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Hermione had vaguely heard of the new club, Indulge, when it first opened while she was starting her internship and Ron and Harry were starting their Auror training.  But she hadn’t realized what it was.  She thought it was a dance club like muggles ones.  She assumed they already existed in some fashion.  But the buzzing around the opening of this club was a big deal and she didn’t fully understand why.

She overheard some people around the Ministry talking about the exclusivity and wand oaths required to enter.  Apparently, people had to enter their names for invitations to come to the club, and they have to take a wand oath never to reveal the identities of others who come or what happens in the club.  People were only permitted to discuss the nature of the club, or activities with those present with them.

It did pique her curiosity.  Little didn’t pique her endless quest for knowledge.  But it also sounded rather scandalous and salacious.  She didn’t want word to get around that she was curious about a club like that.

Then she heard Verity and a friend of hers talking at Fred and George’s shop.

“What happens there?” the friend was asking eagerly.

“Well, sex, duh,” Verity replied.  “It’s a sex club.  But you know I can’t get into specifics.  Wand oath.”

“Just because people can’t talk about it doesn’t mean they don’t judge you outside the club,” the other girl suggested.

“Trust me, none of them have room to judge what anyone else does,” Verity said.  “It’s really a judgement free zone.  Everyone is there for the same reason.  And consent is required.  If anyone tries to use force, a jinx over the club casts a stinging hex on them.  That identifies them to security, and they’re thrown out and banned forever.”

“That’s nice to hear,” the woman murmured.  “How do you get invited?”

“You write to them expressing your interest,” Verity started.  “Tell your owl to take the letter to Indulge and it’ll find the right place.  Then they send you a personality test to fill out and return.  They go over it, or do whatever they do to make their decision, and either tell you that you’ve been admitted, are still being reviewed, or have been denied.  I have no idea who doesn’t get admitted or for what reason.  You wouldn’t believe the kind of characters allowed in.  But everyone plays nice… unless you don’t want them to.”

That conversation played on Hermione’s mind for over a week afterwards.

Indulge was a sex club?

She had no idea those kinds of things really existed.  But if they existed in the muggle world, there was a chance it existed in the wizarding world.  Of course, she would not want admittance to such a place.  Of course not.

But just the thought of the club’s existence teased her for nights on end.  She and Ron hadn’t become quite the power couple the world expected after the war.  They had made it work for little over a year before they just imploded.  Hermione focused on building her career and Ron had explored his life as a single bachelor.  She had dated a few coworkers or fellow booklovers here and there, but nothing serious.  And nothing for the last ten months.

That was a long time to go without anyone’s touch but her own.

She had cracked three months ago and snuck into muggle London to buy a vibrating dildo.  She thought that was a magical cure for her pent-up frustrations when she started using it.  But eventually, even that didn’t really satisfy the need for another warm body.

But was she desperate enough to go to a sex club?  What if she saw someone she knew?  She knew they all took a wand oath and couldn’t reveal to the world that they were there, but they could judge her silently.  She did hear Verity say that it wasn’t like that.  And it was nice to hear about the jinx that prevented assaults from happening.

Hermione flip flopped over the next few weeks.  She figured she deserved it.  It was a lot of effort and time to go out and try to find someone to satisfy her or to date.  And even then, she was never sure if they were interested in her or if they wanted the notoriety of having been with the Hermione Granger.  She needed the relief and it seemed like the perfect, most convenient, place to get it.

On the other hand, could she get over the embarrassment of having resort to such measures in the first place.  What would people think seeing her walk in?  Hermione Granger couldn’t get a man on her own, so she went to a sex club.

She remembered what Verity said.  No one judged.  Because they were all there for the same thing.

These thoughts interrupted her arousing ones as she thrust her vibrator into her pussy, spread eagle on her bed.  With a huff, she tossed the toy aside.  It just wasn’t doing it for her tonight.  Before she could think better of it, she was turning her lamp back on and pulling out a roll of parchment.  She quickly wrote out her note and attached it to her pet owl she’d gotten a year ago – Antigonus.

She whispered, “Take this to Indulge.”

Antigonus chirped and flew off.  She immediately regretted it.  It was late.  There probably wouldn’t be anyone there.  Her poor owl would be waiting on a stoop all night.

She burrowed herself in her couch, covered in blankets.  And waited.

