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One Thousand Ways to See You

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The hallways were cold, white and empty. Jesse wasn’t sure what he was doing in a scientific research lab. He had graduated history , not science. Then again this wouldn’t be his first rodeo where he was somewhere he wasn’t supposed to be.

His main concern was mostly what he was wearing. Really, Jesse? Your first day of work and you chose on wearing red flannel? How devoted would one have to be to their aesthetic to wear it to work?

The only sounds Jesse could hear were that of his own feet as he made his way down to the office of one Moira O’Deorain.

Compared to the white walls of the laboratory, Moira’s office was strangely colourful. The woman herself had heterochromia, and her hair was a dazzling orange. With her yellow lab coat, she truly stood out amongst the whites and greys of everyone else. “Greetings,” She turned her gaze from a monitor to the new hire in front of her. “Jesse McCree, yes? Welcome.”

“H-hello.” Taking her outstretched hand, Jesse shook it, nervous. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, ma’am, and I just want to say much obliged for letting me on the team.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Dr. Vialli. He thought you would be best suited for the job, even if it does mean…” Sighing, the woman placed a hand on her head, brushing her already wild hair back. “More manual labor-based activities. He’s the one who started this, anyways.”

“Well, I don’t mind that. Every job has its heavy lifting, I suppose.” Jesse looked around the office, plastered with mementos and a large periodic table. His eyes focused on her calendar, depicting some anime character. “Besides, you’re still my supervisor.”

“I suppose that’s true.” The woman moved in front of the calendar, blocking it from his sight. “You should probably meet Dr. Ziegler at the medical lab, you’ll be helping her out. I’ll help you understand what exactly you signed up for after, what we study is highly classified.”

Nodding, Jesse exited the office, searching along the halls for the medical lab. It was rather difficult to find, mostly because of how badly designed the building was. He even thought he could get lost here. But the medical wing finally presented itself to him, and he entered.

Angela Ziegler was almost unassuming in nature, wearing a white lab coat like everyone else. Her blonde hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she was busy at work, almost so that Jesse considered turning heel as so not to disturb her. Looking up from her tablet, however, her grim face turned to a smile. “You must be Jesse! Welcome.”

“Hello, Moira sent me here.You’re Dr. Ziegler, right?”

“That’s me.” She vigorously shook his hand, before guiding him over to the tablet. “You’ll be helping me out. Mostly with heavy lifting, since while you do have first aid training, you don’t exactly have a medical you’ll be delegated to something like feeding.”

“Feedin’? Who?”

“You’ll see...for now, I’ll have to get you filled in for some administrative tasks.”


“You must understand, Jesse, that when I mean absolutely classified I mean absolutely no one should be knowing about this. If word gets out about what Dr. Vialli’s grand idea was, the government may as well brand is criminals and kill us on sight.” Moira knelt down as the scanner looked over her eye, then fiddled with the instrument. “Kneel down and look directly into the green light. Don’t blink.”

Jesse did as followed. “I don’t get it. Why would the government be on our tails?”

“Well...if the public hears of it there would be an outrage. Not just some stupid ethics, something of a much larger scale.”

“If that’s the reaction, why do it in the first place?”

That was what silenced the Irish woman. The door slid open with a ping, letting the two in.

“I’m not entirely sure myself.” The scientist whispered to herself.

The two made their way down a hallway, glass windows revealing the murky, underwater depths. At the end was another scanner with two armed guards.

“Why do we need this underground wing, anyways? Isn’t this supposed to be a research facility for different ways to generate electricity?”

“Calm yourself, Jesse. I can answer all your questions and more when we get to work.” Moira and Jesse scanned their eyes and input their codes, before entering the room on the other side.

“Those guards can shoot you if they think you’re acting suspiciously. Like asking too many questions.” She warned, once she was sure the doors had closed. “Fairly certain the first building is bugged too. Here, bugs don’t work...for reasons you’ll find out soon.”

The hallways stayed the same - cold, stark white, almost desolate. How many people worked here? As they proceeded through, Jesse couldn’t help but shiver. How far underground were they? There were more questions than he could think to ask.

The place where Jesse would be spending most of his time working was locked behind two different steel doors and sandwiched between a third, larger security door.

“Our subject is beyond Security Barrier Charlie.” Moira entered the small office. “Now, Jesse. I want you to listen to me very carefully. What I’m about to tell you is never to leave this office or the facility unless all hell breaks loose.”

