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Michael Jackson Fan Art and imagines.

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Hello and welcome to my Michael Jackson fan art collection, when I was a small baby, I remembered my very first Michael Jackson music video; Black or White, I remember the part with the panther dance. It was at that moment that this man was my very first pop star who will one day be my favourite in the future.

In a few years I used to be so scared of watching horror movie I couldn't stay in the same room while other people were watching them, but then one day at my dance school, a couple of girls were rehearsing for a part of the performance we were starring at the theatre.

On the night of the performance while I was waiting in the wings, I watched the scene about a guy and his girlfriend; who were walking along after their car had run out of gas and then he sort of proposed to her and was about to tell her a secret when all of a sudden he clutch at his stomach writhing in pain and when he stood up he transformed into a werewolf and started chasing after the girl through out the stage.

Then the scene changed where many girls and boys dressed in spooky clothes like zombies and ghosts were lying on the floor of the stage and then the person in the werewolf mask came back on stage and walked towards the centre of the stage and then the music starts and the struck a pose as a cue to awaken the ghosts and zombies from their rest and then started dancing to the music, the song was "Thriller".

When I watched the performance and the song I was in awe and realised that even though Horror films can be frightening sometimes they can be fun too.

I had to find out who the singer was who sang that amazing song, it took me many weeks to find out who the singer was. Then I bought the music video to watch the actual Thriller music video along with the rest of his music videos, when I saw Michael Jackson, I immediately recognised the man who performed the panther dance when I was a baby. I was so glad to find out the man who danced like the panther and sang Thriller were one and the same person.

After watching the music videos he made, I immediately fell in love with his music and became a fan and started collecting his albums, VHS videos, DVDs and played his Video game on wii. (The Michael Jackson Experience)

Then after witness what the media did to that poor man, I was outraged at them, how could they say such cruel lies about him and what he had been through because of them.

Then on 2009 one morning, my Mum came to me and said that Michael Jackson was dead, at first I couldn't believe it. I felt so sad after losing the greatest performer of all time, in a few months I watched his funeral on television, I cried when people sang his songs in memory of him.

Even after his death, I still listen to his music and watch his music videos to this very day.

I made some these fan art drawings in memory of him and his music.

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This sketch is one of my early sketches I did when I was in my teens, I was very into manga drawing during that time.

Then last year, my brother gave me photoshop app for my birthday, I had fun redesigning some of my art work.

So I revamped the Off the wall album design, I added an OC (Original character) in a sparkling white dress I designed. I haven't thought of a name for her yet, but I will think of something.

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Here's my first Michael Jackson inspired fashion for the music video of Don't stop til you get enough. The OC is dance partner for Michael Jackson for his music videos.

For the dress, I designed a long white sparkling dress with a slit on the right leg and deep v-neck lining with lappets with a tie on lace on the front of the dress. I added two matching white long gloves and matching sparkling dance shoes suitable to dance in.

I got the inspiration for the dress from Michael's sparkling rhinestone glove.

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Inspired by this pose from the Michael Jackson Experience video game.

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I was inspired by a photoshoot of one of Michael Jackson's adverts for the Suzuki scooter.

Love is his true message.

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2nd Michael Jackson fashion, inspired by his music video Rock with you.

For the costume I chose a sparkling yellow cropped top with a matching mini swing skirt. I added a pair of sparkling mid high-heel boots.

I tried to make the background scene similar to the one from the music video.

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Michael Jackson performing a duet of Rock with you with OC.

This sketch took me a few says to draw and colour in with photoshop, I really enjoy making the sparkle effect on their outfits.

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Thriller is my favourite album ever.

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3rd Michael Jackson fashion, inspired by the music video Billie Jean.

I made the outfit similar to the suit that Michael Jackson wore in the Billie Jean music video, the outfit is a swing dress with a black bodice with puff sleeves and ruffled lappets at the neckline and for the main body of the dress in pink with w sweetheart neckline with a small red bow in the middle.

For the final touch of the outfit, a pair of boots which are similar to Michael Jackson's shoes.

The scene I drew with some help from photoshop I added the lit up lamp post and the paving stone the he stood on and as an extra some paw prints of the tiger cub in the music video.

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4th Michael Jackson fashion.

Inspired by Michael Jackson's sparkling glove trademark and his famous Billie Jean performance at the Motown 25 of 1983.

