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I’m a Sucker for You

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The day the Avengers first saw Spider-Man out of costume there had been a particularly hard battle against a guy dead set on taking over New York. The Avengers decided to have a small celebration afterwards just for them and invited Spider-Man over, who immediately accepted.


Spider-Man’s suit had gotten torn badly during the battle and was pretty gross. It was covered with sweat and blood.


“If it’s not too much trouble could I maybe take a shower first?” He had asked.


“Of course you can, you can use mine,” Wanda offered.


“Thank you so much, Miss Maximoff. Now I just need to track down some clothes.”


“You can borrow some of mine, we’re about the same size. I’ll help you find something after you shower.”


“You’re the best.”


Wanda led him into her room. “Hey, Spidey, why do you keep your mask on around us? The building is the most secure in New York and none of us even have people we could tell your identity to if we wanted to.”


Spider-Man seemed to think this over for a minute. “I guess you’re right. It’s kinda dirty anyway and I don’t feel like washing my hair just to get it dirty again.”


“Alright. Everything you need should be in there. Go shower, you smell.”


“Fine, fine.” Spider-Man disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes. He returned costumeless with a towel wrapped around his waist.


Wanda looked up at him and amusement immediately glinted in her eyes. “Holy shit, you’re a twink.”


“Excuse me?”


“You’re a total twink. F.R.I.D.A.Y. call Natasha in here, she won’t believe this.”


“Thanks, I guess? Is that a compliment?”


“It is around here. C’mon let’s get you some clothes.” They decided on a white shirt and a pair of shorts.


Natasha came in shortly after he’d changed. “Is that-“ She started.


“Spider-Man,” Wanda finished.


“You can call me Peter.”


“You’re a total twink,” Natasha said.


“I know right!” Wanda agreed.


“The boys are gonna lose their damn minds.”


“Wait, what does that mean?” Peter asked.


“Don’t worry about it. Let’s get to the party,” Wanda said, mischief crossing her features.


They led him back into the party. Nobody noticed them for a while, Tony seeing them first and crossing over to him.


“And who might this be?” He asked, charming as ever. This caught the attention of the rest of the team, who turned to look. Most of them obviously eyeing Peter up and down.


“Boys, this is Spider-Man,” Natasha told them. Obvious shock crossed some of their features.


“Peter Parker,” he said sticking his hand out to shake Tony’s. “It’s nice to meet you. Well, out of costume that is.” Spider-Man frequently fought with the Avengers and often sat in on meetings. They knew him well but they didn’t know Peter.


Peter turned back to talk to the girls. “Holy shit,” Tony mouthed to the people on the couch once Peter’s back was turned.


“I know right,” Clint mouthed back. They were sure gonna have a fun time with this.


The rest of the night was spent with various boys tripping over themselves to get his attention. One notable action was Thor literally pulling Peter into his lap during the movie. Peter blushed but cuddled into him nevertheless.


All good things must come to an end though and around two a.m. Peter went to get the remnants of his suit.


“I really better get going, it’s getting awful late.”


“Let me fix up that suit for you. I’ll do some repairs and upgrades,” Stark offered.


“Really? You would do that?”


“Of course. Stop by on Thursday to pick it up.”


“Thank you. And thank you everyone for letting me come tonight, I had a great time.”


“Thank you for coming, Peter. We enjoyed having you here,” Steve said. Peter smiled brightly and left.


The second the elevator doors closed Clint shouted, “Dibs!”


“You can’t call dibs on people, dumbass.” Natasha said, hitting him on the shoulder.


“Oh really? Cause I think I just did.”


“You can’t do that!” Scott yelled.


“Yeah, that’s totally unfair,” Sam added.


“He’s so innocent and sweet. None of you will hurt him,” Natasha threatened.