Giving a terse nod, Jesse felt cramped in the office. It was like a maximum security prison with how many doors there were. What secrets did this place have to keep, anyways? Then again, when he thought about it making new methods of power generation there were plenty of ways for it to go wrong. In someone else’s hands it could be a weapon.

“What if I tell you...gods were real?”

There was a small pause for a moment, before Jesse chuckled a bit. “You sure this isn’t some sort of joke?” His laughter died down as he saw Moira’s serious face.

“I’m not joking, Jesse. Dr. Vialli managed to develop a way to...let’s be honest. He’s summoned a god in this very facility.”

“I’m sorry, what ? A god? And...what exactly is he going to do with them?”

The redhead sighed, holding her hand to her face. “What do you think? He’s planning on using him as a living battery.”

It made sense, but the concept of even summoning a god was so outlandish that he was having trouble believing it so. “I don’t believe you.” He stammered out, not entirely sure of the words himself.

“I can’t blame you. I suppose you’ll have to really see it to believe it.” Moira gestured to follow him. “Come. It’s time for you to see just who we’re talking about.”

Behind Security Barrier Charlie was a room, a perfect cube 10 metres long in ever side, with two observation windows in the top corner. In the middle was a flat, metal table, with a man tied down, bound by his arms and legs with a bracket over his chest. The bindings had wires going out of them, thick and disappearing into the ground. The man was asleep or unconscious at the moment.

The person in question looked incredibly muscular and tall, and Jesse had to chastise himself for getting so distracted with how muscular someone looked. On his left arm was a very intricate tattoo, one of two dragons amidst storm clouds, snaking down his arm. His skin almost seemed to glow blue, some faint electrical aura around him.

“That, Jesse McCree, is Hanzo. He was the only one we could really, well, summon.”

“Summon? How did you manage to do that?”

“You ask too many questions. I don’t even know any of the answers! So we’ve summoned this god, and we try shooting him with a tranquilizer, worked. I wanted to study exactly how a god could get tranquilized in the first place but that stupid doctor wanted his stupid pet project. And here we are, looking over at his sick bondage fantasy.”

Jesse looked on, shocked at the sight. “How long has he been here?!”

“A few hours, actually. You were hired because of your expertise in religious history, but since the summoning worked, we won’t be needing that information. The tranquilizer was made for long term purposes. We’re not exactly sure if he needs to eat or drink, which is why you’re here. ”

There wasn’t much the brunette could do except stand and look on in awe. “Won’t he break through that?”

“Hopefully not. The alloy for that is downright unbreakable.” She gestured to a control panel at the side of the room, all lit up with buttons and switches, placing her hand on one certain switch that required a keyhole. “The switch to release him is kept under lock and key...a retinal scan, basically, only you, Angela and I can access.”

“I see. And that’s just for emergencies, right?”

“Of course. If you release him otherwise, you are good as dead. The public does not need to know we have the god of who knows what stored in there powering the city.”

Jesse shivered at the thought. “So, what exactly do I have to do as my job now? You mentioned...heavy lifting, right?”

“Feeding duty and interviews, honestly. You don’t know how much this god will need.”

“I doubt it. I’m pretty sure y’all just caught a regular human.”

Moira side-eyed the intern, a puzzled look on her face. “Of course. A regular human glows blue.”

Hanzo awoke incredibly confused and groggy. His eyes blinked a bit, adjusting to the light. Where was he? The last thing he remembered was getting summoned and something hitting his neck.

He tried to move his arms but he realized they were tied down. The same was with his legs. What was going on? Perhaps his powers would be more effective.

Channeling his strength, he tried to shock the metal, but it was doing nothing. Confused, Hanzo tried again and again, unaware his power was getting siphoned off.

From the reaches of the observation window, Jesse nervously looked at the bound god. “What the hell? His eyes glow?”

“Yes, they do glow. We’ve noted several differences from him to a regular human being. Tell me, Jesse. Are dragons real?”

“Dragons? I don’t think so...why?”

“I’m not sure if you noticed, but he has...whiskers, of some sort. They match up with depictions of Japanese dragons. As well, horns. Do you think he’s still a regular human?”

“Okay, I get it! It’s just...this whole concept is really bizarre, alright? Can you forgive me for second guessing and making sure this isn’t some really big prank?

