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Worrisome Love

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Shoto wakes up at 5:20 this morning. He stays in bed, staring at the walls as he hears the soft giggles and laughter of Izuku and Ochako in the next room. They seem to be more active nowadays, maybe Ochako’s heat cycle was coming close. He yawns, rubbing his eyes as he rises from the bed. Today was his free day. No work, no calls to the station unless there was a real emergency, no nothing.


Shoto falls back into bed, only to groan in annoyance when the stuttering moan of Ochako breaks the silence of his room. Damn it, he knew the walls were too thin. Or maybe they’re just too loud.


Eijirou, Izuku, and Shoto has agreed to make calls on the same day to make the same schedules. They could have planned family time any hour they pleased on those specific days.


Shoto rises up with another yawn, slipping on his white tank top so he could leave his room in appropriate attire. His feet drags against the wooden floor, the sound of the slippers creating an annoying melody in his head.


As he passes Eijirou’s door, he hears the faint sound of moaning coming from there too. What the hell, Shoto thinks as he aggressively stalks into the nearest bathroom, shutting the door and scraping a hand over his face. “God, it’s too early for this.” Have they even slept? He thinks with an aggravated sigh.


Shoto picks up his blue toothbrush, applying toothpaste and brushing his teeth. Why didn’t he just move out like he planned. He


Shoto takes off all his clothes, turning the shower onto a lukewarm water setting.


He feels lonely.


Sure, he lived with his two closest friends and two of their beautiful female hybrids. But was it enough? There was no doubt that Mina enjoyed Eijirou the most, same goes for Ochako, she enjoyed Izuku the most.


Even though they all pitched in to adopt both hybrids, the four of them had a much more intimate relationship. A boyfriend-girlfriend type thing that was strongly going on.


That’s what he wanted too. Shoto needed someone who would always dwell in his presence.


Someone he could love in the morning and lust over at night, and take care of for the rest of their lives. There wasn’t too many rare hybrids in the world. The most known being cats, dogs, and wolves.


A wolf would be far too violent. Cats and dogs were way too boring. He sighs as he scrubs his body clean of the morning stench that he had gained over the night. Shampooing his hair with that luscious strawberry shampoo that the two hybrids seemed to love on him. It took about five minutes before he was satisfied.


He finally finishes after washing once more. Shoto leaves the bathroom with a towel around his waist and the clothes in a laundry hamper.


“Hey, bro!” Eijirou’s voice makes him pause, his eyes fell towards the source of sound.


The redhead was standing beside the mouse hybrid. Her dark pupils staring at Shoto with an unwavering look of curiosity. Just the feeling of her eyes wondering his chest made Shoto’s cheeks warm up as he recalls the explicit sounds that had came from their shared room in the early start of the current hour. He coughs into his hand, looking off to the right as she offers him a sly grin.


“Good morning, Eijirou, Mina,” He greets them as he shifts under their staring eyes. “Are you going to shower? I suggest you wait for a bit, I recently just got out.” He tells them as he gestures to the bathroom that pours out steam from its confides.


“Yeah, we see that.” Eijirou grins and raises his eyebrows, beginning to reach out to touch on Shoto’s glistening biceps. His rough hands squeeze the muscles, watching them flex under every grip he initiated.


“Looking good, bro, almost bigger than mine.” He presses a kiss to Shoto’s cheek, moving off to the side so Mina could press a kiss to Shoto’s lips.  Eijirou’s hands pats his tower covered ass causing the red-white haired male to sigh playfully.


“Morning, Shoto-kun!” She exclaims as she presses her thin lips to his. The kiss lasts for a few seconds before she pulls away, finally following Eijirou into the bathroom.


Shoto listens to the door shut before heading back to his room. He was nearly dry so he just pats his body completely dry.


He lotions himself before placing on his boxers and a white shirt. He puts on black basketball shorts before slipping his feet into some comfortable slippers. Shoto sticks out his arms, stretching the limbs as he twists and pops his bone so he could move much more freely. Last night’s sleep was rough after coming home at eleven pm from the station. The fire from last night was so great that it burned through two houses. The news cast had shown up stopping firefighters from professing into further work. If Shoto didn’t have a good enough patience, he would of definitely snapped like he planned to.


When returning home last night, he expected to be surrounded by family but everyone had gone to bed resulting in himself going to bed as well. So this morning’s mood wasn’t too great nor was his body.


Shoto disperses from his bedroom, shutting the door before going to the elevator to go to the 2nd floor of the house.