For Oc's costume design I chose a dancer's black half-cropped top with matching hot pants and mid heel dance shoes. I also added sparkly knee-high leg warmers, one fingerless glove and for the final accessory the fedora hat.

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6th Michael Jackson fashion to add to my M.J. fashion collection, inspired by the Music Video Beat It.

I altered the jacket into a sleeveless jacket with a pair of cropped up jeans and I added 80's style trainers or sneakers. And I included brightly pink leg warmers and sweat bands as an accessory.

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5th Michael Jackson fashion.

Last year on Halloween, I made this fashion design inspired by my favourite Michael Jackson song and music video; Thriller. I made a few changes to the costume to make it look goth and added the werewolf (or werecat) eyes and I made the background scene by hand and photoshop.

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With some help from one of my old sketches and photoshop, I revamped Michael Jackson and my OC( his singing and dancing partner) to form this artwork. Thriller will always be my favourite song.

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Photoshop design of Michael Jackson's album Bad with OC.

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7th Michael Jackson inspired fashion.

Inspired by Michael Jackson's Bad album and song of the same name.

The Bad outfit I designed the dress in red with a black trimming at the edge of the dress and long gloves would be made entirely of spandex with the studs embedded around the edges, I chose a cropped leather jacket for this outfit and I added a bandana and two belts as an accessory.

Then I created the entire scene with photoshop.

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I took Michael Jackson and Oc sketches and set them on the underground tube station scene.

This fan art took me a while to draw and design and it made my fingers ache. But it was worth it!

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8th Michael Jackson inspired fashion.

This Fashion design inspired by Michael Jackson's song from his album Bad; the way you make me feel.

My OC plays the part of Tatiana Thumbtzen and wears a similar outfit to Latoya Jackson; who was also in the music video, but I added a few things in my own style, like the off shoulder button down dress with a belt, the sock biker boots and the heart charm choker and hoop earrings.

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Inspired by Michael Jackson's song and music video, Speed Demon.

This art work has took me three days to make, on the first day I draw it out by hand, second day, filled in the scene in colour with photoshop and on the third day, filling the little details.

I put Michael and OC in their Bad costumes, I fell in love with the idea of these two driving on a motor bike with OC's arms around Michael's waist.

I hope I did the motorbike and the background scene well, I did the best I can with photoshop.

I'm not quite sure what sort of animal my OC dressed up in to get away from the press photographers and crazy stalkers, like Michael disguise himself as Spike the rabbit. Rabbits sort of symbolises being very fast creatures to get away from predators that hunt them.

What sort of Animal should I disguise OC in my next fan art?

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The entire scene inspired by one of Michael Jackson's photoshoot for the music video, Smooth Criminal. I made the dress on my OC to look like one of the dancers from the Smooth Criminal music video, I chose the one he danced with in the music video.

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9th Michael Jackson fashion.

Inspired by the red-dressed dancer from Michael Jackson's music video, Smooth Criminal; which also starred in his movie Moonwalker. I planned to make a Michael Jackson fan-fiction starring my OC.

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I really loved the scene where Michael Jackson danced with the woman in the red dress in the Smooth Criminal music video, so I made a sketch of the same dance pose from the music video and added my OC as his dance partner.

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Inspired by the poster of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

I draw Michael Jackson and Oc in the same poses and in their Smooth Criminal costumes to this art work. I added the old fashion tommy gun and the revolver. (Don't let any kids get near them, they're definitely not for playing with.)

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10th Michael Jackson inspired fashion.

The dress was inspired by Michael Jackson's movie, 'Moonwalker' with the ending song, 'Come Together'. I love the way he tore his shirt open in the movie.

For the dress I designed it with yellow fabric with torn edges with a black corset with silver buckles with matching boots.

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I fell in love with the song from Michael Jackson's album Dangerous, it was a pity there was no music video of it so I made a sketch of the music video that I imagined.

I got inspired by a photoshoot of Michael Jackson in a fencing gear, so I designed the OC's costume in a similar manner but in a jump suit with sewn in boots with a sparkly cropped jacket and I added a sparkling whip as an accessory.

OC is sort of a beast tamer of men trying to get men under her control until she met Michael who was different and her match.

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11th Michael Jackson inspired fashion.

Inspired from Michael Jackson's song form the album Dangerous and the from the music video of Jam with Michael Jordon the famous basketball player; who also starred in Space Jam with the Looney Tunes.

