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the devil of heaven

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*knock knock*

why do I always get to be the bearer of bad news

the year:2013.  a police officer is at the house of holly and Sadao kujo, parents of jotaro kujo and grandparents to jolyne and Jonathan kujo. knocking on their front door

“hello there what do you ne-. officer how may I help you?” a blond woman with graying hair said

“ma’am my name is Kishi take is it alright if I come in” the officer… kishi asked  solemnly

“so-sure, but first, would you care to explain what this is all about”

“yes but first please take a seat this may make the news easier,” the cop said electing to sit himself down damn this really never does get easier does it he thought with a sigh

“ma’am is alright if I call you Mrs. kujo”

“yes, I suppose it is,” the once-young woman said if I have to do this one more time I’m going to quit

“good, tell me when was the last time you had any contact from your son jotaro”

“just yesterday, why do you ask, what has my baby done this time, he is a good boy I swear with a good heart he just gets angry at the injustice of the world but he only hurts those who would hurt him or his family” goddamnit why did life hand him the short stick. and people like this were always the worst



at approximately 9:30 p.m of the 25th of July 2013, an apartment building was attacked by a villain with an explosion quirk the entire building was set on fire out-of-the 15 dead and 27 injured jotaro and sally kujo were one of the missing they leave behind twins Jonathan and jolyne kujo, jotaro’s mother and father holly and Sadao kujo, his grandfather Joseph joestar, his uncle higashikata josuke, and his aunt Shizuka joestar. sally kujo had no immediate family other than her husband and two children. the contents of both the parents will was destroyed except one item that was secured in a vault held by the Speedwagon Foundation, a small amulet with a small piece of a arrowhead with a note saying that if anything should happen to him it was to be delivered to Jonathan kujo station the cryptic message he will know what to do with it



“dad was the one who sensed something was wrong” Jonathan would later tell the police” “he is the only reason we're alive” but when in reality the only reason anyone survived boiled down to one thing. dumb luck.


9:00 p.m. July. 25th.2013


“something's wrong” the 195 cm. giant jotaro kujo said as he peaked out one of the windows that guy down there went to every store across the street but. A.parked on our parking lot instead of the closer one and.B. he keeps glancing at this building ”Jojo go the safe room.” the half-Japanese man told both his children as they both took note of the concern in his voice and ran off

“babe what's the matter is something wrong you’ve been checking that wind on and off for the past 10 minutes and you sound scarred what's tell me” jotaro's wife, Sally kujo asked worriedly

“nothing hopefully, but get to the safe room just in case,”  jotaro said as he once again peeked out the window, still on the other side, good

“jotaro tells me what's happening”

yare yare “there's a guy down there who is shopping on the other side of the street with his car parked over here, and he keeps looking and/or checking over here”the half Japanese man stated then check the window once more, and saw he wasn’t there

“shit, I lost him, and his car still here” is it a follower of Dio or just a random person that I’m freaking out over he said as he saw the man’s car turn on and leave the parking lot. yare yare daze “sorry, guess it was a false alarm, I’m going to tell the kids”


“wh-what” jotaro exclaimed as his front door blew open hitting sally kujo square in the head. knocking her out instantly.

“kujo Jotaro,” said a blond man in a bowler hat “we have unfinished business you and I”

“you're dead.” is not a question but rather  a statement

“yes, well was but all it takes is the right stand user and a body and so here we are” the mid-age blond respond

“Remi said that the alley led into nothingness”

“she was wrong”

“yare yare sally better be alright” or you get more than a few broken bones the old-ish joestar added as an afterthought

“[STAR PLATINUM: THE WORLD]” he yelled as his stand appeared behind him and the world took on a bluish tint as time froze to a standstill

god she better be alright the burly man thought as look at his wife as a pool of blood began to gather

2 seconds


Jotaro kujo’s stand [Star Platinum] never got to finish that battle cry as for the moment contact was made with the strange assassin, [Star Platinum] and jotaro kujo booth exploded into dust as time started to flow once more

“hahahahahah, I knew you would try that Kujo Jotaro so I turned myself into a contact bomb without damaging myself, luck is truly on the side of Kira Yoshikage.” time to see if there's anyone else the dead man walking said to himself


“jolyne calm down or your get us both killed,” Jonathan kujo twin brother to jolyne kujo said to his sister

“but dad he might be”

“I know, god knows I wish everything was alright but it isn’t and now we gotta stay quiet if we want to live”

“wait shut up you hear that it sounds like…”

*knock knock*

“-stay quiet if we want to live”

well you did an absolutely terrible job at it Kira mused to himself as he started to knock on the walls going by exactly 1 foot between every knock until he found a patch about 3 feet wide that sounded more hollow the rest taking a step back in order to summon his stand

“[Killer Queen]”

“killer queen”

as the door exploded jolyne had barely enough time for one thought ( what the fuck ) as her brother's hand cover up her mouth as at the same time he said something strange.

“[Devils Den: Tenor Sax]”.

jolyne wanted to ask why he said that but right at that moment the stranger in the hat entered the room all joyne wanted to do was scream and run away but Johnathan was still holding her, and there was something about the pure fear in his expression that stopped her dead

“hold completely still” the older twin mouthed to his younger sister

“nothing, well that is a disappointment, but now no one will know my identity ”

leave leave leave leave that was the only thought going thor the 13-year-old's head as the foreign stand user left the room and the apartment “alright jolyne he’s gone but you stay here”

“no, not until you explain to me what the hell just happened he looked right at us and we weren't exactly hidden in case you didn’t notice”

“he may cover his tracks as quick as possible and mom and dad are either dead or dying and you wanna bicker.” please be alright the young joestar thought to himself

“shit. MOM, DAD” with no response the two twins started to get uneasy

“jolyne check the kitchen I'm checking the living room”


As the pre-teenage male entered the living room the first thing he noticed was that the door was on the floor. the second thing was how there was a large amount of blood under it. the last was that it was his mother under the door as he reached for his mom after lifting the door he heard her last words


if he wasn’t so worried for everyone but himself  he might have thought about her words but the moment his hand went down to check his mother's pulse he heard a small


the last thought that went through his head was devil's den: the worlds. cut off my arm

and that it did

end of chapter 2


stand user: Jonathan kujo

stand name: devil's den









ability: to perfectly mimic any stand and to tell how many stand users are in a 10-meter radius from the user but not who they are.

limits: user of “mimicked” stand  MUST be dead. can only use one at a time, and can't use over heavens or requiems. user can only use devil’s den for 1 hour before collapsing from exhaustion