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Thin Walls

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Here she come again, he received her text as he had been doing it for several weeks, he knew why was she looking for him ... Only to end up entangled between his legs giving him all the joy she wanted while the girl writhed with pleasure and he was left wanting more and more. And the funny part of all this ordeal was how it started, with Kaminari discovering the darkest secret of Kyouka Jirou, a secret that end up becoming a curse to him more than to her.

A couple years back...

Denki Kaminari could not boast of great intellect, but at least he was good at using his Quirk in battle, thanks to constant training and the help of that insane Mei Hatsune he managed to improve his battle qualities to the point that Bakugo already would occasionally tell him "I will kill you too", this being the most beautiful thing Katsuki had ever told the electric blond. On the other hand Kyouka Jirou was smart, in fact she was extremely smart and coupled with the sensing capabilities of her Quirk she became quite the "Mastermind" behind successful operations. These two factors were what made Aizawa put them to work together for his favorite event "Save the citizens" where teams of two people should work together to save a group of hostages held by villains in random environments.

—Well then, in case it is a mobile scenario we will depend on using my Quirk to find each enemy on board, we will attack them in a subtle way facilitating the elimination of these and you will not use your Quirk except in shocks to knock them out. In case of maximum emergency, or to find them all together I will make a sonic sweep so you can position and release all your energy as long the civilians are not in danger—With that the girl already had 18 possible scenarios covered, how could she think on so many things at once? The boy nodded again and again while taking notes, with a notebook that she took for granted, trying to take note of the most relevant of the plan ... Which was basically everything she said.

—Aye, aye captain —Replied before giving a military salute, as expected to maintain a relaxed attitude in that situation, since the note means the 40% of that class final score.

—Well ...— It was strange to see him so obedient, partly Jirou liked it because she certainly liked to have him obediently listening and obeying his commands since that will end in success —I suppose there is nothing else to cover—Sighed closing her notebook, it will melt her brain to keep going like this—Want something to drink Jamming-whey? —Offered while teasing, the blonde far from feeling offended just laughed before nodding.

Denki had been worried a bit about the girl for a while now, he notices how every day she had bigger circles around her onyx eyes, she looked more tired and sullen. In fact, she behaved aggressively with pretty much everyone that wasn’t him! Something he appreciated of course because it made him feel special, but at the same time warned on this unusual behavior from the young woman since she acts like that even with Momo and they were supposed to be the best friends.

—Sure, do you have anything with sugar? —Asked while the girl stretched from where she was sitting towards the small refrigerator she had in her bedroom, unfortunately for her to do so she leaned against the wall behind it and only took a few seconds before separate from it in a snap, her gesture surprised the contrary that notice something curious: The color had risen to her face— ...Is everything okay? —Asked approaching her but the girl instantly smacked his hand the second he tried to touch her shoulder.

—Don't you fucking touch me! —This surprise the young blond, although Jirou usually was physically aggressive with him, she did it in a mocking or complaining way, not in a... Defensive way like this, something was wrong with her so Denki didn’t took long to hold her firmly by the shoulders, without hurting her, to force the gal to turn in his direction, since Kyoka instantly turn around after the smack.

—What's wrong with you?! — It was strange to see him so severe but he wanted to understand why she did what she did.

—Let me go, Kaminari ... —Warned him in an extremely threatening way, not in her typical tones that would stab his eyes mockingly and then pretend that nothing happened ... She was serious, almost as if she had a villain in front of her and not a dear friend.

—Jirou, please . . . Tell me what’s wrong? —She swallowed hard, feeling extremely distressed ... Suddenly tried to push him again but he responded pushing her back to the wall behind her and then she exploded in the most implosive way he had ever seen —... Jirou? ...— Whispered confused on how her face had completely reddened, her eyes open to the point of almost pop-out her skull and her pupils shrink to the point of being small dots, seemed to be in pure shock. Then he noticed something, she slowly squint her eyes, her pupils curving up and her mouth hang slightly open as her palms were firmly pressing against the wall behind her.

—I... I ...— Whisper in a tone that he had never heard: A tremendously erotic one. Denki blushed instantly. What kind of bad joke was that? He was going to let her go but the girl would not let him, raising both hands to hold him by the collar of the shirt, that lost look she had before returned to the usual wild beast of her as she held it firmly—Do you want to know why I'm so angry?! —Asked furiously, the blond almost choked with panic. This was the right time to say no and leave the room.

— ... Yes? — He wasn’t very smart. Without warning she used her Jacks to pick up a pair of special headphones, Kaminari remembered them since she asked to the support department in order to be able to connect one of her Jacks in them and thus transmit the sound that she receive, in recent times her Quirk developed in such a way that her bare hands and feet were able to receive sounds and transmit them with her Jacks to those headphones. Basically like an incredible living radar!