I made some alternations to the outfit design from my older sketch and added a basket ball as an accessory. I'm posing my character as one of those girls who were dancing in the background of the music video jam.

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12th Michael Jackson fashion.

Remember the time is one of my favourite songs from Michael Jackson's Dangerous album and I love the Egyptian music video along with the song.

For the costume I chose a sort belly dancer style with top that looks like she wrapped in bandages and a long slit skirt leaving her legs free to dance in. I also included some Egyptian accessories like a snake headdress, a pair of gold cuffs, a snake arm-ring and a scarab necklace collar and belt. Her dancing style is sort of like Shakira's.

Here's a little story to go with the costume:

My OC character in the music video is a slave girl whose job was to amuse the Pharaoh with her belly dance, the Pharaoh greatly desired her and made no secret of it, but this made his Queen jealous. So the Slave girl lived in fear and sadness because she was uncomfortable around the Pharaoh and worries that if he tried anything and the Queen caught them she would throw her to the lions.

Also, she has taken away from the childhood sweetheart she hadn't seen for years. Then one day the Queen asked to be entertained, a few entertainers try to amuse the queen, but all had failed, then one final and mysterious performer appeared before the Pharaoh and the Queen, all dressed in a black cloak with his face hidden under cowl where no one can see his face. Then he sprinkled magical black sand on the floor and made himself disappeared before their eyes, Then the black sand turned to gold, and they formed into a man (Michael Jackson) dressed in gold and started to dance.

The slave girl immediately recognised him as the boy from her childhood, as he danced for Pharaoh and the Queen he made his way over to the slave girl and kissed her on her hand. The Pharaoh saw the spark between those two and in his jealousy set his guards after him.

The Golden performer; who was in the run, managed to outwit the guards and lost them in the marketplace. Back at the palace, the slave girl was alone in the harem room gazed out of the window wondering if her lover is safe and then as if by magic there he was coming from behind her, lost for words they hugged each other after being apart for so long and shared a passionate kiss.

The Queen spy them from the doorway, having a grudge against the slave girl for attracting her husband's attention she quickly went to find her husband to tell her about where the two lovers are.

Hearing the sounds of the Pharaoh and guards coming, the two lovers set their escape plan into action. By the power of the gold performer's magic the slave girl was transformed into a cat, and as he distracts the guards and turns into the sand, they made their way out of the palace and to freedom.Hope you all like this little story and the artwork.

Hope you all like this little story and the artwork.

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13th Michael Jackson fashion.

Inspired by his music video Give in to me from his Dangerous album. I loved the way lightening scene in the video really symbolises his dance moves.

For the costume I chose a leotard with fishnet sleeves, faux leather leggings, High heeled boots and for an accessory a black leather choker with a lightening design.

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14th Michael Jackson inspired fashion.

Inspired by the song Dangerous from the album with the same name by Michael Jackson.

I thought for OC's costume I got inspired by a photoshoot of Michael Jackson in a black fencing uniform, I thought of a white jumpsuit with high heeled boots and long gloves attached to the suit.

For an extra I added a sparkling cropped jacket and a long whip, not for lion taming mind, more for male taming

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For Valentine's Day I made the sketch of Michael Jackson and my OC inspired by his song and music video of "You are not alone." I always loved this song, I even sung it when I was at dance school.

I love the ancient Greek theme of the music video, it sort of reminds me of the Greek myth of Eros (Cupid) and his love for a mortal woman Psyche.

This artwork was done in a mixed media style, I first sketch the scene by hand, then coloured the whole thing with photoshop and I added one of my photos of the mountains from one of my skiing trips as the background scene behind the temple.

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Inspired from Michael Jackson's album History of the song "Stranger in Moscow", in my little version of the music video fan art, my OC was sitting in the cafe thinking things over about her old friend and childhood sweetheart (Michael Jackson) about the people labelling hateful things about him and gave him no peace, meanwhile Michael was walking through the rain in despair of about the love of his life, but never confessed his love to her.

Then as it started to rain, at the cafe Oc thought she caught a glimpse of Michael walked past her window and in her rush she spilled her coffee as she paid her bill and ran outside to go after Michael.

She ran through the pouring rain but couldn't find him and as she was about to give up she heard a shout and quickly turned around to see Michael staring in disbelief at her.

