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Mama Voldie and The Goblet of Fire

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Grabbing the two lists of books Severus checked that he had everything else for this outing. Marvolo stood ready with the two boys at his side rolling his eyes at Severus overchecking everything. They had to go to Diagon Alley today, Cissy and Lucius would meet them there as they had to do something in muggle London first.

“Verus, we have everything. Even Ry is bored of you.” Annoyance filtered into Marvolo’s voice as he complained for maybe the tenth time in the past ten minutes.

“I am almost...done!” Severus turned triumphantly back to them holding onto a diaper bag filled with everything he could think of. They had done a shopping trip earlier this summer to stock Ry’s two rooms.

“Mama up!” Ry held his arms out for Marvolo upset that he had to stand so long and watch Dada go through everything like twenty times.

“Alright duckling. Hold on.” Marvolo swung Ry up onto his hip and then caught one of Draco’s hands in his free one. “Dragon I know that you are big enough to walk on your own but until we meet up with your parents I would like you to hold onto either mine or Uncle Severus’s hand. The alley is crowded and it is easy to lose adults in the crowd and I really don’t want to deal with your mother if we lose you.” This drew a giggle from Draco, he did not care if his uncles were being overprotective of him.

With everything finally all set they started the flooing process. Severus first followed closely behind by Draco and then Marvolo with Ry tucked into his neck. Shushing Ry quietly Marvolo repeated the the destination and stepped into the swirling green flames.

Almost as soon as they landed Ry tried to wiggle his way out of Marvolo’s arms. Though he understood why, Ry hated flooing and would rather be with the person who had not taken him, he was worried about the crowds. Ry was tiny in comparison to everyone else that was there and Marvolo really did not want to lose him or let him get hurt.

“No, duckling. You’ll see Daddy in a few seconds.” Marvolo hummed to Ry as he stepped out of the floo and headed towards his husband and the Malfoy family.

“Dada!” Ry was in full pout mode and holding his arms out to Severus.

“Oh I know angel. Mama was so mean taking you through the floo so we could get your special school supplies.” Severus cooed to Ry calming him with gentle pats to his bottom.

“Bad Mama.” Ry told him with a quick nod. Marvolo did not take it personally Ry had said Severus was bad because he had given Ry his bottle cold just this morning.

“I know ducky but how about Mama makes it up to? If you are well behaved we’ll get an ice cream and split alright?” Marvolo knew that they would probably give Ry just three bites of the sweet treat and they would eat the last of it. Ry’s eyes sparkled at that and he nodded happily.

“I suggest we head to the bookstore now if we wish to avoid the traffic of everyone.” Lucius spoke up now seeing the crowd they had staring at them.

Everyone nodded and started the slight trek to Flourish and Blotts. Inside the store was way less crowded then the streets and Ry seemed comfortable around the calming atmosphere. Marvolo, Cissy and Draco parted into the stacks for the school books that would not be in the front while Severus, Lucius and Ry made their way to the front of the shop.

“Ah Lord Malfoy, Prince.” An older looking man with graying hair and large glasses barely hanging onto his nose greeted the two adults. “Who is this youngster?”

“Hello Mr. Flourish. This is my son, Ry. Say hello Ry.” Severus spoke softly to the child perched on his hip. Ry blushed slightly and waved, “He’s a bit shy. Were you able to procure those books I asked for Mr. Flourish?”

“Yes. First through Fourth year textbooks that allow charms to be placed on them. I also looked into those old workbooks for students that need help with maths and all that. Jameson found some for reading and writing as well.” Mr. Flourish told him with a smile as he picked up the heavy paper wrapped package.

“Thank you very much Mr. Flourish. This should be a great help. We’ll be getting another set of fourth year books and I am sure there will be some more books. We let Cissy and M lose in your store with only Draco with them.” Mr. Flourish laughed at the grave tone he was given by Severus. It took the other half of their group half an hour to get the books on the list and the promise extra books.

During that time Severus had been showing Ry a picture book that he had found by accident. He was not surprised to see several other picture books among the stack of books to be bought. After paying they made their way out into the streets again and were trying to plan out where to go next.

Ry wiggled to be put down when they left the shop and though Severus and Marvolo were worried about losing him they let him down. He was instructed to hold Draco’s hand and stay nearby while they figure out what to do next. Ry was happy to be with his big cousin and had clasped his hand happily.

“Why don’t Cissy and M take the boys to get their robes now while Severus and I get their potions items. We can meet up outside Gringotts and see if we can get that wandmaker of Ragnarok's to make Ry a new one.” Lucius suggested keeping one eye on Ry and Draco who were standing in front of the quidditch store which they had stopped in front of to talk.

“Do you think he’ll be alright getting fitted for his new uniform?” Cissy asked worriedly as Ry moved closer to Draco as someone brushed past them.

“I think with M with him he should be fine. Trust me out of all of us he knows that M will take care of him even if it means he’ll get hurt.” Severus explained even if it earned him a glare in return.

They broke apart, Severus and Lucius towards the apothecary and Cissy and Marvolo to the boys. It took them ten minutes to make their way back to Madam Malkin’s because the crowds had gotten so large. Ry had started to suck and bite on his fingers in place of his dummy as it was tucked into the diaper bag because of how stressed he was.

