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The Salamander's Eggs

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Aelanis had thought that the mission sounded easy enough.

Almost too easy.

That should have been his clue that something wasn't quite right, but he'd never been the type to ask too many questions.

Since he'd left his village to find fortune, it really seemed that luck was on his side. He'd already managed to get quite far by hitching a ride on a merchant's carriage in exchange for helping him guard his wares, and once he arrived in the city he'd acquired some gear that would help him out in his missions, then set out to find someone in need of a pair of arms and the right skills to accomplish their goals.

...and that was when his problems started.

Back in his village he'd been fairly tall and of average build, not the strongest guy around but also not the weakest. At 120 years of age, he was quite young for an half-elf but well over the age where one could be expected to be able to fend for himself.

It turned out however, that what he'd always heard about humans was over-exaggerated, but not by that much. Even the shortest of them still towered over him, and most of the men there could easily pick him up by the scruff of his neck if they so wished - something that one of them demonstrated to him in a tavern, much to his shock and embarrassment and to the amusement of most of the other patrons.

Aelanis had felt intimidated, but not discouraged. Sure, maybe he wasn't the best choice for something that required hard labor or brute force, but he was agile and fast and his small size meant he could easily sneak into places that a human would not be able to fit into. Surely there were still plenty of missions that he could excel in, if only they'd let him try!

Fresh from his humiliation in the tavern and burning with the fire of determination, when an old man approached him to tell him he'd heard he was offering his services he'd immediately jumped on the chance and agreed before even hearing what it was all about, sure that whatever it was it'd be something he could handle.

Sure enough, once the old man explained it he was confident that he could have completed that mission blindfolded and with one hand tied behind his back.

The thing was, at about one day or two of distance from the city, there was a cave where one could gather the eggs of a salamander, which were a valuable ingredient for potions and also sometimes used as a novelty item by nobles since they could be placed directly inside a fire without suffering any damage.

Aelanis had never seen a salamander and knew little to nothing about them, but the old man gave him a potion to drink before entering the cave and assured him that would make sure he didn't smell like food, so the creature would not harm him.

This is so easy, he thought as he made his way through the tunnels of the cave, using his limited powers to create a small floating light that preceded him and helped him look for his destination.

Apparently salamanders could live in and out of the water and preferred dark and humid places, so his best bet to find their eggs was to search for the underground lake.

His small stature did aid him in his task, allowing him to slip through a few shortcuts and reach his objective much faster than he would have following the main tunnel.

The most annoying thing thus far was that the deeper he went, the warmer it was, and as he got closer and closer to the lake the air also got damper, making the heat feel even more suffocating. The only upside was that the humidity allowed some kind of luminescent mushroom to grow and that meant he was allowed to see a bit better.

At first he'd tried to keep his mantle on, but eventually he had to give up on it and left it on top of a weirdly-shaped stalagmite, hoping to retrieve it later. Thankfully his route had been pretty straightforward for a while, so there was no way he'd miss it on his way back.

Still, even in his light tunic Aelanis was sweating so much that the clothing was sticking to his skin in a very unpleasant manner, and the same was true for his hair, which he decided to tie up in a ponytail so that at least his nape would not get so overheated.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity he managed to reach a wider space where the stone gave way to a pool of limpid water, illuminated by the turquoise glowing mushrooms and by some unknown luminescent type of fish swimming just below its surface.

It was such a beautiful sight that for a moment Aelanis was distracted from his mission, thinking about how nice it would be to take a dip and rinse the sweat off of himself.

His thoughts, however, were soon interrupted once the glowing fish seemed to go crazy, quickly rushing away in all directions. It did not take long for him to understand why: something much larger was moving underneath the water, something that made him scurry towards the nearest stalagmite hoping it was large enough to hide him, peeking from behind to keep his eyes on the danger lurking under the surface.

The creature didn't notice him as it emerged from the water, so he had all the time to stare and take in every detail of its appearance.

The first thing that came out were its clawed hands and big, powerful arms, which it used to grasp the edge of a large rock to help it pull the rest of its body outside. Next came the head, which was lizard-like in appearance but slightly more rounded, followed by its huge ridged back and its legs, whose feet were also armed with sharp claws, and finally its tail, which was wide and fairly flat towards the end. Its skin was glossy and black, marbled with silver streaks which had a slight blue-green tint under the mushrooms' light.

