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Peril In Working Together

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Blue flames. They were the hottest, the strongest, and the most rarest. Many fire users could produce such flames, but not without extreme concentration, control, and energy. Dabi however, seemed to be able to use such power effortlessly. Using full blown attacks aiming to kill and completely destroy.

Once again, Aizawa was relieved that he had his erasure quirk. It saved himself and his students during the attack on the summer training camp. He could still feel the unnerving bored stare of bright blue eyes, and the intense heat that he barely escaped, almost cooked alive.

Such feelings were back now.

The black haired man stood across from Aizawa, posture relaxed yet tensed with pent up power. Small patches of blue fire littered the wide alleyway, shining bright in the darkness, disintegrating any trash in it's reach. Aizawa frowned deeply, quirk activated and capture scarf in hand, legs coiled with the intent of moving.

"You know, your quirk is pretty cool. Sure works well against my fire. Fighting one on one is your style, isn't it?"
Dabi asked, expression neutral, putting his hands in his coat pockets. Aizawa gritted his teeth, right hand clenching around his scarf while the other hovered over the large burn on his left side. This was bad. He was cornered and injured in a dead end alleyway with no ways of escaping except for going past the villain.


"You'll have to blink at some point, Eraserhead."

The villain said with a grin, scarred skin looking painful as it was stretched back with staples from the action. The man wasn't wrong. Aizawa would have to blink. His eyes were already burning and a terrible headache was forming. He would have to take the villain down quickly if he wanted to survive this.

The underground hero darted forward, throwing his scarf out quick enough to catch Dabi by the arm. The fire user grunted and used his other hand to blast fire out at the other. Aizawa had blinked, not using his quirk now as he dodged the fire, uppercutting the villain. Cursing quietly as he stumbled backwards from the force of the punch, Dabi yanked his captured arm back, pulling Aizawa forward.

Biting his lip in pain, the erasure hero stumbled, momentarily caught off guard. The villain easily pinned the hero to the hard ground, eyes narrowing in annoyance. Aizawa winced at the feeling of his left arm being pulled out of it's socket. Shit. That hurt. He messed up.

"That was a cool yet sloppy move. Too bad that you seem to be worned down. It would be fun fighting you at your best."

Dabi snarked, lighting his palm on fire, keeping it close to Aizawa's face. The hero fought back the urge to flinch, squinting eyes locked on the dangerous element that threatened to burn him. He tried activating his quirk but it was no use. The bright blue light was agitating his eyes, and the more he tried the worse his headache became. It was at this point that his eyes just wouldn't remain open anymore.

Painful heat licked at his left cheek, skin and some facial hair immediately burning. Aizawa flinched badly, lip bleeding as he held back a shout. The villain chuckled, letting his flames go out as he grabbed the erasure hero's jaw, gingerly touched the bubbling burn.

"Don't worry. You'll live. Handyman wanted to send out a message that he isn't playing around."
Dabi whispered, letting go of the hero's face before slamming it into the ground. Great, now he was bleeding from his nose and forehead.


'Wanted to send a message, huh?' Aizawa went limp, barely able to comprehend his situation except for the fact that he wasn't going to be killed. He wondered what 'Zashi was up to along with 'Toshi. The two were probably making dinner or worrying about him. He should've been home an hour ago, not injured and almost unconscious in a alleyway with a dangerous villain.

"I've got time to spend. I wonder what you have in your pockets, Aizawa Sensei."
The scarred villain muttered, finding the hero's phone.

"Don't call me that."
Aizawa slurred, coughing lightly, opening one eye. Dabi just grinned in response, staring down at the phone's screen.

"Whatever. You married Eraserhead? It seems like this, 'Love of my life' has called you about fourteen times. They seem to be worried about you, 'Shou-chan.' "
Dabi chuckled, looking ready to commit phone murder.

"Don't call me that either."

"Hah, you know, this is actually a good time to get some information. So tell me, who are they?"

"No chance in hell am I telling you."
Aizawa hissed, tensing up at the idea of even giving up his family and his personal information. Dabi simply grinned, placing the phone in his own pocket before replying.

"Too bad, I didn't want to do this the hard way."

The erasure hero once again bit his split lip, eyes closed tight as the villain yanked on his dislocated arm. He has had worse, but damn, did it still hurt like a bitch. This was however nothing compared to his injuries during the attack on U.S.J.

"I'll ask again, who are-"
Dabi suddenly stopped talking, no longer keeping the hero pinned to the ground. Aizawa instantly rolled away from the villain, quickly stumbling to his feet and opened his eyes. The fire user had his quirk activated, holding his blue flames as he stood to the left of Aizawa, having a staring contest with another person that blocked the entrance of the alleyway.

"What are you doing here?"
The villain asked the newcomer, voice dull yet backed up with the promise of bad intent. The person simply chuckled darkly, their appearance hidden in the shadows, barely visible. Aizawa couldn't tell if the person was a female or male. Perhaps neither.

"A test. Every test needs test subjects, adaptable variables. You two are them. Villain and Hero."
The person replied, pointing at the two, producing bright green strings from her fingertip. Both the hero and the villain were barely able to blink before they were tied up together. Vine quirk?

"What the hell?!"
Dabi snarled, tugging at his restraints while Aizawa tried to erase the person's quirk, getting no luck as a sole of a shoe slammed into his now broken nose. Black dots clumped together in his blurry vision, mind growing more fuzzy while his body felt heavy. The last thing he heard was the sound of the villain he was supposed to take down groan in pain, before sweet unconsciousness welcomed him with open arms.