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Good Boy

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It never bothered Jungkook that Jimin was gay.  He loved his hyung, no matter what.  But Jimin was very clingy and flirty all the time.  Jungkook always pushed him away.  He wasn’t trying to be mean, but he also didn’t want to give Jimin the wrong idea.  He always did it playfully… sometimes he might have shoved Jimin off with a little more force than necessary, but he wasn’t trying to be mean.

One day, Jungkook really fucked up though.  He was in a bad mood.  He wasn’t even sure exactly why, but he just wanted to be left alone.  That is particularly hard when you’re an idol and live with six other people.  They had shit to do today.  A photo shoot in particular.  Jimin, being the sweet angel, he is was only trying to make Jungkook smile.  Jungkook knew that, but he was in this foul mood and wanted everyone to just fuck off.

“Come on Kookie, give hyungie a kiss.”  Jimin cooed and puckered his lips.

Jungkook shoved him away, a lot harder than he ever had and the words just fell out of his mouth, “Fuck off Jimin.  Why don’t you just keep your gay shit to yourself and leave me alone!”  He stormed off.

One of the managers took Jungkook back to the dorms where he went to his room and shut the world out for a while.  He felt bad about what he said to Jimin.  He shouldn’t have said that, it was cruel.  He just couldn’t shake this mood. 

He laid in his bed staring at the ceiling for a while.  His hand moved of its own accord.  Oh, that’s what’s wrong.  He was sexually frustrated and apparently today he was just going to be mad about it until he got off.  He quickly rubbed one out so he could be a decent person again… and apologize to Jimin.

He had to hurry, who knows when his hyungs will be back.  He knows the second one of them gets back they’ll come chew him out for being rude to Jimin.  So, he pushed his pants down and grasped his member.  His breath stuttered at the feeling.  He was worse off than he thought.  Normally, he would start slow and work himself up, but he needs to be quick and he’s so so horny.  He pumps himself fast.  He runs his thumb over his slit and whimpers at the feeling.  He flicks his wrist just the right way and… “Fuck.”  He bites back a moan as he cums in his hand.

He leans his head back as he pants.  After a few moments, he rushes to the bathroom to clean himself up.  When he’s done, his hyungs are back.  Namjoon, as the leader, is the first to approach him.  “What you said to Jimin was uncalled for.  You need to apologize.  He went straight to his room when he came back and hasn’t come out. He told everyone to leave him alone for a while.  He’s very upset.”

Jungkook hangs his head, “I know.  I’ll go apologize.”

He makes his way to Jimin’s room.  He knocks quietly but all he can hear quiet noises on the other side.  He’s probably crying, Jimin was a big crybaby.  Fuck, Jungkook was such a dick.  He knocked again and opened the door slowly, “Hyung-”

Jimin was not crying. Nope, not crying at all.  No, he was butt ass naked stroking his long, thick, veiny cock.  Jimin had headphones in, so he didn’t hear Jungkook.  Jungkook was frozen in place.  Then Jimin opened his eyes and looked right at Jungkook.  Fuck!

For half a second, Jimin looked shocked and his movements faltered.  Then his eyes filled with lust and he stroked himself faster. Shameless, Jimin was fucking shameless. Jungkook couldn’t take his eyes off Jimin’s.  The way Jimin looked at him held him in place.

“Fuck,” Jimin choked out through clenched teeth as he closed his eyes and threw his head back. 

Shit, Jungkook couldn’t help himself.  He had to look.  His eyes drifted from Jimin’s face to his hard cock as it spurted white strings of cum into his fist.  He lives with six other dudes, it’s not like he hasn’t accidentally walked in on any of them before.  He’s walked in on Namjoon and Hobi countless times.  He had never walked in on Jimin before today.  He also never felt mesmerized by Namjoon or Hobi beating off. He always just walked right back out. Now here he is staring at Jimin, his bandmate, his hyung, in his post-orgasm bliss and he can't fucking move. 