Once it turned around and looked back at the water, Aelanis almost yelped out loud when he saw its tongue dart out and capture one of the fishes, extending at least as far as the halfth of its body and then sweeping back together with its prey, which the creature apparently swallowed whole - even if he could see a glimpse of its sharp teeth for a split second before its jaws closed.

That must be the salamander, Aelanis thought, gulping loudly as he tried to remember that even if it noticed him, the potion should help him avoid that gruesome destiny. Still, it was hard not to feel intimidated by such a large and threatening beast.

Now that I found it, it should not be hard to find the eggs, he told himself, resisting the urge to sneak back from the entrance and run away as fast as he could before he could be caught by that monster. He had a mission to accomplish, for the Gods' sake, if he ran away at the first glimpse of a threat what sort of adventurer was he?! Plus what would everyone say, once that old man told them that he hadn't even been able to complete such a simple task?

He only had to go unnoticed, and follow the creature to its lair. It shouldn't be that hard. He was smaller, agile and his boots were made of a special material that absorbed the sound of his footsteps, so if he was careful as he tailed him then everything would go smoothly.

If I do a good job, then everyone will see that I can be trusted to accomplish my mission, he told himself, taking a deep breath before he decided to try and sneak behind it to explore the other passage on the opposite side of that chamber. If that was where the salamander came from, then maybe it had left its eggs there.

All seemed to go well, but as he got particularly close to the salamander's tail and made sure to keep his eyes glued on its rear, he failed to notice a small puddle of water on his way, where one of his boots landed with a loud splash.

He froze in place, a part of him yelling at him that he should run away as fast as his legs could carry him while the other yelled that if he ran then the creature might attack him mistaking him for a prey or for a potential threat, and one slash of those claws could mean instant death.

As the salamander slowly turned around, the only solution he could think of was to retreat against the nearest surface, shaking like a leaf in the wind as he was face to face with that terrifying creature.

Its big bulging eyes were pointed at him and there was no doubt that he had been spotted, still he was too terrified to try to run away.

Even as the creature crawled towards him, he was paralyzed in fear and could do nothing but stare back as his heart thumped furiously in his ears.

The salamander's head was in front of him, so close that he could feel its warm breath against his chest, so close that he could distinguish each and every one of the silver spots that clustered together in marble-like streaks all across its smooth, glistening skin, so close that he could see every single gold speck in its irises as its pupils widened, could see his own frightened expression reflected in them.

As its mouth opened he closed his eyes and braced himself for the pain that was sure to follow, waiting for those jaws to clamp down on his flesh and for those razor-sharp teeth to tear it apart and all he could hope was for it to be quick.

Then he felt something warm and wet on his chest, sliding up along his neck and his face, sticking to his skin and leaving a mucous trace behind it like a slug.

He cried out in surprise and horror, opening his eyes only to realize the creature was licking at him, and that finally snapped him out of his stupor.


He ran away, not in the direction he came from but it was too late to turn back, the creature had already barred the way. He would find another passage, something, anything to get out of its grasp, for the time being he was too terrified to be able to think clearly. All he knew was that he had to get as far away as possible and then he could stop and think of the fine details.

That part of the cave was much damper, with parts of the floor covered by a thin layer of mud, and it was clear that it was also the place where the beast normally retreated to. Maybe its nest was somewhere in there, the thought briefly crossed his mind but he was not stupid enough to go look for it while an horrifying beast chased after him.

Not going back had been a huge mistake, he soon realized, as the cave only went deeper and deeper, getting so warm and damp that he could see the mist in the turquoise glow, sticking to his clothes and skin and air and mingling with his sweat. His white tunic was practically see-through, it was soaked through to the point where it was weighting him down, or so it seemed to him at least.

As he stopped to breathe, struggling to do so in that heavy air, he got so frustrated that he undid his belt and furiously tore the clothing off of himself together with his trousers, throwing them in the mud before tightening his belt around his now bare waist. He felt even more vulnerable without his clothes, left with only a short pair of braies that covered him down to his knees, but at least it also felt less suffocating.