—Put. Them. On. —Ordered with that same severe tone as before, it was strange to see her so bossy, sure thing she was usually aggressive but never the one who impose her will on others outside combat exercises or field trials. The boy obeyed and then she made the connection: A Jack to the wall where she was previously stuck and another to the headphones, the sound began to channel and then ...

— Ah, ah, ah, ah! —Moans. Tremendously sonorous groans of pleasure that made the blonde put on exactly the same face that Jirou had put before, he was about to take them off but then he heard something else that would leave him most probably traumatized for life— More ... More ...! Deku—kun! —He had to put a hand in his mouth not to scream. That was the voice of Uraraka! Uraraka Ochako and Midoriya Izuku were having sex in another room!

—Bu ... But ...— Mumbled without being able to believe it, she tightened the grip of his shirt licking her lips because they had completely dry.

—The walls are almost soundproof ... Almost ... If you don’t have my Quirk —Explained while it seemed that she was raising another shade of red that already invaded her face —But ... When I began to train it, as I got better ... I began to notice those noises even if I didn’t wanted to. First it was Ochako and Midoriya, that's why I put my bed on the other side, but then ...— The Jack on the wall took off and traveled suddenly to the opposite wall, stuck in an instant.

— Shouto ... Mmmh ... Shouto ... —This must be a fucking joke ...

—Yaomomo?! —Yelled out loud, then covered his mouth since he clearly didn’t understand what the young Kyouka had explained to him.

—They can’t hear you... You could scream as much as you wanted and they would hardly hear a murmur, but me? I listen to them every time they get together and let me tell you something... Todoroki is a beast—Kyoka was just surprised by the things that her beloved best friend and the always serious Todoroki heir could say during their . . . Passion nights.

—Then...Is... Is because of? — She denied softly before Jack slowly took off from the wall —Oh no ...— Then she stuck it to the ceiling, he began to hear guttural sounds that reminded him of ...

— Do you like it? ... —That feminine voice sounded more than familiar, he ran both hands over his face in total shock—Stop making so much fucking noise and move —It was Bakugo and Hagakure! BAKUGO! AND! HAGAKURE!

Denki instantly took off the headphones in complete shock, his mind was getting attacked by images he didn’t even though were possible, but she did not let go of his shirt even when the trauma was done.

—That's what I have to endure! And it's not a matter of one or two days a week, oh fuck no! —Shoved him hard until the back of his legs touched the girl's bed and couldn’t pull back anymore—One day is Ochako and Midoriya! Another is Momo and Todoroki! Then that bastard of Bakugo and the girl of the week! And if not, is Mina and Kirishima! —

—Mina and Kirishima sleep together?! —And the trauma just became worst.

—Yes! And Mina always makes dirty jokes during it and they’re disgusting! —Shoved him again, making the fall into the bed, sitting instantly and looking up in disbelief—But they have their fucking damn schedule. Let's bomb Jirou with sound sex every damn night, every damn day, every damn week! —She ran her hands through her hair in a completely neurotic way—I try everything, try to exercise until exhausted, so I’ll sleep easy! But unconsciously I catch the sound! —At this point she wasn’t even thinking before talking, her brain was just too asphyxiated with stress to do so—I’m... I’m done, I can’t stand it anymore ...— The girl was clearly broken at this point.

—Bu... But can’t you sleep? Even a little? Put on headphones or something? —She looked at him incredulously ... How could he be so stupid?! He was a stupid, idiot, wimp, good for nothing piece of! Kyoka took him violently by the neck, her nails almost buried in his skin and he was grateful they weren’t too long.

—Sleeping is not the problem, you asshole! —Screamed in his face, she couldn’t hide it anymore; had to say it out loud and release all those repressed and agonic feelings— I need sex! —The boy's pupils became so small that they were practically invisible —I'm sick of masturbating every because I hear a symphony of sex that doesn’t stop, Kaminari, if I continue like this I'll go fucking cra! —Before completing the sentence he shut her up the only way a man should shut up a woman ... With a kiss. She separated almost instantly, her blush of embarrassment for those noises now became embarrassment of the situation while covering her mouth—What the hell? —And then he pulled her by the hips forcing her to sit on his legs, he was too dominant and that was more than surprising—Kaminari! —

—Denki—He said suddenly before turning around the positions, now she back in the bed, lying down, while he comfortably got between her legs looking at her as if he wanted to eat her—Call me Denki ...— Never had I seen him, or felt him, in such a manner. What side of the blond was that . . . ?