“Well, you can go in there right now and make sure.” Moira handed the man a lab coat and a clipboard. “Go on. Technically it’s part of your job. I’ll call the guards if he ends up smiting you.”

Jesse stared at the coat in his hands, no choice else but to confront the bound god in his den. “Thanks. Really comforting advice.”

Hanzo’s eyes drew to a panel in the wall as it opened - a door, actually. A human walked in, with tan skin and rather long, disheveled hair.

“Mortal.” He commanded. “Release me at once, and I’ll consider sparing you when I smite this place to the ground.”

The man shook his head. “Nah. You’re Hanzo, right? Name’s Jesse McCree...I’m here to ask a few questions.”

“If you wanted to research me, there are much better ways than tying me down like a beast. Release me at once!”

“Like I said, no. I don’t really wanna lose my job here…”

Jesse almost paled as electricity almost burst from Hanzo’s eyes. “Your job won’t matter when you’re nothing but a pile of ash! In a year I’ll have forgotten you existed at all!”

The human recoiled as the god let out a roar, but nothing happened. Seeing the lack of electricity seemed to confuse Hanzo. What was going on?

“Nice try, but it’ll take more than that. First you need to eat or drink?”

“I can if I want to.” Hanzo replied, his answer icy and venomous.

“Do you excrete?”

There was a bit of a pause on that one. “No.” Hanzo replied, a tiny bit less angry at that one. “What are your intentions?”

“Third question.” Jesse wrote down the answer with a pen. “Does anything increase your potential to create electricity?”

“What?” The god was once more confused. “What kind of question is-” He stopped himself, giving a long thought. He had to choose his words carefully if what he believed was true. “Yes, I suppose so.” He curtly replied. “Food, for example...letting me do my job would be another.”

“Like that’s gonna happen. I hope you’re okay with food. long have you been alive?”

Hanzo’s aura flared as electricity briefly arced, only to be absorbed by the bands on his arms. “Do you think I will answer that question?!”

Jesse pursed his lips, writing down something. “Subject refuses to answer, then. Final question.”

Above, in the observation room, Moira glanced at the form she had given Jesse. “There’s only four questions, what is he doing?”

Angela merely shrugged.

“You from Tennessee? ‘Cuz you’re the only ten I see.” Jesse drawled, shooting a wink at his prisoner.

Moira sighed, a hand going to her head. Despite her supposed disbelief, there was still a tentative smile on her face. “Unbelievable. I can’t even fathom what is going through that stupid boy’s head, but by god, he is certainly something else.”

“I thought it was some good humour. He is going to be there for a long time.” Her Swiss companion pointed out, a chuckle barely escaping her lips.

“Well, I suppose that finishes it for today. Have fun tryin’ to break outta that. See ya.” He left the chamber.

“I’m from Japan, what-” Hanzo’s retaliatory cry was silenced by the slam of the door. “Hmph. I hope I never see you again.”

A few hours later, a blush of realization crossed his face and a surge of electricity was detected. On the drive home, Jesse couldn’t help but notice how stormy it had suddenly become.

“Howdy.” Jesse greeted as the door opened. “How’s it been?”

Hanzo looked at him, a bit bored and still very angry. “Release me, please. I have duties to attend to.”

Sighing, Jesse pulled up a chair and sat next to Hanzo. “Like I said, no can do. Besides, I’m the only one you’ll probably be seeing in the near future, so you might wanna get used to my face. Anything you want that isn’t freedom or death?”

“Something to eat.” Hanzo mused, trying to think of something. “Tell me, what do you think is a food you could see me consume?”

“For all I know, you could eat animals whol-”

The electricity flared up again, crackling through the air, despite Hanzo knowing well enough there was no chance he could hurt anyone. “I am not eating raw meat. Something humans can eat, or you may as well give me nothing.”

Jesse held up his hands, sheepish. “Alright, alright…” Who knew feeding a god would be this hard? “Uhh...fruit, I guess? We don’t have any here, but I can get you some tomorrow.”

“Fruit will do for now.” Hanzo sighed. “Is there anything else you are here for?”

“Not got any siblings, actually? What were they like?”

“One. His name is Genji. He was...mostly insufferable. Good luck capturing him, he is a trickster god.”

“Younger trickster god brother, older brother with electric powers...say, you don’t happen to have an older sister, do ya?”