He didn't have much time to savour his relief, however, as he could hear the creature's heavy steps as it made its way towards him. It made no other sound aside from that, no hissing nor growling or any sort of threatening call, but that didn't make it any less terrifying.

He wouldn't get anywhere by just moving forward, the creature knew that place better than him and likely that was why it was not rushing, because it knew that there was no way its prey could escape from there. He had to find a way to get back, but how?

Maybe I could hide somewhere?

He looked around and, sure enough, he could see a hole in the wall that looked like it was just the right size to fit him. With some luck the creature would pass by without seeing him, and even if it did see him then it would not be able to get to him.

Of course there was always the risk that it would stay there and wait for him to get out, but what else could he do? The level of muddy water on the floor was rising, first it was only a few inches but by then it was almost up to his ankles. He was fairly sure that if he kept going, it would eventually get to the point where it went up to the roof and he would be stuck there in a far worse situation, as the salamander could swim and breathe underwater but he couldn't.

That damn old man did not tell me it was some kind of huge monster!, he thought angrily as he slipped headfirst into the small passage, then stretched out his arms to find something to grasp on so he could pull himself further up and climb in.

The way the man spoke, it sounded more like it was some kind of mildly threatening creature like a boar or a wolf, something that he could have taken out if he really had to fight it. And why hadn't the potion worked? If he didn't smell like food why was the beast chasing after him!?

Either way, he would make sure to let that bastard know how pissed he was once he managed to get back, but for the moment he had to focus on staying alive so he could get back in one piece.

He finally managed to get a grip on the slippery surface, which would have been easier if not for the rivulet of water that leaked down through the whole thing. Using all of his strength, he pushed himself up with his legs and at the same time pulled with his arms, grunting from the effort. The passage was narrower than he'd expected, meaning that it was a rather tight fit, and it went upwards so he had to use quite a bit of force in order not to slip down.

He tried to get further in, hissing as his side was scraped by the jagged edge of a rock that protuded from the wall, but he soon realized that there was no way he would fit, even if he'd gotten rid of his belt and all of his possessions that were attached to it. It was just too small, even for him. It could have worked if it only had been a bit wider, so maybe he could find another hiding spot if he hurried.

With a sigh, he let his grip loosen so that he could slide back down.

Except that he didn't.

As he had tried to get through, he didn't know how it happened but he must have managed to squeeze his shoulders past a particularly tight spot - the same one that was now clogged up by the higher part of his torso, just below his armpits.

Oh no...

He tried to push himself upwards again, except his feet were barely touching the ground as he was stuck on tiptoes. He just couldn't muster up enough force in his legs in that pose and, to make matters worse, the slippery mud that covered the ground meant that his feet skittered over it and he was unable to gain even that little leverage to push himself further.

Oh no no no no no... I'm stuck!

The terror was overpowering him again, the creature's steps were getting closer and all he could do was to blindly flail his legs and arms and pray to any gods from any pantheon that he knew of that they could help him get away from there before it was too late.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, come on!

Aelanis started crying in frustration and anger and, yes, also fear. Why him? Why there, in such a place? He'd barely begun his quest and yet it was about to end so horribly, and all because he'd gotten himself stuck like an idiot. Maybe the men who mocked him had been right. Maybe he really would have been better off running back to his village. Now it was too late, and he was going to pay for his foolishness. And the worst thing was, no one but the old man knew that he even was there, so no one would come looking for him. His mother likely would never know what had become of him, and all that he'd have accomplished by leaving his home would be to become that beast's lunch.

He could hear it, it was getting closer and closer, so close and so big that the ground seemed to shake with every step - or maybe it was him who was shaking so much that he felt as if everything around him did too.

Once he felt the creature's tongue on his calve he screamed, thrashing around and kicking even if he knew he could not hope to do anything but piss it off even if he managed to hit it.

One of the creature's hands grasped his thigh, claws lightly scratching his skin, and he knew he was done for, knew that soon he would feel his flesh get torn off and eaten, so he stopped fighting and clasped his hands together, reciting a silent prayer to the Sun God.

Once again his fears were proven unfounded. Instead of biting his thigh, the creature only licked at it before doing the same with the other one, his tongue sliding up higher and even sneaking underneath his braies, sliding along the inside of his thighs.