She fell asleep deep into the night and was awakened by Antigonus lighting nipping at her fingers.  She woke up – thankful it was Saturday – and gave Antigonus a treat before taking the thick envelope from his feet.

Thank you, Ms. Granger, for your interest in Indulge.  Below is a personality and sexuality form for you to fill out.  Your answers are one hundred percent anonymous and private.  Be as honest as possible as it is important in our decision whether or not to allow your admittance into Indulge.  Our number one priority is safety and privacy for our patrons.

Hermione let out a little breath as she took in the few pages of questions.  Some of them had to do with sexual health, history, likes and dislikes.  Others were questions about why she was interested in Indulge and what she was looking for.  She only filled out a fraction of them before she got cold feet and hid the papers in her desk.

She did everything to distract herself from the papers while she lazed around the house.  She tried reading, cleaning, even doing some work she’d brought back from her office.  But her eyes just kept traveling to her desk drawer where the papers were.

Eventually, she couldn’t ignore them anymore.  She went to her desk and picked the papers out of the desk.  Before she could doubt herself again, she quickly finished filling it all out with a furious blush on her face.  She then folded it up and handed it to Antigonus with the instructions to bring it to Indulge.

She was a nervous wreck as she awaited Antigonus’ return.

When he did, he returned with a small envelope in hand.  All it said was;

Welcome, Ms. Granger, to Indulge.

With the address and hours on it.

But could she really accept this invitation?

Three nights passed with her making no plans to go to the club.  Three nights trying to be satisfied with her sex toy between her legs.  Three nights pondering the invitation laying out on her coffee table.  She was smart enough to know that she shouldn’t have left it there.  When Ginny came over for tea, she saw the invitation laying out.

“You got an invitation to Indulge?” Ginny asked, gob smacked.

Hermione blushed furiously and ripped the paper out of her hands, tossing it into the bin.

“Hermione, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” Ginny told her friend.  “You wouldn’t believe the amount of familiar faces there.”

Hermione gaped, “Wait – how do you know that?”

“Oh, Harry and I have been patrons for the last two years,” Ginny smirked, unabashed.

Hermione’s jaw dropped, “You have?  Why didn’t you ever say something!?”

“We don’t talk about it to people who haven’t been there,” Ginny said.  “Or admitted.  Privacy is key.  But, surely you realize why the club became so popular and necessary in the first place.”

By Hermione’s quizzical expression, she hadn’t considered a purpose beyond sex and gratification.

Ginny rolled her eyes, “The war was Hell for everyone, Hermione.  People need a release.  They need a community without judgement where they can work through issues and explore themselves.  There are no houses or pureblood versus muggleborns.  Nobody cares about things like that.  And… it’s really fun.”

“How often do you and Harry go there?” Hermione couldn’t help but wonder.

Ginny shrugged, “Whenever we feel like it.  We don’t always go together.”

“So, you and Harry… sleep with other people?” Hermione frowned.

“Only in Indulge,” Ginny said.  “Everything goes there.  We made that deal with each other when we talked about getting invitations.”

“I guess I never thought of the idea that I would see someone I knew well, if I went,” Hermione murmured.  “I’ve had the invitation for a few days now and I haven’t plucked up the nerve.”

“What made you write to them in the first place?” Ginny asked curiously.

Hermione blushed, “Well, it’s… been a while…”

“Why haven’t you gone yet if you’ve had the invitation for three days?” she asked next, softly.

“I don’t even know why I even wrote,” Hermione lamented.  “I was just getting really frustrated and acted on impulse.”

“Hermione, you’re interested in the club for a reason,” Ginny said.  “There’s no shame in following through.”

Hermione still wasn’t completely confident.

“If you want, I’ll go with you on your first night,” Ginny offered.  “Not like that, but just so you don’t walk in alone.”

Hermione blushed at the mere thought of doing anything with a woman, let alone Ginny.  But she did think she’d feel better not walking into a club like that on her own.  So, she nodded lightly, “All right… when?”

“I was planning to go tomorrow night,” Ginny offered.

Hermione sighed nervously.  “Okay.  Tomorrow night.”



Ginny warned Hermione not to wear pants to Indulge.  It would only provide an obstacle.  It wasn’t a place you necessarily had to dress up.  Clothing was temporary.

So, Hermione fished on a casual skirt and tank top blouse.  Ginny also told her under garments were futile within Indulge.  Hermione blushed as she felt a slight draft on her skin under the skirt.  She felt more exposed than she’d ever felt naked.  But she supposed that it was appropriate for the what Indulge entailed.

