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Milky Shock

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Humans, Lala thought, were very strange.

She was at Sonrisa talking to Elena.  Elena could say words in several different languages, and expressed her desire to learn even more.  "If I could speak all the languages in the world, I could talk to anyone," she said as she watered some plants.

That seemed excessive to Lala, and she said so.  "On my planet, we just have the AI translate for us, lun," she said.  "Learning languages seems like a lot of hard work when you could do it an easier way."

"Mmm.  That's true," said Elena, and she smiled.  "But you know, that doesn't seem as personal to me.  If you take the time to learn how to talk to someone, it makes it more personal and more genuine.  That person knows just how much you want to talk to them.  Does that make sense?"

Sort of, although it wasn't the type of thing Lala had ever thought about before.  Elena seemed very genuine when she said it, though.  "I think so, lun," she said.

"For example," said Elena, "What if I said hello to you in your own language?"

"The language from my planet?  That doesn't make sense, because you've never been there, lun!" Lala wasn't sure where Elena was going with this.

But Elena was understanding.  "You might feel happy that I spent time learning how to do it, though."

"Hmm..." Lala thought about it and the thought made her feel nice inside, and a little less lonely about being so far from home.  "I think I understand, lun."


Humans, Lala thought, were kind of strange.

Madoka spent a lot of time practicing archery.  That made sense, now that she was a Precure and was doing a lot of fighting.  But she seemed to have been doing it for years.  "Did you ever have to fight before, lun?" she asked her once when they were cleaning the rocket and talking about hobbies.

"No," said Madoka.

"I see," said Lala.  "Then why did you practice so much archery?"

Madoka was quiet for a moment.  "That's a little complicated," she admitted.  "But a lot of it has to do with the feeling of accomplishment when you work at something for a long time.  Feeling yourself improve is a truly wonderful feeling, no matter what you're practicing."

"I see, lun," said Lala.  She understood where Madoka was coming from.  She felt that way too when she first learned how to pilot her rocket.  It was still a little strange anyway, because piloting her rocket had a purpose, whereas doing archery without fighting anything didn't seem to.  "I know what feeling you are talking about, lun," said Lala.  "But for me, those feelings always came from doing something that I knew had a goal."

"Sometimes the feeling itself is its own goal," said Madoka.

That was a new and interesting idea.  Lala would have to think on it a little bit.


Humans, Lala thought, were a little strange.

She was at the observatory, watching Hikaru balance rather precariously on a step stool as she tried to reach for a book that was high above her head.  "You should be careful, lun," she told her.

"Don't worry!" Hikaru replied cheerfully as she stood on her tip toes and strained to reach the shelf she was aiming for.  "I've got everything under contr- aaahhh!"  She toppled over and Lala took a few steps forward just in time in order to catch her.  Hikaru landed in her arms, but it was a rough landing, and they both tumbled to the floor.

"Are you alright, lun?" Lala asked immediately.  She didn't think she'd hurt herself very much, but she wanted to make sure that Hikaru wasn't hurt, either.

"I'm okay!" Hikaru said.  She turned around in Lala's arms and grinned at her.

That made Lala feel kind of fuzzy.  "Well," she said, to sort of get her mind off of that strangeness, "You should have been careful like I said, lun.  What were you doing, anyway?"

"I was trying to find a book about your home planet!" said Hikaru.  She was still in Lala's lap.  She was very close, and it was quite distracting.

"I don't think you have any books on it, lun," said Lala, who hoped she wasn't blushing.  "And anyway, you can just ask me anything you want to know."

"I know," said Hikaru.  "But it would have been more of a surprise if I didn't ask you.  Don't you think?  I could say hello to you in your language!  Wouldn't that be exciting?"

Languages again!  Humans seemed to be fixated on that.  At least Lala understood a little bit better now, after having talked to Elena.  "I can tell you how to say whatever you want in my language," she said.

"Really?" Hikaru's eyes sparkled.  "Kirayaba~!  You should tell me as many words as you can!  I want to know all of them!"

"Oyo..." Lala said softly.  Between Hikaru's bright face being so close to hers, and humans always seeming to want to do much more work than was necessary... this planet was definitely a bit overwhelming.  She thought the tips of her antennae may have been sparking a bit, but hopefully Hikaru wouldn't notice. She moved them behind her back anyway, just in case. "I don't know why I should tell you that many words," she said finally. "You won't remember them, and you don't need to know them to talk to me anyway, lun."

"Aw!  But that's the fun of it!" Hikaru replied.  "It feels really good to learn something new!  Especially if it will make a friend happy."

And ah yes, there it was about practicing something for the sake of practicing again.  But she kind of thought she understood it now... just a little bit.

And if that made Hikaru happy, then a little bit was enough.

"Okay, lun," said Lala.  "Which word do you want to know first?"