him.

“I don’t smoke.” He shrugged and stepped outside, lighting one and feeling the warm feeling of nicotine enter his system. He heard John moving and picking up his sister, he took another drag and blew out a puff of smoke. The cigarette sat between his fingers, he flicked off the ash into a flower pot. He heard the screen door open behind him, John holding Cassie in his arms. He moved the cig away from the both of them, letting out his last puff away from them.

“Those will kill you, you know.” Roger gave a shrug.

“Eh, who wants to live forever?”

“I would like to live a long life without lung cancer,” John responses. He hit Roger’s arm. “My mum’s flowerpot is not your ashtray!”

“Sorry!” Roger apologized as he wiped the flakes of ash away. “I didn’t know where to put it.”

“I’ll tell you where you can put it.” John quickly grabbed the non-lit side of the cigarette and threw it on the ground, stamping it with his foot.

“Oi!” Roger yelled. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

“You’re bright Rog, but you’re stupid sometimes,” he looked at him. “No smoking at my house.”

“Alright, Jesus Deaky,” Rog mumbled. “It’s just a habit.”

“No one is going to want to kiss you with an ashtray for a mouth Roger.” He held onto Cassie as she looked at the both of them. An idea appeared into Roger’s head.

“If I quit smoking, you have to join Queen.”


“You heard me,” Roger smiled. “I will quit smoking for good if you join the band as a bass player.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh but I am,” he grinned. He watched as John contemplated the thought.

“Fine,” he stuck his hand out. “Give your pack of cigarettes and I’ll come to the next band meeting.”

“Oi, a whole pack? You’re goin to have to show up to more than one meeting.”

“Fine, I’ll show up. But I need your pack of cigarettes, and if I find out that you’re smoking behind my back, I quit.”

“Alright,” he shook Deaky’s hand. He took out his pack and handed it to him. “I’ll see you tomorrow for the band meeting then.” John rolled his eyes.

“You’re a wanker, you know that?” Roger just smiled as he walked back to his car.

Chapter Text

John felt out of place in the band room. He stood nervously behind Roger as he spoke to Freddie and Brian. “In a second you’ll all be thanking me,” the blond said as he looked at his friends, Brian was tuning his guitar and Freddie was painting his nails.

“And why would we do that?” Brian asked smugly.

“Because I have gifted our lovely band with a new bass player.” He took John’s arm and placed him in front of himself, showing him off. “John here has agreed to play for us!” Freddie was smiling widely and went over to hug John.

“How on earth did you manage-”

“We have a deal,” John spoke up. “If Roger can manage to quit smoking then I will play for the band, if not I leave.”

“I swear to god if I see you so much as glance at a cigarette-” Freddie swore at him and then went back to hugging John.  Brian and Roger laughed a little. Roger handed his pack over to John and he slipped it into his back pocket.

“We have a bass over here if you want to play if you have one at home you’re more than welcome to bring it,” Brian suggested. “Could you play that rift that you were doing at the party, I quite liked it.”

“Oh yes!” Freddie chimed in. “It was wonderful, I liked it very much.” John chuckled as he picked up the bass, sitting down and checking to see if it was in tune, he started to play what he had played before.

“You wrote this?”

“Yep,” he smiled. “A John Deacon original.”

“Does it have lyrics?”

“Yeah,” he looked nervously. “It’s Steve walks wearily down the street with the brim pulled way down low, ain’t no sound but the sound of his feet, machine guns ready to go.” Roger gave a whistle and Brian laughed a little.

“Jesus,” he said.

“Has it got a name?”

“Haven’t gotten very far on it Fred,” he says as he plays. He plays a little more before stopping. “It’s new so I still need to work out some things but yeah.”

“Sounds groovy,” Freddie commented. “I like it.”

“It’s nice.” John got up and dragged Roger over to his drum kit. He sat down instead of Roger and laid down the beat.

“I need you to play like this,” he grabbed the drum sticks and started to play the backing track, a simple hit of the drums and cymbals. John could hear Brian mutter to Freddie, “he might as well take Roger’s job now.” Roger nodded and sat as soon as John got up.

“Wait for me to start playing.” John sat back down with the guitar. Roger and John started. Brian tapped his foot to the beat. Roger smiled as he played and Freddie sang along with John. When it was all over because John had told him it still wasn’t finished and it would take time, Freddie smiled. “You’re going to make a great addition to our band darling.”


“Did you think I was good?” John asked as he walked outside with Roger. They all had decided to take a break from playing and stretch outside for a little bit after being cooped up in the band room all day.