Ginny said she would meet her at her flat and take her there directly.  She would walk her through the process of the wand oath, and they would get a drink and ease her into the process.

“The best thing is that there’s not awkward hitting on people or flirting,” Ginny said.  “I mean there’s flirting, but there’s no guessing if people are there for sex.  You ask, or you just act.  You don’t walk up to a random person and hope they want sex too.  Are you ready?”

Hermione let out a weary sigh.  She nodded slowly.  “Ready as I’ll ever be.  I don’t know why but I feel more nervous about this then I felt being on the run.”

“Jitters are normal, Mione,” Ginny told her friend.  “We’ll get a strong drink once inside and ease you in.”

Hermione nodded more certainly and Ginny side-along apparated them to a small back alley.  She saw a small black door against the brick building, slightly jutting out.  It looked plain and unassuming for a moment but then when she did a double take, she saw glowing letters spelling out Indulge.

“Only those admitted can see the door and the sign,” Ginny whispered.  She helpfully took Hermione’s hand and walked her up to the door, opening it with little issue.  Hermione saw nothing but darkness for a moment, but Ginny walked her inside.  The door closed behind them and then a soft feminine voice said, “Hello, Ms. Granger.  Such a pleasure to welcome you to Indulge.  Hello again, Ms. Weasley.”

“Hello,” Ginny said, unbothered by the disembodied voice.

“We just have to perform a wand oath before you enter, Ms. Granger,” the voice said warmly.  Hermione felt completely at ease, like her nervousness was melting away at this friendly woman.  “Please take out your wand and hold it out.”

Wordlessly, Hermione removed her wand from the compartment in her skirt and held it out in front of her.

“You don’t need to say anything but ‘I agree’ once I read the conditions of the wand oath,” she explained.  “Ready?”

Hermione let out a breath and nodded, “Ready.”

“Do you, Hermione Jean Granger, agree to never speak a word of the events that transpire within the confines of Indulge, or the identities of person or persons involved or admitted outside of those present when they occurred?”

“I agree,” Hermione said.  The details on her wand glowed golden before the light faded and she was permitted to put her wand away.

“Welcome, Ms. Granger and Ms. Weasley, to Indulge,” she said before another door opened up and loud booming music overwhelmed them.

Ginny smiled widely and took Hermione’s hand, leading her into the club.  There were low lights, music, couches everywhere.  There was a dance floor and Hermione thought she could see chains hanging from the wall.  She also saw shelves of sex toys and other equipment.  There was a full bar at the back, flanked by two hallways.

“There are private rooms as well as bathrooms down the hallways,” Ginny explained, gesturing to them.  “Soundproof inside and out if you want to get away from the music.”

Hermione was blushing feverishly as she saw what people were doing around the club.  She saw a mosh pit of people grinding together on the dancefloor to the music.  There were a few people laughing and brushing against each other at the bar while they got drinks from a happy looking elf.  Her cheeks inflamed even more when she saw the more risqué actions people were taking part of around the club.

She saw people making out violently against walls.  She saw a man bending a woman over a leather bench and spanking her already reddened ass.  She was more scandalized at the amount of familiar faces she saw.

She saw Lee Jordan fucking Alicia Spinnet against the wall.  She saw Cho Chang fingering her roommate Marietta.  She even saw Pansy Parkinson and Tracey Davis kissing each other around Draco Malfoy’s cock.

Moans, groans, and slaps filled in the slight silences between songs.  The worst part was that Hermione felt herself getting aroused at the sounds and sights.

“Let’s get a drink,” she heard Ginny say, tugging her to the bar at the back.  They hopped onto stools and Ginny brightly greeted the little elf.  “Hello, Twinkly!”

The elf was dressed in a pretty sparkly dress and glitter eyeshadow.  She was excited to greet Ginny, “Hello Misses Weasley!  What can Twinkly get you!?”

“We’ll have two French 75’s and two shots of vodka,” Ginny ordered lightly.  “It is my friend’s first night here.  Meet Hermione Granger, Twinkly.”

Twinkly smiled widely at Hermione.  “Lovely to be meeting your acquaintance Misses Granger!”

“It’s lovely to meet you as well, Twinkly,” Hermione smiled.