“Like what you see, Kookie?” Jimin asks with a raspy voice and a smirk.

At that Jungkook finally regains control of himself and manages to apologize and run out of the room. Fuck!  Fuck!  Jungkook runs to the bathroom again.  He’s hard again.  So, so hard. He had already cum not that long ago, but if he doesn’t touch himself again now he might fucking explode.

He rips his pants off and grasps himself again.  He can't get the look Jimin had when he was about to cum out of his head.  Jimin’s lips.  Jimin’s abs.  Jimin’s cock. All of Jimin filled Jungkook’s mid as he stroked himself.  It didn’t take much for Jungkook to blow his load yet again.  Much less time than it should have since he’s already cum once only minutes before.  Jimin really turned him on.

As Jungkook shook as he looked at himself in the mirror.  Oh shit.  Jungkook thinks he might be into Jimin.  In a sexual way.  Which is way more than a friend way or a hyung way or a bandmate way.  Shit.  He didn’t know how to deal with that.  He swallows. Guess he’ll just have to ignore it until it goes away.


Jungkook was able to eventually apologize for what he had said.  Although, he couldn’t meet Jimin’s eyes as he said it.  Jimin had backed off a lot since that day.  Jungkook wasn’t sure if it was because of what he said or because of what Jungkook saw.  Honestly, Jungkook hoped it was the latter, he would rather just be horribly embarrassed than hurt Jimin.

Jungkook kinda missed Jimin though.  They hadn’t really been around each other since then.  He missed the endless hugs and skinship.  He missed Jimin’s smile and the way he giggles and the way he laughs and throws his whole body into Jungkook.  Maybe Jungkook liked Jimin a little more than he thought…

Today they were traveling as a group just for some relaxation.  Jungkook was looking forward to resting… that is until he found out he would be rooming with Jimin.  Which would have been fine, awkward, but fine.  It would have been fine, if Jungkook had missed the way Jimin smirked at him when they found out.  It would have been fine if Jimin hadn’t been so excited that he jumped on Jungkook to hug high tightly as he whispered how much fun they were going to have in that deep raspy voice he had that day.

Now here he is sitting in the van with everyone else as they make their way to the hotel.  Jungkook’s leg was bouncing like crazy.  Taehyung was next to him and Jimin was on the other side of Taehyung.  He must have gotten annoying because suddenly there was a hand on his thigh.

“Dude, chill,”  Jimin says across Tae to Jungkook.  Jimin’s voice is normal, but there’s something in his eyes.  Fuck he knows exactly why Jungkook is so anxious.  Jungkook only swallows and looks away.  Jimin’s hand lingers for just a moment before he pulls it away.

Jungkook wants to find a reason to not go up to his room with Jimin when they reach the hotel. He can't think of anything.  He walks into the room and drops his suitcases and then rushes to the bathroom.  He just needed to think before he was stuck in a room with Jimin. Fuck.  How did this happen?  Why did it have to be Jimin?  Why did he have to be an ass to Jimin that day?  Why did he have to see Jimin jerking off that day?  Everything would be fine if that day just never happened.

There was a light knock on the door of the bathroom, “Kookie?  Are you okay?”

Fuck!  Jungkook has to go back out there.  “Y-yeah.”  He stutters and flushes the toilet so he can pretend he peed.  He opens the door and Jimin is right in front of him. “O-oh.  H-hi, hyung.  I’m tired, I think I’m gonna take a nap.”  Jungkook pushes past Jimin and goes to lay on one of the beds.  He immediately closes his eyes and pretends to sleep.

“Can I sleep with you, Kookie,”  Jimin asks.

Jungkook opens his eyes to find Jimin leaning over him.  “Wh-What?” That was so forward.

Jimin smiles sweetly down at him, “I’m really tired too.  Can I sleep with you?”  Oh, thank fuck.

Jungkook swallows. Fuck Jimin is so cute. “Th-there’s a-another bed, h-hyung.”

