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izuku midoriya was having a pretty normal sunday morning.

he walked his dog, bakugou yelled at him, and he was going to the hairdresser.

well...maybe that last part wasn't "pretty normal" because he didn't do it every sunday.

he'd forget about his hair for weeks at a time until someone, most likely iida, yelled at him for his hair being too long.

and that's basically what happened yesterday-- so he scheduled an appointment.

usually, he would go to a sweet old woman down the road, but she recently moved out to a retirement home.

so this time, he was going somewhere completely new-- one that bakugou recommended to him, so he wasn't entirely sure whether to trust it or not.

being the (sometimes) cautious person he was, he checked the reviews, 95% of them were actually good so he could trust bakugou for once.

a lot of them talked about a certain employee, 'todoroki shoto', he thought he sounded cute from all the reviews he saw, so he was a bit excited.

but-- god-- he did not expect this, 'todoroki', to be this adorable-- or have this good of manners-- or to just be perfect overall.

and now, midoriya izuku, the man, the legend, may or may not have a crush on todoroki shoto.

 whenever midoriya entered the store, a small bell jingled, which he wasn't surprised by since basically, every store he's ever been to had a bell.

however, he did not expect to see a cute hetero-chromic male staring back at him from across the room, though.

he gave a small smile before the shorter male spoke, "i'll be with you in a minute, i'm almost finished with this customer, thank you!" and then after that, he gave the cutest smile midoriya had ever seen in his life.

all midoriya could do was nod as the tips of his ears turned dark pink.

he watched the half-n'-half male skillfully trimmed the young customer's already short hair with the approval of her mother.

as he began to finish up, 'todoroki', (as they called him), smiled, "okay, i think we're done here, aki, you look gorgeous as ever."

the schoolgirl gave a giggle, "thanks, mr. todoroki!"

the said-man gave a smile, "of course-- now you go get yourself the hot piece of man you've been talking about, yeah?"

 "mr. todoroki!"

the mother gave a chuckle, "thanks again, aki, agrees with you, i'm sure."

he nodded and gave a small wave.

after the two ladies left, midoriya was the only one, (besides the other customers with different hairdressers), there.

 the hairdresser gave a glance towards his direction, "what are you waiting for, midoriya izuku?"

this time, not just the tips of his ears were dark pink, his whole face was, "u..uh how do you-- wait that was a stupid question-- i'm very sorry, todoroki!"

the other male gave a laugh, "yeah, whatever, but no offense, my break is in seven minutes, you don't want me leaving you here, right?"

midoriya gave a fast nod, "yeah! of course, of course, sorry!"

as he sat down into the chair, todoroki spun him around to face him, "so, i'm guessing you just wanted a trim?"

midoriya gave a gulp as the shorter store right into his eyes, "uhm...yeah, that's the plan."

todoroki gave an understanding nod, "i see, by the way, no need to be nervous, i'm not gonna accidentally cut your ear or something...i do understand coming to a new place is pretty scary, or whatever."

the green-haired male gave a sigh, "y-yeah, i understand, it's just my roommate kinda recommended this place to me-- and i read all your reviews, but he's still not the most trustworthy."

the hetero-chromic male pursed his lips, "let me guess--, bakugou?"

his breath caught in his throat, "h-how'd you know?"

the halfie gave a small smirk, "he said he was gonna recommend his, 'loser friend' here, but you don't seem like much of a loser."

his ears lit up again, "t-thank you, todoroki!"

the other man's voice stayed monotone as it always was, "yeah-- anyway, like i said i'm not gonna nick your ears."

the taller gave a nod and calmed his breath as he was slung back around.

it went faster than he expected, possibly even faster than the child he watched, which he felt went faster than five seconds.

his eyes were closed the entire time, and when he opened his eyes he was a little surprised.

his bush aesthetic was still there, but for once he looked somewhat presentable.

"a-ah, thank you so much, todoroki!"

the said-male gave a smile, "sure, just come pay upfront real-fast, and then we'll have about two minutes to talk before my break."

they had a pleasant conversation as he was rung up, and he was sure when he got home he was giddier than urakara could ever be.

"oi, dumbass, whatcha so excited over?"

"o-oh, kacchan! it's just that hairdresser guy was really awesome and, uh-- y-yeah."

bakugou's face became darker, "don't tell me ya' got a schoolgirl crush over that, goddamn loser?"

midoriya gave a small glare back at the taller male, "i thought i was the loser here, kacchan?"

the hot-head gave a smirk, "i guess i'll help you just this once just because you finally grew some balls, but just once-- don't expect anything else, goddamn deku."

bush-boy nodded eagerly, "of course, kacchan!"

"well first off, he likes things that smell good, flowers, cologne, and/or perfume, whatever."

"wait-- kacchan, how do you know all of that?"

"we dated in high school-- anyway he likes dark chocolate, none of that milky shi--"

"yOu ALl USEd TO dAte?!?"


midoriya made mediocre progress over the next few weeks, giving the male simple gifts, and todoroki started to give stuff back.

as midoriya was getting his hair trimmed, he went over ways to ask todoroki out in his head.

"uh-- hey sh--"


"uH-- SORRY! you go first."


they hetero-chromic male gave a puff of breath, "anyway i was wondering-- you want to possibly go out for dinner this tuesday?"

"WHAT-- UH--"