Twinkly grinned and snapped her fingers.  Two flutes filled with yellow drinks and two shots of clear vodka appeared in front of them.  Someone down the bar called for Twinkly and the elf disapparated away.

“Okay, shot first,” Ginny said, holding hers out.  “Cheers to you, Hermione, for being brave and bold and hot as all bloody Hell.”

Hermione blushed as she clinked her shot glass against Ginny’s and downed the liquid without letting it sit on her tongue.  Ginny had taught her that long ago.  It still hit her on the way down her throat.  She coughed lightly as she set her shot glass down where it promptly disappeared.  She then quickly started sipping the yummy cocktail to wash it down smoothly.

“Shake off the nerves, Mione,” Ginny said.

“People are looking!” she hissed, seeing the stares of people around the club.

“Because you’re sexy and they want to shag you,” Ginny told her.  She then locked eyes on Michael Corner down the bar who was eyeing her.  “And they’re not all looking at you.”

Hermione nodded absently as she sipped her drink.  She watched wide-eyed as Ginny downed the rest of hers.

“Would you think me a terrible friend if I left you to your own devices?” her friend asked.

Hermione continued sipping her drink before finally nodding.  “Honestly, it’ll probably be better for me if you’re not watching to make sure I do something.”

“Just don’t overthink it, sweetie,” Ginny told her friend, putting her glass away and kissing Hermione on the cheek.  Hermione watched with pink cheeks as her friend marched up to Corner and they immediately started snogging.

Hermione finished sipping her drink and felt a light buzz wash over her body.  She idly wondered if she should call Twinkly and order another drink when she felt a strong chest press against her shoulder blades.  And a deep, familiar voice said behind her, “Fancy seeing you here, Hermione.”

Hermione flushed and turned around to see Neville Longbottom standing behind her.  She gulped.  “Um, hello, Neville.”

“First night, huh?” he asked, taking in her pink cheeks.  “I was a mess when I started coming here too.”

“How long have you been coming here?” she asked.

“About a year,” he said.  He smiled at her, “Can I get you another drink?”

Hermione nodded, butterflies in her stomach, “Something strong, please.”

He gave her a wink and called for Twinkly.

“Hello Mr. Longbottom!” Twinkly smiled, looking a little shy now.  “What can Twinkly get you?”

“Two Long Island Ice Teas,” he ordered.  “Thank you, Twinkly.”

The little elf blushed and snapped her fingers, summoning two glasses for them before going to serve other customers.  She and Neville clinked their glasses together before sipping their drinks.  Neville was being really sweet to her.  He chatted with her amicably with her about their work and general news in the Wizarding World.  It took the nerves away from the nature of their surroundings as they drank their cocktails and a heavier buzz washed over them.

“Can I kiss you, Hermione?”

Feeling light and fuzzy all over, Hermione nodded, and Neville’s soft lips were pressed to hers.  It wasn’t innocent or chaste.  It was salacious and passionate.  His tongue was in her mouth, battling with hers.  His hand cupped her face and his other hand explored her thighs, dipping under her skirt.  Goosebumps followed his touch and she could feel her blood heating up and her pussy starting to thrum and get damp as his fingers neared it.

She was distracted until she felt his fingertips brush against her slit and her nerves kicked it.  She ripped her lips away from Neville and gripped his hand so it couldn’t move further against her.

“Sorry,” Neville muttered.  “Want me to go away?”

“No,” Hermione huffed, annoyed at herself.  “I want… I mean, I guess I never thought about how other people would be around and see what I do here.”

Neville gave her a gentle smile, “Want to get a private room, then?”

Could she do it?  This was what she was here for.  She didn’t think she would meet a good friend here and do it with them.  But Neville had gotten handsome as they grew up.  He was tall, broad shouldered, grew into his teeth as she had and looked sexy in his black jeans and tight shirt.

“Lead the way,” she whispered before she could change her mind.

Neville gave her a devilish grin and took her hand, bringing her down from the stool and leading her down a hallway.  There were many doors for rooms with signs on them that said occupied.  She followed Neville until they came across a door that said vacant and he led her inside.

The room was magnificent.  It had a large four poster bed, shelves with the same kind of toys and equipment that were outside.  There was a couch at one end and some kind of leather bench she had also seen outside at the other end of the room.

She also noticed that she could hear nothing of the club outside that room once Neville closed the door after them and locked it.  She stood at the foot of the bed, playing with the hem of her blouse as she felt Neville approached her confidently.  He brushed her hair off of her shoulder and started pressing kisses into her neck and behind her ear.  She stood stock still and let him get going until she started melting into his arms.