Hanzo seemed to understand what Jesse was getting at. “Good guess, but not good enough. Our similarities end there, I’m afraid, so you can stop worrying about doomsday. I must say, I didn’t expect that intelligence out of someone like you.”

“You want your fruit or not?”


The plastic bag was heavy as Jesse entered the containment chamber office. “Moira?”

Her review of the notes interrupted, the Irish native looked up. “Ah, hell-” Her eyes noticed the plastic bag. “Jesse, explain yourself. Why on earth are you feeding him if he doesn't produce waste?”

“Like I said, it just doesn’t feel right to have him all tied up. He asks for fruit, I think he should get it.”

There was a tense moment between the two, before Moira sighed and opened the door. “Fine. But there’s no need to mess about. Don’t forget to clean up after yourself.”

Hanzo was still there, tied up as usual and trying desperately to rub some semblance of feeling back into his limbs. His glowing eyes looked back to Jesse, his anger having dulled a bit. “I’m surprised you took up on your promise.”

“Heh, a lot of things ‘bout me usually surprise people. I’m just a bunch of questions waitin’ to be answered.”

“Answer my question, then. Why do you talk like a cowman?”

Hanzo’s question caught Jesse a bit off guard. “A...a what?”

“A cowman. You know, they wear wide brimmed hats. Talk with strange acc-”

The silence of the room was broken by Jesse’s guffaws, to the point where he had to lean against the wall. “You mean cowboy ! Aw, I can’t believe this. You, a god, thought cowboys were called cowman !”

“Silence!” Hanzo’s protests did nothing to quell Jesse’s laughter. “I can and will make your existence hell.”

Sighing, Jesse’s smile was admittedly pleasant to look at in the god’s eyes. In fact, Jesse seemed like a pleasant man, so why would he say something like that? Would he really be keeping on his promise once he broke out of here?

“Heh, I’d like to see you try.” Jesse took out the fruits in the bag, putting each one in his hand at a time for the prisoner to look at. “You wanted fruits, right? Well, I got them right here. Which one do ya want?”

Hanzo looked over the fruits Jesse had laid out for him. An apple, a mango, an orange…

“Why did you think bringing a watermelon and a lime was a good idea?”

Jesse shrugged. “I dunno...thought you might like ‘em? I don’t really know what you gods eat, so-”

“If any human can eat it, then I definitely can.” Hanzo flared up again. The crackling arcs of electricity were bolting around, and the lights began brightening. “Otherwise you’ll just have created a waste of food!”

“Alright, alright! I guess I’ll just cut you a slice of watermelon, then.” Setting the watermelon on the ground, Jesse took out a knife (also in the bag) and began cutting the fruit until he had a small slice. He took it and held it to Hanzo, the god taking a bite.

“This is humiliating.” Hanzo said after a moment of silence, and Jesse couldn’t help but agree.

“I hear ya. Watermelons are fer cuttin’ up and servin’ at a barbeque, or a picnic or somethin’ like that.” Another bite, and Jesse put the rind in the bag. “Is it good, though?”

There was another silent moment, before Hanzo finally spoke. “Yes, although this one is much sweeter. It reminds me of my childhood. In the summer, Genji and I would-”

“Wait, wait! You had a childhood ?!”

“Of course. What, did you think I appeared out of thin air?”

Jesse looked at the observation windows, but they were blurry. “Uh...yeah?”

“Hmph. Fool. I used to be human, like you, a very long time ago.”

To Jesse, something wasn’t right about this information. “ did you become a god?”

“My clan was...special. It was a different time back then. If someone desired, they could become a god. Live forever, controlling something of the world. Not many people wanted to.” Hanzo looked to Jesse, a stormy look in his eyes. “And I can see why, now. Considering that I am bound here, I am starting to realize I made a very bad decision.”

“Come now, y’ain’t gotta be like that. What did you do as a god, anyways?”

Hanzo looked to the ceiling of his chamber. “I control the weather, namely storms. If I am not present, which I currently am not, the world will become rife with them. Think of who is affected by the weather, Jesse, and release me.”

Jesse stood up, gathering all the fruits back into his bag and wrapping up the watermelon in sarin wrap. “Nice try. But we all know you’re just beggin’ to be set free.”

The only thing he heard were grumbles as he left the chamber. When he did, he found himself face to face with Moira, another unreadable expression painted on her face.

“Jesse. I know you’ve made spectacular progress, but I beg of you. Never do that again.

