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(i want to) save that light

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It was done. 

Slade was cured of the Mirakuru, Oliver fought and subdued him, and now the man was in an ARGUS prison on Lian Yu. It was done

Of course, there was more to the story than just that. Felicity was instrumental in administering the cure… Oliver had discovered cameras in the now empty Queen mansion and had plotted with Felicity to use them to lure Slade to come to kidnap her. In the days leading up to Slade’s terrible siege on the city, Oliver learned that the madman’s true endgame was simply to take everything Oliver loved from him; his family, his city… his love . Back on Lian Yu all those years ago, Slade had thought that love was Laurel Lance. But she was long gone now. Felicity had actually come up with the idea to pose as his great love and Oliver wasn’t sure she knew just how close to the mark she was. It still wasn’t the time to discuss it. 

The words weren’t spoken… they simply acted out a small scene where he told her she needed to stay hidden there, safe from Slade. And then he kissed her. It was a good show for the cameras. And it had worked quite well. Oliver got the call while still mopping up the army of Mirakuru soldiers in the tunnel outside the city that Slade had Felicity and he wanted a confrontation. 

After that, everything had gone exactly according to plan. While Slade had postured to Oliver about taking away his true love the way Oliver’s choice had taken Shado from him, Felicity had been close enough to stab him in the neck with the Mirakuru cure. After that, it’d been a quick but brutal fight but Oliver had gotten the upper hand. And with the help of ARGUS, Slade was now locked up. Oliver, Felicity and Dig had flown him to Lian Yu themselves, to see to it personally. 

Now they were back home, a home that was picking up the pieces from the siege, much the way they’d had to pick up the pieces from the Undertaking only a year before. It made Oliver wonder just how much he was actually doing to save this city. Or was he just hastening it’s destruction? 

He was tired. It felt like he’d been awake for days on end. But there was something he had to do. 

After the three of them arrived back in Starling, Dig left to go check on Carly and AJ and, as he said, sleep for a week. Oliver called a cab to drive himself and Felicity. They didn’t even discuss it, either before or on the trip home. He really had no place else to go now. And they still needed to have that talk. 

However, they were both dead on their feet. And no sooner had they sat on Felicity’s overstuffed sofa but they’d fallen asleep. Fast and deep and sound asleep. They didn’t wake for hours, until long after the sun had set and the room around them plunged into darkness. 

Oliver woke to a soft noise and a movement at his side and it took him a full minute to remember where he was and who he was with. He couldn’t remember the last time he’s slept so deeply that he forget where he was. Before the Gambit, to be sure. 

That wasn’t to say that he was comfortable. There was a crick in his neck from where he’d let his head rest against the low back of the sofa. What was comfortable, however, was Felicity, cuddled up to his side. She made the soft sound that had woken him again as she shifted against him. Her head was against his chest, her arm tucked around his waist. He bent his head, smelling the soft floral fragrance of her shampoo and he smiled. 

He’d hoped, after arriving back in Starling, that he and Felicity would get to talk about things between them and maybe… well. He’d hoped . Apparently the both of them had been more exhausted than either of them thought. He felt refreshed now. 

“Felicity,” he murmured into her hair. 

She moaned, a sweet noise that had his blood heating.  She shifted against him again, rubbing her cheek into the fabric of his shirt. “Tired…” she sighed. 

“Are you?” he asked, feeling amused. If she was determined to sleep, he could easily carry her into her room, lay her on her bed where it was more comfortable and leave her to sleep. They could always have their big talk later. Though the prospect of that was a little disappointing.

“Mmm…” She moved again, stretching. Oliver felt his body harden in response and he squeezed his eyes closed, willing himself to calm back down. While he was holding his breath, Felicity stilled. “Wait. Oliver?” 

“Yep,” he managed. 

Just like that, she was up, pushing away from him and Oliver instantly felt cold where her body had been touching his. She sat up, brushing her hair out of her face and rearranging her glasses on her face. He straighter, clearing his throat, unsure what to do or say now. 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…” She trailed off, gesturing at him and he could swear he saw her cheeks burn red in the dim light of the living room. 

“Felicity, it’s okay. I fell asleep too. I-- I didn’t mind it… you resting on me. Felt nice, actually.” Oliver felt awkward but kept promising himself he wasn’t going to run from this. From her. 

“Oh…” Her eyes were wide on him and Oliver found himself holding his breath. “We do need to have that talk, don’t we?”