Then slowly they walked towards each other and as they drew level with each other, they both shared a passionate kiss, OC would stand by her true love through thick and thin, no matter what other people (haters or media) would through in their way.

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15th Michael Jackson fashion.

I got inspired by this dress from Michael Jackson's Blood on the dance floor and Jessica Rabbit from Who framed Roger Rabbit.

I alway like long slit dresses, long length gloves and the over-eye hairstyle. I also added Chain jewellery to match with Michael Jackson's.

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From Michael Jackson's Blood on the Dance floor album and music video, I stared the OC as Michael's dancing partner. It was a bit difficult to make the background of the scene, but I managed.

I re-designed the long dress with a slit to show a leg and added two matching sliver chain bracelets to match Michael's outfit. I got the idea of the dress and hairstyle from Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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15th Michael Jackson costume fashion.

I loved the duet of Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's Say, Say, Say, I thought the music video was fun too.

I starred my OC in this fan art as the part LaToya Jackson that became Michael's love interest when Mac and Jack were in the performing the Vaudeville in a bar she's working in.

I chose a western saloon dress for the design A corset with a bustle skirt with and over skirt hanging from the back and with some roses sewn on the dress and garter.

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16th Michael Jackson costume fashion.

Inspired Michael Jackson's video of Michael Jackson's ghosts.

My OC's costume I designed a gothic Victorian bustle dress; that's designed to hitch up the skirt in order to free her legs when she dances. I added black-laced fingerless gloves with a matching choker and gave her a gothic victorian up-do hairstyle.

I also added Victorian button up boots

For an extra accessory I drawn a venetian mask on a stick with a half head skull, a bit like the one Michael wore at his entrance of the video. if you look closely at the mask you can see music nots on the mask. I like adding a Phantom of the Opera effect to the mask.

Here's a little fan-fiction story to go with this fan-art.

The OC's character in the ghost video, she was once a fellow town folk that the mayor runs, she often wonders near a strange manor that rumour has it that ghosts haunt the house and a peculiar man inhabits the house.

When she was a little girl, she was often picked on by the town children because she had no family and lives in the orphanage. One stormy night she was being chased by bullies, and on desperation, she ran to the closed gates of haunted mansion and screamed desperately to let her in and then as if by magic the gates opened for her and she ran into the house. Then when the bullies reach the gates and girl look back at them and saw how frightened they were of the house and quickly ran away back to their homes.

After seeing they were gone, the girl noticed that the doors of the manor had opened for her and she walked through the doors. When she entered the hallway the doors suddenly slammed shut behind her, frightened and shivering wet from the rain she quietly wandered about the house.

After hearing the rumours from town, she was nervous about this strange house, and then another pair of doors opened before her and saw a vast ballroom. As she entered the ballroom, she looked around her on the left side of the hall tall arch windows dimly lit the room, an empty fireplace at the end of the chamber and the furniture covered in white cloth to keep the dust off. Hanging from the ceiling a crystal chandelier covered in cobwebs hung above her. As the girl wondered if someone lives in the house, a roaring fire suddenly irrupted in the fireplace. Feeling the warmth on her skin, she warmed herself by the fire and then she felt a strange feeling like someone is watching her from the dark.

Then she heard a squark and flapping of wings she quickly turned round to see a shadowy figure disappearing behind a curtain at the other side of the room. Curious, she carefully walked towards the curtain. As she reached the draped curtain, she looked into the thick darkness. Suddenly at a flash of lightning, a skeleton's skull appeared from the dark made the poor girl scream and fell backwards in terror. The skeleton dressed in a black cape walked from behind the curtain to get closer to the girl who backed away from it in fright, then her back hit one of the cloth-covered furniture and watched helplessly the skeleton figure getting closer and closer.

Then as the skeleton drew level with her, it suddenly lowered its head and revealed a pair of brown eyes staring her. Realising it was only a mask, the girl was surprised to see a boy; who looked to be about the same age as her.

"Did I scare you?" The boy jokingly asked as he smiled at her.

Astonished by this unexpected question, the girl (trying to be brave) nervously shook her head in denial.

The boy knew she wasn't truthful with him after witnessing her scared face, but he didn't seem to mind that she was trying to put on a brave act on him, in fact, it made him amused.

"That's too bad isn't it?" He said as he knelt to the floor and held out his hand to her "I'll guess I'll have to try harder next time."

