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Collide | The Vampire Diaries / Riverdale Crossover

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I listened to the quiet breathing of my sister, who was sleeping beside me calmly. The brunette had sneaked into my bed that night unnoticed. She did that a lot lately. But that didn't bother me. In some twisted way the way she slept and her closeness calmed me down. Only with her twin was I really complete.

But now I lay awake for hours and stared at her ceiling without any chance to fall asleep again in the next time. Too abruptly my nocturnal demons had torn me out of the world of dreams.

When the door of our room was ripped open jerkily, I was startled and woke the girl in my arms. It took a few seconds for my eyes to get accustomed to the light that was pouring from the hallway into the room. I blinked a few times, but then recognized a tall man with dark blond hair, whom I could undoubtedly identify as my father.

"Daddy", my voice was unusually high. Normally he didn't burst in unannounced. He was usually only that stormy when he had to talk to them quickly and couldn't wait with his request. His facial expression also showed that something seemed to be wrong. "I looked up at him with slightly widened eyes and my heart immediately began to beat faster.

"Girl, please get up immediately. We have to go,' the man said straight away. "What? what is going on?" now Josie seemed to be awake enough to realize what her father had just said. I also made a shocked expression on my face. Why did he wake us up at this early hour of the morning?

"Please get dressed quickly, pack a few things and then go down to your mother's," the man ordered literally, before he left the room again and closed the door behind him.

For a moment it was completely quiet in the room and we both listened to Dad's footsteps on the parquet floor of the hallway as he knocked on the next room and tore the residents out of their beds. An unpleasant atmosphere had spread across the room and the air was tense to tear. Slowly I turned my head towards Josie, who rubbed her eyes tiredly.

"What was that," I asked, hoping to learn something from her. After all, it was no secret that our parents usually told her more than they told me. So I was all the more surprised when she just shrugged her shoulders: "I don't know, but we should do what Dad says. He sounded serious." I nodded. She was right after all. There was something about Dad's behavior that made me feel uneasy and doubted that the situation could wait.

"All right, then we should get ready and pack up the most important thing," Josie stepped up to her closet without hesitation and opened the double doors to take out her things and get dressed.

But I didn't move an inch when I was asked to. Instead I stopped as if rooted on the spot. Too many questions kept me from acting. Something was not right at all. But no student at Salvatore Boarding School could have guessed what it was at that time.