“Yes. We do.” Oliver stood up, which made her look more flustered. But he smiled gently and inclined his head towards her kitchen. “We also shouldn’t have the talk on an empty stomach. You have anything in your fridge?” 

“Oh… uh…” If anything, her cheeks turned redder. “Actually, I’m not much of a cook…”

Oliver walked into her kitchen, flicked the lights on, and headed directly for the fridge. He opened it to find… a container of yogurt, a bottle of water, and box of leftovers. And that was it. He turned to regard her as she joined him, her expression sheepish. 

“I know, but… I eat take out. A lot.”

“Let’s see the menus,” he said, holding out his hand. 

Ten minutes later, they had food from Mr. Chow’s on the way and Felicity had shown him where her bathroom was so he could take a shower. When he’d insisted he could wait until she had hers, she waved him off. “I’ll just hop in super quick before we eat. Guests first.” 

Oliver felt strange that she thought of him as a guest but couldn’t put his finger on why. He didn’t want to argue so he thanked her and shut himself in her little en-suite bathroom to take the quickest shower he could manage. It was breathtakingly difficult not to think of her in this room, taking showers… naked. One whiff of her shampoo and he was assaulted with a million different memories and fantasies from the last two years. 

Despite bumping the temperature down, the shower did nothing to quell his arousal and when he toweled off a few minutes later, he was harder than he’d been when he got in the shower to start with. Cursing to himself, he pulled on his cargo pants and henley but left his socks and shoes off. 

When he exited, Felicity dashed in behind him, calling out for him to watch for the delivery person from Mr. Chow’s who should be there any minute now. Oliver was glad for the distraction. Focusing on that small task did wonders to take his mind off his more lecherous thoughts. They hadn’t even talked yet, for crying out loud. It could be she wasn’t interested in anything more with him. There was absolutely no sense in getting ahead of himself. 

Still. Oliver found it nearly impossible to restrain his hopes. 

The food arrived and he busied himself with dishing up the plates for both of them. He set them on the coffee table in front of her sofa and then paused, unsure for a moment. Then, he decided to screw it and hunted up a few candles and some matches to light them with. By the time Felicity emerged, he had their dinner lit with candlelight, a couple glasses of red wine poured, and some soft music playing through a bluetooth speaker. 

Felicity came to a halt, her eyes wide as she drank in the scene before her. Oliver stood, his palms suddenly feeling damp so he wiped them on his pants. Maybe he’d gone too far setting a romantic scene. Nervously, he watched her as her eyes lingered on the wine and candles and then moved back to meet his own. 

“Wow,” she said, her voice little more than a breath. 

“Too much?” he asked, holding his breath. 

She shook her head quickly, the wet tips of her hair shaking droplets loose. Her glasses were off and her face was clean of makeup, making her eyes look somehow enormous. His eyes drank her in, noting the golden dusting of freckles marching across her nose, the way her wet eyelashes clumped together giving her a dewy, innocent look, how her bare lips looked so plump and pink and soft that he could already imagine sinking his teeth into the tender flesh. She wore a loose t-shirt and some shorts that were short enough that he barely saw the hem of them peeking out from under the shirt. Like him, her feet were bare and he noticed her toenails were painted purple. Oliver literally had to tear his eyes away from her before Felicity noticed him staring.

Instead, he beckoned her over to the sofa, indicating the spot next to him. She obliged, sitting next to him and offering him a smile before she lifted her wine glass. 

“What should we toast to?” she asked. 

Oliver hummed thoughtfully. “To saving the city?”

Felicity shook her head and he noticed a twinkle in her eyes. “How about… to us?” She lifted a brow as she held her glass up towards him in a clear challenge. 

It was a challenge he was more than happy to meet. “To us,” he agreed. He clinked his glass with hers and took a drink, noticing how she kept her eyes on his over the rim of her glass the entire time she sipped. 

Slowly, Felicity returned her glass to the table. She cleared her throat. “So. I guess I’ll start. Uhhh… you kissed me the other day.”

“I did,” he returned, also setting his glass down. He took a bite of his food and she mirrored him, nodding her head. 

“And you did that because…?”

“I told you, Felicity. I’d wanted to do that for a while.”

“How long a while, Oliver?”

Tough question. “Months,” he admitted. “Longer, probably. Maybe as long as I’ve known you. I don’t know. I can’t remember knowing you and not wanting to kiss you.” 

“Oh…” Her cheeks were adorably pink and she cast her eyes down, focusing on taking another bite of her dinner. After a moment, she spoke again. “Is that all you’ve wanted? A kiss?” 

