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Michael Jackson Fan Art and imagines.

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Hello and welcome to my Michael Jackson fan art collection, when I was a small baby, I remembered my very first Michael Jackson music video; Black or White, I remember the part with the panther dance. It was at that moment that this man was my very first pop star who will one day be my favourite in the future.

In a few years I used to be so scared of watching horror movie I couldn't stay in the same room while other people were watching them, but then one day at my dance school, a couple of girls were rehearsing for a part of the performance we were starring at the theatre.

On the night of the performance while I was waiting in the wings, I watched the scene about a guy and his girlfriend; who were walking along after their car had run out of gas and then he sort of proposed to her and was about to tell her a secret when all of a sudden he clutch at his stomach writhing in pain and when he stood up he transformed into a werewolf and started chasing after the girl through out the stage.

Then the scene changed where many girls and boys dressed in spooky clothes like zombies and ghosts were lying on the floor of the stage and then the person in the werewolf mask came back on stage and walked towards the centre of the stage and then the music starts and the struck a pose as a cue to awaken the ghosts and zombies from their rest and then started dancing to the music, the song was "Thriller".

When I watched the performance and the song I was in awe and realised that even though Horror films can be frightening sometimes they can be fun too.

I had to find out who the singer was who sang that amazing song, it took me many weeks to find out who the singer was. Then I bought the music video to watch the actual Thriller music video along with the rest of his music videos, when I saw Michael Jackson, I immediately recognised the man who performed the panther dance when I was a baby. I was so glad to find out the man who danced like the panther and sang Thriller were one and the same person.

After watching the music videos he made, I immediately fell in love with his music and became a fan and started collecting his albums, VHS videos, DVDs and played his Video game on wii. (The Michael Jackson Experience)

Then after witness what the media did to that poor man, I was outraged at them, how could they say such cruel lies about him and what he had been through because of them.

Then on 2009 one morning, my Mum came to me and said that Michael Jackson was dead, at first I couldn't believe it. I felt so sad after losing the greatest performer of all time, in a few months I watched his funeral on television, I cried when people sang his songs in memory of him.

Even after his death, I still listen to his music and watch his music videos to this very day.

I made some these fan art drawings in memory of him and his music.