The girl hesitantly looks at his hand and him, trying to see if it was another one of his tricks, but he assured her it wasn't a trick and showing her he can be a gentleman, slowly she placed her hand in his and helped her up from the floor.

The boy bowed to her in a gentleman way as he introduced himself as Maestro, and the mansion is his home. After a frightening start, they both started talking about each other's lives in the town and his family history by the fireplace.

Then the girl asked him why he lives in the mansion all alone by himself, isn't he lonely?

"I'm not alone," he answered mysteriously. His answer made the girl confused, for she hasn't seen anyone else in the mansion apart from him.

"Meet the family." He introduced as he unleashed powerful beams in different directions of the chamber and one by one a ghost appears from where the beams touched. The girl was so astonished at seeing the ghosts of Maestro's family.

At first, she was a bit scared of them, but Maestro assures her they won't harm her and the ghosts and Maestro started to dance for her. Their entertainment made the girl smile, and by Maestro insistence she joined in their fun.

After their first introduction, Maestro and the girl became friends, and whenever she had the chance, she would visit him and his ghostly family in secret. From time to time, they played fun scary tricks on the town children who bullied her.

The years past and as they grew up, Maestro and the girl fell in love with each other.

Whenever she visited the house, some of the new town children grew curious about her going to the haunted house, so they followed her and maestro surprised them with his scare pranks, but they found it very funny. The girl introduced the children to her friend maestro to the children, and they became friends with the maestro and the girl.

However, the town people began to worry about children who like obsessed with haunted houses and talking about ghosts; they went to the mayor for advice. Mayor had a suspicion about the girl's nightly visits to the strange house, one evening during a meeting with the townsfolk the mayor ordered the girl not to go to that house or that freak, ever again.

The girl was determined to be with Maestro she made a plan, so one night when everyone was asleep, she packed up her stuff and moved out of town in secret.

However, some of the town children; two brothers who were watching a late night horror movie, caught her escaping, asked her where she was going. She answered she was going to live with Maestro and made them promised not to tell anyone where she was going. She left the town and the people she grew up with behind her and began a new life with Maestro.

All too soon, the townsfolk discovered the girl's disappearance and began to make a search party, then the little brother accidentally let slip where the girl lives, at the haunted mansion.

The town mayor decided to rescue the girl from that house and sets up a mob and marched towards the house, most of the townsfolk didn't want to that creepy house, but the mayor was determined to sent that freak out of town, so the townsfolk have no choice but to follow his order.

Soon they reached the gates of the mansion, a few of the town's children tried to stop them.

"Why don't we just leave them alone?" Asked one of the boys.

"They only just wanted to be together," the little brother defended, "can't we just go?"

The oldest brother hits on the head for not keeping his mouth shut like he promised to keep the secret, but their mother said he did the right thing.

When they were about to break down the gates, the gates opened by themselves and this made the townsfolk nervous. They slowly made their way to the front doors, the doors opened by themselves and as soon as the mob entered the hallway, the doors slammed shut behind them making the townsfolk scared.

They searched in the house looking for the girl and soon found themselves in the ballroom, the whole chamber was quiet and still and still no sign of the poor girl. Then all of a sudden two ravens flown down from the cobwebbed chandelier and started the townsfolk before disappearing behind the curtain. The townsfolk drew closer to the curtain and jumped back in fright as two figures wearing skull masks came out from the curtain. Then the couple revealed themselves from behind their masks, one was Maestro, and other was the girl who was safe and happy.

The townsfolk were relieved to find her safe, but they were astonished by her new look. She dressed up in a gothic Victorian bustle dress and wore gothic makeup and jewellery.

The Mayor demanded Maestro leave town forever and return the girl to her home where she belongs, but she said she already home. So Maestro suggested they play a game, the first person to get scared has to leave or if Maestro lost he will leave town and return his lover to the townsfolk. The girl objects this idea, but Maestro assured her that there'd be nothing to worry about and kissed her.

He put on a show for the townsfolk with his ghostly family to try and scare the mayor, but they weren't having much luck and when maestro possessed the mayor's body making him dance in front of the townsfolk. Then when possessed the mayor showed his horrifying monstrous face, it seemed to be clear that he was the winner.

Maestro bowed to him in respect and acknowledgement that he lost. Then he asked everyone if they still wanted him to go. The townsfolk were not sure, and the children and the girl shook their heads showing they don't want him to go, but the mayor answered for them that they do.