—De... Denki ...— Mumbled in what could be the meekest tone he'd ever heard from her, but far from teasing the girl for that attitude he just put a smile on his lips ... An extremely playful one.

—You’re so tired ... So stressed ...— Holy shit, seen all those movies where the guy seduced the woman served something—Now I will help you release that ...— She only distracted with those golden eyes and seductive tone for a second but now Kaminari had already unbuttoned her pants leaving her surprised for this. How was it that she got so lost that she didn’t notice that? — Tension ... — Fuck, he had her in his claws.

Jirou tried to think carefully, sure thing she needed to have sex sooner rather than later or she’ll might lose her freaking mind . . . But with Kaminari of all people? He wasn’t smart; he wasn’t handsome ... Well, maybe he was quite handsome, and strong and without doubt he was kind of cute and ... Where did her pants go?

—I’m started to think you’re trying to seduce me—The boy muttered at the tight black panty that Jirou was wearing, clearly it was perfectly tight around the right places and he would pay until the last yen he had to see how well it squeeze her perfect ass.

—It's not for you, idiot ...— Mumbled as the "idiot" removed her pants at last, strangely she didn’t felt self-conscious about being basically naked except for her panty and socks from the waist down, she felt . . .Sexy, desired, those eyes of him were of carnal desire, desire that she also had, before he could approach her the girl put a foot in his chest stopping his advance—Sometimes I like to wear this kind of underwear, you know? . . . It makes me feel . . . —Said in a more than suggestively way, two could play that game and she was ready to strike back— Sexy ...—

Denki swallowed and felt as if a hammer blow woke up his cock which was now pressing down in his pants, where did that come from? Jirou wasn’tseductive girl, wasn’t flirtatious. She was coarse, rough, badly spoken, rude, cute, beautiful ... She was ... She was extremely fucking sexy.

— Even in class? ... When you’re sitting next to me? ... —Asked while grabbing her ankle to get rid of that foot that stopped him before, she allowed him only to stand up a little and use her hands to take away the black jacket that he used to use to look "cool" and caress his arms, no doubt those were hard and strong after the life of a hero in training.

—Yeah, even sitting next to you ... Maybe I did it on purpose, maybe I did it so that one day you would see me in my direction, maybe I wanted you . . . To notice . . . My . . . Panties . . . —Kyouka wouldn’t say that in her right mind, that was a fact, but the hormones were dominating her and Denki on the other hand let himself be dominated by those any day of the week!

—Maybe I will pay more attention to you...—He’ll have his eyes glued to her daily! —Wish I had something to show you that would make you feel as excited as I am . . . — And in a provocative way he moved against her causing his marked bulge to give a good rub to the girl, wanting her to feel the things that she caused in him with all the previous foreplay—Wait . . . Maybe I do have something . . .— That game of teasing was getting too far.

Jirou could not contain a slight moan at this, that damn prick had surprised her ... But in a very good way since that single touch between their still covered sexes was way more pleasurable that anything she had done with her own hands before, not to mention that he showed not being "Ill equipped" in the least so the idea of actually having sex with him was sounding more positively that not.

—Denki ...— Called in an almost affectionate tone, she had cupped his cheeks and outlined his cheekbones with both thumbs.

—Yeah. . .? —Answered using the same tone, he liked how tender her touch was . . . But then that fly out of the window, as she squeeze his cheeks and those loving eyes turn into fierce pits of fire and desire.

— Fuck me like you hate me, like it's the last time you'll do it in your God damn life, fuck my pain away and leave me breathless, fuck me until I don’t remember my damn name —

— . . . —

Ladies and gentlemen.

The ferry Denki has taken off.

—. . . Yes, ma'am! —He threw himself back on her for a kiss, much more abrupt and passionate than the first but now being reciprocated by both of them that seemed to kiss as if it were the last time in their lives. Denki pulled himself a second to take off his shirt, she took the opportunity to do the same with her own, left alone in bra and panties, while he still had those already annoying pants.

—Take them out, out, now! —Demanded as he grabbed his belt with one hand and she just became increasingly mad with desire as he heard her scream and order in such a way. With his hands he began to take it off, but then . . . The light bulb turn on, electricity pun, and he separated from her making her look as if he just kicked a puppy —What are you . . . ? —Was about to claim but he had a plan, then he approached the girl's stereo and connected his cell phone, he did it so fast that he completely surprised when turned around with a smile.

A sound began to rumble; it was a guitar riff followed by a strong ballad that she recognized in seconds . . . Her lips folded into a smile as she licked the under lip with desire, he knew her so much.