His eyes widened and hers did too, looking shocked at what she’d just said. “Oh! I didn’t mean… not like that … I mean…” Felicity stopped herself and took a deep breath. 

“Felicity.” He caught her eyes with his own. “No. That’s not all I wanted. Not by a long shot. I came so close, so many times. Last summer, when we spent so much time together… I could see myself falling into a life with you and it was… everything . But then all the copy cat vigilantes started acting up and then we had to deal with the Dollmaker and the Count and… I got scared.”

Felicity’s forehead crinkled in an expression of adorable confusion. “Scared?” It was clear she had a hard time picturing him being scared of anything. That made him smile. 

“Terrified,” he told her. “Because I realized that what I felt wasn’t just a crush or a passing attracting… it was deep and growing every day and I knew that with this life, chances were very good of me losing you. Or you losing me. Or some other awful thing happening. I convinced myself that you deserved more out of life than a broken man like me.” 

“Oh, Oliver.” Felicity’s eyes shone with unshed tears and he knew she wanted to argue against what he’d just said. But had to finish now that he’d gotten started. 

“I tried to put my feelings back in a box, push it aside. Just be friends with you. You and I had become such good friends and I really wanted to keep that, if I could. But then… well. Things happened.”

“You slept with Isabel.” 

Say what now? Oliver blinked. Did she actually still believe he had? “No, Felicity, I didn’t. I actually told you that I didn’t, but you must have fallen asleep. You must not have heard me.”

She looked shocked. “But… all this time… I thought-- You knew I thought--”

“I couldn’t do that, Felicity. Even pushing my feelings for you aside, I couldn’t do that. She’s… not a good person. And I wasn’t attracted to her, like that. Isabel tried, but I turned her down.”

“Oh… wow…”

“And I was so jealous of Barry, when he was in town, and I hated myself because I had no right to be jealous. Plus, I knew you’d be better off with him than me any day. He wasn’t so… damaged.”

“Oliver,” Felicity interjected. She reached forward and grabbed his hand. “That has never bothered me. Not once since I’ve known you. I only ever wanted you to let me help you when you were feeling bad. I just wanted to be there for you.”

“You’ve been my rock, Felicity. I don’t know what I would have done this last year without you. Probably would have made a billion mistakes.” 

She grinned crookedly. “Probably. Now tell me, do I need to tell you all the ways in which you were wrong to push me away and tell yourself you weren’t good for me?”

Oliver grinned back and shook his head. “No. I’ve… I’ve figured that part out myself.”

One of her brows lifted. “Oh? What prompted that?” 

“Several things. Believe it or not… Slade showing up made a lot of things clear. So did losing my mother. Through it all, everything was stripped away and I realized what was truly important. Friends. Family. Loved ones. Touchstones. Soulmates.”

Her eyes grew wide as she stared at him and Oliver knew she was working out what he’d said. “Uh,” she finally said, softly, “which am I?”

“Friend for sure. Touchstone, definitely. Loved one… and I’m pretty sure you’re my soulmate. Give me half a chance, Felicity, and I will make you my family too.” 

“Oliver…” she breathed. Her eyes were wide behind her glasses, her mouth falling open as she gaped at him. He scooted closer to her on the sofa, his wine and dinner forgotten. Bringing his hand up, he stroked her cheek gently, feeling the soft smoothness of her skin underneath his fingertips. 

“I mean it, Felicity. I’m in love with you. I have been for a while now and the more I tried to deny it, the stronger I felt. I kissed you because I wanted to. And I’d like to do it again.” He stopped, drawing a breath, feeling his heart pounding a mile a minute. Felicity was still staring at him, an inscrutable expression on her face. “That is… if you want me to. If you don’t feel the same, Felicity, just say so and I’ll -”

Her hand came up quick, a finger laying across his lips, silencing him. “Oliver. You’re a smart man, a brilliant tactician, and more street savvy than I could ever hope to be… but sometimes you can be really dense.”

Oliver furrowed his brow, unsure what she was getting at. 

“I’ve been in love with you for ages , Oliver. I thought it was obvious,” she finished, her cheeks pinking a little with her admission. 

Now it was his turn to gape at her. He’d barely let himself hope that she might feel a fraction for him that he felt for her. Oliver knew she found him attractive. That was the bulk of the reason he was always working out shirtless around her. He liked the feel of her eyes on him as he climbed the salmon ladder, did pushups, beat on the training dummy. Oliver knew she cared for him… but Felicity cared for everyone in her life with intensity. Diggle. Roy. But love? 