Jimin tilts his head and pouts, “But I wanna cuddle.”

Jungkook can't help but look at Jimin’s plump, pouty lips.  “O-okay.”  What was he supposed to do?  Say no? How could he with Jimin pouting at him like that?  Plus, he still feels bad about what he said that day, this is the least he can do… right?

Jimin smiles so big his eyes disappear.  He giggles a bit before joining Jungkook under the covers.  He cuddles up against Jungkook’s side, “You’re so warm, Kookie.” He murmurs.  Jimin’s arm wraps around Jungkook’s waist and sneaks his hand under Jungkook’s shirt and caresses his skin.

“H-hyung?”  Jungkook stutters.  Jimin just hums and hugs tighter around Jungkook.  “Wh-what are-”

“Shh, Kookie.  Just go to sleep.”  Jimin mumbles.

Just sleep?  Yeah, okay.  He’ll just do that.  Just close his eyes and… there’s no fucking way he can sleep right now!  Jimin is in bed with him.  Jimin is touching him.  Jimin is practically wrapped around him.  Fuck.  He just lays there awake with Jimin cuddling into him.  He needs to get away from Jimin.  When he thinks Jimin is asleep he rolls over onto his side, facing away from Jimin.  He plans on rolling out of the bed and running for his life anywhere but here.

Jimin’s arm tightens around Jungkook and pulls him against his chest, “Are you trying to run away, Kookie?”  Jimin’s raspy voice is by Jungkook’s ear causing chills to run down his body. Jungkook swallows and pretends to be asleep.  Maybe Jimin will believe he was actually just turning over in his sleep.  “I know you’re awake, bun.”  Bun?  Jungkook just remains quiet, which was not the right thing to do.  “Bad bunnies get punished, Jungkook.”  Jimin nips his ear.

A whimper escapes Jungkook’s lips.  “I-I’m sorry hyung.”

Jimin pulls Jungkook onto his back by his shoulder.  Jimin has a smirk on his face, “Can’t sleep, bun?”

Jungkook swallows, “N-no.”

“Why not?”  Jimin asks coyly.

“I-I don’t know.” Jungkook lies.

Jimin’s face darkens, “Are you lying, bun?”  Jungkook shakes his head timidly, “Bad bunnies get punished, Jungkook.”  His voice is stern.  “Last chance, why can't you sleep?”

Jungkook swallows.  He doesn’t want to say it.  He doesn’t want to admit why.  But Jimin looks so intimidating right now.  “Y-you.”  Jungkook stutters.

“Me?”  Jimin smirks again.

“T-too close. C-can’t-” He swallows again, “C-can’t r-relax.”

Jimin likes that answer. He tilts his head and smirks, “Want me to help you relax?”  Jungkook’s eyes go wide.  Fuck. What is Jimin offering?  Jimin leans closer to Jungkook’s face, their noses brush against each other.  “Can I touch you, bun?”

“Please.”  Jungkook breathes out.  Fuck.  What? Did he really just say that?  Oh fuck.  OH FUCK!

“Such good manners bun.” Jimin hums as his fingers brush Jungkook’s skin under his shirt.  Jimin pauses and fixes Jungkook with a serious, yet somehow soft look, “Jungkook, are you really okay with this?  I’m not trying to force anything on you.”

Jungkook feels a lot less anxious now.  “I-I just-I’m confused, and I-I don’t-I haven’t-” Fuck why can't he talk normally? 

Jimin shifts and pulls Jungkook into a hug.  “I’m sorry.”

Jungkook feels a lot calmer now.  Less pressured.  He couldn’t deny that he really did want Jimin though.  He started to get hard the second Jimin asked to sleep with him.  He couldn’t help himself when Jimin’s leg accidentally brushed between his legs.  His hips acted of their own accord as he grinded on Jimin’s thigh and let out a needy whimper.  “P-please touch me hyung.”  He says quietly.