He sucked on the skin between her neck and shoulder so deeply, nibbling with his teeth, that she knew there’d be a mark there later.  But she couldn’t find it in herself to care while his hands started sliding under her skirt and squeezing her ass cheeks.  One hand trailed up to her breasts, folding over them over her blouse while the other hand traveled around her waist and ducked under her skirt to slide his fingers along her wet slit.

“Oh,” she gasped as his finger probed her hole.

“I’d like to take your clothes off,” he whispered into her ear.

She nodded, a quick fluttering motion.  And then his hands pushed her skirt down to the floor in a pile.  The room felt perfectly warm as Neville started pushing her blouse up.  She lifted her arms to help him as he pulled it over her head and set it on the ground next to her skirt.  At some point he must have stripped off his own shirt because she felt his bare chest press against her back as he pulled her against him by her hips.  She could also feel a prominent hard bulge pressing into her ass.

“What do you want?” he asked lowly, pressing his lips against the lobe of her ear.

She just wanted sex.  She was never that adventurous.  Just coming to this club had been the kinkiest thing she’d ever done.  “I’m… I’m not sure.”

“That’s okay, he mused, kissing her cheek.  “Why don’t you let me look at you?”

Hermione didn’t say anything as he turned her around to face him.  His eyes trailed over her nude body.  And hers fell on his strongly built chest.  When did Neville Longbottom get so fit?

“Do you want to see me?” he quizzed, toying with the top of his trousers.

She licked her dry lips and nodded eagerly.

He smoothly pushed his trousers down to the floor and kicked them off his feet along with his shoes.  She followed suit, kicking off her flats.  Her eyes widened when she saw his hard cock hanging between his legs.  If she’d known he was hiding that snake in his trousers she probably wouldn’t have minded him fucking her on the barstool.

“Touch me,” she requested softly, dragging her eyes up to his lust-filled face.

“Gladly,” Neville muttered, moving in to kiss her more passionately than he had by the bar.  One hand gripped her hair at the nape of her neck and the other trailed down to twist and pinch her nipples.

She mewled into his mouth, trying to press herself against him.  Get closer to him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him to her as he snuck his tongue into her mouth again.  She felt him leading her back to the bed and then they bounced onto it, more entwined than ever.

He pulled her knees apart and flanked them around his hips, fitting in between her legs.  His chest pressed onto hers as he snogged her.  She gasped for air when he finally pulled his lips away from hers and started kissing down her chest.  He twirled his tongue around her right nipple and closed his lips around it, sucking on the little nub while his fingers plucked at the other one.

Hermione let out little gasps and moans as her nipples tightened under his ministrations.  He switched his mouth and hand and gave them equal attention before kissing down her stomach.  He propped his shoulders under her thighs and dug his face into her pussy without preamble.  He licked up her folds, his textured tongue stimulating her warm center.

“Oh, Neville,” she gasped as he started sucking on her clit.  When did he get good at sexual things?

A bubble of warmth and pleasure started forming in her core.  The good thing about how long Neville’s arms were, was that he could reached up to her breasts and tease her nipples while his mouth teased his pussy.  He flicked his tongue up and down her throbbing clit with the tip rapidly while one of his hands abandoned her breast to push into her hole steadily.  She clenched over him as she was filled with his warm digits.  It had been too long since she was with someone.

His fingers crooked inside of her and hit against her g-spot over and over again as he closed his lips around her clit.  She reached down to thread her fingers through his dark hair and grip him closer to her pussy.  That little bubble of pleasure in her core was getting more and more inflated.

“Oh, Neville, keep going,” she begged.

He said nothing but feasted on her pussy hungrily.  His fingers pumped inside her rapidly, building up that balloon in her core until it popped.

Hermione let out a surprised wail as her orgasm struck her like lightning out of nowhere.  Her thighs tried to clamp around his head as her pussy clutched around his fingers, but his strong arms held them apart.  She jerked her hips against his face until he pulled away.  He pressed gentle kisses up her body as she twitched with aftershocks.  She shuddered when she felt the bulbous head of cock slipping against her entrance.

“Do I need a rubber?” he whispered hotly against her throat as his tip bumped against her engorged clit.

She rapidly shook her head, “No, just fuck me.  Please!”