Aelanis shivered, feeling his disgust rise as the creature's wet appendage covered his skin in its sticky drool. Even the palms of its hands were sticky, and the more they stayed in contact with his skin the more he felt as if they were burning, like when he sliced some of the spicy roots that his mother cultivated and their liquids leaked on his fingers.

Then the creature's tongue moved up between his legs and he gasped and yelped once he felt it on his testicles, first on the base then sliding up along his perineum until it reached his anus and-

"Hyaaa?!", he screamed out loud, green eyes widening in shock as the wet appendage brushed the sensitive skin there before the creature retracted it. He was so surprised he didn't even know how to react as the creature's claws ripped the fabric of his braies, as easily as if it was a piece of parchment.

Then the creature grasped on his thighs with both hands, spreading them apart and sinking the tip of his claws in his soft flesh, making him whimper in pain and fear. It was so much bigger and stronger than him, there was no way that he could stop it from doing whatever the hell it was doing, and by that point he was not even entirely sure that it wanted to eat him.

Still, when that tongue was on him again he couldn't help but fear that it would be followed by teeth, so he did not relax even as the licking continued without the creature taking even a small nibble.

In fact, as the tongue moved along his most sensitive areas, a new kind of fear spread through him together with a deep shame as he realized, his body was reacting to that disgusting treatment and not in the way that he wanted it to! The long, warm licks were making him shiver, and he tried to tell himself it was only in revulsion but the way his cock hardened said otherwise.

He was panting loudly, hands grasping onto the stone and hips jerking up every now and then as the licking increased, the long tongue exploring his whole body as far as it could reach. His skin was flushed and covered in goosebumps, and even his nipples were hardening, making him bite his lips to hold back a loud moan when a sudden movement caused them to brush against the harsh surface of the passage.

"Oh by the Gods...", he whimpered, feeling the creature's hands move up on his ass cheeks to spread them, sinking its claws into his plump flesh. His small hole twitched even before the tongue trailed from the back of his balls and then between his buttocks, spreading more of its drool in the dip until it was dripping down together with the half-elf's sweat.

When the tongue breached his hole it did not hurt, sliding in with a single fluid motion and coating his insides with its mucus-like substance. Still, there was a strong discomfort as he'd never really had anything in his ass before, nor had he ever thought he would. He knew of such practices but they were frowned upon, and that was when they involved two persons.

To experience such a thing from such a frightening monster... the mere thought filled him with intense shame, while the act itself was even worse. He could feel his ass being spread open, could feel the soft appendage slide in and out of it, going deeper and deeper each time, until he felt as if all of his insides were being licked, fearing that if it went on like that he would eventually feel that tongue slide all the way through him and come out of his mouth.

Thankfully that didn't happen, and in fact after a while the creature seemed to have grown tired of using its tongue and finally slid it out, leaving his anus twitching as it readjusted to the sudden emptyness, leaking out some of the creature's fluids.

Aelanis took the chance to try and calm his breath, legs shaking but now for a completely different reason, his cock so hard that the head was peeking out of its foreskin and a few droplets of precum had already collected at the very tip.

He didn't know what had happened and much less why, but he was glad that it was over. If he ever got out of that cave he was going to kill the damn old man, or at least beat him up for putting him in that situation. And all for some stinking eggs!

Right as he was thinking that, he once again felt something press against his hole but this time it was a bit larger than the creature's tongue, albeit it was still covered in some kind of slick liquid.

"Wait, don't- AH!".

Aelanis tried to protest but in vain, the new appendage sliding in with relative ease inside his wet hole, sinking in deeper and deeper like the tongue had done but without sliding back, only moving forward while following the curves of his insides.

This time it hurt, even if there wasn't much friction the pressure was making him feel as if his hole would tear open, and the deep insertion was extremely uncomfortable. He was filled up so much, and still it kept going further.

Aelanis might have been a little naïve, but he was not that naive as to not know that this was some kind of sexual act. He didn't know why that monster would decide to mate with him, and at least it wasn't exactly harming him, not in a lethal manner. As disgusting as it was, maybe if he cooperated he could leave that cave relatively unscathed.