“What, talkin’ with Hanzo?”

“No.” The woman shuddered as the cursed word exited her mouth like she was spitting something poisonous out. “ Y’ain’t.


The process of what Jesse had to do slowly became a routine. Arrive at work, talk with Hanzo, go to lunch, talk with Hanzo some more and then go home. The god would eventually warm up to him, slowly but surely.

Jesse had taken to bringing in the paper every morning and having Hanzo help him with the crossword, or reading him a funny article now and then. He had taken to doing them now, mostly since it was fun, but also to give Hanzo something to focus on lest he go insane.

Jesse read out the clue, stumped on what his answer was. “Transparent stone, blue in colour. A type of corundum, starts with an s-”

“Sapphire.” Jesse quickly wrote that down. “Seven spaces. Olympic sport played using targets and equipment once used for hunting.”

“Archery.” Hanzo quickly replied. “That...reminds me of something.”

The paper rustled as it was set down. “Really?”

“I remember back when Genji and I were children. We’d venture into the forest and pretend we were gods, and battle each other. I had a bow that I called my Storm Bow. No arrows. Embarrassing, I’m sure. I always said I’d wield it when I became a god.”

“That ain’t so bad. Much better than a revolver named “Peacekeeper”, that’s for sure.”

A knowing smirk came across Hanzo’s face. “Oh? Your life is no different than mine, then. Tell me, Jesse. What was your home like?”

Jesse felt his face fall as he remembered the days of his youth. “I…”

Noticing the hesitation, Hanzo tried to give his warden a comforting look. “You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“Nah. Long while ago I was in a gang. That’s why I had a gun called “Peacekeeper”. We’d drive around the Mojave, terrorizin’ good folks. Robbery. Some o’ the guys did worse.”

“I see. And how did you end up here?”

“We got caught. I was still young, so I got handed off to the foster system. Adopted by my dad, family friend thought I’d be good here so I didn’t really have a choice but to join up. What about you, where did you live?”

Hanzo stared off into space, lost in his memories. “A village upon the hill. Cherry trees blossom in spring. I...miss it dearly.”

The next morning, Angela and Jesse were the first inside the break room when Moira burst in, absolutely sopping wet.

“Good god, it’s pouring outside.” The redhead remarked as she put her lunch in the shared refrigerator. “By the way, Jesse. Dr. Vialli has made a very rare visit. He wants to speak with you...for some reason, I don’t know why.”

Jesse perked up as he heard his name. “Me? Alright then…” He stepped outside, finding himself face to face with a man who looked incredibly...sketchy was one way to describe it.

“Hello, Jesse.” He shook his hand. “Dr. Vialli. A pleasure to meet you. I see you’ve been making quite a lot of progress in learning about Hanzo.”

“Yeah, I guess so…” Jesse’s eyes seemed a bit downcast.  “I’ve mostly been talkin’ to him, thought he’d get a little lonely all locked up in that room.”

The man’s smile seemed a little forced. “I see. Well, I must say, splendid tactic.”

“T-tactic? Wha-”

“You’re probably thinking that talking with him with alleviate the boredom that comes with being a powersource. Well, sacrifices must be made Jesse, and I don’t want to risk losing this when we’ve just begun. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but Hanzo can manipulate you if you’re too close to him.”

Jesse was absolutely speechless. There was nothing he could say that would help his position.

“I understand you want to be friendly and all, but you can’t let yourself be too close. He could make you do things under the guise of friendship. Maybe even convince you to let him go, and then what? That is why he’ll be gagged soon. I trust you won’t try and fraternize any longer.” The scientist turned heel and walked away, leaving Jesse alone.


The door opened once again, and Hanzo smiled upon seeing the other man. “Ah, hello, Jesse. What do you have in store for me today?”

His heart only sank further with the hidden object in his hands. “They...they don’t want me talkin’ with you anymore.”

“I see. What is in your hands, then? A weapon?”

“No, just a gag.”

Hanzo was silently cursing whoever was pulling at Jesse’s strings, before resigning himself to his fate. “Do what you must, then. I understand.”

The act itself was simple but to Jesse it was like saying goodbye to someone he loved dearly. No more quips, or just being able to enjoy himself around the god. Just staring at someone he couldn’t talk with.