“When?” he gasped out. 

Her eyes rolled slowly, a gesture of reflection and release. “Oh, probably since we met,” she admitted. “I was drawn to you, even when I knew you were lying. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And the more I got to know you, the more I felt. I had myself convinced  you would never feel the same way about me and that being at your side, helping you in your mission, that was enough.”

“It’s not enough,” he argued, pulling her to him, his arms wrapping around her. “Anything less than loving you the rest of my life is not enough.” 

A single tear spilled down her cheek. “Oh, Oliver.” 

He kissed her. He couldn’t bear not to have his lips on hers for another second. She met him with equal fervency, her fingers grasping his hair, holding him to her, opening to accept his tongue and twine it with her own. The taste of her kiss went straight to his head… and then to his groin. He moaned, the sound immediately swallowed by her as he pulled her fully onto his lap. Her legs bracketed his hips, hugging him, her core grinding down on his growing erection as they kissed and kissed and kissed… 

Oliver tore his lips from hers, gasping for breath and Felicity immediately skated her lips over his jaw, down his neck, her tongue flickering against his pulse point. His heart was pounding in his chest so hard he thought it might explode. He’d never, ever, been so turned on. 

“I want you,” he groaned. “Felicity, please…” 

He didn’t even know what he was asking until he’d asked… and suddenly all he wanted was her beneath him, spread out for his pleasure. Their pleasure. 

Felicity lifted her head, her eyes cloudy with lust as she regarded him. The color was high on her cheeks, her lips swollen from his kisses, her glasses a little askew on her nose. He’d never seen her look so ravished and beautiful. 

“Yes,” she replied breathlessly. “Yes, Oliver… please…”

Oliver needed no further encouragement. He stood up, a hand under her ass to hold her against him as he moved. “Which way is your bedroom?” 

Felicity’s fingers dug into his shoulders and she looked behind her, waving her hand in that direction. “Down that hall. Last door.” 

As he moved swiftly down the hall, Felicity returned her attention to his neck and Oliver felt his legs shake as her teeth grazed a tendon. 

“Shit, Felicity,” he groaned. He swiftened his steps to her bedroom as her breathy giggle filled his ear. With a growl, he kicked the door closed behind them before striding over to her bed and dumping her right in the middle of it. 

She giggled as she bounced, her eyes sparkling as she watched his fingers fly over his belt buckle and at the fastening of his cargo pants. When her tongue slid out to wet her lips, Oliver felt a rush of heat and he growled. His pants open, but momentarily forgotten, he lunged forward and grabbed the waistband of those ridiculously tiny shorts she wore. In one fluid movement, he tore them and her underwear down her legs, tossing the garments over his shoulder without taking his eyes off of her. 

Her cheeks pinked but before she could build up any real embarrassment over her state of undress, Oliver was yanking his own shirt over his head and he saw how her eyes glued to his abs, his chest, his arms… That distracted her well enough and while her eyes were on him, he took the opportunity to shuck his pants as well. Felicity seemed to gather her wits again and tore her own shirt over her head. She didn’t wear a bra underneath and the sight of her sprawled nude on the bed before him, laid out like a feast, had him hard as steel in an instant. 

He advanced towards her but she scrambled to her knees and held up a hand. “Wait. Just… one second.” 

Amused, he watched as she flicked on the light on her bedside table and then scrabbled in the drawer for something. A moment later, she returned to the middle of the bed brandishing a foil packet. Her tongue was tucked between her teeth and she was giving him that saucy wink of hers where she wasn’t quite able to keep the other eye open while she did it. It made him grin as he moved towards her. 

He kept his eyes on her as he settled on his knees before her, plucked the foil packet from her fingers, and tore it open. Her eyes stayed on his too and he saw how her pupils were swallowing up the blue of her irises. That plus the color rising on her cheeks and her softly panted breaths told him she was every bit as aroused as he was. He rolled the condom down his painfully hard cock, giving it a pump for good measure, not that he needed it. He groaned, wishing his hand was her hand… knowing that soon he would buried inside her. But first… 

Oliver settled over her, kissing down her chest, between her small, pert breasts and down around her navel, over her hip bones and further down until he was breathing in the intoxicating scent of her. Felicity whispered his name, her fingers reaching for him, pushing through his hair, encouraging him. As if he needed further encouragement. 