That lustful look in his eye is back as he rolls over on top of Jungkook, “Will you let me kiss you, bun?” Jungkook’s eyes flicker to Jimin’s lips. Instead of answering Jungkook leans up and pecks Jimin’s lips quickly.  A genuine smile pulls at Jimin’s lips as he leaned back down and kisses Jungkook sweetly.  He pulls away and looks at Jungkook fondly, “I’m sorry, bun.”

Jungkook’s eyebrows pull together, “Why?”  Was this only revenge for that day?  Was Jimin only toying with him?

“For coming on too strong. You’re just so cute and I can't help myself sometimes.  And you were just so anxious about rooming with me today that I wanted to play with you a little.  I took it too far.  I shouldn’t have…”  He rolls off Jungkook and sits with his legs off the edge of the bed.  “You’re confused and horny and I took advantage.”

Jungkook swallows and sits up, “I’m confused because-because I-I want you s-so bad.”  Jimin turns his head to look at Jungkook with shock. “I-I can't get you out of my head. I-I think about you a-all the time and I don’t know h-how to stop.”  Jungkook bites his lip to stop his word vomit.

“How do you think about me?” Jimin asks quietly.

Jungkook blushes and looks away from Jimin, “I-I think about how cute you are a-and how sweet you are.” He swallows, “I-I think about that day, how hurt you looked when I yelled at you.  I-I was just so sexually frustrated that I was in this mood and I didn’t know it.  I swear I didn’t know why.”  He can feel his face heating up, “I also think about when-when I- when you-” Fuck what is he?  Twelve? He can't even say it.

“When you saw me getting off?”  Jimin supplies.  Jungkook nods.  Jimin shifts to have one leg on the bed and one leg off, “Do you want to know why I was jacking off that day?”  Jungkook turns bright red.  Yes, he so badly does.  “What you said to me, really turned me on.”  Jungkook snapped his head up to look at Jimin in disbelief, “What?  You thought you offended me?  No, bun.  That petulant tone you used, the way you shoved me, and even those cruel words, just made me want to take you over my knee and spank you until you couldn’t sit and fuck you so hard you wouldn’t be able to walk.”  That look in his eyes was back.  “I knew you didn’t mean it.  I knew exactly why you were in that mood and I knew exactly what I was doing when I set you off.  I didn’t expect you to say what you said but…” He looks at Jungkook like he wants to devour him.  “I was never upset with you.”

“That’s a little fucked up, hyung.”  Jungkook laughs awkwardly.

“The word you’re looking for is kinky,”  Jimin smirks. 

Jungkook looks away again, “W-why me though, hyung?”

Jimin is the one to look away now, “I see the way you look at me, Kookie.  When you think I don’t notice.  You probably didn’t even notice yourself how you look at me.  It’s fun to see you flustered.  It’s fun to know that I do that to you.  It doesn’t bother you when it’s anyone else.  Just me.”

What the fuck?  Did he really look at Jimin differently?  Now that he thinks about it, Taehyung is a bit of a leech too, but he’s never pushed him away.   Could Jimin really read him that well?  “W-why did you never say anything?”

Jimin shrugs with a falsely sweet smile, “Because it was fun to tease you, bun.”  Jimin was now crawling closer to him, “I like watching you squirm.  I like knowing I can make you flustered like that.  That you’re only like that for me.  Makes it feel like you’re mine.  My flustered little bunny.”  He brushes Jungkook’s hair from his forehead.

Jungkook’s heart might explode out of his chest.  Hearing Jimin be possessive over him makes him tremble.  He wants to belong to Jimin.  How did this happen?  Had he always felt like this about Jimin and just not known?  Had he just ignored it?  He always knew Jimin was attractive, blind people knew Jimin was attractive. But was he subconsciously attracted to Jimin this whole time?  “I-I want that.”  He stutters.

Jimin tilts his head, “You want to be mine, bun?”  Jungkook nods quickly.  Jimin smirks, “If you’re mine then I have to punish you for your actions lately.”