With that thought in mind, he did his best to relax as he tried to get used to the large insertion, he didn't know if the salamander would start thrusting next or if it would just release its seed eventually, but for the time being it wasn't being too rough. In fact, it seemed surprisingly patient in its act, sliding in slowly as if to give his insides some time to adjust to the insertion.

After what felt like forever, the creature's hands slid up to his hips as the skin of its abdomen touched Aelanis's rear. The base of its appendage was a bit wider than the rest, but his hole easily stretched open to welcome even the last few inches, and at that point the creature let out its fist sound - a sort of deep, satisfied murmur.

It only stayed like this at first, not moving at all, and Aelanis was growing nervous. Then he felt something weird.

Something was pushing against his entrance again, but this time it was from within the appendage. Slowly but surely, something was being inserted inside him, the long tube inside him contracting rhythmically and squeezing the object in further, forcing his anus to spread open and welcome it even as he instinctively tried to squeeze down and fight against it.

"No! Don't!", he yelled, although he doubted that the creature could understand him and even if it did, it probably wouldn't care. He couldn't take anything so big... and what was it even? It was stretching him out to his limits, and at its widest point Aelanis really thought that his hole would tear open, but eventually his ass swallowed up the unknown thing and he felt it travel up further inside him, brushing against his prostate in the process.

"F-fuck, what are you- nghhh!"

Another one of those things was pushed inside him, and then another one and yet one more, again and again, until it finally occurred to him-

/"Don't worry, this will make it so that you will not smell like prey to it..."/

/"Just gather some of the salamander's eggs for me, and you will be rewarded"/

/"For an old man like me it's too dangerous, but you are young and healthy... I'm sure you can gather a lot!"/

"That fucking old- Nh! BASTARD!", Aelanis cried out, only then realizing the true meaning behind those words.

That bastard had known. He had known all along and still he sent him there without saying anything - most likely because anyone would have refused if they had known the truth.

I'll fucking kill him, I don't care, this isn't some fucking trick you can pull on people who come there to help your old ass!

He was livid, and at least that distracted him from the pain for a while, but the more that went on the more his discomfort grew, especially once he felt his belly was starting to get stretched out. Plus the continuous on-and-off pressure against his prostate was making his cock leak precum, the tip brushing against the wall outside the passage now that the creature was squeezing his body against it.

If only I could get my hands out at least I'd be able to touch myself, he thought with growing frustration. As ashamed as he was at the thought of cumming from being filled with a monster's eggs, the constant torment of being brought so close but not close enough was even worse. No one would ever know anyway, not if he managed to find a discreet way to dispose of the eggs at least, before he got back to the city.

When he last of the creature's eggs had been lodged inside of him, the beast finally started to pull its appendage out, a process that took much longer than Aelanis would have liked and once again left his ass feeling sore and weirdly empty once the appendage fully retracted inside the salamander's body, his hole now clenching and unclenching while his body was shook by small tremors. His cock was still hard, almost painfully so, and if the stone against which it was pressed hadn't been so rough he would have been tempted to rub himself against it to find some relief.

Surely, he thought, now that it's done with me it will me leave me alone, and then I can try and figure out how to get out of here and get back outside before the effect of the potion runs its course.

He was exhausted and thoroughly humiliated, but at least he was still in one piece. It was finally over, thanks to the Sun God or whatever deity had decided to take pity on him.

Or so he thought, at least.

And then, much to his horror, he felt something else pushing against his already-abused hole, and he didn't even have the time to beg or protest before the head of the creature's cock was pushed inside him with a strong thrust, then pulled out, then pulled in again together with a few more inches of the whole thing.

Aelanis whimpered weakly and wept as the claws dug a little bit more inside his skin, making him bleed, but he barely felt that once the salamander's cock was pushed almost all the way in, making him cry out loud in both pain and pleasure. There was a faint burning sensation, similar to where his skin had made contact with the creature's but thankfully not as intense, and while he could not see its shape he could feel its bumps and ridges, could tell that its glans had a slightly pointed edge and that was hitting exactly the right spot which made him see stars and howl out in pleasure.

It was so big, too big but an elf's body was known to be fairly elastic, even if one was an half-elf like Aelanis. He couldn't know that, but it was exactly why that old man had decided to trick him into accepting his mission.