This was something he was good at, had been good at long before the island. Back then, he’d taken pride in growing his skill in the area of pleasuring women. Now, he had many skills outside of the bedroom that he was proud of but, like riding a bike, eating a woman out was still something he excelled at. And apparently Felicity agreed, judging by the yelps and shouts of his name that came from her as he lavished attention on her soft flesh. Her thighs trembled beside his ears and her fingers pulled at his hair. Oliver savored the bite of pain and, in turn, nibbled on her gently, making her squeal. 

He pushed her until he could feel her muscles tensing up, signaling her impending release. Then, he moved back. Felicity cried out in disappointment, making him chuckle. But as eager as she was, he was equally so. In a moment, he was back over her, kissing her lips, across her jaw, down her neck. Felicity writhed beneath him, her breasts pressing into his chest and making him groan at the feel of her pebbled nipples. He wanted badly to suck on them but… if he didn’t get inside her right this minute, he was going to lose his mind. 

Oliver took his straining cock in hand and positioned it at the juncture of her thighs, right where she was warm and wet and quivering for him. Biting back a moan, he pushed into her in one smooth motion, thrusting until his hips met hers. A cry escaped his lips regardless and Felicity reached for him, her hands on his arms, urging him to drop down closer to her. He obeyed, kissing her deeply as he began to move in and out of her, trying to keep his thrusts slow and even, to build her up properly. 

He needn’t have worried. The welcoming sheath of her body hugged him and the flesh around his plunging cock quivered and pulsed as Felicity’s cries filled his ears. She was on edge in an instant, it felt like, and as much as Oliver desperately wanted to let go and pound into her, it wasn’t ready for this to be over yet. 

She fit him perfectly. It’d been over a year since he’d last had sex but even if it’d been last week, Oliver still thought sliding into Felicity’s body would have felt singularly amazing. He’d known it would feel this good. As early as last summer, he knew. That was part of why he fought against his attraction to her for so long. He knew once he gave himself to her this way, there was no way to go back. He was hers, now and forever. 

And she was his. He knew it when she looked into his eyes, her nails digging into the muscles of his back, her mouth open on a moan. They were connected, and not just physically. 

“Oliver,” she gasped. “Please… harder …”

He groaned but was helpless to resist. Gritting his teeth, he sped up his hips and she lifted hers to move with him, in perfect sync. They built each other up, their pants and cries echoing off the walls of her bedroom. Felicity began to plead with him and he knew exactly what she needed. He was more than happy to give it to her. 

Holding himself up on one elbow, Oliver reached down between their bodies, his fingers grazing her supple curves on the way. He felt where they were connected, where his cock emerged from her body, coated in her desire, before plunging back inside. He felt for the hard nub of her clit and circled it purposefully. Felicity’s cries grew in pitch and volume and he knew she was close. Her walls were clamping on him rhythmically, causing the nerves at the base of his spine to tingle, threatening his own impending release. 

“C’mon, baby,” he urged her, sweat beading his brow. “Let go for me. Let go, Felicity.” 

Oliver tapped at her clit and then gave it a mighty pinch at which point she screamed out, body stiffening for one glorious moment before her hips bucked beneath him and her walls threatened to squeeze the life out of his cock. He continued to fuck her through her orgasm until his own release crashed over him, swamping him from head to toe with unfathomable pleasure. 

They cried each other’s names as they clung to one another, riding out the spasms and waves until they were spent, collapsed in a sweaty heap together. It was many long moments before they were able to catch their breaths and curl up together, their limbs tangling, their hearts pounding in time with one another. Felicity was cradled against his side, her hair tickling his arm as her lips traced over his Bratva tattoo. Oliver felt satisfied in a way he’d never felt before in his life. His arm tightened around her, pulling her even closer. He felt her lips grin against his skin. 

“I was right,” she murmured. 

“What about?” he asked, feeling warm and loose and happy. He never wanted to leave this bed. 

“You are freakishly good at that. Like… woah .” 

Oliver huffed out a laugh. “You’re no slouch either, you know,” he told her. His sweet, beautiful Felicity was a lot more… responsive in bed than he’d expected. Much to his delight. 

“I can’t wait to do that again.”

Heat bloomed low in his belly. “And again. And again…” He pulled her up and dipped his head to kiss her again. 

If Oliver had his way, they’d be doing this again and again for the rest of their lives. 


A year later, Oliver asked Felicity to marry him. 

She said yes. 

Six months after that, they were married in front of all their friends and family. 

Two months after their first wedding anniversary, Felicity discovered she was pregnant. 

They got their happily ever after. And while things were never easy (they never could be, not with the lives they lead), and they had their fights, they fought to stay together and faced all the trials that came their way just like that. Together.