Jungkook swallows, “P-punish?”

Jimin gently caresses Jungkook’s cheek, “You’ve been a very bad bunny.  Yelling at me, avoiding me.  You’ve made Daddy very mad, bun.”

Jungkook’s eyes go comically wide, “D-Daddy?”

“Yes, bun, Daddy.”  He says without wavering.

Jungkook doesn’t know how this isn’t funny.  Normally he would laugh if anyone else said that in any other situation.  But right now, with Jimin he says, “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

Jimin lets out a shaky breath as his eyes filled with lust and his jaw clenches, “Good boy.  I’m still going to spank you anyway.”  Jungkook lets out a shaky breath of his own but nods and moves to lay across Jimin’s lap.  Jimin chuckles, “Oh, Kookie, you think that this will have any effect with these shielding you?”  He tugs at Jungkook’s sweat pants.  “Why don’t you strip for me?”

Jungkook turns a bright shade of red.  Fuck. It’s not like Jimin hasn’t seen him naked, but Jimin has never seen him naked in this context.  Jungkook is very confident about his body, but he’s feeling very self-conscious right now.  He moves off of Jimin anyway and very awkwardly removes his clothes without looking at Jimin.  He can feel his hyung’s eyes boring into him as he removes his clothes.  When he’s naked, he holds his hands in front of his raging hard-on and glances up at Jimin who gestures for him to lay across his lap again. Jungkook does as he’s told.

“You’re so hot Jungkook and so hard just for me.”  Jimin massages Jungkook’s ass for a moment before bringing his hand down in a hard slap. Jungkook jumps, it didn’t hurt as much as he expected.  Jimin massages him again, “You have such a cute little ass, bun.”  Another slap, harder this time.  “It’s going to look so pretty in red and purple.”  Three hard, fast slaps to one cheek make Jungkook’s legs seize up.  “I almost want to shove my cock up this beautiful ass,” Three slaps to the other cheek, “But I won't.”  Jungkook whines.  “What? Do you want my cock, bun?”

Jungkook groans, “Y-yes, Daddy.”  He buries his face in the mattress.  Fuck, he never knew he would be so submissive.

Jimin’s hand comes down to slap hard on each cheek, “Too bad.”  Jungkook feels disappointed for a moment before Jimin says, “I’m gonna ride you instead.” 

“Yes, fuck, please.” Jungkook whines and ruts into Jimin’s thigh.

A particularly hard smack lands on his ass, “Please, who?”

“Please, Daddy, please. Fuck, I want you so bad, Daddy. Please, please.”  The words fall out of Jungkook’s mouth so naturally, it’s almost embarrassing.

“Good boy,” Jimin says then leans down and kisses the red flesh of Jungkook’s ass.  He gently rolls Jungkook off his lap onto his back and crawls on top of him, still fully clothed.  “You’ve been such a good boy, bun.”  The look in his eyes is different now.  He looks soft, rather than lustful. 

He leans closer and Jungkook can't help but look at his lips.  Before he can think he leans up and kisses Jimin on those beautiful, plush, pink lips.  It’s a quick peck.  He immediately pulls back to make sure he isn’t in trouble again.  From the smile that adorns Jimin’s face, he is definitely not in trouble.  Jimin leans down again and kisses him deeper.  Jungkook reaches up to cup Jimin’s cheek with one hand and tangle the other in his soft hair.  He pulls him impossibly closer.  When Jimin runs his tongue across Jungkook’s lips, Jungkook whines and opens his mouth to deepen this kiss even more.  Jungkook wants to touch Jimin, touch his body, feel his muscles against his own. Jungkook moves his hands to Jimin’s clothed waist.  He pulls at the shirt Jimin is wearing, “Off.”  Jungkook mumbles against Jimin’s lips.

Jimin quickly sits up and pulls the shirt over his head.  He remains sat up on his knees as he looks down at Jungkook.  “Are you sure you’re okay with this, Jungkookie?”