So even as the creature picked up its pace and started fucking him at a faster pace, Aelanis's body soon adjusted to his rough fucking and his hips started swinging back to meet its thrusts, which drew another pleased noise from the beast.

"Nnh...f-fuck! Aah! Oh Gods- nh, why does it...AH! S-so good!"

Aelanis's brain felt as if it was turned into a mushy goo, unable to think anything clear nor to focus on anything but the big cock messing up his insides, and how much he wanted it to fuck him even harder.

Everytime the tip bumped against his prostate his cock dripped down more precum and his inner muscles clenched as if to suck it in more, while the ridges and the nubs that covered its length made him feel like sparks were coursing through his body as they rubbed against the sensitive skin of his anus.

"I-I'm gonna... Nh!F-fu- AAH! G-gunna c-cum...Aah, AAH! P-please! Oh, oh fuck yes, yes, like that!".

He didn't even feel any shame as he screamed and wailed, enjoying every second of it as his ass was used like nothing more but a seedbed by the creature, which was shaking its hips in a frenzy as it also neared its orgasm, preparing to release its cum inside the slutty half-elf.

"Aaah... AAH! Oh Gods yes, yes, YES! More! Aah, fuck me more! Aah... I'm gonna cum, I-I'm gonna- AH! Please! Please yes, YES! HYAAAAA!"

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Aelanis's body arched up as he came hard and squeezed on the creature's cock, milking it as the salamander's hot sperm filled him up and then kept filling him more and more, until all of the previously-planted eggs were sure to be soaked in it.

Overwhelmed by the intensity of his orgasm, Aelanis collapsed and almost fainted, his body still shaking from the aftermath as a series of smaller climaxes had followed the first until his head felt blank. In his current state, he had no recollection of why he even came into that cave into the first place and much less of why he had tried to fight against the creature's mating.

He was spent but satisfied, his legs dangling uselessly from the wall, which had been stained with his semen. His ass was still clinging to the creature's cock as it pulled out, as if it didn't want to let it go and was trying to suck every last drop of sperm out of it, but once the head finally popped out it was followed by a spurt of thick, jelly-like semen, which slowly leaked down Aelanis's sweat-and-drool-soaked legs.

He was left there, unmoving and barely conscious, and when he finally started to come back to his senses the creature didn't seem to be anywhere close.

Fuck... what have I-

He groaned, covering his face with his hands. The sounds he had made... the lewd begging, the way he'd been shaking his hips... he could only be glad no one else had been there to see him, because he knew he wouldn't have dared to ever show his face to any living soul otherwise.

At least I didn't get eaten.

Speaking of which, he realized he'd better get out of there before the creature came back. He wasn't sure that the next time it came across him it wouldn't decide to enjoy his body in an entirely different manner.

Maybe now I can make it.

He pushed and twisted his torso around, wincing as his distended stomach cramped up at times, his body still adjusting to the feeling of the eggs inside him. He was going to get rid of those too. He'd think of something once he was out.

He didn't even know how he managed to do it, but one of his arms finally managed to slip past the narrower part of the passage, even if his shoulder almost popped out of its socket in the process. The other one took a lot less effort, and at that point all he had to do was push himself out.

...and then his egg-filled belly got stuck, unable to get more than one inch out of the passage now that it was bulging out like that., no, fuck, no, not again, it's not fucking fair, it's not-

He placed his hands above his bellybutton, feeling the pressure of the eggs from the inside. He pressed on it harder, clenching his teeth from the pain but he didn't stop, trying to make his body expell the eggs, but to no avail.

The reality of the situation hit him like a cold shower.

There was nothing he could do to get away.

He was stuck there again. With that creature.

To become either its next snack, or its seedbed. He wasn't quite sure of which of those fates sounded more depressing.

Nobody even knew where he went. Nobody except the old man, and he doubted that the bastard would send a search party his way.

How much would it take for someone to stumble upon that cave? And even if they did, what would they think if they saw him like before, screaming and moaning like a slut while begging for more, cumming as the creature fucked his ass and used him like a breeding ground for its young?

Aelanis bursted out into a histerical laughter.

Nobody was going to find him there, no.

But maybe it was better like that.