“Shut it,” Roger said. “You already know that you’re brilliant right?” John scoffed. “Seriously! We’ve gone through so many bass players but none of them were as good as you were today. None of them told us about songs they had written or played like that before. You’ve got to stop being so modest John.” He saw the red appear along the skin of the other boy’s neck, just above the collar of his shirt.

“Thank you, Roger.” It was at that moment Freddie decided to walk out of the band room.

“Come on lovies, let’s go get some lunch, I’m starved.”

“Me too,” John said, smiling as Freddie walked up to them.

“It’s the weekend and I’m positively bored,” Brian commented. There was a sandwich shop that they all fancied and they started to walk over there, it wasn’t too far and it had the best sandwich’s John had ever eaten. They all sat at a table by the window, John staring out and watching the people pass by. Roger and Brian got into a small argument but he hadn’t seemed to notice until Freddie tapped his shoulder. “Are you alright love?”

“Yeah,” he smiled. “Just a little tired is all.” He grabbed a hair tie from his wrist and tied his hair back into a small bun on the back of his head, Freddie helped him fix it. They all eat, talk about whatever comes into their minds and joke about everything. John feels in place, relaxation washes over him as he laughs and takes another bite of his food. After it’s all over they all head back to the band room, Brian grabs his guitar and packs it away. John found that he was very protective over it, he wouldn’t let Roger touch it. “I made this myself,” he informs John.


“Yeah, it’s my child so I’m not keen on having a chaotic force like Roger touch it.” Roger sticks his tongue out and blows it at them. John chuckles slightly, looking at the detail of the instrument.

“Funny you say that I make my own amps.”

“Really?” Brian says, he nods his head. “No way.”

“Yeah, I’m going into engineering so I tinker a lot.”

“Are they good.”

“They’re the best,” he says confidently. “I’ll bring one so you can try it out.”

“I would love to,” Brian smiles as he picks up the guitar case. He looks around at Roger and Freddie. “You all packed?”

“Yes you loser, let’s go!” Roger shouts. Brian rolls his eyes as he heads out of the band room. John smiles at the warm sensation that fills him.

Chapter Text

“No! No, it sounds all wrong!” The music room was filled with commotion as Brian stopped playing and Roger went to go over and stop the cymbals from crashing into each other which then lead to them falling onto the floor and making even more noise. John rubbed his eyes, he was tired enough as it was already, he was not going to get into another argument over music with Brian... again. Freddie threw his plastic water bottle against a wall out of frustration, looking back at the group of boys.

“We’re playing what you told us to play,” Roger spoke up.

“Yeah but it’s not-”

“We’re not bloody perfect alright!” Fred shouted. More commotion ensued and John sat the bass down and grabbed his jacket, heading outside. He doubted anyone would really notice his disappearance since they were caught up in their own heads about songs and sounds. He took a stroll outside, the cool English air felt good as it brushed against his face and through his hair. He really did love his friends, but sometimes it got rather difficult to handle them like this. “Are you alright?” A soft voice asked him, just a few feet behind him.

“I’m perfectly fine Roger,” he spoke up, laughing a little. “It’s just… it gets hard to handle. I understood why you smoked in the first place.” He could head Roger laughing as he walked up to him.

“Yeah,” he mumbled. “I’ve been friends with them for ages but sometimes I could just strangle Brian.”

“Oh my god, he got so angry when I got the wrong chord it was unbelievable. Almost like a completely different person.”

“That’s Brian for you,” Roger said, walking in time with the other boy. “He’s really talented and everything but such a stickler when it comes to music. Bloody annoying if you asked me.” John laughed and Roger couldn’t help but make him an offer. “My mum’s out of town right now and I’ve got the house all to myself. Do you want to come over? Have a few drinks and talk shit about Brian just for a little bit?” John laughed a little at first and then looked over at him.

“Right now?”

“Why not?”

John rolled his eyes at him. “Let me just phone my mum and let her know, alright?” Roger rolled his eyes at him.

“You’re such a mother’s boy you know that. You’re probably my mother’s dream son, the perfect son with the best grades, the engineering skills, and a cute smile.”

“You think my smile is cute?” Shit.

“My mum would like it. My smile is shite,” he grinned and showed him. John just shoved Roger.

“Shut it, it’s nice. Now let me phone my mum.”


“Where the hell have you two been?” Brian asked as the two boys walked back into the music room.

“Away from your stupid arguing,” Roger spoke up, sticking his tongue out. John just shrugged and grabbed his bass, packing it away. Freddie looked over at them.

“Ah, see that makes sense. If I could have left the argument I would have as well.” Brian just rolled his eyes.

“I’ll work on it guys, I’m sorry for getting so high strung.” Freddie, John, and Roger all nodded at his apology, looking at him.