Yes, the house was rather large. More of a modern mansion than just a regular house. It consisted of four stories. The first is where the living room, kitchen, dining room, and two bathrooms; the basic layout rooms of a house, the second floor was where the hybrid’s toys and heat supplies were, specially made for them. The third floor was their bedrooms. There was a total of six bedrooms but three remained since the hybrids slept with Eijirou and Izuku. Then the top floor which was more of a gym for them, it included a balcony there; the hybrids often played on it while they worked out.


An elevator was essential seeing as to how many staircases you would have to climb if you needed to get something. They owned this home, it costed millions but since they had great jobs, it was easy to obtain.


Shoto clicks the one button, the soft music flowing through the moving box as it took just a few seconds to reach the bottom floor. Already Izuku and Ochako was downstairs, plates of food decorating the table.


“Good morning, Sho-kun,” Izuku chirps as he steps forward to press a kiss to Shoto’s head. The gesture was sweet as it had brought a small smile to both of their lips.


“Good morning, Shoto-kun,” Ochako peels up at him through her growing bangs.


“Should I schedule you to a hair salon? Your bangs have grown.” Asks Shoto as he reaches a hand to push her bangs from her eyes. Ochako nods excitedly, pressing a kiss to his nose.


“Yeah, that and a manicure. When I shift, my claws are sharper than before.”


“Noted,” He responds as he takes a seat at the table.


Eijirou and Mina emerge from upstairs, both dressed for the day in fall clothing. Mina wearing the latest fashion trend items and Eijirou in warm colored clothes.


“I’m starving, what’s for breakfast?” Eijirou asks as he plops down in his seat. Shoto sits at the head of the table, picking up a piece of toast just as everyone begins to dig in.


Breakfast is loud as per usual, the only difference is the looks Mina and Ochako has been giving him.


“I’m leaving,” Izuku says as he dumps their plates and cups into the sink. “Shoto, may you please take care of the dishes? Mina and Ochako says they’re tired still and Eijirou is going with me.”


“Where are you both going?”


“The fridge is nearly empty and I don’t want us to starve in this house, we’re shopping for some more house items and food.”


Shoto hums as he glances at their two refrigerators and large deep freezers.


“Alright, don’t buy anything for me, I have to go shopping anyway.”


Izuku frowns for just a second, “No, I’ll still buy you some food,” He tells him in a matter of fact tone and that’s that, his mind is made up. Shoto doesn’t argue, just nods with a smile and shoots him away.


“Go now then, let me wash in peace.” He says. Izuku kisses his ear before waving.


“Eiji-kun, let’s go!”


Shoto waits for the door to close. The house falls silent and he begins to wash the dishes, separating the plates from the bowls and the silverware from the cups. He hums to himself, tapping a foot to the tune in his head.


“Shoto, can you help us, please?” He sees Mina standing in the doorway of the kitchen. “With what,” He questions, drying his hands off.


“With you. We noticed you’ve been so tense. And we’re sorry that we haven’t been with you.” Mina starts off as she casually strides up next to him. Shoto rolls his eyes, “I would rather not.”


Mina and Ochako were stubborn and up to no good when around him.


“Is your heat approaching?” He asks as he turns on the water again, picking up the dish sponge to resume his dishwashing.


“Oh, Shoto-kun! I’m a mouse, I don’t have a heat. You’ve mistaken me for Ochako.” She giggles all too bubbly and wraps her arms around his torso. “Come on, just go with it.”


Mina stands to her toes and presses glossy kisses on the side of his neck, reaching between his firm thighs to palm at the growing bulge that rested in his shorts.


Shoto stutters out a small breath, turning off the water once again so he could turn to her. Their lips connect in a heated kiss as he dominates the kiss, leaving her to rubbing over his biceps and abdomen.


Mina chuckles at how red his cheeks are, pulling the male slowly from the sink to come reside in the living room. “On the couch,” She tells him.


Shoto complies, biting his lip. Was he really going to do this?


“Ochako, come here.” Mina yells out, eagerly unbuttoning her shirt and throwing it off to the side. Her pale hands pull off her high waisted jeans and off comes the rest of her clothes. Just left in her panties, Mina runs her hands through her softly dyed pink hair.


Ochako comes in, her clothes already off as well.


It seems like they were serious.


So yeah, Shoto was really going to do this. Both girls take a seat by each of his thighs, kissing and licking on the underside of his neck.


“Does— Fuck.” He huffs as Mina reaches into his black shorts, rubbing a thumb over the tip, pulling her own bra up to expose her large boobs.