With that confirmed answer, Maestro smashed himself to the ground turning his whole body into dust; the girl looked on helplessly as she watches her lover destroying himself with one last look at her he whispered to her that he loved her and collapsed on the floor. The girl looked at the pile of ash of what's left of his body and wept in grief.

The townsfolk fell in silence as they witnessed the poor girl's sadness; one of the women went to comfort her as the mayor order everyone to leave this strange house. They slowly moved to the door getting ready to leave, bring the girl with them.

Then when the mayor was about to open the door, they suddenly flung opened revealing maestro's gruesome face and scared the mayor out of his wits, and he ran out of the building through the window.

The townsfolk were dumbfounded to find Maestro alive, and it was clear he was much more scary one.

The girl was so happy to find him all right and ran into his arms in relief and kissed him.

The townsfolk saw how much Maestro and the girl very much in love decided to let her live with him and this made her very happy. Not only had she found love, she now had a new family with Maestro and his ghostly family.

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To go with my little fanfic story from the costume sketch, I decided to draw the kiss scene from the story.

I drew Michael Jackson in his Maestro costume, and my OC in her Victorian dress I designed.

And added the ballroom in the background with some cobwebs sparkling from the corners.

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"Back at the palace, the slave girl was alone in the harem room gazed out of the window wondering if her lover is safe and then as if by magic there he was coming from behind her, lost for words they hugged each other after being apart for so long and shared a passionate kiss."

I created this scene from Michael Jackson's music video of remember the time, when Michael and Iman shared the kiss scene.

So I made a similar scene but added a few changes, like my OC in her belly dancing clothes, the background of the balcony, I added the pyramids of Giza and I added the Egyptian cat statue to symbolise the transformation that OC will become at the end of the music video.

I blush every time I watch the kissing scene of Remember the time.

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When I was little, I was watching the VHS video of Disney's the Little Mermaid, after the end of the credits, the footage showed a preview of the wonders of Disneyland Paris or Disneyworld. It showed all the characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Tigger and Winnie the Pooh showing guests around Disneyland, the rides, the restaurants and finally showed a clip of the film of Captain EO starring Michael Jackson. It didn't know him at the time, but I found the movie very exciting made me wish to see the film. However, I didn't get a chance. I guess you can say that was the first time I saw Michael Jackson from the Little Mermaid movie.

Then Youtube kindly showed the film, and I loved it.

Inspired by that film, I designed a space costume for my OC and starred her as the first mate of Captain Eo's crew; as well as his love interest.

For the costume, I design an ombre pink and white sleeveless jumpsuit with a high neck with a slit in the throat and a slit at the hips and a pair of Knee high boots with matching long gloves. For an extra Accessory, a pair of headphones with an aerial transmitter.

If you look closer at the jewels, I added on the costume; you can see little galaxies glittering in the jewels. (got the inspiration from MIB, Men in Black)

Since I read the EO came from the Greek word Eos; who was the Goddess of Dawn. I chose two similar names from Greek Goddesses, Astria (the virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision) or Urania (a goddess muse of astronomy). I can't decide which one to choose. What do you think?

Chapter Text

Part 2: I made some changes to OC's space costume and made it a bit similar to Captain EO's space suit he wore in the film. I even added the rainbow on the bust of the jumpsuit and changed the main colour to white and blue. But I still kept the galaxy jewels and the headphones.

Which Captain Eo costume design do you prefer?

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20th Michael Jackson inspired fashion.

I got the inspiration from the music video of Michael Jackson and the Free Willy film that the song starred in the movie.

For the Music video fan art, I gave my OC a ballet part dressed up in an ocean theme dress as a symbol of the Free Willy film, and I've been researching on ocean them costumes based on mermaids, naiads, sirens or sea nymphs. I found a few inspirations and draw the dress with different parts of the dresses that I've been researching beautiful to form one.

Not only does OC dance, but she also sings the duet with Michael Jackson and at the end of the song they recite the poem he wrote, then at the end they hug each other as the music ends.

I have to say that Free Willy is one of my favourite animal films.

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To go with the costume design I drew, I designed a dance sequence that my OC performs during the 'Will you be there' song.

Her ballet dance represents the nature of the whales, their grace, their freedom and the sounds they make like they're singing.