“Gladly,” he said, reaching down to aim his cock for her and then sliding into her.

Hermione’s eyes widened as she felt his large cock fill her to the brim.  She let out a sharp gasp at the suddenness of the move.

“Ugh, so bloody tight,” she heard Neville hiss into her ear.  He pulled her thighs wider and folded her legs around his waist, pressing down onto her as he began pulling out and thrusting back into her.

Hermione had never felt so satisfyingly suffocated before.  Every part of his body was pressed against every part of hers.  She could feel light bruises forming until his vice like grip of his fingers digging into her thighs as he pounded into her.  But she’d rather cast glamour charms over the marks left behind that go without the pleasure of this cock pistoning into her cunt with a series of squelches and smacks.

“Do you like that, love?” his breathless voice invaded her ears as his forehead rested on her clavicle.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she whispered like a mantra.  “Don’t stop.  Keep fucking me, Neville.”

“I couldn’t stop if I wanted to,” he breathed.

Hermione was so pleased that she’d gone ahead and come to Indulge.  She needed this. 

She keened when his cock hit that magic spot inside her, feeling herself gushing fluids over his shaft and their thighs.  She trailed her lithe fingers over the muscles of his back.  She hooked her ankles behind his lower back spread her knees wider as he pummeled into her, giving him more room.  His thrusts were getting so hard and powerful that her body roughly slid along the silky sheets laid across the large, expansive bed.

“Ugh, so bloody fantastic, Neville,” she mewled as she titled her hips up into him.

Neville pushed off of her with his arms holding him up.  One hand gripped her hip to keep her pressed into the mattress as he pounded her pussy.  The other reached between them and his thumb started pressing into her sensitive clit.

“Oh!” Hermione gasped sharply as the pleasure hit her from multiple spots now.

“So fucking sweet,” Neville grunted as he thrusted into her.  He rubbed his thumb over her clit in tight circles as he smacked his hips against her thighs.  “Wish I’d known at school.”

Hermione breathlessly giggled through her moans.  She had been thinking along the same lines.

That bubble of pleasure in her core was inflating against her belly as he hammered his cock into her cunt with devilish accuracy and speed.  She could feel her orgasm creeping up on her, building up her spine with a heated flush.

“Neville!” she gasped.  “I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too, Mione,” he grunted down at her, pressing his sweaty forehead against hers as his hips stammered into her.  “Inside, okay?”

“Yes!  Please!” she gasped as she felt herself start to tighten around him.  “Oh, I’m cumming!” she cried as her pleasure broke like a fever, her pussy clamping around his hard cock as she tossed her head back and moaned loudly.

“Ugh, fuck,” Neville groaned deeply as his hips stammered and he slammed into her one last time to empty his cum into her cunt.

Hermione whimpered as his warm seed filled her, painting her inner walls.

As the edge wore off, Neville panted into her neck for a moment before rolling off of her.  Hermione was actually disappointed when his cock slipped out of her.  Her limbs felt like jelly, her thighs practically vibrating in the aftershocks of her powerful orgasm.

“Bloody amazing, you are,” she heard Neville pant.

“I was going to say the same thing,” she giggled.

After a brief silence as they gathered their breath, Neville turned his head to look at her and asked with a sheepish grin, “Did you enjoy your first night at Indulge?”

She shyly met his eyes and nodded, “More than I expected.  Thank you.”

“Anytime,” he promised, giving her a parting kiss as he pulled himself out of bed and fished his clothes on.

She followed suit, not bothering to tidy herself up too much.  There was no point in a place like this.  She wondered if Ginny was done with Corner.  Neville gave her a gentle smile and another kiss as they walked out.  He left her at the bar with a wink and she saw him exiting the club.  She also saw Ginny brushing her skirt down and vanishing some white cum from her asshole as she gave Corner a parting kiss and found her at the bar.

“Did you find someone to enjoy yourself with?” the redhead asked her friend, brushing her damp hair behind her ears.

“I did,” Hermione said quietly.  “Are you ready to leave?”

“For tonight,” she answered, taking Hermione’s hand and leading her to the exit.  Once outside, she side-along apparated them into Hermione’s apartment.

“Why don’t you sleep on the couch tonight?” Hermione offered.  “It’s late.”

“Perrrfect,” Ginny purred.

Once showered, Hermione slipped into her bed and sighed.  She would definitely be going to Indulge again.