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Need Not Be

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His head pulsed with the roar of the city. The Spidey- senses didn’t usually bother Peter anymore… but there was something off that day. He had felt it the moment he woke up. Like an electric wave had run down his body all the way to the ends of his toes.

Now Peter sat in his AP English class. He was feeling anxious, no matter how hard he tried to focus on his teacher, his ears were being blasted with sounds of the city outside, overwhelmingly loud. It had progressively gotten louder throughout the day and now…

Well, now Peter was wondering if his head would explode if it got any louder.

That wasn’t the only thing, either. All his powers had been out of control. For example, Peter had dented his locker earlier just by a light push closed, and his skin had been broken out in goosebumps all day as a steady stream of warnings screaming ‘danger danger! Watch out!’ In his head made him constantly jumping at little things and periodically looking over his shoulder.

With a nearly ear shattering volume, the bell rang, Peter got up from his desk with an extra carefulness that might have look a bit strange but he didn’t care. It was better than accidentally sticking to his desk or breaking it.

There was just one class to go and he decided it would be best if he stayed in and didn’t go out on patrol that night. Not until he did some sort of research on what was happening. It would be tricky, the internet wouldn’t be helpful with such Spider-Man only problems. He’d only recently met the Avengers, and though he had a feeling some of them really didn’t like his jokes and probably thought he was annoying, Mr.Stark had seemed curious about his interest in building gadgets and was especially impressed with his synthetic webs. He was just hoped that that meant he would be willing to help Peter.

With relief, the last bell of day rang and Peter stiffly shoved his thing in his bag and followed the rest of his classmates out of the room and into the hall.

He was positive he was going to vomit by tremoring soundwaves smashing against his head, not only the loud chatter from students but the sounds of people honking at the intersection down the street, the dog barking, some kids squealing with joy. It was too much

Way way way too much.

And then he heard a voice amongst all the commotion and it had every other sound come to a stand still.

“What? Nuh-uh. Nope! Not happening, buddy.”

Peter took a deep breath, filling his chest with air for what felt like the first time all day. The people around him in the halls were still talking around him and he could see as much, but his senses had all shifted focus completely onto that gruff yet playful voice. He could tell the voice was a good distance from him, but it was clear as day and hearing it gave him a strange feeling, it was pooling in his stomach hot and quickly. And that air he had sucked in was no longer there as all breath escaped him.

Ned had been looking for Peter. The two of them and MJ usually had lunch and walked home together but they hadn’t seen him all day. So when he finally saw Peter in the hall, heading for the exit of school, he had started to him with the intentions of berating his friend jokingly for avoiding them.

That is, until Peter doubled over, then went down on his knees hard, clutching his midsection. Ned’s smile had fallen away and immediately he was pushing past several students who had stopped to watch. He crouched down beside Peter and rested a hand on his back as he searched for signs as to what was wrong with him.

“Peter, hey buddy, what’s going on?”

There was a pained groan as Peter curled in of himself more “I- it hurts. Feels like my insides are on fire!” Ned looked up at the the people staring at them and glared “Someone get the fucking nurse!”

Apparently there was at least one decent person among the watchers because two minutes later, the nurse was at his side. In those two minutes, Peter had noticed the pain was shifting, it felt like his organs were moving around and it was excruciating, then that heat that had taken route in his stomach blossomed on his skin, he wanted to scream. Something must have happened on one of his patrols, some thug must have poisoned him, whatever was happening, all he knew was that it was killing him.

He was half carried, half dragged by Ned and the nurse to her office and laid out in one of the beds. Aunt May was called and MJ was texted by Ned who was very worried for Peter. He had watched him writhing and crying out in pain on the bed for a couple of minutes until the nurse had calmly asked him to wait on the other side of the certain. That had just scared him more. When MJ showed up they had shared a terrified look at Peter’s cries abruptly went quiet.

Aunt May showed up ten minutes later, she was flushed from running and her eyes were filled with fear as she looked about the room searching for Peter.

The nurse had heard her enter and emerged from the certains and ushered Aunt May within them. When the older woman had enter the small space where Peter had been kept she turned with a sympathetic expression to Peter’s friends.

“I know you both are concerned about your friend but I’m going to need to ask you both to leave for the time being. I need to talk to Peter and his Aunt in private.”

“But-“ Ned started but MJ grabbed hold of his shoulder and shook her head at him. So they left.

Peter had been staring at his lap where he sat in the infirmary bed, eyes wide as he let tears race down his face the nurse hadn’t needed to do much poking and prodding to figure out what was happening to him. Him and her had both come to the same conclusion when the pain had suddenly subsided to a dull ache and something hot and wet began to slide out of him.

It was a rare thing for an omega to present these days, let alone a male one. The majority of his generation were betas with one in ten being alphas… but omegas… that was more like one in sixty and out of those males? It was hard to guess. But he lived in New York and Peter was willing to bet there was no more than ten male omegas in the entirety of the city at a given time.

He felt empty, lonely, betrayed, cursed. Even as the nurse solemnly explained his situation to Aunt May and him- even when May pulled him into a tight hug and he hugged her back while tears continued down his face...

He felt so alone and resented his very being for it.