I also added a hairstyle accessory to the costume, a unique hair comb with a design of a cockle shell with two shark eye shells, two small seaweeds and a starfish and to finish off I added three strands of pearls.

The movie Free Willy inspires me to make this dance scene and I made this artwork in honour of the people who are still trying to save the whales.

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Michael Jackson and my OC performing the "Will you be there" song.

During the instrumental parts, I imagined them to perform a dance together, especially a part that Michael would lift and spin OC like in that scene of Disney's the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast (1991 version) and Aladdin (1992).

This picture took me four days to create, It was a bit hard trying to capture the moment of the lift and spin dance move.

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Since I made that fan art sketch of Michael Jackson's Speed Demon, I've been trying to come up some ideas on what animal costume disguise I should give to my OC in her role in Speed Demon. But I couldn't decide which one I wanted to choose, so I drawn all three animals I thought would fit in the role, as well as requested by my viewers.

On the Right, requested by Cartoonlover96 and Chipmoonwalker4TT, I drawn a female rabbit inspired by Looney Tunes Lola Bunny. For her costume I was inspired by an outfit from A Goofy Movie and for the shoes I was inspired by one of the characters from Monster High.

In the Middle, I designed this animal masquerade, I chose the vixen fox, because of the way they trick their way out of danger or traps. The art work of the fox was Inspired by Disney the Fox and the Hound. For her costume I was inspired By Britney Spears's style from her Music video: Overprotective.

On the Left, Requested by PurpleWolfieskies, I drew Oc in disguise as a tuxedo cat, I just love tuxedo cats. For the costume dress I was inspired by one of the mutant characters from X-Men Evolution.

Which one do you think is the best animal masquerade...?

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I set Michael and Oc in the scene where a fire hydrant was spraying water in the background of the music video and and drew Oc in her T.W.Y.M.M.F costume and I made a few changes from my last sketch I did.

For the pose I was inspired by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John from the film, Grease. Which in a way, I see the music video with a similar plot line.

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"Just promise me, whatever we say,

What ever we do to each other.

For now we take a vow to just,

Keep it in the Closet."

- Michael Jackson's In the Closet.

When I first watch the In the closet music video, I couldn't help but blush by the song and music video.

I designed the background similar to the ones from the photoshoot and music video, for the pose I was inspired by the Dirty Dancing film. I find this pose very sexy and seductive.

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Inspired by Michael Jackson's In the closet song from the Dangerous album, my OC acts the part of Naomi, along with the speaking parts of the song and performs with the flamenco dancers in the music video.

For the costume design, I picked a gypsy crop top with off shoulder puff sleeves and a gypsy skirt with a skirt sarong wrap like Esmeralda from Disney's the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

It took me nearly the whole day to make the ground exactly like in the music video.

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For Earth day, I decided to make two art work for the occasion.

First the Heal the World gown, inspired by the stars and by Elsa's dress from Frozen, I really love that dress but I didn't add the long trail cape and the entire fabric made of deep blue velvet.

I first heard the song Heal the world from my dance school and I fell in love with the song and I didn't know it was one of Michael Jackson's songs until later and now it will always be part of me.

I care about the world very much and I must do what I can to help it.

Would you do the same? Make that Change!

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My second Earth day art, inspired by Michael Jackson's song the Earth song from the History album and the music video from This is it.

I created the outfit similar to the clothes Michael Jackson wore in the music video ( I actually got a punk t shirt like this that inspires me to make this costume.)

My Oc part in the music video is a girl who loves the forest and all the animals of the world, but then some strangers came and began to destroy the forest and before she knew it, all the trees and the animals were gone all that was left was the destruction caused my men's greed.

But then she saw in the ruins of the forest, a small plant was still growing and a giant bull dozer was driving straight for it and without hesitation she ran as fast as she could and scoop up the plant before it could be crushed.

Then as act of desperation she fell to the ground and began chants a spiritual earth song begging the earth to save the earth, forests and the animals of the world. Then a powerful force erupted and began to blow a powerful wind that made the men push back to where they came from and then the ruined forest began to change from a desolated burned land to a land of greenery and life and all the animals returned.

Help the earth and the animals, make that change!

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Michael and OC performing a duet of Heal the World.

