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Lights flashing, music blasting, and bodies moving with and into another. The welcoming party in full swing as the mood only elevated with every drop. The music almost nonexistent however as two figures moved hurriedly up stairs. The want in the mans eyes, the need in the her voice: ragged breathing and half moans as the two bodies grinded into eachother. By some miracle making it through the crowd.

Pushing the red headed woman against the wall once up stairs, the man growled teasingly. His shaggy brown hair covering his eyes, though from the smirk on his lips the platinum blonde could only whine in dissaproval. quickly shifting the both of them moved in sync to the nearest open door. Lips locked in frenzied, lustful kisses as they entered a room. For the first time, as the man closed the door, locking the door and turning on the light. The man could look at the woman before him:

Beautiful, platinum blonde hair, reaching her back. Eyes that taunted you to come at her, on her, in her. Skin tanned from being outside constantly, though her figure showed why. A bust that threatened to just pop out of her tank top, and slender legs and hips with curves in the right places with just the right amount. No wonder she drove hm crazy.

"You know i love when you look like that.." He started as he pushed her against the closest thing in the room they had locked themselves in: A Sink counter. "Let me see the real you when i drive you crazy..." As though that was a code of sorts, the woman smirked as she emitted a soft glow. The clothes gone, as a zoroarksat on the counter, legs spread for the man as her mouth was slightly parted, pants escaping her mouth as she stared at the man with intense need, Want filling her as she stared at him, then the blatant erection in his pants. Seemingly making her pussy twitch in anticipation, the pink folds soaked from all the build up for this moment.

To be fucked senseless against a Bathroom counter at a party full of people.

The man unbuckled his belt. Painfully slow, anticipation filling the Zoroark as her snatch ached at the sheer sight of everything. The sudden pressure of the man's hand pressing against her folds, his finger slipping in sent shocks through her body.

"You're soaked.." He teased. as his hand continued to play with her. Getting her ready for the real fun, his dick now out as she hungrily moaned in delight.

Yet before it all happened. The man looked up.

"Your desires made real."

And everything goes black