Jungkook sits up and pulls Jimin down to grind on his hard member, “Please, Daddy.  You said- I want- please- I need-” He moves Jimin to grind on his throbbing erection.  The fabric of his sweats burns slightly but it’s more relieving than painful.

Jimin removes Jungkook’s hands from him and rises off of Jungkook, who whines at the loss of contact. He cups Jungkook’s cheeks and touches their foreheads together as he looks into the younger’s eyes, “I need to know this is what you want.  I need to know that you won't regret this tomorrow.”

Jungkook can see the insecurity in Jimin’s eyes.  “Jimin, I-I-” Everything Jimin said before was true.  He thinks he’s always known that everything with Jimin is different. He always stares at Jimin, because he’s so mesmerizingly beautiful.  He likes to make Jimin smile, likes to be the one who makes Jimin smile.  He likes having Jimin’s attention but doesn’t know what to do when he has it.  He takes a deep breath, “I-I want you.  I’ve always wanted you. I-I didn’t know.  I-I just didn’t know what to do.  So, I pushed you away, but I-I think I just wanted to pull you closer.”  He pulls back to cup Jimin’s cheeks, “I’m so sorry Jimin.  I-I want this.  I want this more than just today.  I want more than just this.  I want you.”

Jimin stares at Jungkook for a moment, “You want me?”

Jungkook nods quickly, “Yes, and I’m sorry.  It’s okay if you don’t want me.  I was-”

Jimin cuts him off with a kiss, “We’re doing this all wrong.”  Jimin giggles against Jungkook’s lips.

Jungkook pulls back with wide eyes, “Jimin I swear, if you don’t sit on my dick after all of that, I’m gonna-”

Jimin tugs on his hair, “What are you gonna do, bun?”  Daddy dom mode activated, “Hmm?”

“Please, please. Daddy, please.  I need you.  Please.” Jungkook begs.

Jimin smirks and attacks Jungkook’s neck with his lips. “I might have already prepped for this,” Jimin says against Jungkook’s skin.

Jungkook groans, “What do you mean?”

Jimin pulls away with a smirk.  Jungkook whines when Jimin moves off the bed.  “Be a good boy,”  Jungkook whines again but stays put on the bed.  Jimin plays with the waistband of his sweats teasingly.  Jungkook licks his lips at the sight.  Jimin turns around and just when Jungkook is about to protest, Jimin pulls his sweats down and bends at the waist to reveal the end of a black plug between his cheeks.  Jungkook swallows and groans.  Jimin shakes his ass and looks over his shoulder with a smirk, “Like what you see, bun?”

Jungkook nods quickly, “Yes. Yes.  Fuck yes.  Please, please-”

Jimin moves over to the bed and cuts Jungkook off with a finger to his lips, “Shh, it’s okay bun, I’ll give you what you need.”  He says gently as he cups Jungkook’s cheek and pecks him on the lips.  “I am going to need your help removing it first.” Jimin turns around to present his plump ass to Jungkook.  Jungkook is so excited he doesn’t know what to do.  His hands slowly move to Jimin’s ass.  Jimin has such a nice ass.  “Don’t be scared, bun.”

“I-I’m not.”  Jungkook stammers.

“Then take it out,” Jimin says in an authoritative voice.

Jungkook takes a breath and brings his fingers to the plug.  He tests the waters and gently tugs on it, which makes Jimin squirm.  “Good?” Jungkook asks.  He doesn’t want to hurt Jimin.

“Jungkook, take it out.” He commands again, but more breathless this time.

Jungkook tugs at the plug again.  he watches Jimin’s thighs flex deliciously.  It’s harder to take out than he expected.  He pulls with a little more force and the wide end of the plug reveals itself.  Fuck, it’s huge.  Jimin groans into the mattress.  “I’m sorry.”