At the powerful climax ending of the song during the choral chant, I imagined Michael and OC sang the Heal the world we live, save it for our children part as a globe of the world appears and at the very end of the song both Michael and OC reach out their hands and touched the globe, symbolising that picture at the end of the song.

Happy Earth Day!

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As an late Earth day special, I sketch this scene to go with the costume design sketch.

In the scene, OC scoops up the sprout when the bulldozer was about to crush her and the plant, then Michael saves her by pulling her out of the way.

They looked on at the ruined forest and the havoc caused by man's greed and power. OC clutched the endangered plant to her chest and began to cry. Unable to bear the sight of what's happening to the forest, as well as the planet.

Michael and OC fell to their knees and began to chant the Earth song as they clutch the earth's soil begging earth to be restored once more as they thought about of all the animals, forestry and people who suffered in wars around the world.

Then all of a sudden the ground began to tremble, and a strong gale of wind began to blow, and a thunderstorm was brewing.

The wind was so strong that it sends Oc flying, but Michael caught her in time while clutching tight to a tree. They held on to each other as they watch the power of nature fighting back against the corruption of men and put out the fires they caused.

Then as soon as the bulldozers were gone, the ruined began to change the burnt trees began to grow back to life and the chopped down trees were placed back on their stumps and black, burnt wasteland began to spring back into lush greenery and full of life.

Michael and Oc gazed in wonder at the transformation of the forest and saw the animals returning to their natural habitats, OC began to wept with tears of joy as she hugged Michael.

At the End of the song, they planted back the sprout they saved among the rest of the forest to symbolise a new hope for Earth.

Hope you like the story and help our planet.

Happy Earth Day.

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Inspired by Michael Jackson's song and music video of Dirty Diana.

OC performs the duet with Michael in the music video as well as the mystery woman in the video.

For the costume and hairstyle design, I recycled some costume parts from my other fan art sketches. For the main dress I used the dress from the Bad fan-art, the sleeves of the dress from the speed demon animal design with the bunny, the gloves from the fox and the boots from the tuxedo cat. The hairstyle from the Come Together fan art. The jewellery and the belt came from the Way You Make Me Feel and the Bad pictures.

The whole sketch was drawn by hand first, then I photoshop the whole scene with a rock stage background.

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Inspired by the Jacksons' Blame it on the Boogie music video.

I looked on the internet for some popular clothes during the 70s and I chose a pair of flared jeans with a belt with peace symbol, a v neck top and brown platform boots.

For the hairstyle, I chose the Farrah Fawcett flocked and wavy hairstyle.

To make that electronic trail effect, I used photoshop give the trail effect for the picture.

My OC part in the music video fan art is dancing with Jackson brothers but manly with Michael. ;)

I really love that song, I couldn't stop dancing to it.

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I revamp the Jacksons' Blame it on the boogie costume and turned it into a sleeveless rainbow jumpsuit. But I kept the the platform boots and peace belt and I added a scarf headband as an extra accessory. Also I added a mood ring on the left finger.

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I wasn't sure about the first picture of Michael Jackson and OC in Earth song, when the wind storm blowed, so I made an improvement with a 3/4 view.

Which version of Earth song do you like?

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I made this cover picture because I'm planning on making a Michael Jackson fan-fiction based on his movie, "Moonwalker". In this fan-fiction story, I'm giving Michael a dancing and singing partner; who joined him during his late teens before the Off the wall era. then in a few years became the love of his life. But his partner was no ordinary human... well I shouldn't tell you more, or I'll spoil the story.

It's a fan-fiction story of love, adventure and fantasy.

I'll let you know when I'll publish the first chapter.

I was inspired by my dvd copy of Michael Jackson Moonwalker, I also used one of my Smooth Criminal sketches for OC's pose.

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I had a second thought on the Michael Jackson Jam costume, I redesign it into a sport/dance-wear. Easy to play basketball and dancing in. Inspired by Sporty Spice of the Spice Girls.

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To go with the Michael Jackson"s Blood on the dance-floor collection, I made the scene of the opening of the song where Michael walks through curtains of beads and takes a sit a table top when a mysterious woman appeared from behind the beaded curtain, teasingly flirted with every guy in the club as she walked towards Michael's table. And started dancing for him on the table top.

I was inspired by the cover of the Britney Spears CD to make this picture.

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I finally manage to create a scene of Michael Jackson and my OC performing latin dance to the Blood on the Dance-floor music video. I just love the dip part of dancing.