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Behind the Legend

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This isn’t really a preface, just want to provide you with some info before you dive into the story and end up just staring at me like “Wut?”.

    This story is based off of the legend of Osiris. If you didn’t figure it out by the title, you will notice that this piece is very much based off of Egyptian mythology, so if you don’t know anything about that, it’s okay. I got you covered.

    Basically what happens is Ra (the original sun god) hears about a prophecy that if Geb and Nut have children then one of them will overthrow him. He gets mad and says that Nut can’t have children on any day of the year. Problem is, Nut was already pregnant, and they didn’t have abortion back then, so she had to figure out a way to get those babies out of her. So, just like any other responsible mother, she went to a nightclub and gambled. No, seriously! She was gambling with Khonsu, the moon god, to be able to add 5 more days to the year to have her children on. She won, had her babies, the end.

    Of course Ra was mad, but he couldn’t do anything about the babies now that they were born. They were actually kinda growing on him. Especially Set, who was his personal guardian as he made his journey across the sky everyday (he’s the sun god, remember?).

    One day, Isis decided that she wanted more power. She wanted to make her husband (who also happened to be her brother, don’t ask me how that happened) the king, so she had to overpower Ra somehow. This is what she did: She gathered some of Ra’s drool while he was sleeping, turned it into a venomous snake, and made it bite Ra. She then told Ra that the only cure was if he told her his secret name. She was lying. She could have easily cured the bite without that little ingredient, but no one knew that.

    So, when she got Ra’s secret name, which gave her complete power over him, she cured him and banished him away to somewhere in the duat (non-material world which included the underworld). This meant that the throne belonged to Osiris.

    Isis wasn’t so lucky, however, because Set had seen all of this. He was really angry because he’d been very close to Ra, and that had two results. One, he was just sad that his best friend and mentor had been tossed aside like he was trash. Two, he believed that as the person who was closest to Ra, he had the right to the throne. So he went ahead and threw a hissy fit at Osiris’ birthday party, which, of course, translates to: he tricked his brother into (literally) walking into his own grave, sent the coffin off to god-knows-where (that god being himself), and took over the throne by force, making Isis run away. Just a normal fight between a few divine siblings.

    The Legend of Osiris is basically the story of Horus being reincarnated as Isis’ son and avenging his father/brother’s death. Some weird stuff happens, but hey. That’s Egyptian mythology for you. Everyone’s a bit weird.

    What I did in this little piece of fanfiction (I refuse to take credit for that weird story) is I added a character into the mess because I felt like it. That is literally it. So please don’t think that I claim any ownership over this wonderful, wonderful myth. I don’t.

    The rest, my dear reader, is up to you to find out. If you like the story, great! If you don’t like it, don’t hate.

Tons of love,