The next weeks were absolute torture for both Jesse and Hanzo. Hanzo’s powers were constantly getting drawn from him, and he had to see Jesse’s guilt-ridden face. Jesse was angry and frustrated and not being able to talk with Hanzo, and whenever he did speak, it was only to update Hanzo on what was going on with his life. No crosswords. Not even food to feed.

Angela took notice of Jesse’s demeanor, too. Jesse was no longer laid back and carefree, instead more somber and withdrawn. He had changed, and his attitude would definitely impact what little progress they were making on finding out what sort of being Hanzo was. She had to change this.

“Jesse.” She gestured for the young man to follow her, one day. “May I talk with you for a moment?”

“Sure.” He followed the taller woman down a hallway, until they arrived at the end with nothing but a storage room.

“I know you’re not happy about Hanzo’s imprisonment. Frankly, neither am I.”

The man made a grunt of acknowledgement. “...And? Won’t we get caught for this?”

“Remember how Moira told us bugs wouldn’t matter? Hanzo’s electrical interference causes them to fail for some reason, but not computers or phones. We’re getting another scientist on the team to look at it...I think his name is Winston. You’ll like him, nice guy. I'll find some way to get him out, but for now we'll have to wait until he comes tomorrow.”

“...” Jesse was still silent, before sighing. “Fine. I’m in.”

The storage room door suddenly opened, revealing the taller, more imposing form of one Moira O’Deorain. “You’re forgetting something.”

The office only held the three of them as they overlooked the subject in question.

“Unbelievable. Stupidity is not a right, Angela. At least have the gall to check the storage room first before discussing whatever great plan you have!”

“I’m...sorry.” The Swiss answered, staring down at her cup of coffee dejectedly.

“It’s fine. You’re lucky it wasn’t someone else in that room. Frankly, I would have reported the both of you, but…”

Angela’s knowing smirk was the telltale sign behind Moira’s reluctance, a secret she knew that could endanger Moira’s reputation. “I suppose you have no choice but to help us, then. Unless you want everyone here to know just how you sing the theme to-”

“That’s enough out of you. To free Hanzo, we have to break him out of his bonds. Retinal scan is easy enough to pass, but one of the guards has the key.”

The guards were unassuming to the eye, but Angela, Jesse and Moira all knew what they were capable of. As they walked down the passageway the next morning, they each ran the plan through their heads.

“Mornin’ to you three.” The guard gruffly replied to all three of them. Angela was carrying several folders, but suddenly she tripped over and fell, spilling them over the ground.

“Ah, I’m sorry!” Angela quickly scuttled over, picking up the papers. Taking sympathy, the first guard knelt down and helped her. This was Moira and Jesse’s time to strike as the older woman snatched the second guard’s radio, and Jesse curled his arms around his neck, sending him to the ground almost wordlessly.

Angela stood up with a sunny smile. “Thank you so much!” She then pulled out a dart gun - the same one used on Hanzo weeks ago - and shot the guard in the neck.

The two bodies were quickly cleared from the hall and locked in a storage hallway, the key now in their possession. Angela took the batteries out from their radios, rendering them unable to communicate, and the three rushed to the office.

“Speed is of the essence here.” Angela explained. “We don’t have time to waste.” However, they slowed down as they reached the observation room. “Oh no. We’re too late!”

Dr. Vialli was there, a grin on his face as he stared up at the three up in the room. “Good morning, you three! Splendid day it must be for you...shame you had to turn against me.”

“What are you doing here?” Moira ordered. “How did you know about this?”

“The thing about the bugs was a lie, O’Deorain. You’re a geneticist, not an electrician. Hanzo’s powers don’t interfere with electronics in any way. I had you fooled from the start.”

The Irish native was about to reply, but armed guards stormed into the complex. Angela and Jesse shut the door, and the three scientists used everything they could to blockade the door.

“You can’t delay the inevitable, you know.”

Angela passed the key to Jesse. “You know what to do.”

The key was turned and Jesse’s eye was scanned, releasing Hanzo from his bonds.

Little known to any of them, over the few weeks, Hanzo had been saving his powers up, charging for something that would destroy the entire facility, but now? Now was a perfect time. He quickly flew into the air, and brought down his wrath on the one person in his chamber until the scientist was no more than ash.

He was free, finally. He could break out of this place. He looked up at the observation window, where Jesse and his colleagues were. They were in trouble, and part of Hanzo wanted to let them get what they deserved and return to his realm.