“Sometimes you’ve really just got to get that stick out of your arse man,” Roger teased and Brian lurched at him. John broke the two up when he was ready to leave and Brian got in his van and drove home, Freddie got picked up by Jim (he also gave a wink to John as he stepped into the car and raced off).

“Where’s your car?” John asked as he walked out into the parking lot.

“Home’s not far, I walked here.” John nodded and followed. There was a slight issue though. He held out his palm, flat to feel the raindrops coming down. Soon it was raining like hell and they were both soaked.

“Shit,” Roger said.


When they did arrive home ten minutes later they were both soaked to the bone, John was shivering as he walked in, setting his guitar case down. “I’m so sorry mate,” Roger said, laughing a little. John just rolled his eyes at him, not amused. He followed him up to his bedroom as Roger wrapped a towel around him.

“Have you got any clothes I could wear? I don’t want to catch a cold.” Roger nodded, tossing some things out of his wardrobe like an oversized shirt and a pair of trousers. John dressed himself as Roger was out probably getting beer from the kitchen. He managed to dry some of his hair though it was fairly long. He tied it up against the back of his head, trying to warm himself under the blankets that sat on Roger’s bed. As he had predicted Roger was back with beer which he handed to John as he changed himself. John looked away best he could.

He really was exhausted enough as it was. He opened the beer taking multiple swigs which elicited laughs from Roger. “What’s so funny?” He hiccuped.

“I thought you had hardly had a beer before. I was sort of expecting you to like spit it out I guess.”

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me, Roger Taylor,” John said. “Trust me, a lot of things.” He took another drink from the bottle.


It took them less than an hour to get shitfaced. John was sitting on the bed, laughing as Roger tried to play a guitar. “I haven’t done this in years give me some credit!” He took another drink before he strummed it again. It sounded awful.

“‘S not even tunned properly,” John mumbled, moving over to grab the guitar, accidentally shifting more over to Roger. “See,” he slurred out. “It’s not-”

“You’ve got very pretty eyes, John,” Roger said giggling a little as he did. “They’re like really pretty wow. A lot of people don’t like brown eyes but I do,” he said looking over at him.

“Thanks,” John hiccuped. “I was born with them.”

“Well no shit,” Roger said, laying back in his bed. “They’re very pretty, like super pretty,” he gazed at them. “You’ve ever had a girlfriend?”

“Once a long time ago,” John leaned back in bed as well, holding a pillow in his arms and resting against it. “She’s very nice,” he slurred out. “My bestest closest friend, Veronica. She was very lovely. We dated, it didn’t work. We’re still close.”

“Only the one?”

“Yeah,” John laughed a little, moving onto his fifth bottle. “One boyfriend. He’s not nice.” John leaned in closer to Roger and whispered, “I don’t like him.”

“Hmm, why not?”

“‘S mean to me. Always wanted something from me, I don’t want to, I told him. I told him no and he always got so angry.” Roger sobered up a little when he heard that.

“He never hurt you did he?”

“Punched me once,” John said. “Veronica, kicked his balls later when she found out,” he laughed. “He told me that he wanted nothing to do with me anymore and I told him to shove off.” John smiled. “Never really liked him, I ‘s really stupid.”

“No you’re not,” Roger said. “He’s an asshole if he ever tried to force you to do anything.” His friend smiled at that, he leaned in over to Roger, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you,” he mumbled. He leaned against him more, burying his face into the crook of Roger’s shoulder. He suddenly felt more aware of how Deaky was pushing himself against him and how he had just given him a small if not sign of intimacy. Roger was drunk so he wasn’t aware that John was in fact drunk too. “How many girlfriends have you had?” His friend asked.

“Too many,” Rog took a sip.

“Ever really liked them?”

“Kind of?”

“Ever shag with one?”

“Yeah, I don’t do it a lot though.”


“Yeah, I don’t… I dunno. I don’t want it to just be a shag you know?”

“Yeah,” John slurred out. He leaned up off of Roger, looking at him. “You’ve got really pretty eyes too.”

“Thanks,” Roger smiled, he cupped John’s cheek. It was softer than he expected, John certainly was very pretty up close, very. Roger decided to say fuck it to everything since he was drunk out of his mind and closed the gap between the two of them. He was surprised that John didn’t mind and leaned into him, pressing his hand against Roger’s chest not to break away but so that he could also wrap his other hand around the back of Roger’s neck, moving the blond curls out of the way. He leaned in even closer, trying to get more intimate by moving over Roger’s legs, onto his hips. Roger was happy to oblige, letting him closer to him. When they did pull away, he noticed how John’s pupils were bigger than anything and he looked breathtaking. “You’re a really good kisser,” Roger commented.

“Thanks, so are you.”