“Yea, we asked them for this. Don’t worry, you’re safe.” Ochako mumbles, almost shyly as she assists Mina in pulling off his clothes.


“Shit,” Shoto moans as Mina bends over just enough to let him push the tip of his dick into her wet mouth. His hips buck just a little, hissing as Ochako stands to her feet.


She raises one leg to hook over his shoulder, her fingers wet from playing with her clit. “Wanna do it yourself?” She grins, pushing two fingers into her wetness, the soft noises of them being closed on filling the room with lewd noises.


Shoto nods, using his own two fingers to finger fuck her. He holds her still with his free hand, pumping three into her pussy now, his hips still bucking at Mina attempts to take all of his into her throat.


“Ah, faster, please!” Ochako’s moans out, bouncing as she now held his wrist and fucked herself on his fingers.


Shoto softly lets her go, pushing her off to the side as Mina climbs on. “You ready for this pussy, Shoto-kun. God, it’s been so long since I fucked you. How long, huh? Months?” She eases herself on, only to bounce in a fast pace.


“Ah, ah!” She rolls her hips, using his shoulders as a balance as she fucks herself onto his dick.


Shoto brings her into a heated kiss, sucking on the wet muscle in her mouth before switching their positions. He pushes her flat on her stomach, grabbing her hair before pounding roughly into her.


“You like this, don’t you. Waiting until they leave so I could fuck you, fucking slut.” Shoto delivers a slap to her ass.


“Yes, yes! Am a slut, slut for your dick!” She moans, throwing her ass back to meet every thrust he gave her. His thighs harshly slap against her thighs as he grunts, eventually moving his hands to her hips. He begins to thrust in long strokes, bending over her back so he could fuck her deeper.


“That’s right, take it like a good girl, go ahead, cum. You needy slut, cum on my dick.” He hisses. Mina obeys, squeaking loudly as her mouse ears begin to grow from her head.


“Damn, Shoto~!” She grins as she remains on her stomach, her ass in the air with her sweet juices pouring over her thighs. “You made my ears grow.”


Shoto only chuckles as he pulls Ochako into his grip. Her normally pink cheeks turn red as she shakes her head. “N-No, I don’t want that,” She wiggles from his grip and sits on the couch to invitingly open her legs. “Only Izuku-kun gets to fuck me.” She says to him with a bright blush.


Shoto gives her a eyebrow raise as he rubs his dick over her pussy lips. His sticky precum smears as he reaches over and swipes some of Mina’s own juices to use as lube.


“Alright, pussy job?” He asks. Ochako only nods, sucking in a breath as he presses the tip of his dick to her clit in a hard manner.


The difference between her and Mina is that the pink haired girl was loud and enjoyed rough sex from all three of them. She enjoyed the degrading names and the hard spankings. Ochako, however, was quieter and only received actually cock penetration from Izuku. Her moans were softer and she enjoyed the clit teasing and good pet names more.


“Be a good girl, don't cum unless I say so.” He mumbles as he lowly groans out a profanity.


“Shit, it’s so pretty. You’re wet over watching me fuck your friend?” He asks even though he knows that answer. He holds her hips, moving her glistening pussy to rub all over his hard cock.


“Mm, Shoto, it hurts.” Ochako whimpers. Shoto shushes her, offering her two cheek kisses as his breath quickens. “I know baby, just let me finish and Mina will take care of you.” He moans closing her thighs together so he could fuck the space between them. His fingers rubbing her clit in a quick manner. “Fuck,” He hisses as the hot spurts of gooey cum shoots from his dick, covering her stomach. Ochako’s own moans fall from her mouth.


Mina crawls over to lick the side of his dick, letting some of the cum fall into her own mouth. She leans up to kiss Ochako and the two go at it with Ochako being put on top of Mina, rubbing her sensitive clit to another orgasm by riding the pink haired girl’s thigh.


Shoto snorts as he milks his dick of the last few drops of cum.


“Have fun.” He tells them, moving fast to leave the room before they can see his rising blush.


He arrives to his room with a soft breath. Damn it, he can’t keep falling for their shenanigans. It was pointless if they didn’t love him as much as his friends.


Shoto could only make them happy through sex, that being proved through the recent events. That is not what he signed up for. He signed up for love and happiness. He strips off his shirt, shorts, and boxers, changing into something much more comfortable; a white sweatsuit and red socks.


He took his silver colored laptop from under one of his pillows and opened up one of his saved tabs.


High Bid Hybrids - High Quality Hybrids that Need Love, Care, and Happiness!


Shoto would find himself his equal.