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The Accidental Ex

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“Goodbye.” Harry slammed the door, taking a second to wait for the ringing to fade out, allowing his face to cool off a bit. Bring a bit of air back into his lungs, he didn’t dare look back at the door before throwing his small bag of items over his shoulder and apparating away.

The heat in his face lingered from the mini battle as he landed in front of the first place he could think of, Ginny’s house. It’s was a stupid thing to do, after all, there were so many other places he could of went- Ron and Hermione’s, Neville’s, or even just apologized and walk back into Draco and his house, but that doesn’t matter now. Ginny was the one person he could think of that could maybe knock some common sense into him and force him to go back, hopefully.

Harry walked up to the door, knocking on it a few times and waiting for a few seconds before Ginny’s familiar face appeared in front of him with the door open.

“Harry, wh-what are you doing here,” she asked, opening the door a little wider, making a casual invite for him to come in.

“I need your help.”

Ginny sighed, pulling her wand out of her pocket, sending two cups in the other room flying across the room and making a pot on the stove fill up with water and begin to boil.

“Come here.” Ginny walked over to the couch in the corner of the cozy room and patted the cushion next to her. The house was small but cozy and it served its purposes of housing Ginny while she waits for the next day she has to leave for Quidditch.

“What’s the problem?” she asked once Harry had finally taken a seat.

“Draco and I had a fight.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Is it the same kind of fight as the one you two had over what bread y’all should buy?”

“Hey, in our defense we were incredibly sleep deprived, which is why he would even think of buying brioche in the first place.”

“Fine, what is this new huge fight about.”

Harry sat for a second, tilting his head down in concentration. “I- I can’t remember.”

“Oh c’mon. You’re so riled up from this and you can’t even remember why?”

“Well, it was bad okay.” Harry humphed, half leaning half falling back more into the couch.

“Let’s just get you back to Draco so you can apologize.”

“Just… not yet, okay. I can’t go running back immediately after.”

“Merlin, you two are so dramatic. C’mon, follow me.”

“Where are we going?”

“I’m hungry and I don’t think you’re gonna be ready to go back home in the next few minutes so…”

“Fine,” Harry replied as he grabbed ahold of Ginny’s arm as the world turned around them, twisting into an alley next to a little muggle coffee shop, bringing back a few unwanted memories from the last time their arms intertwined this way.

Hurriedly, they rushed into the little place. There were only a few other people randomly placed around the room as a barista finished cleaning a few cups behind the counter.

Ginny walked up to the counter, stared at the faraway menu on the wall trying her hardest to not pretend that it was clearly slightly too small to be comfortably read, before ordering and paying for a chicken sandwich and two espressos. She grabbed an empty table in the corner and beckoned Harry over.

“What do you think Draco’s doing right now?” Harry asked, fidgeting with a napkin on the table.

“Probably regretting whatever made you leave.”

“What if he doesn’t regret it though, w-we’ve never fought like this before and I-“

“Look, if you’re this worried about Draco being fine, then he must be worried too.”

“Yea… yea, you’re right.”

Moments later, a server walked into the room with his plate balanced at his head level. He took one step out before spotting their table and walked right back into the kitchen. After what seemed like too long of a time, he returned, this time with an almost slower pace like he was dealing with a wild animal before hurriedly placing their food on the table and scurrying back.

This sheepishness from people wasn’t as rare as they wished it was, but nothing seemed too out of the ordinary (or their ordinary) for them. Just a regular fan who didn’t grow up with Harry visiting them whenever it was time to teach them about the war.

“Do you think he’ll forgive me?”

“Go back and ask him yourself.”


“Have you forgiven him?”

“Yea… of course.”

“Then chances are that he did too.”

“But what if he didn’t.”

“Look, how long have you two been dating?”

“Over a year.”

“And how long since you two wanted to snog each other.”

“A few years.” Ginny cast him a side eye as she finished off half her sandwich. “Fine, more than a few years.”

“Do you really think that he’ll throw that all out the window just because of one little fight that you can’t even remember.”

“Well, probably not.”

“I think you can remove the probably from that sentence. He’ll forgive you.”

Harry took a sip of his coffee, sticking his murdered napkin half underneath the little plate that came with it. “I’ll get him some chocolates just in case.”

“Throw in a few flowers too, those are always appreciated.” Ginny finished off her food and got up, pushing her chair in. “I should probably get going, Luna’s going to be home soon and she can definitely benefit from some chocolates after the week he’s had.”

“What happened?”

“Just some morons, nothing a good weekend with some books and chocolate can’t make better.”

“Well, tell her I said hi.”

“I will.” Ginny peaked over Harry’s shoulder as some light went off in the window. “Good luck, I’m sure everything will be fine.”

“I hope so.”