— You think; your life is done ... They took everything away with their acts... So you drink enough to wash away the sin... —She didn’t knew if laugh at how he transformed the lyrics to adapt them to her current situation ... Or be more attracted to the sensual blonde singing a fucking rock song, shirtless and looking like this was the last bite of his life— Such a shitty thing they did, the way you say goodbye . . .! —With a hand he retired the belt and threw it aside, and had the pants unbuttoned as walked towards her with conviction in his words and gestures— You can take it out on me if you like ... —

She stood up suddenly, standing on the bed before jumping on him hugging him by the hips using her slender legs while holding his neck with both hands.

— Fuck away the pain! —The two said before kissing deeply, their bodies already fully glued and with only a few clothes covering them went towards the wall that she previously plug herself into in order to spy Ochako, now their vicious kisses only increase in terms of passion and the pants of the blond fell to the ground leaving him only in boxers.

— Erase it from my brain ... Fake it like you love me ... —She sang while Denki took care of removing her bra, he didn’t care about the size of her bust: Everything of her was perfect for him! And he showed it by kissing the right in a lascivious way while massaging the left making Jirou feel more pleasure than she, with her own fingers, had never been able to provoke— Come on baby touch me ... —Whispered from the pleasure while he continued devouring as much as he had within reach.

— Show me where it hurts ... This dirty little curse ... —Murmured before, without fright, caressed her intimate area with one hand, perhaps the most uncomfortable part of her body for weeks due the lack of real attentions. He only managed to lower a hand and with some abruptness propitious of a willing newbie began to caress her, it was a curious mixture of pleasure and slight pain that far from upsetting made her moan beautifully, showing a completely happy face at those fingers attending her needy sex— Do not have to be ashamed if you wanna scream my name ... — She took his face with both hands.

— Fuck away my pain ... —Asked in a tone that mixed the entreaty and an order, one that he could not resist. He took her to the bed between hot kisses leaving her fall there before removing her panties, part of her wanted to die of embarrassment because she never had a boy, less Denki Kaminari, seeing her completely naked ... But another part wanted him way more than the shame running down her body.

— You hate ... The way they fooled around your back ... — Yes, she hated it, she hated that she could still hear the moans of her friends, the vibration of the blows and the gasping of their voices ... But that she found a solution and had it was right in front of her: Removing his boxers— A slave ... To your own power, but not with me, no strings attached . . . —Twisted his lips in a smile at her staring to his crotch, she wanted him and he didn’t want her less than twice as much as she did to him— If you want to use me and then leave me in the bed ... —

— I'm on the pill, go right ahead ... — Denki’s eyes open wide, this was just too good to be truth. At this point he didn’t mind asking if she was a virgin or not, if she was he would feel the luckiest bastard in the world and if she wasn’t he’ll make sure to be the best in her life of the girl who draw blood from biting her lips in anticipation.

Their sexes touch each other, he seemed to look for the right angle for it and just when found it he saw her in the eye one last time before she took it from the cheeks and declare with a deep, lustful voice.

— Kaminari, fuck away the pain! —And so he did, Denki penetrated her suddenly, abruptly and it made her head arch back feeling that pain that so much was claimed you feel in your first time... But it didn’t bother her, with her hands she squeezed the sheets hardly and although the first seconds Denki thought she was suffering ... Then realized that it was the opposite— Fuck! —She rose up with the eyes of a beast, took him by the face and pulled the blond for another toxic kiss since never in her life had felt so good, at this point she couldn’t understand how people could be so afraid of sex. For her was being great!

On the other hand, "Chargebolt" had worried in the first penetration of hurting her, not trying to self-praise of course, he thought it would be painful for her to be so ... "Big" but she seemed to enjoy it, she began to move strongly at the words of the girl, her kisses also helped him to motivate a lot more into this, every movement towards the bed grinding with tremendous force giving Jirou a lascivious sound show that could finally appease those who had been screwing up her life for weeks.

— Damn, Jirou! —Without warning the boy's body released a slight electric shock, she felt this and caused a more than pleasant cramping.

—What the hell was that?! — She asked suddenly, the boy stopped moving, watching with surprise, he could not believe that he seriously electrocuted her during sex.

—I ... I couldn’t control it, it was a small shock, I ...—Babble looking for an explanation for what happened. That adorable idiot, so cute of him.

—. . . Do it again—Said before kissing him again, that slight shock caused her a wave of pleasure that never thought to experience and if it wasn’t because he stopped penetrating her at that moment she would had reach the orgasm right there.