No. Jesse was the one light in the darkness of this period, the few months he had spent here trapped in endless boredom, the man was always there.  And he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t felt some sort of attraction to the man. At first, he had chalked Jesse’s charm to nothing more than useless flirts, but Hanzo had realized he rather enjoyed the cowboy’s humour and in general, his visits. He scaled the wall in no less than a second and shattered the window, allowing him entry into the room.

“Hanzo! What’re you doing?”

“Stay right here.” And suddenly, the three scientists fell to the ground, temporarily paralyzed with electric fields he had shot out from his fingers. Dashing at inhuman speeds, the god proceeded to tear through the guards like paper, until there was nothing left but ashes and empty helmets.

His three saviours were picked up and hauled out in one arm, his other striking down anyone in his path as he carried them out of base, until they were in the main entrance.

“Free at last…” Stepping into the torrent of rain outside, the three watched as the man stood there, ignoring everything outside of him, even the rain pouring down his skin.  After what felt like an eternity to both parties - but really, it was just a few minutes - he held his hand out to the sky in a fluid motion, slowly spreading his fingers out until the day looked like there had never been a storm in the first place. Grey clouds still dotted the sky, but Hanzo beckoned them to his position. “You may want to be outside for this.”

Jesse, Moira and Angela stepped out, looking at the sky in wonder, then to the building.

With a thunderous roar, Hanzo reached his hand out to the sky, bringing it down. A flash of light blinded Jesse, and he hadn’t realized that his ears were ringing until he found himself sitting on the ground, dazed. A bolt of lightning had struck the base, so enormous that it had decimated the entire complex. Finding the ground, Jesse managed to get on two feet, walking steadily towards Hanzo.

“Hanzo, I...I’ve been meaning to say this for a bit now. I know you might not think the best of me for not letting you do your job-”

“I know what you are going to say, Jesse. I forgive you. You had no way of knowing what you were getting into.”

“I love you.” Jesse stammered out, staring Hanzo in the eye.

Hanzo stared back, trying to take in those three words. Love. Did he love him back?

Without thinking, Hanzo reached around Jesse, and kissed him. It was difficult at first from the height difference, but somehow Jesse managed to level with the storm god. Hanzo knew exactly what he was doing in this regard.

And when they broke, Hanzo hugged Jesse tightly to his chest. “This may take a moment.” And suddenly, he took off, leaving Moira and Angela in the parking lot.

“Well, that just happened.” The blonde remarked, before the two turned to the sound of a car door slamming. Just fresh on location, a rather large man with a banana half in his mouth looked in shock at the ruins of the research facility, one hand running through his dark hair and trying to adjust his glasses.

Moira turned to the new arrival. “Dr. Winston? Welcome. Please, excuse what you’ve just witnessed. You know how Fridays are.”

Jesse opened his eyes as Hanzo stopped. It had felt like they were flying for a long time, but it probably hadn’t taken longer than a few minutes. “ I?” He asked, as the god set him down on what appeared to be solid ground.

“This is my home. My realm, up in the sky.” Hanzo’s realm almost seemed to resemble a quaint, Japanese castle, small and decent enough to maintain some sense of grandeur. “It is good to return home.”

“But why am I here? Ain’t I mortal? Hanzo, I know you love me and all, but I grow old, and eventually I’ll die! I wanna be here with you, but-” The man’s protests were hushed as a glowing blue finger was raised to silence him.

“I have the solution.” Once again, Hanzo kissed him, slowly siphoning his own power into his lover’s body.

Jesse’s eyes had been closed as he savoured the kiss, but he hadn’t even realized the changes that had happened to his body. His skin was now a glowing, almost fiery red, and like Hanzo he had attained a much more muscular stature. Curled, almost sharp horns grew out of his head but underneath his hat, and he was certain there was a tail underneath too.

“I...what did you do to me? Why?” He asked, mostly out of awe.

“A gift. You were the only one who visited me, Jesse. It made me realize how much you cared and loved me that you planned all of this to help me escape.” A flash of light, and a bow materialized in his hands. “Come, please. Be a god, and rule over this realm with me.”

The newly made god took Hanzo’s hand, and in his other appeared a revolver. “Peacekeeper and Storm Bow make their appearances.” He chuckled. “Still…’m afraid I got a lot of gettin’ used to. Not every day I get to become a god of...whatever I am.”

“Do not worry, then. We’re immortal, are we not? We have all the time in the world.”