“No ducky. Here take your dummy.” Marvolo told him gently after prying his fingers from his mouth and offering the plastic teat in lue of it. “Madam Malkin, it is so good to see you.”

“Ah my two favorite customers!” Madam Malkin bustled from the back and smiled at the small group. “Hello dears, now I know Draco, Narcissa and you Marv but who is this cutie?”

“This is my son, Ry. We need to get him a Little uniform, preferably four sets, a pair of child dress robes and some simple children’s robes.” Marvolo told her his order as he bounced Ry on his hip a bit.

“Draco just needs a new dress robe and an extension charm renewal.” Narcissa told her.

Madam Malkin smiled an nodded towards the stool, “Alright set the boys up there and I’ll get Charlotte to take everyone’s measurements while I grab some fabric and color options for you.” Spinning on her heel she went to grab the swatches.

Charlotte, Madam Malkin’s daughter and assistant, came bustling out of the back room as Marvolo and Cissy got the two boys settled on the stools for her. She smiled at the little boy who sat suckling on his dummy while clutching onto his stuffed animal. Turning back to the two adults she laughed a tiny bit through her questions.

“Do you think you could get him to stand up? If not he’s going to stand then he has to hand over the duck. I am sorry it just interferes with the measurements, my mother said I was the same way when I was young.” Charlotte explained quietly.

“Ducky sweetheart, can you stand for Mama and this nice lady?” Marvolo asked softly but he just got a moody glare. Sighing he threw an apologetic look towards her, “He’s tired, missed a nap time. Ducky you need to stand up or you have to give me Waddles.”

  Ry felt like crying he realised suddenly how tired he was and all he wanted was to curl up and go to sleep but mean Mama would not let him. He held up his stuffed duck tears slowly falling down his face as Marvolo held onto the toy. Thankfully Charlotte decided to work quickly on Ry and because of his smaller body it was done within seconds of her starting.

“Thank you, Charlotte.” Marvolo quietly told her as he picked up Ry and carefully started to rock him to sleep. Everyone felt the tension of a tantrum dissipate almost as soon as he was asleep. Charlotte just continued working pretending like nothing had happened.

“Okay so I have these colors for dress robes for children…” Madam Malkin’s voice quieted a bit when she saw the sleeping little in Marvolo’s arms. “Well he certainly is your child. Anyways here are the swatches for the children’s collection I am allowed to use and here are the swatches for dress robes.”

Cissy flipped through the different fabrics until she found a nice cashmere and silk blend. Choosing a dark blue that almost looked black. It went well with Draco’s eyes and skin heck it would even work well for Ry but she knew that Marvolo and Severus would prefer a lighter material for the baby.

“Cissy what do you think of Ry’s dress robes being the same design as Verus’s and mine but in a dark cyan?” Marvolo was not sure about colors or fabrics like Cissy and always found himself turning back to her.

“That will look really nice except have her loosen the collar area making it easier for moments like these when he’s sleeping or being feed without worries of him being choked by them. I would suggest going with neutral colors like beige for his everyday child robes except for two of them. So get two neutrals at least one beige and then two colored get one in his favorite color and maybe one in gold or green.” She smiled at him seeming to think it out in his head and then agreeing.

Ry nuzzled into Marvolo’s chest causing him to remember that the baby was still in his arms sleeping. Gesturing to Cissy they maneuvered and resized the stroller they had and placed Ry in it reclined and with both Peter and Waddles tucked against him. Turning back towards Draco and Charlotte they were not surprised that Draco was almost done.

Madam Malkin came over with a never ink quill and started to jot down what they wanted for the boys. Cissy chose all the fabrics for both boys while Marvolo told her the choices for colors with the swatches. As soon as she was done taking their orders Draco was also finished and they were all set to meet up outside of Gringotts.

Marvolo was careful pushing the stroller so that it did not hit any bumps and wake a tired baby early. Severus and Lucius immediately caught sight of the stroller and worried about going into the bank as it would be as loud inside as it was outside on the streets. Marvolo seemed to see their distress for he just smiled at them.

“There’s a specialised children spell on him it dims everything around him while awake and when asleep it is completely silent until someone directly speaks to him.” Cissy explained as she fixed a lock of Draco’s hair.

Once they made their way into the bank Severus spoke with one of the tellers before having them all be escorted into a large office. A single chair and desk sat in the center of the room while the walls were covered in different items varying from jewelry to weapons. It was as Lucius was about to question the teller that the chair spun to reveal the occupant they had a meeting with.

“Lord Malfoy, Lady Malfoy, Lord Prince and Lord Slytherin. Though I have intentions of meeting with you four but I had no intentions for this so soon. What has brought you?” The goblin asked his claws meeting in a pyramid.

“Harry Potter...well Ry Prince now. We rescued him earlier this summer and have been helping him recover. On his birthday we did a blood adoption along with a cleansing potion. During all of this it was revealed to us that his wand was broken and burned along with all of his other possessions. Sorry for the ramble, your majesty but we would very much like to have permission to meet with your wandmaker for him and also I would like to have paperwork drawn up for him to become blood heir of both of our estates.” Marvolo explained as he continued gently moving the stroller.

“I can pull up the paperwork but he needs to be awake for his wand. The paperwork just needs signatures from you and your husband and a drop of Heir Potter’s blood.” Ragnarok answered. Sitting back and nodding to each other they were happy with today’s outcome so far. Today was turning out to be such a great day.