— Mmm-h—Was silenced by the abrupt kiss of the girl who was now riding him, she had put him back to the bed while she was on top watching him with a desire worthy of adult film—Ji-Jirou . . .—

—Mmmh Denki ... —She whispered before turning, even with him inside, causing a slight pain but all that fell silent when she began to "ride" him in the "Inverted Cowgirl" position causing her well-worked buttocks to shake in front of his face, crushing his member and leaving the blonde with a sense of pleasure that he felt like his soul would come out of his mouth at any moment—Spank me. —Said out of nowhere.

—What?! — At this point he was pretty sure this was a dirty dream and soon his alarm will wake him up to cruel reality.

—Spank me God damn it! —Yelled angrily, couldn’t believe he was wasting such a chance like that. Denki didn’t took more than a second to smack one of her ass-cheeks with his right palm causing it to redden and she clenched her teeth before beginning to move her hips way faster and now Kaminari was about to lose his mind, sparks began to emerge from his body and caused that pleasant electric sensation that ran through both of them.

—Ji . . .  Ky . . . Kyoka . . . I’m . . . I'm going to—It was obvious what was going to happen, he straightened from the waist up to stretch her hands and squeeze the breasts of the girl who moved less massively but now more constant over her lover, both were on the verge of an explosive orgasm.

—De . . . Denki, Denki, Denki—Repeated his name, she didn’t hold back anymore and without warning he ended up letting out a massive moan of pleasure, her lower belly suffered several spasms that the blonde could probably feel and he didn’t contain his own climax leaving that all his "content" to fill up the girl who couldn’t avoid feeling a mini orgasm at the warm sensation of his sperm filling her, damned Kaminari came like a horse there—God . . . —

—Damn . . . —Still holding the breasts of the girl the blond fell back to the bed along the girl, Jirou sigh of delight when the opposite member left her leaving a mess on the sheets but she didn’t give a damn at that right now, just turned slowly to see him, the boy was panting to catch his breath and then saw her bending her lips in a smile as radiant as it was rarely seen.

—. . . So . . . Would you like to repeat this sometime? — The girl murmured as she removed a rebellious strand of hair from her face, stuck by the sweat that covered her.

—Give me a few minutes ...— He let out a low laugh and she couldn’t help laughing with him before punch his left shoulder, without strength because she didn’t have enough to do it seriously.

— No, idiot. I mean, sure round two sounds good but first I must recover the sensibility in my legs "Electric Dildo" —Mocked the shocks that he had given to her— But I’m talking about ... You know, meet once in a while and . . . — The boy blinked, did she just . . .?

— . . . Are you offering me to be friends with benefits? . . .  To have sex without feelings? To use me as your mere sex toy? —She was surprised at his words, it seemed that the proposal offended him— . . . Because that sounds awesome! —But then she remembered who she was talking to.

—You’re an idiot . . .— Muttered looking down, trying to prevent him to notice that smile she had at his words—But I'm glad you accepted . . . —At this point the girl was trying to keep her cool, but it fail miserably and the Kaminari felt touched by her lovely words and cute attitude.

After that night I thought everything would be great, I mean, Jirou wanted to have sex with me . . . And hell was it good! She did things I had only seen in the porn flicks that Mineta shared, every day there was something different, something interesting or just wild with this girl.

And seriously, It couldn’t be cooler ... Or so I thought ...

Denki was studying, yes, studying believe it or not. He was top bottom of the class for a reason and he had to improve that soon for his own good. They had an important test the next day and if he didn’t approve with at least a C he would take extra classes with Aizawa who will surely torment him psychologically for days. Nothing could distract him, no sir, nothing at all--

—What the hell? —A message came to his cell phone, with annoyance he stretched to catch it seeing the sender: Kyoka . . . Swallowed hard, he knew what she wanted and the message had a photograph attached but he knew that if he opens it he’ll surely not resist the temptation—No, no, no ... Denki. You’re going to fail the test! —And then put the cellphone aside.

He felt proud of himself, since they started with that “Friends with benefits” thing he went instantly when she called him, sometimes he left his friends hanging to go with her and once he even missed a date with a girl from group B. It was affecting his life, affected him in school, affected him in . . . He was reading the message.

—I mean, maybe is an emergency. What’s the worst thing that can--? —

Tried to convince before opening the picture, Jirou in her bedroom wearing only a T-shirt that belong to Denki with "Avenged Sevenfold" printed on the chest, showing her ass in the mirror behind her, her naked ass and only this words below as text:

. . . I’m waiting for you . . .  

— . . . Shit! — He stood up suddenly, cursed himself for being unable to contain his own lust — I'm going to fail, I'm going to fail, I'm going to —Just when he was in front of the door of his "Sexfriend" it opened, the girl took him by the neck with her Jacks and pulled him inside.