“Take it the fuck out!” Jimin growls.  Jungkook does as he says and finally takes it out.  He is in awe of Jimin’s gaping, fluttering hole. There’s lube spilling out of him. Jimin suddenly turns around and pushes Jungkook into the mattress.  “Finally. Fuck.”  He attacks Jungkook’s lips for a sloppy kiss.  “Are you ready for me, bun?”

Jungkook nods, “Please, Daddy.”  Jimin sits up and takes Jungkook’s throbbing member in his hand, lines it up with his entrance, and slowly sinks down onto him.  Jungkook chokes out a moan.

“Feel good, bun?” Jimin smirks when he bottoms out.

“Fuck, yes.  You feel so good, Daddy.”  Jungkook chokes out.  Jimin was so tight even though he had that giant plug in.  He probably had it in all day.  Fuck, being inside Jimin feels like heaven.  Then Jimin begins to move and Jungkook can't believe he’s been missing out on this all along.  He hates his past self for being such an idiot.

“I’m so full, bun.  You feel so good.”  Jimin says as he rides him.

Jungkook’s hands move on their own as they grab Jimin’s delicious thighs.  “I want- can I-” He wants to thrust into Jimin so bad.

“No, bun.  Be still and let Daddy do all the work.”  Jimin rides him harder.  Jungkook lets out a whine.  His hands find Jimin’s hips and pull him down harder.  Jimin stops, “Don’t make me tie you up, Jungkook.”  He says intimidatingly.

“I’m sorry.  I just- you feel- please-” Jungkook can't even form a coherent sentence.

Jimin leans forward and kisses Jungkook softly, “Be a good boy or I won't let you cum.”  He says darkly.

Jungkook’s eyes go wide and his breath stutters then he throws his head back and nods quickly, “I’m sorry.  I-I’ll be good.”

Jimin smiles and gives him another kiss before he begins to move again, “Good boy.”  He sits back up and bounces on Jungkook’s dick.

“I’m a good boy, I’m a good boy,”   Jungkook repeats like a mantra.  Jimin is going fast and hard and it feels so good.  Jungkook feels his orgasm building in his stomach.  He wants to hold off.  He wants to see Jimin cum first.   “I-I-”

“Are you close bun?” Jimin says breathlessly.

“You first.”  He manages to say.

“Fuck,” Jimin breathes and speeds up.  “Such a good boy.”

“For you.  Good boy for you, Daddy.  I-I’m your-”

Jimin groans as warm cum shoots onto Jungkook’s stomach.  He came untouched.  He squeezes around Jungkook and it feels so good, he can't hold back anymore.  He tries to push Jimin off, but Jimin grabs his hands and pins them by his head.  He rides Jungkook until he cums inside Jimin.  The whine Jungkook lets out is embarrassingly high and he can't help the way his hips stutter at their own accord.

They both breathe heavily as they come down from their highs.  Jimin’s hair is wet with sweat and sticking to his forehead when he leans down and touches it to Jungkook’s.  “My good boy.”

Jungkook reaches up and cups Jimin’s cheeks.  “You’re so beautiful.”  He whispers. “I’m sorry an idiot.”

Jimin smiles and kisses Jungkook, “It’s okay.  I’m sorry I was a dick.  I should have been straight with you.”

Jungkook smirks, “There is nothing straight about you.”

Jimin giggles.  He pulls off Jungkook and moves off the bed to go to the bathroom.  Jungkook is confused until Jimin comes back with a wet rag and starts to clean Jungkook up. “You did well, bun.  How are you feeling?”

“I’m good, great actually.” Jungkook smiles.

Jimin pecks his lips. His eyebrows furrow, “You… you said you want me… more than just today?”

Jungkook pulls Jimin down to him and kisses him again.  “I want you for as long as you’ll have me.”  He says when he pulls away.  He looks Jimin in the eyes as he says, “For more than Just sex if that’s okay.”

A beautiful, radiant smile finds Jimin’s lips before he kisses Jungkook again.  He giggles against Jungkook’s lips, “I want to be your boyfriend.”

Jungkook has never felt so happy.  “I would love that.”