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We Don't Want Your Money, We Don't Want Your Crown, See, We've Come To Burn Your Kingdom Down

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“Audition day!”

Everyone chattered as the day dawned, warm and hot in Las Vegas. Zade grinned as she watched quite a few people pass through the auditorium. None, she thought smugly, were as impressive as her own audition. Then again, none of them could use real magick.

There was a break before the last few auditions in order to change for the rehearsal and show that would occur afterwards. In her red velvet cloak and pitch black dress studded with shining rhinestones, Zade felt like the queens she was named after. And, in a way, she was kind of royalty. Maybe her father would let her add a tiara to her costume? A silver one with rhinestones and pearls. Or maybe rubies to match her cloak with black onyx and silver wire. So many options!




So lost in her musings, Zade hadn’t realized the final three had walked in until they said anything.


The one that had spoken was a girl, likely the same age as herself, with deep red hair and light copper skin that matched the two boys she was with. The taller of the males had light blonde hair, clearly dyed. The slightly shorter one had hair that was nearly white, also dyed. All three had sparkling green eyes. Beautiful by anyone’s standards. Zade stared at the tallest of them, the one with blonde hair, fascinated by the way his hair curled just a little at the tips.


“Mind if we use one of the dressing rooms?” The girl asked. Her voice brought to mind the cool oasis of a vast desert. They all carried bags with them, clearly for their costumes. “Our clothes are made from sensitive materials, so we didn’t want to get dressed in the bathrooms.”


That made sense, Zade supposed as she shook herself, reminding herself that she had enough troubles in love without adding this mysterious beautiful blonde to them. She certainly wouldn’t want her own dress to touch the floor of a public bathroom. Or any bathroom really.


“Of course,” Charles said, eyes fastened on the three. He seemed… nervous? Zade couldn’t think of any reason her father would need to be nervous around them. They were just random people after all. It was audition day, they had seen plenty of acts. These three, while gorgeous, were just the last one.


“Zade, show them to your dressing room please.”


“Wait!” She blinked. “MY dressing room?”


“That is what I just said, yes.” Charles said. “Quickly please.”


Stunned, Zade complied. Why couldn’t they have used Sofia’s dressing room? Or maybe one of the ensemble’s? Why hers ? Were they special?


Zade instantly dismissed that thought. It was probably just because hers was closer to the stage. Yeah, no doubt that was why.


She returned to the stage once she unlocked the door and let them in. Zeb and Charles were whispering to each other. Sofia and Mac were looking on, eyebrows furrowed. They were as confused as Zade was. Why the fuss over these three? Did Charles know them somehow? Did Zeb?


A few minutes passed, no more than five maybe, when the three returned to the stage. Zade’s jaw dropped, as did many others no doubt.


The girl’s torso was completely bare, only a bra like top covered in gold coin type decorations covering her chest. Her arms were bare as well. A skirt sat low on her hips, a scarf of some kind with the same coins tied over. A slit in the skirt made itself known as she went up the steps onto the stage. The whole outfit was dark red.Both of the boys were also dark red, both of them wearing what were known as harem pants with gold coin scarves tied around their hips. Both were shirtless. All three carried cloth fans, folded and each in a different color. The white haired boy carried a pair of burnt orange fans. The blonde held red, and the girl held yellow.


What really caught Zade’s attention were the tattoos.


Pitch black against their light brown skin, the tattoos swirled over their upper bodies, stopping just along the collarbones and below the wrists. The intricate swirls reminded Zade of the designs she had on several of her tank tops.


“Henna,” she heard Sofia whisper to someone, probably Mac if his noise of agreement was anything to go by.


If there was any meaning to the designs, Zade couldn’t find them. But they were undeniably beautiful, just like the wearers.


Music started, something Middle Eastern, a hypnotizing drum beat that brought deserts and stars to mind.


The fans unfurled, revealing veils attached. The trio began to dance. Just like the music, they started off slow and picked up their pace. The coins on their hips jingled, adding to the ambience. Slowly, it became clear to Zade that these were not ordinary performers.


They were like her. They had magick . And they were using it too.


Fire began to spark, picking up with the tempo of the music. The inferno grew, forcing murmurs of concern from the assembled viewers. As the music reached its peak, it became a swirling vortex that reached up towards the ceiling. Zade wondered if it would affect the catwalks or platforms.


Suddenly, the song ended and the fire vanished.


“They’re gone!” Someone gasped.


A short whistle came from the back of the room and Zade whirled around.


The trio were standing at the very back, near the emergency exits.


“Yoohoo.” The girl wiggled her fingers at them.


Everyone began to clap and cheer, awed by the illusion. Zade felt unsettled by it. What was that ? She wondered as the three bowed. Was that chaos magick? If so, how did they have such a control over it? No one she knew about could control it as good as they could. The one time she had tried, she nearly died!


“Wow!” Tad said enthusiastically. “That was almost as cool as your audition Zade!”


Zade relaxed a little, smiling at her friend. At least one person still thought her audition was the best. Maybe they came from somewhere different, where such things were more freely taught.


“I think it’s safe to say,” Charles’ voice carried over the din of everyone’s questions. “That you’re hired. All three of you.”


“What’re your names?” Sofia asked.


“Cala Al-Amin,” the girl said.


“Jason Al-Amin,” the blonde said.


“Sora Al-Amin,” the third said.


“We’re triplets!” They chorused in perfect unison.


Ok , Zade thought begrudgingly. That was kinda cool . There hadn’t been any twins, let alone triplets, in her hometown. And she hadn’t met any of either in Vegas. Well, until now at least.


“We’ll be right out after we change.” The trio left to put their street clothes back on.


“Pretty awesome, huh Zade?” Mac grinned at her. “Do you know how they did that?”


“Not a clue.” She begrudgingly admitted. “But it was interesting.”


The three returned, wearing casual jeans and shirts. The tattoos were covered now, though edges could be seen peeking out at the edges of their sleeves and under the collars. Instantly they were swarmed by cast and crew, except Zade of course. And Tad, her best friend was loyal like that.


Jealousy chewed at her as she spotted an enthusiastic Jackson chatting with Cala and Mac with Jason. Sofia was chatting with Sora for some reason. A lot of the others were also butting in, questions floating around.


“How old are you?”
“Where are you from?”
“What sort of dance was that?”


Not even ten minutes passed before Charles hopped on the stage and called everyone to attention, reminding them to get in place for rehearsal.


“Cala, Sora, Jason, if you would like front row seats-” he began.


“No thank you,” Jason interrupted. “People already paid for those seats. And we’re all tired,” he added, resting his hands on his siblings shoulders. “We really just want to get to our hotel and rest.”


“And do paperwork,” Sora added, quippy and quick.


“What hotel?” Zeb suddenly asked, dark eyes fastened on the trio.


“Luxor,” Cala said, tucking red hair away from her face. “Next door.”


Zade gaped. Did they have family money or something? All she had been able to afford before her audition and hiring was a cheap motel on the outskirts of the city.


“If you want, you can move here,” Charles said. “For free. All new hires can, until you find a more permanent residence.”


“That would be lovely actually,” Sora decided. His siblings didn’t protest, though judging by the look Jason gave him, they would be talking later.


“We’ll go get our things.” Cala said, effectively stopping either of her brothers from starting anything in front of the others. “You guys go get our stuff, I’ll check us in,” she directed them.


Mac called for everyone to get to places and the trio vanished in the melee.